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Posted By: HD Wallen on 2007-11-19
In Reply to: I think the OP was stating that she got some - shifty people that wanted the work.

Yes - the original post offered only 7cpl. The accounts we inherited are paying only 8cpl. That 1 cent margin barely pays our very limited overhead. As we bring in new accounts we are quoting more realistic rates and paying our MTs accordingly.

We have some great MTs on our team - all with us because they know we'll always treat them like people, and not like a number.

We're open with them about where we stand, and they appreciate us not giving them a load of %$#% and promises, but the real bottom lines.

-- HD

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just got offered a job

Does anyone work or have any info on Wordzxpressed?  I have been offered a job and want some feedback.  I have been in an office job since Nov and want to go back to at home transcription but don't want to get burned!!!!



Same here right now, because OT is offered

PLUS it is the end of the pay period when all the end-of-pay-period MT's decide to get on and take away all the work -- they have been resting for 2 weeks and can work all day and night and get their lines in. YUK !

I was just offered a job...
Pay rate is starting at 8 cpl for an IC.  After 90 days you get 8.5 if you have good quality.  They use "Winspread"  (not sure of the spelling).  Have been in business for 3 years.  Have direct deposit.
They offered me 8.5 cpl.
Don't know about the others, but I was offered

a position.  I have 20 years' experience in acute care, very good at ESLs.  They offered me 8 cpl with the potential to make big bonuses - but that means I'll have to work extra and it just isn't worth it to me and there is no guarantee anyway.

When I asked if they offshored the HR person was hesitant but said they do if the client requests it. 

The person I talked with a Cymed was evidently just HR and didn't even know what I was talking about most of the time when I asked questions about platform, line counting, etc.  

I was offered a job with them...sm
but did not accept it. It seemed like their pay per lines were a little low.  Plus, after extensive conversations with them, I felt that they had REALLY high expectations for the pay that was being offered. Unsure though because I never accepted the job after it was offered.  Hope you find out the answers that you are looking for.
When I get offered anything less than..
9 cents, I tell them right out that is low and ask if they can do better. Sometimes it works!
I just got offered 6 cpl as an IC with my
10 years of experience. That was just laughable!
Don't know much about them except what they offered me
They offered me 0.085 and then up to 0.09 once off 100% QA.
Not so. I was offered a job with them not
long age. They supply all equipment and if you have an additional phone line, they will reimburse you for that.
what do you mean - should be offered?
It is offered and available dependent upon what option you choose employee versus statutory versus IC. Do not run out of work - pay is on time/direct deposit and they communicate with you - what else do you want?
Just offered 8.5 cpl (sm)
They have very good benefits, and good bonuses for O.T. and when work is out of TAT.  Is this an average rate?  I know a lot of you ICs make a lot more, but what about with the benefits and bonuses.  Is it bad? They have a good platform - ExText, and the company I am at has horrible, user hostile software.  help, please
I would take something else if offered

It wasn't for me - good training grounds maybe - hard to make decent money - at least IMHO

In looking at ads, 3.5 to 4 cpl seems to be what's offered most. nm
Then what happens is you are offered
a job by that outsourcing company because you know the account, but most likely as an IC with no benefits for a year, etc., etc.  So there are hospital jobs few and far between that will stay in-house.  Eventually they all want to save a buck.
I was offered 7 cpl

I believe you. I was offered 7 cpl by Transcription Relief Services for over 20 years experience.   

Just offered a job
with TransHealth and was told that insurance starts on the first of the month after 60 days of employment.
...is what's offered. nm
I also just got offered at job at 8 cpl
They told me that after 90 days you get a review and increase in your pay depending on how you do.
I was offered 9.5 cpl and they also
seem to offer a lot of incentives - almost every weekend - 1 cpl - no minimum required. That doesn't sound bad to me considering what MQ pays me after 10 years of service - a whopping 7.75 cpl and only 70% of that for ASR.
i was offered
recently too. does anyone on here have anything good to say about them?
TTS offered me 6.5 cpl
6 cpl was never offered to anyone!
I don't have a clue where that came from!!!!
Yes, it was offered to me. I can even tell you the
Your name wasn't on the email, so I wouldn't expect you to know. Her name started with a J.

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.
I was offered a job with them
in November and told I would be contacted about training. I did not hear from them until early January and training was scheduled for the end of January. I had to move on, I can't wait indefinately to make money to pay my bills or feed my family. Just my experience with the Focus training wait time. Have they told you yet that you will have a 700 or so minute long distance bill with them during that training? Just wait, eventually they will. I was afraid those long distance minutes would be minutes to India, which would be too expensive for me.
They pay me better than anyone else has ever offered.

When I was checking around for jobs, no one wanted to pay more than 8.5 for standard typing and 4 cpl for editing. I get paid way better than that. So, maybe I have missed something.

I was offered the same 7.5 cpl with s/m
4 years of Acute Care and OP experience, after telling them my line count averaged out to 190 lph with heavy ESLs. I also made a 98% on their online test, so I don't think experience counts much with them.  They did tell me that after I got off QA they would give me the .09 that I am making now, but wouldn't put in the offer letter in writing, so I told them to take a hike.  I think they are a big scam. 
I even offered...
...to take up a collection amongst the MTs to get him a tube of Petromalt (feline hairball remedy that makes it easier for the kitty to hack it on up). While my manager found the suggestion extremely humorous, she didn't think the dictator would see the humor in it.

once again OT offered
totally with you on this.  I have not had a full pay since last year.  account specifics always changing and definitely overhiring.  I was switched to another account because of low work only to find out it was another overflow account.  No one watches the OT. its all about how to make them look good and get everything in TAT. someone needs to watch the TAT and once it there, cut off the OT.
did what you did... got offered
highest at 7.5 with MD-IT. Turned them down.
Offered a job at KS...

...and now after reading some of the posts, I'm afraid to accept it.   I can't afford to run out of work.

yes she offered to pay me
but I said that was not necessary - I would just chalk it up to a learning experience.  I spoke with her a couple of times on the phone and seemed very nice, but thought a bit unreasonable not to allow a learning curve, seemed to want someone who could jump in without ever hearing this doctor before and get it perfect.  It was a nuerosurgery doctor as well.  You have much more experience, so may work for you. It did sound very flexible. 
I probably will if offered sm
a job. They received my test yesterday and said they would let me know as soon as they checked it.  I kind of figure, like every place else, it may depend on the account you are working on..  One person says the sound quality is good another says its bad.  The only reason I am asking waterbaby is because I don't want to jump into something that I know is bad from the start.  What was bad years ago could be good now.  I don't start jobs to check them out I stick with them and work out the bugs!
OMG she offered 1 cpl sm
for transcription and not VR (which is unbelievable either way) I sure would love to know what idiot company this is! I cannot believe anyone would be so rude and crude as to send a note back like that! What does she pay after 30 days, 2cpl? We all have to take concessions but that is an insult and I hope that business folds!
I was offered $1....
I was offered $1 per line radiology job about 1 month ago. I have not looked at the job posts on MTStars lately, so I am not sure if it could be the same place? If I had known that was what the job was going to pay, I would have never applied. I have been transcribing radiology for about 12 years now (20+ years total MT) and cannot see any feasible way of making money on radiology being paid by the MINUTE. Someone would have to pay me about $10 per minute....then I might possibly, under pressure, CONSIDER it. That is RIDICULOUS!!!
I was offered that as well...

I could not believe my ears.  You did amazing on the test, we would like to offer you a position for 7 cpl.      WHAT?????   Did you just say that??????

I make 10 cpl now.  Are you CRAZY?????    Ok, ummmm, NO!  Bye.

I was offered

9 cpl to start with 11 years' experience. (I suppose you are not supposed to know this, but what  the heck.)  It's a 65-character line which includes characters, punctuation and spaces.  Platform I use is Bayscribe, might be others on other accounts, not sure.  I forget the exact requirements for weekend work, but they do want you to do some.  You post a schedule every two months, committing to daily line production (minimum 750 part-time, 1200 full-time.)  However, you have a 24-hour period to get your lines in, so the hours you work are up to you as long as you produce the number you agree to.  Need a day off?  Just schedule yourself for it.  Always plenty of opportunity for extra work over what you have committed to. They are always sending e-mails asking you to jump on and help.

Some accounts are going to VR and the rumor is that it pays only 3 cpl (which I think stinks) but I cannot confirm this because apparently you are told only when your particular account is scheduled to switch.  See below other posts about hiring procedure, I think there are several below about testing, QA period, etc. All things considered, after a year, I am still pretty happy.

better than what I got offered
8 cpl for IC, no thank you.
I got offered a job with SS... sm

7 cents a line, plus I had to purchase Windows XP Professional... nope, passed on that one.

No job was offered...
The post was hypothetical - no job was offered ??

Nothing said about MT job either - says ...training for NEW career.
They offered me a job with 90% VR sm
at 8 cpl and 3 cpl IC status! You download the software, train yourself from a video and then sign on and work. No back up nothing. Also, they are three weeks out paying you after teh end of the pay period so it was going to be about 5 weeks until I got my first paycheck. Its crazy nonsense.
OT being offered on our accounts,

PLUS it is the end of the pay period when all the end-of-pay-period MT's decide to get on and take away all the work -- they have been resting for 2 weeks and can work all day and night and get their lines in. YUK !

They only offered 6 cpl on proofer or 7 cpl ...
No, but I've been offered a job by them and (sm)
haven't been able to find out a whole lot of info about them. They sound okay. Hopefully you'll get some more responses to your question. Good luck!
I was offered 10 cpl; after 5 years at MQ
at a MUCH lower rate, and NEVER an increase in 5 years, plus now they've also calculated the line counts to be much lower, I feel LUCKY to get 10 cpl!   I'm thrilled to death, jumping up and down for joy!  I too have almost 20 years of experience as a career MT.
They offered me 6 cpl for radiology...
I about barfed into my phone! Sheesh. Made even MQ look great!
I was offered a position,
which I accepted. The woman I spoke with seemed very nice and very down-to-earth. I am not sure how many MTs they are looking for, but maybe more than one.
I had been offered a position with them,
but IMO their rate of pay was too low for me. She seemed very nice, though.
I was offered what seems to be the standard.
Considering it will be an OP account, I figure I can make good use of normals, etc. and make some good money. 
I get them, I would assume they are offered to all, but not sure

Been offered job with TransTech..
does anyone know for sure?? Anybody work for them presently?? I'm getting a sick feeling in my stomach and have my resignation letter in hand!