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Okay, 400 LPH is 16 dollars and hour,

Posted By: I can make more transcribing. on 2006-03-31
In Reply to: It's possible - sm - Transcender

Not for me.

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Anywhere from 13-15 dollars per hour to start

depending upon whether you are working in a hospital or a private practice.  Private practices are going to pay more, but will probably use Word as opposed to Meditech.  I'm on the East Coast.  

what company pays 17 dollars an hour?
JLG pays 21 dollars an hour, that is a fact.
8.5-9 means cents per line, not dollars per hour. nm
*just two thousand dollars*...
... minus attorney's fees, right?
uh - that's 200 dollars the first day, not lines. nm
it says 64 dollars a pay period, below
I just won a million dollars!
I found one on her computer! Now I can buy out Medquist and return it to pre-2006! No more ASR, no cesspool and each of you only will have one primary and a secondary and generous quarterly bonuses which you can actually GET!
dollars to donuts...
that Nuance is also Indian owned. Just a feeling I get. They just have a better U.S. store front.

I just hate to see other MT/QA people get snookered by them. Time will tell, though. Time will tell.
Wow, buy hundreds of dollars
worth of equipment for 6 cpl for them to decide during the probationary period that you weren't going to work out for them?  No thanks.
Equals $21.44 US dollars nm
think, people! If she does 250 lines/hour, same docs daily, will make $15/hour
Cymed Dictation Dollars
Does anybody know what these are?  Is this something new that we haven't been told about yet?  It seems that since they are posting this as a benefit for new-hires that they should inform their current employees about it, or am I dreaming?
"Just two thousand dollars"
I hope you are joking right. That is a lot of money. As a single mom that would probably get me kicked out of my house for not paying rent and get me in trouble for my car payment, cause my utilities to be off, etc. To most of us that is a lot of money. Simple two grand does not describe it for me if that happened to me.
Yes, is that 4000 dollars a month? If so,
At 6 cpl, you must've transcribed around 67,000 lines in that month. Now, do you have any idea what you could've made somewhere else? Well, at 8 cpl, you would've made around $5,360 and at 9 cpl, you would've made $6,030. You are soooo undercutting yourself by staying at a job that only pays 6 cpl.

Oh, and by the way, assuming you work approx. 40 hours a week, you must transcribe upwards of 400 lph. Most companies would LOVE to have someone that fast on board and would pay a whole lot more than 6 cpl for such a high producer!!! You should really check your options.
Okie. Just trying to save someone a few dollars. nm
Wouldn't do QA again for a million dollars. (sm)
Biggest challenge - keeping your sanity while having to fix crappy work over and over and over again while meeting impossible deadlines for really low pay. Believe me, if you can be an MT, you'd be better off financially and mentally. Oh, and no one is going to pay me a million dollars, so I feel confident in saying that. :) Why on earth would you want to transition to QA? Did someone tell you it's a step up??? Reevaluate that statement by searching the archives for commentary on QA problems. There was a long discussion on here a few weeks ago about it. Good luck to you. Choose wisely!
100,000/year - no way. I charge $35/hour and work 10 hour days - sm

what's not to believe - I said that I charge $35/hour and work 10 hour days AND DO NOT MAKE - sm

try READING the post.
Ok it is about 64 dollars a pay period for a single person. This is from sm
someone who works here. That also is for the gold plan like I have. That's pretty good.
that must be a typo. 3 dollars and 50 cents a line???
Old posts say they pay late and only in Canadian dollars, not US money. nm
That would be an extra 50 to 100 dollars in addition to lines and a half. nm
How hard is it to get to the 900 dollars a pay period on Beyondtxt VR to keep the benefits?
Thank You!
$35/hour x five 10-hour days = $1,750 gross/week.
$20 an hour is not even average for radiology. You should not make less than $25-30 per hour. sm
I work for Keystrokes and have for 3 years. I average 25 reports an hour, which is $31.25 an hour. I have 401, health insurance, direct deposit, life insurance. My lead tells me I'm wonderful when I talk to her, but I do not need a daily pat on the back.

I also have a good friend who works for them on a clinic. She only makes 0.08 per line but does 300 lines an hour, which is $24 an hour, again higher than your $20.

I don't think we're selling ourselves short. There are companies out there that are good to work for, 6 or 8 of them that I know of personally. Don't settle for $20 an hour.
4000 lines a month of dollars? Either of which is not that great! So, what are you bragging about?
As below, they do to full time people making 900 dollars per pay period. nm
I would be afraid to lose my safety net if I needed X amount of dollars to live. I am sitting here
now out of work with 3 major hospitals in my pool and I think if a lot of people all want to work the same hours this may be a big problem because they cant keep it straight now so I would be very leery of this until you see how it is going to go. I work for Amherst and this is a chronic problem with no work.
Well if I could do 500 lines per hour, I would be making 35.00 an hour. sm
nothing to sneeze at. More than fair for having a 2-year degree. Come on people, we are all acting like we expect 6-digit incomes! Whatev!
If that's $9.50 an hour, that would be just under 6.5 cpl at 150 lines an hour. nm
Are there any QAs out there that are getting paid by the hour at 15+/hour? If so, where are you and
how are the work conditions/requirements/benefits,etc?
For example, I count every hour on the hour with my job
and while I was posting here and also checking email in between I averaged $22 an hour for 2 hours, not bad for someone who is a) slow or b) does not have a lot of time in transcription work; therefore making me a prime candidate for VR.

Anyone know of a service that pays by the hour for full-time and lets you work at home?

24-48 hour TAT and that's what they get....NM
For 13.50/hour to QA - um - no thank you
24-hour TAT
Many of you post about having a job with a 24-hour TAT and/or no scheduled times as long as the work gets done.  Are there nationals that offer that or is it usually a local arrangement?  I want to find something that doesn't have a specific shift, just letting me work as I fit it in during the day.
24-hour TAT

We actually have 48-hour TAT.  I work for a local cardiology group in my area.  We can work whenever we want as long as the work gets done within that amount of time.  We can work weekends to make up for time during the week, etc..  That is the main reason I hate to give up my job.  I could make a little more elsewhere, but I prefer the flexibility.

$10 less an hour
I was laid off from HIS about 2 years ago. I had quit Edix to go to work for HIS as it was a better job. When I was laid off, I was denied unemployment, as I had quit the prior job. I hope those of you who just got laid off have better luck with unemployment. It is estimated from previous employment, unless you have worked for HIS for 1 year.
Do I take a job that is -10 per hour? sm
I got a job offer already but it is $10 a hour less than I was making at Heartland as a QA. The only perk is the bennies. Do I take it? Even unemployment would pay more I think!
$20+ per hour for QA.........
which is what is should be! Do you realize the admission clerks or people that greet patients and input info into the computer can make 16 or more an hour for data entry type work?!?! Can everyone please start respecting themselves and this profession. It's really starting to upset me :(
$8 hour an hour
I hope I misunderstand your response. Are you saying $8 an hour is a fair wage for a professional MT? Furthermore a true IC should be compensated approximately 50% more than the going rate to cover taxes, lost benefits, time off, etc. If companies could not get MTs to work for 7-8 cents a line as ICs, then I truly think we would be in this position. Unfortunately, we have become the trailer trash of the medical field because some, not all, MTs are willing to settle for less than they are worth. I am wondering what the long-term consequence will be for this field. Certainly it will not attract the level of professionals it should.

Too low - more like $16-20 per hour. nm
24 Hour TAT
I don't know of any national companies, but have you tried local doctor's in your area? I have a 48 hour TAT for the 5 doctors that I work for. Good luck in your search.
Pay per hour
If you are an experienced MT (10 years) with Meditech, Dictaphone Extext experience, Word, and experienced in various programs to access voice files, what would be the hourly wage offered to you to work in-house in the state you currently live?  Thanks.
12-24 hour TAT job
See the info. on LTS on the company board. I have worked there for 5 years, good people, pay on time, no spaces though; but you have about a 24 hour TAT, depends on when you get the sound files I guess off the FTP. I used to get my work at about 5pm, due back by 3:30 the next day (though some is due back by 10 a.m. due to it being picked up by the courier for delivery). I am now getting my voice files by 10 a.m. so I have at least 24 hour TAT (more actually). So it is a true IC job which is nice; you tell them how many minutes of work you want and then have it back to them the next day no later than 3:30 p.m. and everyone is happy. The only thing they ask is a little warning if you are not planning to work a day, week, whatever, the more notice the better. But good people and will work with you with emergencies, etc. They know life happens.
MDI-MD gives you a 24-hour TAT. nm

They are saying $8 to $9 per hour...

but this seems low to me.  I was just wondering what the range was in different states or this would be the normal range for this position.  Thanks.

at LEAST $30/hour
i was there last year and made at least that much without trouble.
I have a 12 hour
They set them up around dayshift or afternoon.  I work a 12 hour window on dayshift and it is between 5AM and 5PM.  Works perfect for my schedule around the house. 
Pay by hour
I don't think I've ever heard of an MT being paid by the hour to work from home.  Our small local hospital MTs work from home and they are paid per line.  They are  hospital employees.  Even if you did find one willing to pay by the hour they probably wouldn't pay more than minimum wage.  Very sadly when I started MT on-the-job training in a hospital, I was paid minimum wage and it looks like we're going to go full circle.
how much per hour?
i am trying to figure out the rates for speech editing relative to MT. I figure that at 8-8.5 cpl, i can make $20+ per hour with decent docs. but i haven no idea about speech - you say 5 cpl. can you make $20/hour at 5 cpl. that is 400 lines an hour - i sure couldn't type 400 lines. can you actually edit 400 lines per hour? wouldn't you like fall asleep after just reading and listening to reports for 4-5 hours. what happens if you miss stuff?