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Only Keystrokes. Worked at MQ until I came to Keystrokes. Started at sm

Posted By: KS Team Lead on 2005-11-20
In Reply to: who exactly do you work for? ks or mq or both? - curious

Keystrokes PT, liked what I saw and experienced, gave notice to MQ and went FT. Have not look back since. I had previously worked at 2 hospitals, for MDI, Transcend and MRC until bought by MQ. I plan on retiring here as long as they stay as they are.

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I started with Keystrokes at the end of August (sm)

and I like it...very nice people to work for and very helpful..

I started with Keystrokes in September and so far I like it...(sm)

Before KS I worked at Medquist for 8 years and at a local hospital for 15 years before that.  I think KS is pretty flexible...they seem to be so far and leave you alone.  I don't know about TransHealth or Trans Tech but I do like KS so far. 

I started 3 days after being hired by Keystrokes and have been there since
June. I love my account and have no complaints.
Keystrokes BEST team has not started yet. There is a tentative start date of sm
It sounds different though as Keystrokes BEST is a team that cleans up backlogs left by other companies and is made up of their top MTs. I do know that they are still in selection process as they just asked me a few days ago. I also know that you have to be with them a while, be flexible and be good at learning different accounts.

I think that Transolutions STAR program is just for more experienced MTs and you can be new to them.

Both ideas sound good but different.
I started as an IC with Keystrokes and moved to employee status after 90 days. nm
I just started with Keystrokes full time and am on a Meditech account. sm

I would not call it my favorite platform by any means -- I think it is rather slow and cumbersome -- but with the addition of ShortHand and getting used to how things are done, I am picking up speed and hope to be at my normal level soon.   One of the pluses to Meditech is that you can access the patient's chart and see other reports dictated, plus lab reports, x-rays, etc. 

I worked for 2 other nationals before Keystrokes..(sm)
I can tell a HUGE difference in the personal attention they pay to their employees. I felt like nothing but a number at the big nationals and I finally feel like I am actually a person at Keystrokes, one who counts. I also believe they will do everything in their power to keep it that way too.
The ones I referred to never worked for Keystrokes. sm
They worked for the hospital and then as ICs for the hospital. I did not mean to upset anyone. If you were a mother/daughter team at Keystrokes, and I think I know who as there were 3 and now only 1, then you were well-liked and appreciated. I know for a fact that the owner speaks very highly of all three of the mom/daughter teams, even the two who are gone, saying that she wished they were back.

These two MTs never worked there; they were from the hospital and had never worked anywhere else!

I would never intentionally offend anyone and certainly did not mean to do so by the post. The two who chased Keystrokes off the account were proud of it.

Has anyone worked for both Axoltol and Keystrokes?
I'd just like some feedback, pros/cons as you see them.  Feel free to e-mail privately. 
I'd go with Keystrokes. The best place I have EVER worked for!!
Anyone worked at Keystrokes, Good, Bad???
Just wanted some information about Keystrokes to see if anyone works there and likes it.  Thanks.
Did Keystrokes sell to Transcend? I thought Keystrokes was buying up companies sm
but I heard from another service owner that they sold out to Transcend. Anyone know if that happened?
That many keystrokes worked out to 925 lines +/- a day. You have to stick to 8 hrs a day, though. St
When I worked for Keystrokes, I NEVER had enough work to make
even 1000 lines a day!  If I had enough work, maybe, but I NEVER did.  It ALL depends on your account 150%!!
Keystrokes does. I have worked on ortho only for them for 2 years. sm
I have my own docs and my supervisor is great. She leaves me alone to do my work and as long as I do it well and on time, she leaves me alone. I prefer this, so it is a great job for me. I average 14,000 lines a pay period and make 0.09 per line. I do use their insurance, which costs me $204 per month, but it's only me. So far, so good with the new insurance!

I'm not sure if they are hiring but it would be worth trying.
I worked for Keystrokes for a couple of years...
I was very happy with the company.  I didn't have a problem with them, just needed to take a leave for a while and ended up starting with another company a few months later.  It's been about a year and a half since I worked for them, but at that time there was plenty of work.  I had no problems with supervision.  I really don't have anything negative, but again it's been a while, so I don't know what the workload is like these days.  Hope that helps - good luck!
keystrokes ad..can someone tell keystrokes their banner ad needs a hyphen...quality-minded
Did Keystrokes sell to Transcend? I thought Keystrokes was buying sm

small companies but another service owner told me that she heard that Keystrokes sold to Transcend.  Is this true? 

I posted this down below but meant to post it as a new thread.  Before I apply with them, I would like to know as I left Transcend a few months ago and do NOT want to get back into that mess.

For radiology, Keystrokes is the best. I worked at MQ for 8 years and left in January. sm
Wish I had done it two years ago. Lots of work, easy accounts, great team leads! I am making less per report but more each check because of better account with more work available!
Sorry I forgot to mention I work for Keystrokes..never worked for Medscribe (nm)
Not only that, but I would MUCH rather work for Keystrokes than Spheris as Keystrokes doesn't

I worked for Keystrokes a few years back. There were some problems but was told they were working on
I had heard that before, too many times to count, so I left.

I came back 2 years ago and it was like night and day.

All of the old problems are gone. They blamed them on growing pains and never denied them. Instead they fixed them. They have my vote!
Have worked for both. I am back at Keystrokes after making the mistake of leaving for Accusis.
My pay at Keystrokes has always been much higher because they seem to never run out of work. Accusis is mostly offshore, which is a negative to me. Ask Keystrokes to match the rate, I bet they will if you forego the review in 90 days. I will never leave again!
No, Not with Keystrokes, visiting friend and using her pc, she got job with Keystrokes
I forgot to change the Name. I do not think Keystrokes is hiring anymore now. Would like some info about Diskriter though.
Ditto, Keystrokes is a wonderful company with wonderful people! I love working for Keystrokes!
I am just not making enough money.  They are a great company though, just ask for a back up account.
Been with Keystrokes staying with Keystrokes

I was there for the promises and guess what Keystrokes is making good on those promises. 

I get vacation time, 401K, and even AFLAC.  My pay is great, always on time as well as accurate. 

I have my main account and have been given back up accounts for which I have been fully trained and am comfortable typing on.  I have great leads, great tech support and plenty of work.

Am I biased???  Yes I am biased.  I am grateful everyday that I was given the opportunity to work for Keystrokes and their team.  I am grateful that my company's owner is a fellow Transcriptionist that goes home at the end of the day and works like the rest of us so she knows what a hard job I have and I know that she is working to make things better for me because unlike other companies I have worked for she understands what it is I do.

Please accept my apologies that you were unhappy with Keystrokes and chose to move on before all of the promises came to fruition but don't begrudge those of us that stayed loyal and are now reaping the benefits of a GREAT COMPANY WITH GREAT BENEFITS, LOTS OF WORK AND THE KNOWLEDGE THAT THERE ARE MANY MORE GREAT THINGS TO COME!

I just want to say Thank you Lee, Jeff, Becky, Karyn, Martha, Annette, Paul and everybody else in the office for all that you do.

Keystrokes does not go by keystrokes, we go by lines. sm
1200 lines per day comes out to 150 lines per hour. Most transcriptionists are able to do 200-250 lines per hour, so this is not unrealistic, nor is it unreasonable. The hospital that I used to work at prior to coming to Keystrokes had a minimum of 185 lines per hour. The service I worked for prior to Keystrokes had a minimum of 200 lines per hour.
I worked RAD there once and started 1st shift. n/m
I have worked M-F day shift since I started MT-ing 3 years s/m
ago. Is it really that hard to get? (Just asking, because I never had a problem).

I work at Webmedx M-F day shift. I asked for it, and they gave it to me. That being said, it may have been because I opted for a 90% ESL account. (?) Who knows. Good luck in finding what you need, though. It is out there.
I worked that shift for 7 years, ever since I started doing
MT work. Fortunately, I was always able to juggle events, etc., by being able to flex during the day, taking a PTO day - they called it that even when I was an IC, or switching for another day during the week. I also made more money on the weekends, so I didn't mind a whole lot as the money was a huge issue when I started this job.

It wasn't until this last year when there was no work available on the weekends that I couldn't justify every single weekend any more. There definitely seems to be more staffing on the weekends than what is necessary, and I think MTSOs could easily switch to a weekend rotation every 4 weeks. As someone else said, there are many departments that are not open on the weekends, so having a full staff of MTs seems a little ridiculous.

If you reconsider the offer, I would ask them if they can guarantee a full day's work EVERY day on that schedule. If you start to get the song and dance about not knowing when doctors dictate, etc., I would make my point that 1 weekend a month is plenty given that hospitals and clinics also run a light staff on the weekends.


I was hired by Keystrokes for clinic work back at the first of June, worked 1 week, and then the account was lost--no real explanation for the reason.  I've been trying unsuccessfully to find out when or if I'll be put on another account since then (over a month now).  Has anyone else had this experience? 

I went with Keystrokes because of the mostly positive comments from this board and others.  I don't want to badmouth anyone, but these actions seem to uncharacteristic of them, and the lack of communication is really taking its toll on me--why wouldn't they let me know something?!! I understand most of their accounts are radiology, and there may be problems placing me on another clinic account, but I need to know something! 

Thanks for any insight--


There has been NO response to emails or calls. Left messages, but no response. Finally gave up. May or may not hear from them again....only time will tell.
How many keystrokes did
 you average in an 8-hour day?? I was told I have to do a minumum of 60,000. I've never been paid by the keystroke before. Don't know if I want to be, either...
You have too much work because the people you hire never get to start working for you...never hear back from anyone after hiring!
Keystrokes - sm
I was not hired by Becky or Karen but by Lee herself...and I have also called and emailed numerous times with no response. Apparently this is the NEW hiring procedure..and I KNOW I was hired, have copies of all my paperwork that I faxed in, and I have programs on my PC. How do you explain that one?
Keystrokes ...sm
Been there, did that...nada, zip, zero, zilch...guess I should take the hint, huh?
That is what Lee is best at....promises that never materialize. Becky is great....it's everyone else that stinks.
RE: Keystrokes
Been there, done that also. No thanks. You become nasty when you're treated that way.

Vacation. Is that the excuse they're using? Do you actually know this person who is on vacation or do you just believe what you're told? Right, teamwork. You haven't got a clue.
Keystrokes here for me!
Keystrokes for me too! nm
My advise is don't quit your job until you actually START working for them....you may not hear from them again and be out of a job....happened to me, and this is not a lie. I was hired, gave notice at my job, left, and never heard from Keystrokes again. Had to find another job. So, before you celebrate your good fortune...be verrrry, verrry careful.
Keystrokes - sm
I am not the same poster as above, and my experience with Keystrokes was getting hired, quiting my job, getting the programs put on my PC and NEVER hearing back from them again. DO NOT quit your present job if you take one with them until you are up and running and are SURE you have a job and like it. The negative posts you read were all from different people with basically the same BAD experiences with this company. History repeats itself.
To Kim from Keystrokes

Hi Kim,

I understand your frustration with all the negative heckling that goes on on this board and your need to want to clarify who you are with your real name.  BUT, I seriously would not post your telephone number, just to justify who you are to a bunch of strangers calling you Lee.  It is way to easy for anyone to locate somebody with a phone number these days, 411.com, google, etc.  You just do not know who surfs ANY site on the net these days and that is a safety risk. 

Case in point, my dear niece is trying to adopt and posted her number & area on an adoption board of all places, for anyone to call with info on a certain agency....it took the police who caught the creep who had stalked her, first by phone, then in person, to figure out where he got the info.  He told them that he just wanted to "help these poor women to be able to conceive the baby they wanted" take that any way you want but believe me, from the calls she got, it was purely sick.

Just an FYI about safety on the internet. Not worth your own to justify to a bunch of hecklers.

It's getting hired the first time that's the trick....
will allow you to do this.  You can quit for the day after you meet your quota.
BTW, they log all your keystrokes too...
and have some castor oil too cuz you're full of crap.
Looking for any info on Keystrokes?   Thanks!!!!
Just wanted to let MTs know about a really great company - Keystrokes. I had decided not to accept a position with them and am staying with MQ, but recently received a very nice email from the president of KS, Lee. I think it is a very refreshing and neat thing when the president of a company emails an MT personally - it tells me a lot about this company. They are truly one of the good guys in the MT world - and I would highly recommend them to anyone who feels like a number or not appreciated at your current company. If things do not work out for me at MQ next year - I know where I'll be going.

Just wanted to let you guys know there really ARE decent companies out there who appreciate their employees even in this day and age - and a big thumbs up to Lee at Keystrokes for taking the time out of her very busy day to write me.

This company is really becoming a force to be reckoned with and I just wanted to give them a big pat on the back! :)