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PC Shorthand question (sm)

Posted By: mt on 2007-12-21
In Reply to:

I went to download this from pcshorthand.com and it gave message, that publisher wasn't registered (or something like that) asked were you sure you wanted to download it....Did this happen to everybody - and you download it anyway?  I've never done this before, and didn't want to have anything happen to my computer.  Thanks for you help!

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Yes, Shorthand. They have an address datatbase that is in Shorthand, so that's what they sm
prefer you use.  nm
Hi, I asked this question on the equipment board, but I haven't received any messages from anyone there, so I hope you don't mind my posting it here: 

I've just started using the Shorthand expander and I love it, but I'm hoping someone will be able to tell me how to get it to capitalize the first letter of new sentences in a word document platform.  It expands better than any program I've ever used, but it doesn't cap the first letter in the sentence and it would be So helpful if it did.

If anyone can share how to do that with me, I'd really appreciate it!! Or,if it can't be done please let me know that also:)  Thanks in advance!!


I understand how to make a word capitalized if it's one of the entries in shorthand, but I'm talking about having the first word in any sentence come out capped even if it's not something I'm expanding.  I do appreciate your answers, I really do, but they still don't address what I'm trying to do.  I want to be able to type along and have the first letter of any given sentence be capped without doing it manually...like you normally can do when just typing along in Word and using autocorrect....except that I don't use autocorrect any longer and now use just ShortHand..and thought there must be a way to set it up to use that command of capping the first word in new sentences.  That's what I need to know about:)

For the replies about how to set this up in autocorrect, I thank you, but if you notice I'm Not using autocorrect as when I copy and paste part of a report into my Word document, the copying and pasting procedure completely turns off autocorrect...but it doesn't bother ShortHand and I can still use my expanders in ShortHand..whereas nothing will expand from autocorrect if the text has been pasted in the document.

Can you type in emdat using shorthand? I had always heard Expanders did not work with the program and would mess it up.
Yes, I use Shorthand. I still was using PRD+ and was able sm
to convert it, so I was very happy. It is amazing how many entries you end up with.

I still think that PRD+ is better but I am used to ShortHand now.
Shorthand & TA
Although you can't use ShortHand with TA. Fast Chart can import your word list into TAspeed for you to use so you don't have to recreat your list.

If you are trying to get an Expander that works in windows in general (email, ftp, any program)--then I use shorthand.  I use it a lot when typing emails or anything really..good luck.


Or what about Shorthand? nm
I use MS Word the auto correct and Expanders and that seems to work fine.  What would be different if I went to Instant Text or Flash Type of one of those? And what is a good one to use?
Yes. I'm at TT and use Shorthand.
Can you use shorthand
with IChart?  Thanks!
PC Shorthand
work very well with MediTech
with shorthand, you don't have to --sm
*fiddle with it*, it just works on it's own. I hated IT. Still have it in the box with an inch of dust on it. What a waste of a huge amount of money! with shorthand, you just start typing and any words entered into its dictionary by yu just expand on their own. Wish I had the money back I had spent on InstanText..180.00 as opposed to 29.99 ...um, gee, I don't know which to choose! *fiddling with it* to get it to work as opposed to just typing...hmmm.
I use ShortHand and love it.
I also use PC Shorthand...
...and really like it. It is easy to learn and easy to use. As one of the other posters said, you can get a 30-day free trial. Nothing to lose.
Why don't you just use Shorthand to...

If you don't want to do that you can still use SH to expand into the header field. You don't have to manually type it out or pick from the list.

For numbered lists it's 1 keystroke - ctrl+L.

Very easy.

Will we be able to use our ShortHand with the new WMX VR? nm
Shorthand shortcut
May I ask the name of the shorthand shortcut software you use?
How did you get shorthand to work with it?
Deb H said they did not think it would.
ExText. And I am able to use my Shorthand with it. nm
Hi: Only Shorthand is and they recommend it.
It comes with Shorthand or use autocorrect.
I like the system
DocQscribe and Shorthand
Does ShortHand work with the DocQScribe platform?  Thanks
I think it's a yes to all. I use ShortHand. Waiting to be set up for the
Keystrokes allows you to use Shorthand
I love shorthand
Its compatible with everything because it runs independently. So you can be doing email or Word, or WP or be working on a specific platform and it will work for you.
How do you bold in ShortHand? nm
{@KEY ctrl+b}?{@KEY ctrl+b}

Copy this, put it in the text, where the ? mark is add what you want, like {@KEY ctrl+b}CHIEF COMPLAINT{@KEY ctrl+b} I put ccbx (the bx is to determine it is bold)to differentiage it from any other description so all bold descriptions will all have bx at the end. Hope this helps
They provide shorthand and sm
you have to have high-speed internet connection. Even with that, the last few days the platform has been iffy.  They like to blame it on the internet, but they platform is the problem.   Cuts out constantly.  Lots of downtime.
I have used both, prefer Shorthand (SM)
Learning curve was too tedious and long on instant text. I found I could program ShortHand to do most of the same things.
Axolotl Does NOT use Shorthand
Axolotl uses SpeedType.  It is a great program.  It can hold up to 8-page reports. 
Still using TWS but started using Shorthand sm
and it's much better than the macros in TWS. For some reason, I just seem to make more macros with Shorthand. I think the Clarity/Cornerstone platform still has quite a few bugs and hear that not too many people are liking it. Am hoping I stay in TWS for a while!
Does PC-Shorthand discussed here used by KS (sm)
is that word processing only - or does it include medical words too?  If it does not, what do you use for medical words?  (I don't work for KS but am thinking of using this software since everyone seems to like it.)  Thanks!
I downloaded PC Shorthand
and I had no problem. It works fine. Just make sure to save your password in case you ever want to reload it.
Do you mean the Shorthand expander?
KS uses Shorthand. You can download
a free trial from their website and KS may give you a license key so you don't have to pay for it.  Meditech is horrible, but I typed in Word and then copy/pasted into MediTech.  I know lots of MTs who do the same thing. 
eTrans and Shorthand
Is there anyone working for eTrans that is having trouble with their word expansions. I have been having a really great lag, and sometimes my ShortHand words expand and sometimes they don't. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to this. I feel like I am typing in quicksand. It is driving me crazy. My line count is really down. There is a big lag and sometimes I will be on another line and look back to see an shortcut that did not expand. My internet provider was just upgraded to the fastest that is available, so I do not think this is the problem. Anyone else have this problem with Shorthand?
eTrans shorthand
I work for eTrans also and have the same problems you are experiencing with shorthand. It is soooo frustrating!
Shorthand Answer
For your ShortHand expansion problem - try this - Open Shorthand, File, Preferences, Operation - set Pause to 0 or 1 - see if that helps!
macros, shorthand, IT
I used macros on TWS, but I thought we were told we couldn't keep using TWS macros on CUE.  I was a late convert to SH and I hated it.  I didn't even know we could use IT (I don't have any experience with it).
I'm not required to use shorthand
I'm still using IT, and it works just fine. No one has told me any different, not even a hint of it. In fact, emails generally refer to both ShortHand and IT, because they know that both are being used per the MT preference.
Shorthand might work.
Since it works under Windows, not under any particular app, and so far, I have not had it NOT work--even when I didn't want it to, such as in chat, e-mail, and instant messaging, if I forget to turn it off....

You can download a free 30-day trial. Just Google ShortHand for Windows. I don't have the URL handy. If it doesn't work for you... you don't have to pay for it at the end of the trial.
You can format Shorthand to...sm
put the ctrl+n keystroke into your text. You don't have to go back and reformat the headers that way.
I too recommend Shorthand...
... it's got an easier learning curve (works a lot like MS Word's autocorrect feature), plus you can download a 30-day free trial to see if you like it. Instant Text offers no free trial.
I recommend shorthand too
as other poster said, works a lot like autocorrect. You don't have a whole list of *options* popping up, and you don't have to choose an option by a number, like you do with IT, and does not slow down system. I love it!!!
Shorthand - Website address?
Please give the address of the website that has posts about Shorthand and Word Perfect.  Thx.
Shorthand IS the name of the software program.

Here's a link to download it if you'd like to try it free for 30 days.



The reason I don't use my Shorthand with Bayscribe is
that I have some accounts of my own, hospital accounts, and for those accounts the headings have to be bolded, so I have those all entered into my Shorthand expander.   MDI does not bold headings, so I just entered my same abbreviations into the Bayscribe Expander so that it expands without bolding the headings.
Is Shorthand or Smartype compatible with
trying to import DQS expander to Shorthand (sm)
What file do I look for and where/how do I find it?  Step by step instructions would be nice.  Thank you. :-)