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PRICELESS...thanks for the laugh! nm

Posted By: ndmt on 2009-09-02
In Reply to: bless their pea-pickin hearts - snort!


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Your post was PRICELESS! (nm)
Love that wink. Priceless.
I agree and we can all give you pointers on the 12-step if you like.
thanks for the laugh!! - nm
who's got the last laugh now ?

Ive been an MT for 13 years. I was an IC for 10 years, and a FTE for a local hospital for the last 3 years. I came back from vacation in June to discover my lovely boss was interviewing companies to outsource the MT department. He lied to us - told us not to worry - and then a month later our union received the '60 day notice' letter and we were out on our assess. I took a job as a unit secretary - and a $5 an HOUR paycut along with it, working 3-11 and alternate weekends. Am I crazy to do this. Well yes and no.  I now have unlimited O/T, I'm keeping my awesome union benefits, building toward being vested in 2 more years, and just landed an IC MT job doing guess what: MY OLD JOB. The company that outsourced us hired me. I plan to rake in the bucks in the AM and do the b.s. job at night. 3-11 is half the work as a day job - plus you get the shift differential. Wish me luck ! Joanne

*l* = laugh...nm
You are not alone - I have 25 yrs exp and some want to pay me 7 or 8 cpl. I just laugh and say "
Thanks for my first laugh of the day!
Better for your well-being to laugh than to cry
I for sure would understand if the tears fell, tho.
Laugh is on you..
Full-time job pays $24/hr. Can take up to 12 weeks PTO/yr. Work at home. ALL equipment covered by company including internet.

Part-time job pays .11/cpl.

sorry, just had to laugh at that
I've posted on here for years and no one has ever accused me of being a recruiter or management. Just thought that was funny. Um... no, definitely not. My point was that they try to keep the accounts balanced well and avoid overhiring, so you may be well qualified and still not get a call back if the accounts are well staffed already, so don't take it personally.
Should I laugh or cry?

LOL! Thanks for the laugh:) nm
You can either laugh or cry,

OMG - Thanks for the laugh!
Tarnscription.  I know you didn't mean to do it - but that is actually the PERFECT name for this junk sometimes.  Tarnation!!!  LOL!
Thanks for the laugh :)
I don't proof what I post on here, but your response is totally hilarous. If only they could drop in at 4:30 and start my super (hehehe - yes I purposefully spelled that wrong) :)
LOL thank you for the laugh nm

Thanks for the laugh.......nm
Okay, this made me laugh.
I worked on Vianeta years ago, and I have never been able to figure out why people who WORK on it can't SPELL it. It's a 7-letter word, how hard can it be?
Thanks for the laugh.. That was great..

Don't make me laugh
Don't let my ego get in the way of facts? How about, don't make such an assumption?

I didn't disagree with your original post, just suggested a different 'take'.

Well, at least I can laugh at my typos - sm
some of ya'll seem to take them way, WAY to seriously. (And to hopefully avert any more flaming about being sloppy in my work, I'm TALKING ABOUT silly little mistakes we make when we're dashing off quick posts & emails.) And do you really think my thread is actually TESTIER than some of the total ragging that's been going on whenever someone on these boards stands up and calls a spade a spade?
Don't make me laugh
How many INside TT staffers are on this board, anyway?

Oh, swell! Should we laugh or cry??? NM
OMG I needed a laugh!!
and I'm writing them to show how YOU are behaving here!! LOL

There ya GO!!! LOLOL thanks for the laugh NM
LOL, thanks for making me laugh.SM

I used to work in a hospital too.

I love having the last laugh.
I am looking foolish? I called someone's bluff because they don't know their a** from a hole in the ground. They were completely wrong and just did not want to owe up to it. I just love this. Now I am finished.
Funny, Rad Guy. Thanks for the laugh.
Well, that's good for a laugh if nothing else...
Where do people get this stuff?!! Ridiculous.
I have to laugh when people...
want others to think they have stumbled onto something (hence, the BUSTED) when all it shows is they obviously missed the whole point from the get go. Good luck with that bingo hand though!
this is so sad, but it gave me a big laugh, thanks,,,nm
That song is .. oh gosh, don't laugh
from Soundgarden and it's called Outshined. Early 90s, late 80s, I suppose, but I love that line!!
And proud of it baby. Laugh is on you lol
At least we can laugh at ourselves..That is important. Sometimes, I cannot believe I get paid ...
to type.
So very true. A good laugh. Thanks n/m

I don't meant to laugh at the company name...

but I just Googled it and the first hit was a newt--a salamander type thingy.  Killed me!  Was the company named with that intention?  Your company's name was a 3rd hit...if it's any consolation.  


LOLOLOLOL! Thanks. I needed a laugh. OSI QA, indeed!
Toooooo funny - my laugh for the day!!! nm
Don't laugh but did you check AARP? sm

Our insurance went up and was nearly impossible to understand.  I checked AARP's plans, they're comparable to what the company offers at about $25 more including dental and eye, and a lot less confusing.  If the insurance goes up again next year and becomes more incomprehensible, it's AARP for me. 

your posts always make me laugh.
Thanks for a good laugh to end my week. sm

You have totally ruined any credibility you possibly started out having (thought it wasn't much with the way you were ranting on the first post) by all of the childishness. 

To respond to the just me comment, I think the just me is this person's way of saying just my opinion not that they have no self-worth.  And to that point, you have not once used your fname at all, just SM, which to most of us means see message.  Maybe it's your initials, who know, who cares really.

Yes, we all feel bad for your friend - but I don't know what's worse, being screwed out of $5 grand or having someone like you call me friend.

OMG. That made me laugh, and I was so tensed up

On 1 hand, the no work thing is horrible and something bad does seem to be coming down the road here. But looking at it from your angle, that was funny and put things in perspective. 

I have never heard that -- it truly made me laugh -- thanks. :-) nm

Funny that you laugh at me when you are the one who looks like a fool. nm

She's having a good laugh all the way to the bank
Aren't you the one that signed on????????    The jokes on you MT....  You alone darling!  Have fun when the work runs out, and then you'll realize why these other MTs posted about TTD's scam in the past, and now trying it one more time to see if she can find any other suckers to work a set shift as an IC.
I used to laugh out loud at the VR-produced
nightly news on the TV sets at my local gym. I'd be watching it while using the treadmill, elliptical trainer or StairMaster, and would occasionally belt out a 'Bwa-ha-haaa!' at something the VR had written. Got more than a few stares from my fellow gym-goers, who probably thought I was nuts. The humor of VR sure did make my workouts go by quickly, though!
Impressive?? That's hilarious. Thanks for the laugh.
javascript:editor_insertHTML('text',''); sigh
Go apply for other jobs so you can laugh
This is hilarious.
Luv it. Needed a good laugh. thanx.
Your post made me laugh, then cry.
Shift differential does not exist at Acusis. Weekend differentials were calibrated in the same way wages were. In order to get a weekend differential, you have to work and achieve your line count on both Saturday and Sunday...so if you've got a Sunday thru Thursday schedule, you're out of luck. Tuesday thru Saturday? Screw you. Plus, with a lot of 'files not available' (no jobs), at least the last Saturday of every pay period has everybody on line trying to squeeze out a few lines...which means that Saturday and Sunday you're not going to get your line count, which means even if you threw family life out the window and chained yourself to your desk, you're still not going to get the weekend differential. If you ever decide to 'share the wealth' and drop your company name, please feel free to let me know. 25+ years of transcription has got to be worth better treatment that I'm getting now.
These posts make me laugh. I don't SM

have time to put a target on someone's back and I doubt anyone else doing this job does either.  Many of us have a production quota to meet, just like you do.  Do you really think I am going to slow down my production so I can gather my peers to develop a strategy to make your life miserable?