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Posted By: ICMT on 2007-12-04
In Reply to: DVHP gives vacation time to part-time people. nm - DVHP

end up using all their accumulated PTO for the days there is no work and that isn't enough to cover all the days there is no work I can assure you.    Company has had to tighten up their belt since the law suit and PT and per diem folks are taking the brunt.  If you are FT and there isn't enough work you can lose your benefits because you didn't meet their line requirements ???? and there is no notice given. 

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If you are interested in learning the e-Scription side it is probably a good place to learn but not to make any real money. Their own platform SHINE is cumbersome, slow, and about 5 years behind the times. They have all kinds of catchy little bonuses to lure you with but to take away at whim also; you should be very careful about this decision.
I am very happy with their flexibility, however there really isn't enough work for the current employees & they are hiring more!  Pay has NEVER been late & everyone is VERY helpful and accomodating.  If you want tons of work, go elsewhere or take on more than 3 accounts.
I have been there for a long time and haven't had any problems with pay. They are currently running low on work, but it IS that time of the year for everyone. Just stick it out...they are worth it! Everyone is VERY understanding and makes every effort to accomodate you, no matter what.
Hi - was looking for something else and saw your question.  Yes, I work for DVHP and love it.  The place is really great.  Yes, there is a merger with Transcend and apparently it will take place at the first of the year.  We were told that everything will remain the same, same clients, same hours, etc.  That remains to be seen tho.  I have never had any problems with DeVenture, so we shall see what happens.  DeVenture is really a great place to work with great people.  I received employment papers to fill out for Transcend, and believe me, it should take me a month to get through it all.  But, I am sure it will be worth it.  And, yes, the pay scale so far is equal.
Without question, DVHP is the
poorest excuse for an MTSO on the horizon. I hope the lawsuit finishes him. The CEO of that company speaks so poorly of MTs generally and treats his employees so badly that other than the fact innocent, hardworking people woould lose jobs, that company folding would be an answer to a prayer. He is and was the most insufferable man I have ever been unfortunate enough to meet. I am so happy to finally hear that the lawsuit went forward. He will be left holding his butt and that would serve him absolutely right!
What does everyone think about the new joined forces of Transcend/DeVenture Health Partners? Came by surprise for me, but still not sure what to expect. Anyone?
Not just VR stuff running out either at DVHP...

I've always done straight transcription work and, yeah, dang.  All my PTO has been used up trying to cover the loss of lines due to lack of work, so I wouldn't have to pay the health insurance portion the company pays.  Nice penalty for us due to shortage of work...being made responsible for 100% of our 'benefits.'   I used to brag up and down about this company...can't say I'll be doing that any time soon. 

Whats the word on Deventure (DVHP) these days?
Prefer current or recent employee experiences. Archives seem to be a mix of good and bad, but nothing recent.
DVHP gives vacation time to part-time people. nm