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Pay due Monday, I get by direct deposit on Friday. sm

Posted By: I must be so lucky on 2007-04-14
In Reply to: Pay due Friday, still ??? - Junie

Partly company, where most get on Saturday via direct deposit.  I just happen to have a very friendly bank who posts the minute the get it and 1 a.m. on Friday.  So sorry.  We all need to get our pay on time. 

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direct deposit every 2 weeks, on Friday,
Mine was there Friday too. Direct Deposit (nm)?
It's every two weeks on Monday, but with direct deposit you generally get it
on Saturday and I even know a couple of MTs who get it on Friday.
TransTech pays early too, Payday is Monday but I get my direct deposit
late Friday night or Saturday.
I wish that people who get into this profession would understand that hospitals operate 24/7/365. My daughter is a registered nurse and does not demand a m-F schedule and YES she does have children. You got into this profession because of having kids at home and wanting to be a stay at home mommy. Well, 30 years of experience under my belt and most of the companies that I have spoken with allow me to work the hours that I want to work because of the fact that in general, I put in 12 hour days and even work weekends and dont take a day off unless I need to, due to illness or whatever and also, due to the fact that if I do have an emergency, I let someone know in advance and just not refuse to work
Monday-Friday, First Shift?
Does anyone know of companies that have accounts with Monday to Friday, first shift positions? Personal obligations do not allow me to work weekends or evenings and so many companies want this. If I could do it I would, but it is not possible, and they all seem to want weekends and second or third shifts. I really need to find something. Any help greatly appreciated.
I am hoping for Friday but it could be Monday. sm
The pay period just ended yesterday. With over 400 employees it might be difficult to get it all done by Friday but I sure am crossing my fingers!
Mine is always there on Friday, but Monday is payday.
Agree with you. Payday is Monday, this is the Friday..

before payday. Some people will whine about anything. As I said before, plan your finances better and you won't be relying on DD. Why don't you call payroll and whine to them, see what they tell you?

Looking for a company who hires Monday-Friday days
Does anyone know of a company who hires full time transcriptionists for Monday-Friday?  I have years and years experience and am tired of working the weekends!  Your help will be greatly appreciated!
Every other Monday unless the pay date is a holiday, in which case we get paid the Friday before.
Hope that helps.
I have direct deposit.
I love the platform. It is proprietary software but very VERY user friendly. The staff is great and I really do enjoy it here. And I am serious -- make your own opinion. One or 2 bad apples don't outweigh a couple of hundred happy campers. Our insurance is great -- there is sick leave, holiday, PTO .. it's pretty dang good.
Direct deposit. SM
I just filled out a form for my bank on Monday to have another type of payment set up for direct deposit. So, there's obviously something very, very wrong here.

Good luck.
They pay be direct deposit
Good luck with getting the phone answered.  Does their manager not have a number to call?
Yes, they do have direct deposit. nm
Direct deposit
She has direct deposit now. I even got paid a few days early last week.
No direct deposit
Today is payday and direct deposit not there, still waiting for reason. Apparently ADP problem, not TTS, but still!

I DID sign up for direct deposit.  However, they lost all of my paperwork and paid me as a vendor!!  NOT good!!! 

Direct deposit

I live 20 miles from them, and it took 4 to 5 days to get my check.  The postmark was a timely manner.  A lot just depends on the volume of mail going from whereever they mail the checks from.

They just did start direct deposit for IC's about a month or 2 ago.  I LOVE IT!!!!

I have direct deposit
My pay is in my account every other Saturday bright and early. They have never been late and never messed up my pay. I think if you don't have DD it arrives the middle of the week.
Direct Deposit?
Can you get your money direct deposited? That's what I do, works great.
Do they do direct deposit? nm
Direct Deposit
I don't know what's going on either. Mine is ALWAYS in the bank on Friday morning, however, when I banked at another bank before this one it was always in there on Saturday morning. This has got me confused. Seems like they would at least have let us know. Hope I don't have some stuff bouncing. I live from payday to payday with as many kids as I have.
I got my direct deposit sm
It was there when I just checked it this morning. Just thought I would give you guys the heads up.
JLG Direct Deposit
Has anyone gotten a straight answer about direct deposit, if/when it will be started again? 
Don't they have direct deposit?
direct deposit
Like someone stated, it does take a cycle or two for the DD to happen. You probably will get a paper check in the mail. With any job that I have had, it takes 2 weeks or more to get the first check. Sometimes the company will hold the first pay check and then you will get paid during the next pay cycle for the first 2 weeks that you worked. Just call before making any hasty judgments. Put on the board the company name and ask other MTs, that work at the same company, if they have had problems with getting paid. You are not putting your name on the board, just asking a general question-- this way, you can see if the company has problems with paying on time. Many MTs put info like this on this board and it is very helpful in determining what is a good company to work for.
Direct Deposit and IC

The company I work for just announced that it is unethical business practice to direct deposit paychecks for independent contractors, so they will start mailing us our paychecks which will take a minimum of 2 weeks to get.  Where has anyone heard of such a thing???  



Yes They have direct deposit. nm
direct deposit
Thanks for the information.
direct deposit
If you are talking about the Superior Global out of Plano, Texas, then the answer is no, they do not have direct desposit.  The last I heard, they were working on it, so you might check just to make sure, but I am working for them now and my paycheck is mailed out twice a month, usually gets here a day or two early.
direct deposit
Yes, Superior Global does direct deposit. I have been an IC with them for about 6 months and recently became an employee and I have had direct deposit the entire time.
Direct deposit
...because they could not keep the reserves in the bank. Huh? I don't understand. They still have to pay out the same amount of money each pay day whether it is by check or by direct deposit. I would love to know the real reason why they stopped doing direct deposit. Waiting for a paper check sucks. Then you have to travel to cash or deposit it.

Direct deposit
I have had a couple of MT companies that did not charge me for direct deposit. When my current company told me there was a $5 every 2 weeks for direct deposit, but that it was deductible on my taxes as an expense for a self-employed person, I told them NO THANKS. I hate going to the bank, but will not spend $10 a month to get the money that I have already earned at a pay that is lower that it should be. Give me the check. I will go to the bank when I run other errands to use my time wisely.
Who offers direct deposit for IC?

I have had only one delayed direct deposit and sm
we knew about it in advance. It was an outright error and they admitted it and did not try to tell us some runaround BS. The payroll person put the wrong posting date, one day late, and did not find out until it was after the cut-off time.

Go with direct deposit right away. Snail mail is too unpredictable.

I have a friend who has been IC with them for almost three years (I am newer than her). She told me that she had some problems in the past but not since direct deposit and they always fix them right away.

Make sure you have the dates right though. They threw me at first. If it is a Sat or Sun, they post on Monday not Friday. Once I knew that, I was fine and planned accordingly.

One word of advice is if you have any questions or problems, call Becky as she is the most helpful person I have ever come across working for nationals. She can find an answer or solve anything. I had a problem with a headset a few weeks ago and she had one to me the next day even though it was my fault. I thanked her and told her I hope she never leaves, and she told me she is there forever :)
and almost two years ago. Direct deposit since 9/04. This is why
so many people do not know what is true and what is not.
Do Most Companies Use Direct Deposit?
Do most companies use direct deposit or mail out their checks?
Direct deposit at Medware
Direct deposit failure? sm
I had hoped DD would allow me to avoid the pitfall of late payment, nonpayment, and short checks, etc.

Those of you utilizing direct deposit through your company, how many of you are paid late at times with the service? Is this common?

Yes, they pay on time, direct deposit. sm
Minimum lines of 11,000 a pay period for benefits. 

They are a great bunch of caring people -- best move I have in a long time.

Good luck!

Allstate DOES do direct deposit...
Paypay is merely an OPTION if you choose to be paid that way, just as having your check mailed is...and sent via either snail mail or Priority Mail. Allstate has had direct deposit for quite a while now, but did not have it in 2006 when the original post was made.
Does JLG offer direct deposit?
I thought if you were IC you could not have direct deposit??
What happened to direct deposit for

Are there any MT companies still providing direct deposit for ICs?  So far every IC position I inquire about sends the pay through snail mail  and pays once a month.  What happened?  I have been turning down IC jobs just to find out the next company doesn't provide direct deposit either.

Two weeks of pay does not get me through the entire month unfortunately.



This is why they need to offer direct deposit.
Mine is alwasys mailed the day of pay day. It takes 10 or more to get to me. Not at all what I expected.
They pay weekly by direct deposit...
They were always on time with paycheck while I worked there...but don't know about editing pay. Good people, though. Best of luck!
They do not have direct deposit, so if you take the position, sm

take that into consideration.  I was told that now for $10 or $20 out of each check, you can have your check Fed Ex'd to you.  I worked for them years ago so my experience is probably not relevant, but just be careful.

Good luck! 

Anyone heard of direct deposit being "upgraded" and can't be done?
That is what company I work for says.  No notice that direct deposit was not going to be done until too late to cancel automatic withdrawals.  Wouldn't they know ahead of time instead of the day of pay day that the had to cut checks and mail them out?  Also was told too late to be sent out overnight mail and if they did I would have to pay for it ** for some reason not buying the upgrade story.
I was told by FN that their SE status (for direct deposit ) is - sm
1200 lines/pay period. They didn't say anything about 1,000 lines a day. I think I will go by what the recruiter told me.
Medware pays by direct deposit

Direct deposit every other Friday, no problem at all.