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Pay periods run from the 1st through the 15th, and sm

Posted By: THMT on 2006-01-12
In Reply to: Transhealth production question - anon

the 16th through the end of the month.  They have a LOT of different accounts, so I don't think there is any way to comment on the ESLs.  Like anywhere, it will vary from hospital to hospital.  And yes, line count is attainable with FT work.  Hope this helps.  I'm happy there!

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The pay periods end on the 15th and the last of the month. sm

As the other poster said, generally we are paid witihin a week after that.  I think the latest I have received my pay was on the 10th.  It is true that it is a bit odd not having a set pay date, but at least I can sure I will be paid.  I read horror stories on here of companies giving bad checks or not paying at all, and it makes me cringe.  I am my sole support, so if I do not get paid, my world turns upside down in a hurry. 

If you are considering working for them, I wouldn't let that back me off if I was you.  They say the techs are working to fix it so that the line count doesn't have to be done manually, so perhaps in the future, it will be better. 


MDI-MD pay periods

Would anyone be willing to share how MDI-MD payperiods work?  Every two weeks, 1st and 15th?  Or is it something different?


It has been 1 space after periods
since the new Style Guidelines took effect or affect, Ha Ha and make sure you do not use your expansions. If they say COPD you cannot expand it; and what about making lists of everything from meds to past history, etc. etc. Anything to not pay you for those lines.

Oh and don't forget it is x2 not the word "times". That would be too many characters on the line and we cannot pay you for that.

What horse will you be traveling on. I'll be going with ya.
They have slow periods also
Hmm. Do you have a lot of periods when you have no work? nm
ask about pay periods, I worked for them for a
short time and it took about a month to get first check. 
MXSecure pay periods
Can anyone tell me how the pay periods run?
Stay where you are. We all go through slow periods
EMTS lines and pay periods
Pay days are the 10th and 26th. Depending on the platform, you may not get you lines in 8 hours, you may need more. They are flexible though. If you manage to get done with the minimum, they don't bother you. Good luck.
I drink one just about every day. Helps with periods. sm
The soy actually makes my periods shorter and less cramps, which is a HUGE deal to me.
I'm not using them for weight loss, just as a high-protein, low fat meal or snack, especially on days that I do weight training.
When I get No studies - it is usually for short periods (sm)
Sometimes I clock out, balance my check book, check E-mail and there is work. Other times I sign off and flex my hours that day. Doesn't happen often.

I think on the weekends when there is OT authorized by our STM for the weekend they need to have someone check and make sure, if the number of jobs are WAAAAY down, cut off the OT authorized sign so those who are scheduled to work can do so.

I know it has to be hard to please the client and the MTs. I am certainly willing to flex for them as they are willing to flex for me when I have issues.

which IC positions use 1 space after periods?
My FT job requires 1 space after periods, which took me a long time to adjust to. Now I would like to get a 2nd job as well but I don't want to mess up my typing trying to go back and forth between 1 and 2 spaces at jobs?  TIA
Yes, 10 cpl for the first 6 pay periods if you meet the 1300 lines, sm

8 cpl if you do not.  After the 6 pay periods, if you become an employee, then the rates change.  I think 10 cpl then was only for 3rd shift. 

I just wanted a part-time position, but the 10 cpl sounded rather attractive.  Of course, it doesn't matter how much someone pays if you don't have the work or can't make the lines. 

Thanks again for your input.  We'll see if I even passed the test. 

p.r.n. (and search won't allow periods in order get the right company)
Is the other company in Ohio as well?
You must not have been with Transtech long enough to see the lack of work periods. nm
Can we recommend companies that count all the characters and don't have you omiting periods, etc.
1st and 15th pay
I know for Keystrokes, there are no 'waiting' days in between. The checks are in the bank on the 1st and the 15th, so Im not sure about that one!
15th and 1st
Usually around the 15th

My surgeons usually give me 1/2 of my average monthly invoice, another office  invites me to their potluck and small gift exchange.  The doctors give out small gift cards to us.   Regular employees  might get larger bonuses, have never compared.   I think it is nice what they do for me and I truly appreciate it and do not take for granted.   Another one is a very small office and the gal and I go to lunch usually her treat between Christmas and New Years.   I make them all goodies, Chex mix and cookies or warm muffins first thing in the morning and give a nice calendar personalized with my name on it.    Yep I appreciate my accounts. 



1st and the 15th nm
I'm paid 1st and 15th
No it isn't. Pay is the 1st and 15th for employees and sm
2nd and 16th for ICs. It is for the previous two-week period.

For example, the period that just ended on 4/15 will be paid on 5/1. It is two weeks, not six.

I think people should have to be giving facts on these boards, not rumors. Call the companies directly. I am sure they all have similar pay structures; the last two companies I worked for were just like this and the hospital I worked at prior to them was as well.
Question regarding 1st and 15th pay -

This has nothing to do with Keystrokes, I work for another company.  Pay is suppose to be on the 1st and 15th of each month.  I get direct deposit and my account is not credited until around the 6th and 19th.  When management was confronted, I was told this is standard. 

On the 1st and 15th of each month
They have direct deposit and always pay on time.
Yup, twice monthly on the 1st and 15th.
1st through the 15th, 16th through the end of the month. nm
Payday supposed to be 1st and 15th.sm
Received it 10 to 15 days after that date. I do not think we are talking about same company. I worked for BTS, not Sten-Tel.
Does Keystrokes pay on 15th and 30th?nm
PS This was Saturday the 15th, payday
Not sure if it is still true, but they used to pay once a month, on the 15th, sm

and no direct deposit.  I almost took a position with them, but that kind of backed me off.  Good luck!


Pay period is 1st and 15th of every month
I submitted my timesheet on 08/31 after working 2 weeks to be paid on the 1st.  They have direct deposit and the check is not in my account.
Usually pay period ends on the 15th and last

day of month.  Then you get paid somewhere around the 22nd for pay period ending on 15th and get paid around the 6th for pay period ending on the last day of the month.  If you work as an IC you may could expect pay one day after submitting an invoice, but if you work for a company it takes time to process payroll and then if DD it has to be submitted and it takes more than 1 day for that. 

When I worked for KS took me almost a month to get my first check. 

Paydays are on the 1st and the 15th, unless it is a weekend, then sm
it is the following Monday.  Welcome to Keystrokes -- hope you love it as much as I do. 
My co also pays 1st and 15th or is supposed to but nothing about 4th and 20th so must sm
not be the same company. So there are more than one out there who should not be in business obviously!
Direct deposit on the 1st and 15th of the month. nm

They do direct deposit on 15th and 1st of each month.
pay 7 days following payperiod end: 15th/30 or 31st
I am paid prompty by DD on the 15th and 30th
for the lines I typed the previous month.  Sorry to disagree with you, but there are no standard practice of pay as an IC.  Employees should be paid promptly on the expected date, whether that be every two weeks or on the 15th and 30th of each month. 
I know that payday is on the 15th, but since the 16th is President's Day, sm

do you think we will be paid on Friday like we were last payday?  This is only my 2nd payday, so I was just curious.  If I have to wait until the 17th, then so be it.  I don't want to be lectured by those I have seen about people expecting to be pair early.  As I said, it happened before, and I just wondered.  Since it is getting late and I have not yet received an email with my paycheck stub, it is looking like probably not. 


When I was hired I was told the 15th and 30th, but
handbook says 15th and last day of month. I sure was disappointed.
Pay period ends on 15th, checks on the 20th. This
is pretty standard industry-wide. 
Paydays are the 1st and the 15th. If the payday falls on a weekend sm

the official rule is that we get paid the following Monday. However, the last 2 times it fell on a weekend and it was a Saturday, we were paid the Friday before (yea!!).  There is a listing of all of the official pay dates for 2009.  You should ask S for it. 

They are clear that they post the checks for the 1st and 15th and the banks determine when they are
I do know one thing though from talking to someone about increasing my 401k deduction, that they did not realize that Monday was a holiday or they would have pushed them through for today like they did for New Year's Day's check. That person also told me that starting next month, if it falls on Saturday, it will pay on Friday, if it falls on Sunday, it pays on Monday. I joked that I knew she did not have kids or she would know that it's a school holiday and I was right! Those of us with kids know more of the holidays because we have to keep track of days off.
Pay period goes from 1st of the month to the 15th, then 16th to the end of the month. sm

So, I guess you could maybe get by with less than 1000 a day, although the incentive tier would make it worth your while to do a bit more.  I am using ExText, and yes, I find it easy to use, but then I used it for a year with another company.  I think their other platform is Mongoose, and I know nothing about that, so really cannot say.

Yes, they are hiring now.  In fact, there is a $500 sign-on bonus.  I think it is all just acute care.  I'm sure they would love to have someone with your experience.  Rhonda Durham is the recruiter.  I am sure she could answer any of your questions.  I am happy to help too, if I can, but I am relatively new.  The account I am working on is mostly psych, it seems, and I am loving it.

Another nice thing, their benefits start after 60 days, not 90 like most.

Good luck to you.

Be glad you get paid tomorrow. We are paid on the 1st and the 15th, so sm
since the 1st is on a weekend, we don't get paid until Monday.  It will happen again on the 15th of August …sigh.  It is the only thing I do not like about the company, though, so I guess a few weekends of poverty a year is not too much. 
Is it still being paid on time if you are paid on the 1st and 15th.....
and if the 15th falls on a Saturday getting paid on the 17th?  My bank is open and posts on Saturday that means I am not being paid on the 15th doesn't?  This has happened a lot lately.