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PhoenixMedCom allows 24 hrs

Posted By: msme on 2007-02-26
In Reply to: Which companies offer a 12-hour window to - complete your work? nm


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Does anyone work for this company?   If so, how are they?  I have never worked for a company other than myself, and now I have to go this route, since my client went EMR.
PhoenixMedcom, Anyone?

I could have sworn there were some recent posts on here about Phoenix Medcom, but the search engine only pulled up old comments.

Anyone work for this place, past or present, that can provide info (good, bad, indifferent welcome)? 

TIA as always!!! 

Been with PhoenixMedCom for 7 years!

(This is copied from their website...supposedly they pay well, BUT their lines do not include spaces...hmmm...well, still, I've heard that they pay better than most companies.  Anyhow..hope this helps.)

We require a minimum of 3 years experience in Ops and Discharges, with acute care facility/teaching institution/production environment experience essential. This is a major metropolitan market with primarily teaching institutions, and therefore there are significant numbers of ESLís. All of our hospitals are teaching facilities, with general technical surgeries requiring the skill and ability to transcribe a variety of disciplines every single day. Operative reports comprise approximately 80% of our volume. We also hire for discharge summary/ consultation/ clinic note coverage as the need arises.

We require a minimum of 600 lines per day. We have never experienced a prolonged work shortage, so you can type to whatever limits you set for yourself over our required 600 lines/day, Monday-Friday. We have work 24/7. Weekends are not required. We do not overstaff an account, so thereís no fighting to get your committed lines. You are assigned specific accounts and you will stay with these accounts. You don't bounce from account to account on a daily or weekly basis. However, to achieve a significantly high volume, you will need to type more than one account.

We have a testing site and all applicants are tested using the same standards. You will have to achieve a significantly high score on this test to insure that you will be able to easily transcribe the work provided without a struggle daily to achieve your lines and to provide a quality report. Typos are heavily weighed, as are drug misspellings and common term misspellings. The test is taken on line, and the site includes instructions for downloading the voice and playing it through your sound card or a wave player.

While Phoenix doesnít insist on exclusivity, we do expect all committed work to be done daily, Monday through Friday, and not used as a fill-in when work is light elsewhere. If other arrangements are requested that preclude a straight Monday through Friday work week, approval from the Corporate staff will be necessary.

A Pentium class (at least Pentium III), 400 megahertz computer with a large hard drive. We utilize a transcription program customized for MTs (we use an enhanced program superimposed on Word 97.). We utilize a word Expander as well. We license and provide all the software necessary for installation.You must supply your own version of Word 97 or Word 2000, and PCAnywhere. You must have an email account.