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QA pays much much less than MT

Posted By: You're much better off typing-- nm on 2007-02-05
In Reply to: Anyone have a ballpark salary for managers? - Ready to move past the line thiefs


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I got a new job but it pays less. nm
MQ pays its MTs less than
cleaning ladies make. Believe me, there are many other jobs out there that will give you better than the pittance (and bad treatment) MQ has to offer. You deserve better. Don't settle for MQ's nonsense.
MQ pays its MTs less than
cleaning ladies make. Believe me, there are many other jobs out there that will give you better than the pittance (and bad treatment) MQ has to offer. You deserve better. Don't settle for MQ's nonsense.
MDI pays 9-11 cpl.
My VR pays at
4 cents a line. I really hate to see that places are going even lower than that. My platform is an excellent one and if not for that would never be able to make the $20+ per hour pay that I make. It is so unresonable for these places to just cut pay to the bone. How will anyone be able to make any kind of living if this keeps on? From what I have seen over the years, VR has never gotten to the point where it can be on its own and by reducing the scale of pay, pretty soon companies will see MTers dropping like flies instead of doing their work.
OSi ALWAYS pays on time!
In all the time I have worked there they have never been delinquent.
That's TransHealth that pays that way. nm
I would not go with a company that pays so low
and lies about stuff
keystrokes pays, are they......

On time?  I do hope so !  Just because we work at home, some of these companies think, for some reason, that we will do the work (and it is a REAL job) for no pay.  We ought to have the RIGHT to do that to them !

Employee pays ALL?
At my current company I only pay $75 per month - company pays rest. Sounds a bit odd, I must agree.
Almost every company pays more
Just pick any other company and apply.
Transolutions pays 100.00 for every sm
year that you are employed. Otherwise, they don't pay squat.
Who do you work for that pays
pays per minute?
Does anyone know who pays QA hourly? sm
I need a QA job that will pay me hourly, so if you have any leads, send them my way. :)
MQ pays QA by the hour.
Is it true that RIU pays 5 cpl for MTs? How do they keep them? sm

I have heard that they act real nice but are back stabbers too. 

I had a friend who was an MT with them and she stayed because they intimideated her into staying, told her that she would fail elsewhere.  Do they treat all their employees as slaves?

Sad.  P, my friend, said that they profess to be a good fine Christian company and then cheat, lie, and stab you behind your back?


transolutions pays (nm)
spheris pays ...
Every other Friday
MDI FL pays biweekly.
Medware pays every
Actually, we both know that we are going to work more for the one who pays more!
Anyone know what TransTech pays?
I saw their ad, but they don't having anything about starting cpl rate.  I have been a MT for 10+ years and don't want to waste my time testing with this company if they don't pay well.  Thanks!
Does anyone know what Keystrokes pays for RAD? (sm)

Is it still only $1.25 per page?  Or is it by line.  Need more up to date info.  Please!

who pays per report??

Can anyone tell me what companies pay per report for radiology and which ones have Meditech?  Thanks.

So where might you work? My co pays 6.5.
I'm not putting that down. I believe all MT work is equal. The companies do not seem to feel the same way.
Does anyone know how Transcend pays out
Their $1000 sign-on bonus?  Thanks so much!
Transcend pays still
one day, 4 hours with trainer = $60.00
It pays to take a "pay cut" sometimes
I made -good money- at my old MT job but in return for the -good money- I had to tolerate unqualified superiors whose arrogance and abuse would not be tolerated in most places. I stayed in the hot seat with those people for stupid reasons and none of it because of things I personally did wrong. I would not leave for a long time because I thought I could never make the same amount of money anywhere else and besides I was honestly too lazy to want to start over again. Finally though I had enough, my husband had enough, my kids had enough of my whining but never taking steps to get myself out of that situation.

I took what I thought would be a -pay cut- with another company but it turned out that my current facility is 10 times easier and the supervisors are actually qualified to supervise me. I could not be happier. I make more money even with a bit of a -pay cut- because I'm not constantly on mandatory phone calls for problems unrelated to me personally, plus spending time reading pointless emails. The line incentives help too. My account is so much easier, my supervisors leave me alone to do my work, and my family is happy at dinnertime.

Forget the cpl rate because alot of the time it is tied in to a bad company that is forced to pay so much because they can't keep good MT's. If you are in a similar situation to mine, stop whining, get off your lazy butt and find a company that pays you -maybe less- but will turn out to be more and that respects you and gives you good accounts.
QED pays weekly nm
Did someone say Spectramedi pays


Who pays the best for VR work?

Which companies pay the best for VR work?  What schedules do they require you to work?  Do they have benefits?  I have 2 children to support so I need to have a dependable work also.  Thanks in advance


MQ pays 70% of your MT rate. More than anyone else.

MQ pays the highest, but that's because

they give you so many different accounts to learn all the instructions for.  Some have as many as 20 to 30 new accounts per day.  It's not worth it.  Are you sure you really need to learn VR?  I'd stick to straight transcription.  It pays way better.

Please, TT always pays on time...

it will be there; try some patience and don't count your chicks before they are hatched. Hopefully, you didn't spend money that wasn't there, which never fails to amaze me. Why do people do that?

How do you KNOW what the client pays?
Gottcha, because you are an MTSO !

Do you really think that clients pay 5-8 cpl? Go and fly a kite, toodle-loo, they pay at least 12-15 cpl.
My company pays more
For acute care. Where I work, ops pay 2 cpl more than clinic notes. The breadth of knowledge required to transcribe op notes across multiple specialties is significant. Obviously it can be learned, but takes time to get proficient at ops.
Uh, hello. That's the average that VR pays.... that's what
QA pays for the whole report too. If they only
paid you a few cpl for what you type when you correct, you'd make less than $1 an hour...
I would go 110% with the company that pays more...sm
Some will argue, but a good MT shouldn't have a hard time finding a job. I didn't. They are posted everywhere. Go where the money is! I was in the same situation. Going from platform to platform, account to account, slows you down more than you know. Hop on one train and ride it!
QED pays for spaces
I work there (both as recruiter and MT). Most accounts are 65 cpl and on all accounts MTs are paid for spaces.
I'd tell them I found a job that pays better.
If the lower-paying job wants to keep you, they'll have to come up with an equal or better offer.
Does anyone know how much ExecuScribe pays? nm
Mickey-D pays better than that.

Can anyone tell me if Amphion pays for spaces
and headers and footers?  Is their software productive and what kind of Expander do they use?  Thanks.  Considering a move there.
It's TransHealth that pays that way, NOT TransTech.

anyone know company who pays weekly?
Are there companies that pay weekly?  Curious.
Job offer that pays bi-monthly..sm

I am looking into a position that pays on the 15th & last day of the month.  Has anyone had experience with this?  I'm used to being paid every other week currently so I'm just wondering how this works out.  Thanks!

Amphion pays late and does not pay PTO
As an SE the company pays your taxes, but
you have the flexibility with your schedule as an IC.   I have always been an employee so I'm not up on all this, just what I was told at one time, though that was a couple of years ago and rules/regs may have changed.   Don't know how SE would affect you being able to claim business expenses, if at all. 
The company I work for pays
for radiology by the line .. .08-.09 depending on your assignment .. our radiology MTs do very well.  The radiology work is MRI, DEXA, PET, ULS, and special studies.  Experience in doing more than plain films is essential.  The work is Monday through Friday as these are all outpatient centers.
The company I work for only pays
or anything else. They say we will go more than twice as much and make big, big bucks.  Do you believe that?  I don't.  4 CPL!!! And I bet you can figure out which company on your own.