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Question Alltype ad

Posted By: ????? on 2007-11-09
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Alltype is running an ad that says for pay rate visible black character = 54 characters without spaces  I have never heard of that, what does it mean? How do they count something like that? Is this an okay company??

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AllType, Inc.
Anyone familiar with this company?  Could find nothing in archives.  They have a job ad on job board.  Would like to know anything about them before applying or taking tests.  TIA.
I had posted below, but I had to make another post in answer to this one. I have been with the company for 2 years now and have never had a problem with being to do more than what I signed on for. As far as tech support, everyone has been extremely helpful to me. I just moved cross country and one of our tech guys was nice enough to set up my computer to be compatible with wireless internet. As far as offshoring, I do not think so. Honestly, you sound a little hostile, so maybe that is why things did not work out for you.
Can anyone tell me about AllType?
Thank you ex-alltyper. I was starting to feel like I was the only one who felt this way. I actually ended up finding another place that provides better. Another complaint would be that they have a tendency to need you when they need you and then when work is low and you ask for more all of a sudden they cannot help you.
I have 5 accounts on 1 system and 2 that I learned in vein on the other as every time I have wanted to work on them during a slow period it is always caught up. I would look somewhere else.
What do you folks know about Alltype?  Thanks in advance.
AllType has an ad now for ops...NM
hi all!  what is the deal with alltype.  I have considered possible employment with them.  Do they still have different systems to learn?  thanks in advance
I just talked with them last week - what's the deal. They offered me a cent less per line than I make now - but I am looking for more work. Please let us know details.
Can anyone tell me about their insurance benefits, cost, etc.?
I worked for them 2 years ago Said I would be getting great accounts Make $$$ Sometimes I would but mostly especially on weekend I would get one ESL dictator who was constantly behind in his dictation. I am not a newbie, have over 12 years experience but he was just horrible. When I complained they said I would get better accounts as time wore on but I couldn't take it after 4 months and moved on.

Any info on Allltype regarding tech help, flexibility, TA+ platform, good line counts, organized, PTO, etc...good, bad and ugly

Thank you

Anyone have any experience with this company out of New Jersey?
What's up with AllType?
Is there anyone else who was pretty much forced out by the new policies at AllType? The hourly people are being put on production at 3.5 cpl unless you can make 2500-3000 lines per day editing, listening to offshore op notes and all that (about 95% offshore work). Everything just changed overnight. It went from bonuses and talk of growth and stability to now I hear the HR department was downsized and the experienced people who made a decent wage are hitting the door. Does anybody know what REALLY happened with this company? I was a lead QA person and I had to train new employees, do reviews and all that, and then was notified that in addition to this I would have to maintain the ridiculously high line count. I just don't get it.

I obviously can't know who is doing the posting of e-mails regarding ALLTYPE's pilot quality assurance program, but those of you who want accurate answers, I invite you to write to me (gkelly@alltype) or call me directly 800-560-8973. 

I will attempt one last time here to set the record straight.  Let me first acknowledge that I understand the anxiety that comes with moving from hourly pay to production pay.  I remember when this happened in transcription in the 90s.  But, let's remember too, that hard-working, high-producing MTs who tolerated no interruptions in their work day actually saw an increase in pay, and other MTs paid a heavy price in loss of income. 

Moving quality assurance to production pay is keeping in line with the industry moving to speech recognition.  As I have stated in a previous posting, editors are full-time benefit eligible at 2000 lines reviewed per day (3 hrs 20 min of dictation reviewed). QA tiered incentives start at 2001 lines and go to 4 cents per line at 2500 lines reviewed per day. FTE editors get 80% paid health insurance, accrued PTO, holiday pay, overtime pay, monthly TAT bonus, and quarterly QA bonus.  This program pays a nice hourly wage.  For instance, at 3000 lines per day, 30000 lines in two weeks, editors make $13.59/hr.  At 3500 lines per day, 35,000 lines in two weeks, editors make $16.00/hr.  And remember ALL lines in every report are payable.  Three thousand (3000) lines per day is 5 hours of dictation reviewed in 8 hours, 3500 lines per day is less than 6 hours of dictation reviewed in 8 hours. And it is not necessary to do 100% voice-to-text relisten on all files. 

We have worked hard to take care of our editing staff, reward our star performers, and keep our model in line with the industry.  Thank you for the opportunity to provide this information.

Gerry Kelly, CMT

What's new at AllType?
I'm looking to possibly apply for an Editor position at AllType and would like current information if possible.  I have read the archives and would like to know if their editor production pay is actually worth it.  Thanks in advance.
Does anyone have any info...good or bad....on this company? I have been offered a position there.
run dont walk away from this company
Can you give me anything specific? Any personal experiences or rationale for such dramatic advice? Any help would be greatly appreciated. You can email me if you want. Thanks!
pay is always on time but the 24 hour Tech support you are supoposed to have is never available. you are the one that is blamed when you cant work your shift.
I don't know if it is the same Alltype, but I was offered a job with them. Did all the paper work ect. She told me I needed a C-phone. I told her I did not have one. She said she would send me one. I got a USB pedal (which I had already) and headset! Tech support was supposed to tell me how to get files via the Internet -- never happened. Still waiting for a response. This has been well over 2 years now. She had called on the phone and said work should start in a week -- never did get set-up and by this time I had returned her pedal/headset saying I was no longer interested. I asked about billing/blanks the answer? Both??? Both??? What is that supposed to mean? It was clear to me this person/owner did not have a clue about medical transcription. I never used a C-phone but I know it is not a USB pedal and headset. Good luck to you.
None of this sounds too good and this company is not my only option. Thanks for the comments. If anyone else has something to contribute...please do!

Hello Everyone,

I am looking for some feedback on AllType.  Does anyone who has or is still working there recently have any information?  I finished a test with them this weekend, so I am just waiting to see how I did, but before I jump into a boat that might sink would you help me please?     I hope you all have a wonderful day today and I hope to hear from you soon.




Nissa Landry

Amen to that! I worked there a few years ago...and was one of the used and abused.
Anyone know about AllType?
Does anyone know anything about AllType or currently working for them?  They currently have a position for STAT MT's that sounds very good, hourly pay + production, benefits, employee status, etc.  That could possibly turn into some decent dollars.  I would love to hear from someone who knows about this position and how good it is, how the company itself is, etc. When you have been at the same job for 3+ years making the same 9 c/l you started with while your living expenses keep rising, it's hard not to be curious about what's going on elsewhere.  Is it worth the risk of change?  Any knowledge about this particular company would be helpful. 
I have worked for alltype for over 2 years and wouldn't trade them for anything.
Would like current info on AllType.  Pros and cons, please.  Also what platform(s) do they use.  Is there enough work?  Thanks.

Rudest, clickiest company I've seen in years.  Will never recommend them.


I'd love to hear the good, bad and ugly on Alltype. I've been offered there Sun-Thurs 11 p.m. - 7 a.m. Production + Hourly positions, and everything sounds great... almost too great. Have until Monday to take it or leave it. Anyone?


A coworker of mine just started with them. Great pay per line. She works eight hours fri-sun but gets paid for an extra eight. She said they are very nice and she is thrilled.

You did better than I did.  I applied and never even heard back from them at all.  I have 10+ years medical transcription experience.  Guess I didn't have what they were looking for.
I did question the office and they said with this particular account, it takes, a while.  I thought I was set and ready to go because they sent the computer overnight.  Anways, by the time they got everything together, they switched the account I was hired for and my hours.  I also found another job.  I don't think this is typical of alltype but it was my experience. I start my new job on Monday. So all things worked out.....................
I work for Alltype as well . .
I have been with Alltype now 2 years this month and during that time we have made great changes in the way that we work, in my personal opinion, to a very easy, more streamlined system. I have been a full time employee during this time. I have always had the same accounts and if they start to run low, all I have to do is ask to cross train. I am very pleased.
i LOVED alltype.
loved the manger, etc. only thing i hated was Chartscript.
AllType pay scale
The pay scale varies depending on your skill set, experience and account.
I love AllType
I have been working with AllType for the last 3 months and absolutely love it! The staff is awesome and is always trying to make things run more smoothly for everyone. They do offer direct deposit and pay is always on time. I see myself staying with them for a very long time.
AllType info please (sm)

Hi.  I am thinking of applying with AllType but all the info I find is not very current.  Their ad mentions Spantel for a platform.  How is that to get line counts on.  I have 12 years experience and am needing a change, current company is just getting out of control with changes.  Thanks for any information you can give me before I apply.

Thanks for the replys, but does anyone know about Alltype?
The Alltype Honeymoon


usually lasts about 4 weeks, 6 weeks top.  Please check in later!.  



AllType - 3rd Shift - NM
No work @ AllType

Is anyone else frusrated with the major lack of work at AllType?!  I've been with them for a couple of years now and have never experienced a drought like this.  Are other companies experiencing the same?  I think I'm going to have to start looking elsewhere...I can't afford to not have any work whatsoever for an entire week!  Not cool...

Does Alltype have a new recruiter
Alltype question
AFter you received your acceptance letter, how long did it take for you to start actually working?  What was the starting process like?  TIA..
Isn't she the recruiter for Alltype?

I do not recommend AllType!!!
They have an operations manager who has never been an MT, who has the poorest management skills possible. Now, apparently, they have hired a recruiter with a shady reputation. They do not stick to their word and will change the terms of your contract, schedule, and pay at their will! Run for the hills! Email me if you would like some information on a great company!
Spheris or AllType
Just looking for some advice about these 2 companies.  I recently started with both.  Spheris has wonderful support and resources.  Alltype is okay too but I find myself having touble with QA.  I can not look up old reports and don't get much feedback, only from one person.  Just looking for someone with experience with either of these companies and would like some input.  I would like to only work for one company. 
Alltype - New MT requirement) sm

I tested, had recruiter interview, given install date and emailed the paper work which included Appendix G provide and maintain Professional Liability Insurance, required by law.

When I asked about this, was told, part of renters or home owners insurance for PC.  But when I called around, insurance companies -- said no, &  puzzled by this requirement.  I asked well how would the company benefit, they said, I don't know.  In the event of loss, they pay to me, not the employing company. 

Anybody run into to this job requirement before with them or others??

I work for AllType and love it! nm
Alltype is no good -- they overhire
Spheris & AllType radiology MTs.....sm
Can you tell us what/how you are paid and what platforms you use?  Likes/dislikes?  Good/bad company?  Any other pertinent info is appreciated.  TIA