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Question for happy Webmedx folks

Posted By: Long-time MT on 2008-09-16
In Reply to:

How long have you worked for WMX?  Have you worked for other nationals/MTSOs?  What do you like best about it?

I am currently testing/interviewing with them and would like your views.


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Wow. Aren't you nasty? You clearly can't tolerate others' opinions. If webmedx folks are li
Happy Camper at Webmedx.
Been here since 2003, never have run out of work, plenty of overtime, great benefits, great pay, great bosses, flexibility abounds. Need I say more???
Webmedx - Not Everyone Is A Happy Camper.... sm

For the last few days I've been reading a lot of posts about Webmedx; some good, some bad. I work there part time now, as full time was turning out not to be worth my time. And now this morning I received an email about "cherrypicking". And there are a lot of cherrypickers at this company. Believe me I have seen it!!!

I read one post where the MT was oh so happy to be with Webmedx for 8 years; then read a reply by another MT questioning her status within the company. I agree 100% that she is more than likely management or close to management. There are not that many MTs at Webmedx that have 8+ years with the company. Webmedx also made some changes within management, as I got that email the other day. It does seem as though they are more interested in the $$$$$$$$$$$$ than the MTs that work for them.

They also do not answer your emails in a timely manner. Every time I have a question, it is days before I get an answer. And, I'd like to know why some MTs say they have a flexible schedule?? Not true at all! Even being part time I had to submit a schedule of days and times I would be working, and if you're not working within those scheduled hours you get asked 'where are you. Why aren't you working?'

I don't like it when recruiters or employees sugar-coat the company they work for.

I'm only staying with Webmedx because I'm in the process of transitioning to another job with another company; one that I had worked for before. I feel a change is what I need now and I'm hoping that Webmedx gets their act together soon, as they are losing MTs and I know this for a fact because I have 3 friends who are leaving/left during the month of May, and I probably won't be there much past June/July.

Happy Webmedx'er sm
Pay always on time, even early at times, my super is great, the benefits are affordable and wonderful, new incentive program will for sure boost my pay! I have been here since 2003 and am staying. I have NEVER run out of work. You can't be a slacker and work here, you have to work when you say and for how long you say. Unfortunately, no M-F schedules, must work a Sat or a Sun. New incentive for Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon at 2 cents more per line. See Job Seeker's board.
Yup, count me happy at Webmedx. Am there...sm
for the long haul.
Is there ONE truly happy WEBMEDX trainee here?

SERIOUSLY!  I want to hear who made it through training with a 98% and who did not. 

I would like to know if your QA person mentored you through MSN instant messenger, and took 3 hours to return any feedback to you?  And did your mentor have a glamour shot up of herself covered in tattoos and then belittle YOU for not meeting their so called WEBMEDX STANDARDS OF EXCELLENCE that they created?

Webmedx MTs ... happy or unhappy ...

I have some very specific questions I would like to ask you - whether you are happy or unhappy with Webmedx.  If you will allow me to email you or if you would email me. 

I don't want to argue on the board about the answers.  I would rather talk to just 2 or 3 people who have a positive experience with them and 2 or 3 people who do not share the same perspective.

Thank you.



I am very happy at Webmedx and love their benefits. SM
We have 4 little girls, so benefits were very important to us. Very good coverage, low copays and deductibles. Good luck :-)
I work at Webmedx and am very happy there. Check them out! nm

I'm happy with Webmedx. They pay probably the best speech recognition
line rate out there.  Work is steady, pay is like clockwork.  Bennies competetive.  No complaints.
Yeah she's happy. She was a recruiter for Spheris, now for Webmedx.
I left them over 4 years ago. Best thing I ever did. Moved to Webmedx. Quite happy. nm
Bad folks
BReitner totally sucks!  Very unprofessional people that have not paid other MTs in the past.  Beware!
IC folks

Okay all of you IC folks quick question.  Do you like the flexibility of IC work?  Do you think being an employee is better or about the same?  Do you think you can make more money being IC as they are smaller companies than the big corporate giants we all know too well.  Just wanted some fast feed back on the life of being an IC.



That's all, Folks!
Only a card and they send the same card every year. Go figure!!!!!
To all you TT folks
Sounds like your management has been reading the MQ posts and they have decided why not? If MQ can get away with it....
MDI folks
I am so jealous of all you MDI employees. You are so fortunate to be working for what is obviously one of the few good apples left in the bunch. It sounds like they truly care about their employees and I'm sure it will pay off for them in the long run. Sounds like some smart management! Wish some of these other companies would get wise to that kind of thinking. Taking care of the backbone of the company, the MTs is only going to be more profitable in the long run, but too many of them are short-sighted these days. I'm betting it wouldn't do much good to apply to MDI right now!
mdi folks

I see at least 6 different MDI posters here; anyone want to share FB pages?  It would be kind of nice to have a 'network' to ask direct questions to...

she is just trying to tell folks of her sm
experience so that any potential MTs wanting to work for them can keep their eyes open! I adn a lot of other MTs are glad folks post their experiences. That is what this board is for.

I agree working for MQ has nothing to do with it. Many of us made our living at MQ for many years before they got really bad.

Landmark has always had a good reputation, but they could be beginning to start getting bad too. Don't flame somebody just trying to post their experiences.
These folks are probably from another sm
country. I have heard folks from alot of the European countries talk like this. When you see ads like that it is a good indication that the person is not from America originally.
Uh huh, and there it is, folks....
Found what I was looking for:

The Company’s income before income taxes has improved in 2006, 2007 and 2008 due in large part to improved customer retention combined with new sales, increased use of speech recognition technology and INCREASED USE OF OFFSHORE TRANSCRIPTION PARTNERS.

I'm with that other poster. Transcend will either merge with or be purchased by CBay within the next 18-24 months.

I'm outta here.

MDI - Kiss my backside.

Rant: Why do you folks keep doing this
Ugggh. WHY say something like blah blah blah heartache, I'd say no to them. What is wrong with you people. Please say what you mean or say nothing at all.

For heaven's sake!
For my sake!
For everybody's sake!
I see some QA/MT folks do become recruiters from

thread below.  Does anyone know how to break into this?  I believe I would be very good at this and I don't believe I have ever seen any ads for recruiters.

If I have never seen any ads, how do some of the recruiters who have been/are MTs/QA manage to find the positions that they do in order to allow them to change companies when some of us have never seen an ad to allow us to even enter that end of the field?

I would love to know because I think it would be very interesting.

Would you recommend just to start emailing all companies or calling them, or do you think it would be a waste of time?





So what happened to all the new KS folks?
There were a bunch of posts in the last couple of weeks about it being a great company, new accounts, etc... Where are yall now that started with them?
Different strokes for different folks.
Of course I realize that no two people are alike, and no two experiences are the same, but I love it at Fast Chart. The platform is really, really easy to use, they don't bother you EVER once you're off QA, and lines are easy to get. I've worked for some crappy companies in the past, and I love Fast Chart! Email me for details if you need to know more.
DSG folks - is your platform up and
running?  I saw earlier today on the MQ board where DSG's DQS system was also down.  Ours still isn't working right and just wanted to see if it's just us or are you guys still down, too?
Off Shore Folks
Last quote we got from an Indian company --- they were up to 7cpl for 24 hour TAT and 8cpl for 24 hour TAT. I suspect what with the continued decline of the value of the dollar, along with the concomitant raise in standard of living in India, this is an issue/problem which may be resolving itself.

Yes, some of the damage already done, but markets have a way of correcting themselves.

-- HD
DIfferent strokes for different folks
I agree with you completely. I am happy as can be at TT. I also took 8.5 cpl after making 0.975 for years. That was the only thing about TT that made me hesitate, but glad I jumped the big Q ship anyway. My income is what it was before all the cesspool and ASR mess there. I am not miserable anymore. Now to some people money is the bottom line. They don't need to feel appreciated. I had a major family crisis after being with TT for only a month. They could not have been nicer about it. I could go on and on, but I won't. I could have written your post. Been an MT for 20+ years, have never worked for nicer people. It works for me, but maybe not for others. I just hope everybody finds what they need in a company. Have a blessed day everyone!
Yes currently. Great folks. nm
TTer - and other TT folks......
I am curious:

1. What is TT?
2. Are they hiring?
3. Do they pay decent cpl rates?
4. Are they flexible as far as work hours?
5. Do they use a platform and if so what platform(s) do they use?

TIA - feel free to email me.

To the "get a job" folks
Many of the jobs are for acute care MTs, I would say the majority are. Perhaps the OP is not an acute care MT. If you are not acute care your options seem to be limited.
Honest Folks
Hmm, don't forget to vent on all your police officers, firefighters, paramedics, nurses, airline pilots and other union members about how lazy and dishonest they all are.
Truly trying to help you upset folks
If you want to leave Transtech because of the VR issue you should be able to EASILY get hired ASAP by OSi in Douglasville, Georgia, or Focus but I think Focus does mainly VR.  OSI always has a huge backlog and they don't do just VR.  They also provide computers for full time.  The links are www.ositranscription.com and www.focusinfomatics.com.  These companies are always hiring. 
that is your choice. Some folks sm
might not mind doing this. She was just asking if it was legal not asking for all the flack.
Nice enough folks (sm)
The only downfall I can think of is that they don't pay for spaces, unless they have changed in the past year. They have direct deposit.
keep up with the baloney. Folks sm
are not going to believe you no matter how much you protest. Just because a company says you make 98-99% doesn't mean they are checking.

Some of these companies aer as bad as the indian MTs they hire. They just let stuff go through and don't check at all. There is no way your quality can be taht good. Been in this business too many years and have seen the braggers like you and when they are actually put to the test you find out their work is not as good as they claim.

I would love to QA you stuff myself.
Any other ETransplus folks out there who
are on the account that uses Meditech Magic? The only thing magic about is how to maintain a decent wage using this program.
Diiferent strokes, folks...! sm
I'm at DRC and couldn't be happier (after nine years with MQ.) The minimum Keystrokes per day work out to just less than 1000 lines per day--not difficult at all.

As for the little notes that pop up on your screen, I love them! My last little note from QA said Good job with Dr. XYZ! Heck, I'll let them interrupt my day for five seconds to give me a little pat on the back--(and it was a lot better feedback than what I'd been getting from MQ before I left!)

The DRC platform is MT-friendly--more productive than DEP--and I've never had such a great support system as with my transcription manager and QA. I LIKE daily communication and a clue about work flow and what I'm doing right and wrong.

Sorry that you had a bad experience with DRC. My experience has been just the opposite...and they don't offshore!

Thanks so much. They sound like great folks! nm

I know of folks who have taken a company to court and won
but still has not gotten paid to my knowlege.  If it is DT then hang in there....always have to hope for the best.
only former CyMed folks affected
So far, they've told us it's only people who were with Cymed prior to the SPi buyout; no SPi folks affected...
Okay, new folks at TransTech and Diskriter. How
Any Focus folks having problems? sm
I have since  yesterday - this link explains it all.....
For the Transtech folks who run out of work

There is plenty of work at Transtech.  You may have to get out of your comfort zone but we have bonuses now for at least one account.  We have plenty of work.  If you're looking for a good company don't delay applying and if you do work here and run out of work check with your supervisor.  No I'm not a recruiter but I am happy with TT.

So Glad To See The Nice Folks
How refreshing to read a string of replies to this post that are kind, caring, and concerned.   THIS is what I was looking for when I came to this board!!! Thanks!!  
the companies that are making folks sm
sit and wait for work will one day be out of business wait and see. As far as IC status, there are still true IC companies out there you just have to look for them. For that matter, there are employee companies that are very flexible as long as you get your work done.

Far as the doctors attitude, if they are farming their work out to an MTSO, the doctor has nothing to do with the hours you work, it is the MTSO that is the problem.

sounds like you need a change of company and there are a few great companies out there. Problem is I doubt you are going to make the cpl that you want (whatever that is). Nobody is making it anymore. Then again no job is making the money they should anymore right?

So we will leave it at that ok?
new career for some of you younger folks

I have been helping my son investigate career options and discovered that dental hygienists make 62K a year after completing a mere two-year program. 

I guess one must ask oneself if they are squeamish about cleaning out other people's mouths, but I think I could get over it pronto (if I was younger) knowing how this profession has gone down the spit sink.

New career for some of you younger folks
A good field to get into is physical therapy, OT or speech therapy or physical therapy assistant. They make good money in my area. I note ads for them all of the time especially in sports medicine.
I guess some folks have to be nasty sm
but in my own defense it has nothing to do with my quality of work. I had heard about all these companies that treat folks really bad and didn't believe it. I found out the hard way. Very difficult since my last long term company I was at for 23 years!

FYI, Keystrokes offered me two more accounts neitherof which I wanted because the money was so bad and the accounts horrible. One was the awful account another poster talked about and believe me I wouldn't even start the account.

You don't have a clue what you are talking about.
Folks - I'm sorry I ever answered this stupid thread.
I don't care what you "think" MQ pays...I know what I'm getting paid.

I'm getting 9.5 cpl. If I type 6001 to 7999 lines I get an extra 0.5 cpl; if I type 8000 to 11,999 lines I get an extra 1 cpl; if I type 12,000 to 15,999 lines I get an extra 1.5 cpl; and if I type 16,000 or more I get an extra 2 cpl.

I don't get any benefits. I'm a statutory employee.

I DO have to type 1600 of my lines total on the weekends to get that. Still, I thought it was good. I'm not complaining.

I'm sorry you're all complaining on this board.

I just answered someone's post. I don't care what you make. Ask for a raise. Or don't.

Maybe they haven't treated you well. Maybe they're going to do something better for you. I don't know.

I think most companies keep what they pay people secretive, especially if they are given leeway if there is experience or not.

Good night. This is silly.

Initials only or state they are in is fine. That way, folks
can still be aware