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RI Unlimited

Posted By: wileo on 2007-10-01
In Reply to: RI Transcription Solutions, Inc...sm - moms2busy

RI Unlimited is in Minnesota. I have done IC clinic work for them for 10 months and have always been paid on time (twice a month). They do pay for spaces and anything you type. It is a good company from my experience. 

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Does anyone know anything about RI Unlimited?
There isn't much in the archives that I've found.

RI Unlimited
Is this the RI Unlimited out of Minneapolis, or where?  I know one girl who works for the Minneapolis one on a very part-time basis and was very happy.  She recommended it to me, but I do not want to work strictly IC.  I am looking more for something that will develop into a good fulltime position with benefits.
RI Unlimited
Any info on this company, the good, bad or ugly? Tried to do a search but didn't find anything. Thanks
RI Unlimited
Good to know. I just passed their first round of testing. They sent me the link for the written test tonight, which I just took. Can you be more specific about them?
RI Unlimited
Can anyone give me some info on RI Unlimited? What is the starting rate for pay? Do they have 24-hour turnaround time? What kind of foot pedal do you they require? Do they still dock pay for errors?
RI Unlimited
I am very happy with RIU after working there for six months. Pay is average and there is incentive pay. They pay twice a month and it has either been on time or early.  I use the VPR gameplayer pedal from the Career Step course. I believe most accounts have 24-hour TAT. They do dock for errors at your editor's discretion. I have never been docked, and I surely have made errors. Basically they leave you alone and let you work. I think it is a great company, and this is the seventh company I have worked for.
E-TC or RI Unlimited

Does anyone care to share any opinions on either of these companies? 

Thanks in Advance!!



Unlimited LD for $24.95

You can get unlimited LD for $24.95 with no additional charges, no limit to US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, free if you refer 3.  If you want information, email me.   

RI Unlimited
RI Unlimited hires newbies!
Anyone have anything good to say about RI Unlimited?
Any feedback would be appreciated.
I use SBC unlimited LD for business. sm

Base rate is $49.95, plus taxes and what-not.  I explained to them when I signed up that I was using it to access dictation files from a hospital, and after talking with a manager, they told me it was okay, that my account would probably still be flagged for high usage, but they would note it on the account ... whew! 

I have also used The Neighborhood in the past by MCI (www.theneighborhood.com) and they assured me that unlimited meant unlimited ... no matter what you use it for.


Good luck!

I'm using SW Bell $24.95/mo unlimited LD
in addition to the basic service.
Medtrans Unlimited.
I REALLY need the scoop on RI Unlimited, please!
There was a little blip about RI further down the page, but it didn't say much. I did a search. Some people like them; a lot of people hate them. Folks, I could really use some specifics here so that I know what I'm getting myself into. Do they run out of work? How's the communication? I've heard they dock pay for mistakes. What kind of mistakes? I mean, there are punctuation problems and then whole medical words that can be misspelled or left out--and there's a huge difference between the two. How do they pay? Do they give raises often enough (or at all)? These are the kinds of things I need to know (and anything else you can add will be helpful). Thank you--I appreciate it very much!
RI Unlimited Good or Bad
I was just wondering if anyone out there works for them and what kind of company they are.  Thanks in advance.
Transcriptoin Unlimited
I still work at a hospital and am also looking for a part-time job to work out of my home. I came to this website and boy, I am sad to see that there are so unhappy transcriptionists. I think it is only a matter of time before my job is eliminated at my hospital and our work is outsourced as are so many hospitals anymore. Anyway, has anyone heard of Transcription Unlimited and would they be willing to give me a heads up? Yeah or nay? Thanks so much!
medtrans unlimited
Any information on this company?  I am curious.  I did not see anything in the archives.  Are they good people?
Words Unlimited in N. J.
Anybody ever hear of or work for this company in E. Brunswick, NJ?  Raymonde Pozzolano is the owner.  Need info ASAP.  Thanks!
Words Unlimited.....
I am looking into a few different places to place resumes and I came across Words Unlimited.  There is no info in this board that I can find out about them.  Does anyone on here work for them or has worked for them.  Any info you can give me would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks
Medtrans Unlimited

I also currently work for this company and verify that they just informed us (3/18/08) that they were cutting our compensation by 10%.  They have bounced paychecks, convieniently not mailed out checks, lost checks.  I am not planning on staying on and do not recommend working for this company. 

MedTrans Unlimited
yeah, it is too good to be true! I am sure we have all heard of someone being stuck in a job for years without any pay increase, but a 10% decrease? Unheard of. Better think twice!
MedTrans Unlimited
Any new info on MedTrans Unlimited from Auston, Texas? How is the platform, pay, etc. was offered a position. How are they to work for? Would appreciate any info. TIA
With Dianna, you will need unlimited
does that require unlimited LD?
Anybody know anything about MedTrans Unlimited out of Texas?
What cpl rate do they offer?  Any info greatly appreciated.
Unlimited long distance - sm

I use Verizon Freedom Unlimited LD service.  I use approximately 8 hours, 5 days a week to transcribe.  I'm wondering if anyone who has had this service for quite awhile has had any problems with them, meaning Verizon not wanting to cover your usage or sending a large, unexpected bill? 

Unlimited Long Distance

As many of you have experienced, my ULD carrier has said no more calling to my work numbers.  Personal use only.  Seems everyone has set a limit of 5000 minutes or no medical transcribing...some type of limitation so I could not quality to use them.  Or as Qwest has done, stopped offering ULD. I know some of you have had problems and I am wondering what companies you have found or what solutions.  I need advise ASAP.  I really would appreciate anyone with a solution.  I have heard of Vonage, but never used that type of calling?  Can anyone tell me if that would work.  Thank you for any help you can give me. 

RIU Unlimited out of MN? Anyone here of them? Thanks for any info, bad or good
Anybody know anything about MedTrans Unlimited out of Texas?
Unlimited long distance

I have been researching NUMEROUS companies to look into. I see pros and cons for all of them.  But, my question right now:  Why do so many companies require unlimited long distance?  I have heard if you are found out that that is what you are using the long distance for you could get in big trouble.  MQ has 1800 numbers I am afraid to try any of those companies that request/require you to pay for the long distance. 

Any comments? 

Bellsouth Unlimited LD and whatnot

For the fellow southerners on this board, a word of warning if you use bellsouth unlimited long distance - there is a 5,000 minute per month limit if you are on a residential line, after that they were going to charge me 5 cents a minute for each additional minute.  I called before this happened thank goodness and switched to a small business internet/phone line with no usage limit. 

I am a new Keystrokes employee, wonderful place to work!!

Question About Bellsouth Unlimited LD
Just curious - what is the monthly cost for this service?  Thanks.
Does anyone work for Medtrans Unlimited? nm
Those of you w/ Keystrokes, what LD do you have? I think my unlimited LD actually might have a limit
MedTrans Unlimited...anyone with any info?

Has anyone ever heard of or worked for this company?  If so what are they like; pay, line counts, accounts, anything else of imporance.  I would appreciate any information as they sent me a test to take and I was just wondering if it was worth my time.

Thanks so much.

unlimited long distance

first foray into this field.  How to find cheap, reliable, unlimited long distance plan? Any suggestions? Thanks a lot.


Ooops, mean Transcription Unlimited
do you have to have unlimited long distance with them?

Thank you.  I have sent my resume to them twice in the past without a reply back.  I have 10 years experience too.

California Transcriscription Unlimited (CTU) ??

Pay, People, Platform, Experiences  -  Anybody?


Bad thing is having to pay for unlimited long
distance at $30 a month plus and extra phone line at $20 a month plus $30 a month for C-phone rental. Extra $80 a month (plus required internet fee) all adds up.
United Transcription/RI Unlimited.
Keep away from United Transcription.  They literally change your reports at QA and blame you for it.  Also, RI Unlimited.  They give you 3 tests, avoid all phone calls and then tell you they don't need any help.  Also this minutes thing.  We should turn them all in for not paying taxes.  Bring back the Independent in IC.  No sure I am staying in this field much longer.  They want it all and don't even allow for error.  Minimum wage is going up.  You are better off working in WalMart. 
Any experience with RI Unlimited or Princeton?
Any info would be appreciated.  Thanks.
Is RI Unlimited still in business? Anyone work for them?
Good?  Bad?
Company called Transcription Unlimited (sm)

There used to be a company by that name in Independence, Missouri that was ran by Linda Hill.  Now I see it is a company that students of a community college in Kansas City do their internships at. 

When I search for information on Transcription Unlimited it comes up with a company from out of state. 

Any info appreciated.

MDI pays unlimited long distance
Please call me or Rochelle. Of course we pay ULD. I cannot believe you work for MDI and do not know this.

Verizon Freedom Plan - unlimited LD. nm
Info on Greenlight Transcription and RI Unlimited sm
Just wondering if anyone works for Greenlight Transcription?  How do you like your job?  Able to meet line counts?  Able to use the Emdat software without much trouble?  Pay on time?  Also anyone work for RI Unlimited?  Just curious if they type in Word.  Also anyone working there . . . happy?  Pay on time?  Enough work?  I have done a search and found some answers for RIU but not  much on Greenlight.  Thanks! 
It says on their web site you need unlimited long distance. nm
I use Qwest for unlimited long distance - sm
I called and specifically told them I needed unlimited long distance to use for transcription. I was told all I needed was residential unlimited long distance. I asked about the 5,000 minutes per month limit. I was told that does not apply to transcription. I was told the limit is for people operating call-centers from their homes. I was also told every time you disconnect, the count starts over for the 5,000 minutes per month. I called four different times and explained my situation to four different people and was told the same thing each time. Good luck!
I am a Verizon customer. I have unlimited LD about $40 a month. nm
Any info on MedTrans Unlimited in Austin, TX?