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Posted By: Margaret Anderson on 2006-08-18
In Reply to:

The company I work for has just switched over the RadNet for radiology TX.  I can't get a straight answer out of the software company (Cerner), so am hoping someone out there can give me an answer.  #1 - there is no shortcut program!  I can't get Cerner to tell me which, if any, shortcut programs might work with it; the several I have tried only seem to work with word processing programs.  #2 - they tell me that for some reason it's okay to cut and paste from Notepad (where I can use a shortcut program), but not from Word, that it may not count my characters appropriately.  Anybody know about any of this?  Ideally, I'd like to be able to use shortcuts AND count my lines from within the application, or at least from within one application that I can cut and paste from!  I'm really discouraged by this software ... it is slowing me down tremendously.

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Radnet - Is there an expander compatible with Radnet?

Just got a job.  I have Instant Text which RadNet is not compatible with.  MS Word is not able to be used either. 

I am told that we are not allowed to C&P into the document. 

Typing every word out seems to me to be out of the question if I am paid on production (8 cpl w/spaces and no benefits) as I have quota to meet and this is radiology (redundant sentences used often). 

Wish I would have been told this initially...


RadNet does not come up on my
section to link it. Everything else is listed there but Radnet?
RadNet looks complicated, but it really is a pretty simple program and you will catch on by the end of your first day of training.  I found it to be better than most programs I have learned.  Don't worry, not as complicated as you think.  Good Luck.
Radnet. nm
re: Radnet
I average 20-25 reports an hour on Radnet. It is fast, so there is no hang time like in Meditech or ChartScript. It is easy to learn and easy to use. I love it!
RE: RadNet
With RadNet, it has a shortcut program associated with it by hitting F9 which will bring up your phrase and insert.
Cerner told me that cutting and pasting from Word could cause 'formatting' issues which may affect productivity statistics. I find that kind of hard to believe, because they said it would be okay to cut and paste from Notepad! I think it's a very user-unfriendly program, but am going to keep searching for a shortcut program, or perhaps just try cutting and pasting from Word for a day and see what happens!
I use RadNet and Instant Text but I had to upgrade to the newer version V.  I copied all the reports for one day to Word and ran count of characters in Word and it matched RadNet's character count.  My only problem with Instant Text and RadNet is the window to type in is smaller with IT located at the bottom of the screen.
Used RadNet for years and ShortHand definitely works
OMG that is what is happening.... Acct gone and she went on vac and didnt bother to tell us...yea you know she knew. We asked yesterday what happened in mtg with client and she said she was too busy getting ready for vac to go to it.....nice very nice. Pretty darn sad had to find out thru this board. Thanks for sharing, better than the company did.
The account that I am on uses Radnet. I know that there are a sm
few that use Meditech (both old and new versions) but most are RadNet or HBO Star.

Radnet at Keystrokes
How do you like it?  Is it easy to use?  How is it for production?
RadNet transcription
My understanding is that Shortcuts will not work with RadNet if you are typing directly on that platform.  At least that is what we are told by Cerner and one of our sister hospitals who have already gone live.  Lucky for us, we will be typing in EXText where we can still use Shortcuts and it will then upload.   Sorry it isn't more positive news.
RadNet & Word
Thanks for letting me know about the trial w/Word and characters. We can't even track our productivity through RadNet or through the service I work for. So I have been cutting and pasting into Word and counting lines that way, which is yet another time-waster!
radnet expander
Does anyone know how to add words/phases to Radnet?  I know how to retrieve using F9, but no one seems to know how to add.  Thanks. 
The account I am on uses Radnet. nm
I worked for Webmedx for about 15 months. They pay by line and the account I worked on used RadNet but we used enterprise for the voice files. It was a lot of switching back and forth between programs though I got pretty fast with the quick keys. Actually, they couldn't count lines in Radnet so it was by minutes, now that I think about it. I had to quit the job because I spent most nights refreshing and waiting for work that never came. I just started a new job, no radiology involved but still I'm liking it much more. There was talk about going to VR with PowerScribe and I didn't look forward to that because I worked with it in the past. I have to say, I don't like editing VR at all. I can see how the docs would want to edit their own but some the VR transcribed so poorly it would be like them typing the whole thing for themselves which I could never seeing the docs doing...lol.
How hard is RadNet to learn/use?
Is the platform MT friendly, I guess is what I'm asking? Do you like it? Is it word-based? What expanders work with it? Any information you can give. TIA!
Have you linked it to RadNet? It should work

Are you kidding? I hated RadNet!
Different strokes for different folks I guess.
Radnet issues intolerable

I am on RadNet and things have been horrible for the last 2 weeks.  I've been bouncing back and forth between our help desk and their help desk like a ping pong ball.  Unpaid, of course.  I was unpaid Monday and Tuesday, yet my supervisor requested I stay chained to the computer and keep checking it over and over to see if it worked yet.  When it finally did, my Comcast went down!

Last night, with the system finally working, the client's help desk called to see how it was doing, then proceed to tell me they have no clue how it got fixed, it seems to have miraculously fixed itself, so if there are more problems in the future they won't know how to fix them.

I was able to work last night, but then there was no work to type!  Three days left in the work week...today and tomorrow are my scheduled days off, I am 12 hours in the hole so I'll try to make it up IF there's any work.  I haven't had an actualy day off where I didn't have to fire up my computer and deal with technical issues since September 7th!

I am really hoping this is just a bad spell, because if it continues like this I'm not going to be able to stand it.

Can Radnet work without Word on
your computer?
I've used InstantText with RadNet
I used it several years ago.  I remember at first it did not work, but then I fiddled with it and got it to work - though I don't remember how.   You might have to manually link it to the window you are in - if I remember correctly.
I'm speaking of Enterprise and radnet

Don't know what the situation is on Chartmatrix side.  They are still scrambling to place many of us at this very moment.  We spent all last week crying and praying that this was a bad dream.  Our largest account went VR and we were supposed to edit it, and upgraded our software and hardware in order to do it.  But the joke was on us because the day it went live it appears the docs decided to edit their own work and just not send us any more.  Very nasty surprise, and not blaming Webmedx mgt for this (they surely would not have pulled the elaborate ruse of upgrading hardware and software at their own expense), it must be the client's fault.

Still, they are now desperately scrambling to find work for the 25+ MTs on this team that are now suddenly with nothing to type.  NOT the time to be bringing in more newbies, IMO!

I start training on Radnet tomorrow
and after looking at the instructions I am a little concerned about the platform. Is it as hard as it looks? Any info in regards to the learning curve would be greatly appreciated.
Radnet or Meditech Client or Novius. None of the others that I have
worked on are very productive. I work for Keystrokes on a Meditech account. I had heard that Meditech was horrible, but I am hitting 25 reports an hour!
No ICs. Employees only. They use several platforms. I am on a Radnet account sm
one of my back-up accounts is Meditech Client and one is HBO.
I love Radnet. Can you share who you are going to work for on this? s m
or where the hospital is? I miss transcribing radiology in RadNet and am desperate to get back to it!
I sure didn't get that from mine - do you work on Radnet by chance? sm
That's a hospital-based platform and anyone who works on that is more inclined to have issues. Whatever your platform problems, they are not company-wide, that's for sure.
There are multiple platforms for rad including Radnet, Meditech, HBO Star, MiSys. Sm
I am on a MiSys account. I have a few friends on RadNet and ExText accounts. All radiology. I think it is the same for Medical Records too.

Open RadNet first and then open IT. Then the up Arrow and highlight to link, then OK.
A special is defined as a special in Radnet - i.e. anything sm
from a PICC line placement to c-arm to interventional.