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Recent posts about them are VERY negative. Might want

Posted By: to quit now and count your blessings! nm on 2007-12-10
In Reply to: ATSI clearwater - Tom brady's wife


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recent posts below are all negative.
many recent negative posts on Company Board
many recent negative posts of Amphion on Company Board
Posts from April said everyone gets 8.5 cpl/newbie or experienced. Recent posts said
And your post of being tired of complaining and negative posts isn't a complaint in itself?
negative posts
It's always good to know what you're getting into before it's too late. There are companies out there that are not even mentioned on this board and those are the ones to work for!
Negative posts are allowed. (SM)
As long as there is no language or vicious name-calling, etc., positive or negative posts are allowed.

If you are just coming here to cause trouble, however, you probably should post elsewhere.

If you have issues about posting policy, contact the Administrator (admin@mtstars.com).

All the negative posts were removed.

I would have to assume it is because Davis supports mtstars although Davis has never advertised for employment here.  They use the 'other' MT job site.

Pay has never been on a timely schedule and comes late no matter what is said differently.  There have been many instances of bounced checks.  Because of that and problems being able to have work every day, I left there.  The pay scale was just re-vamped so I don't know what kind of money can be made.  That'll have to be answered by someone else.  Maybe with the new payscale payment will be able to be made on a regular, timely schedule. 

Things are always changing so who knows?  Maybe it would be a good fit. Good luck.


There have been some negative posts about them in the past. nm
They want 1600 lpd and have had some negative posts here before. nm
Mostly negative posts on a search. nm
Many negative posts about them if you search. nm
Don't know, but the posts from 2005 about them are quite negative. nm
Older posts were negative. Not sure why. nm
Response to negative posts

First of all, for all the MTs who have recently been hired and who are no longer with Premier, I apologize for your unhappiness.  I value this industry and the many MTs who have been hired by me for 15 years past.  I also value my clients -- so much that I take the extra step to make sure that the MT is a good fit.  I am embarrased that I fell victim to a scenario that I felt was a benefit to the MTs who have been out in the field looking for a good MT job.  As there are always two sides to every store, here is my side:

Premier Office Technologies, Inc. has been continually growing since its inception in 1991.  The past two years have been super aggressive with referals (thank you all who have participated in making this happen!).  As a result, we signed six new client contracts 29 days into the year 2008 which resulted in my having to hire a minimum of 20 new MTs.  Back in February I posted a job and hired two individuals from that ad.  They are still with me today.  I received an email from a smaller MTSO who offerred to me her staff of MTs and told me to hault my own recruiting, as she would take full responsibility of hiring, training, QA'g, paying, etc. of these MTs.  I trusted her and did that.  She came to me two weeks later and said she was not able to commit to the amount of work that is required to do this.  She, therefore, relinquished these girls to me directly.  I attempted to hire all of them since they were offerred a position with this MTSO and have invested their time with this process.  Unbeknownst to me, I soon learned that none of these MTs ever worked for that company, but were hired for the purposes of working on my  accounts.  They also were not even tested.  I trusted their resume and my own conversations with them.  I was literally given a handful of 13 MTs at one time.  This is something I would have never done on my own.  I do feel that this is where the MTs feel that I was disorganized.  I was merely making an attempt to make sure everyone had a position with a lot of work available to them. This is the number one reason that the MTs are seeking employment in the first place, i.e., that their prior employer did not have enough work to keep them busy.  With all of the best resources that Premier has available, it was very difficult to get each of the 13 MTs installed, trained and up and running on each of thier scheduled requests.  However, those who have made it are happily working and accomplished their goal.  Those who have not, I am sorry that you have found your experience with Premier a not-so-pleasant one.   I have learned a valuable lesson from this scenario and will never agree to this type of hiring practice again.  I am told that this person is recruiting again, so all MTSOs should be aware that this happens. For all of you MTs looking for work, I hope you find what you are looking for.  I am confident that any new MT who is looking for a good MTSO to work as a team player and who understands the ebs and flos of this industry can make a happy marriage with Premier.  For years, Premier has had a very good reputation and plans to keep that trend flowing well into the future.

The only negative posts lately have been from the same person...
hard to say something negative about a company when you don't work there...
many posts about their VR system; mostly negative.
I skip up the negative posts - I just figure...
they are people unhappy with thereselves and apparently have no work. If they did, they would'nt be here wasting the space. Thanks for your input. I am sure we will find a good place for her. And I am sure somebody will not be able to help thereselves but to respond negatively to this. I just figure if you are unhappy, go somewhere where are you happy.
The negative posts didn't scare me...
None of them compare to what I've gone through with other companies.  The good far outweighs the bad.
Lots of negative posts if you do a search. nm
Negative posts about Webmedx down a few on this page. nm
Notes on old posts are very negative & mention pay of 8.5 and 9 cpl, but don't know if for all
Acetera used to be Focus and there are many negative posts here
I can only find negative posts about them from last year. nm
Because one person can have multiple negative posts
They've been around for years and the posts are always negative.
The people who are posting most negative posts
have not worked at Focus in a long time. I work there now and think they are great. I have had no problems. Pay is always on time, nobody bothers me, and I always have plenty of work....only work on 1 account.
With all the negative posts in response to a positive post, I am

surprised that anyone posts anything here. 

I do not work for Keystrokes but I like to see what is out there, and the benefits they are offered, if coupled with a decent line rate and steady work load, are better than most I have seen.

Gone are the days of fully-paid pension plans.  Gone are the days of three weeks' vacation.  Employers cannot afford these, and not just in transcription.

If you aren't interested or do not like something, just ignore the post.  You obviously were interested or you would not have read it.

Can't we cut back on the nasty posts on this board?  If it does not concern you, don't criticize. 

If you are not looking for a new position, don't gripe about ones that are being offered.  If you are looking and a company's line rates, benefits or perks don't meet your personal requirements, why cut that company down?  Just move on and good luck finding what you are looking for. 

I agree with the poster about being mad at the entire industry, but I still love my career choice.  It has been a good fit for me and has allowed me to live a nice lifestyle. 

If I wasn't happy, I'd move on to another career. 

Might check the archives as I think there were some negative posts a while back. NM


Do a search of this board for Shapin and see how many negative posts there are. nm
Posts found on a search have only negative comments. nm
Thanks, Alice, I had read all the negative posts. I just wanted to know if
anyone who worked for them had anything positive to say. The screaming b*@ch responding to this post doesn't realize that people do need to work, but some of us want to weigh all responses. I'm not living life looking through rose-colored glasses. I don't live it, either, by focusing on every negative my mind conjure up, like the whacko responder here. Good grief, talk about needing a life!

Thanks, Alice, doesn't seem anything has improved here as far as Focus.
And that is the problem with administration deleting negative posts about a company.
recent posts...
Pay is late. Recruiter takes forever to get back with you, if ever.
there are recent positive posts; look below
they pay on time, direct, I have had the same supervisor and QA for 4 years now, they are helpful and nice, insurance not so great, large deductible, all other benefits are good, they have productive and weekend incentives. They do expect you to meet your quota and keep a close on that. Help desk is there 24 hours.
I have read all of the recent posts that came up
when I searched, was wanting more information as it did not answer all the questions I had, that is why I was asking someone to email if they could give me more specifics. Thanks.
see archives, recent posts not
exactly glowing.
Read all the recent posts about TT and KS but..

if some of those who work at these companies could email me I would appreciate it.  Looking at possibly making a change soon and just wanting to ask some specific questions and chat about your experiences with them.  Thanks!

Check recent posts about J&J.
Check the archives - there were recent posts about them.
USA Only!
Most recent posts show bad as of late. nm
It's EASY to search recent posts (sm)

using Google site search.

Ex:  chase site:mtstars.com revealed all the posts written about this transcriptoin company, most recent first.

Just from recent posts there are still ongoing pay issues.
They have easy escription accounts but I can't tolerate being paid late/wrong. Good luck!
Why no recent posts about Omniscribe? Everyone happy there?
Odd ... I did a search and most recent posts from 2006.
Thanks for responding anyway. Not sure what I'm doing wrong in terms of the search feature.
Check thru the recent posts here that have them running out of work. nm
If you've read the recent posts about them, how could you even think of applying? nm
I left there several years ago, but from reading recent posts, SM
it seems to me that if it's the MTs who have been there for a couple of years or more that are are liking it fine there and sing the praises, and that it is the new hires or recently hired people who don't like it and don't seem to get work or at least get bounced around.  Just an observation from what I've read.  HTH.
Recent posts in the archives too. Open your post and then near
the bottom click on the blue related posts to bring up most recent ones.   They pay 8 cpl, dictators are horrendous, they have very frequent turnover. 
Anyone have any recent info on Sten-Tel out of Massachusetts? Old posts were rather confusing sm
as to whether the company was Indian or not.  There is an ad up on another board for editors.  Are they offshore?  TIA.
Check the archives and more recent posts. Lots of info there.