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Scoping question

Posted By: To Sara who said she was a on 2006-03-14
In Reply to:

scopist, could I ask where you took your course?  I've only found 2 or 3 online and not much recent information about scoping in general.  I tried to email you but it didn't work. 

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Scoping course
anybody has taken the scoping course (proofreading and editing for court reporters) or know anything about it?  Would like to get into another type of work. 
email was not sent but I haven't found one from you.  I was considering Judy Barrett's course but can't decide yet.   
I have been seeing the ad for scoping careers for quite a while now, and am curious as to whether anyone has checked this out or has any experience with this. How is this different from court reporting? Are there companies that hire these people like the MTSO/s? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.
What does scoping pay? And does it get offshored?

Scoping Careers International

Is anyone familiar with a company called Scoping Careers International?  I came across this on mtjobs.com and it says you will edit legal documents?  Wondering if it is legit???

not a great experience with scoping
I signed up for the course... probably the one you see advertised all the time and here's  the deal.  I learned the steno language in a few months, but it turns out you may need very expensive software, several brands and each reporter uses his/her own (Eclipse is one I still get emails about).  Also turns out that in some states you don't even need to know steno, as they use a mask thingy to dictate the proceedings and it is somehow voice  recd.  Also with that particular course no help landing a reporter to work for.  There are some court reporting firms, but for the  most part the reporters and thus the scopists are free lance (no bennies).  Was a total waste of nearly 2k$ for me, but live and learn.  Do research before you spring for it.