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Search the archives, lots of info on them.

Posted By: me on 2005-11-29
In Reply to: Can anyone give some input about Webmedx? - mt


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Indian company. If you'll search the archives lots of info
on them.
Search the archives, lots on them. Most seem to be
happy there. 
Lots and Lots of info about them in the archives. nm
Lots and lots of info in archives and several
posts just down the page.  Open your original post and near the bottom click on the blue see related posts and you'll get the most recent posts. 
Lots of info in the archives. nm
Lots of info in the archives. nm
Lots of info on all in the archives.
SS is a horrible company.  They are constantly hiring and new accounts isn't the reason.  I don't think Keystrokes hires for PT. 
Read the archives, lots of info there.
Lots of info in the archives. Seems to be a mass
exodus going on. 
I like them. Do a search of archives...plenty of info.
search archives for more detailed info (sm)
I've had a great experience with WebMedX - lots of work, great pay, cool people, nothing to complain about at all.

Go to the bottom of this page and search the archives, hit Control-F for Find and type in WebMedX and you'll find a lot more information and opinions.
Any info on AllType? Search archives, but no
I see they have several ads posted, but I've not seen any info pro or con on them. 
Have you done a recent search on MTstars? Please do...lots of info
Depending on your qualifications, you can do better...
Search the board...Lots of info, not too good..nm
Check the archives and more recent posts. Lots of info there.
Horrible place. Check the archives, lots of info there.
Lots of recent info here, and definitely not all good. Search the boards. nm
Softscript has a very poor reputation. Search the archives and you will see negative info going way
Frequent turnover, offshore big time. Read the archives, lots of info on them. nm
Use the Google search box for MTStars.com, not the Search box at top of page. Lots of
Lots and lots of recent stuff in archives.
Lots and lots of posts in the archives.
Look through the archives. Lots about them, all bad. nm
Search archives.
do a search in archives
there have been a lot of questions like this lately. It would be nice if everyone would remember this option first before cluttering up the board with blahblah and same old babble.
Yes. No. Search the archives. nm
You may want to do a search in the archives
I personally had a good experience with them, but do not currently work for them now.  They are employee status and paid what I would call fair in this market.  The platform was a little cumbersome, but not something you couldn't get used to if you worked on it everyday.  I also had where they changed the scheduled days immediately.  If the work is not there then I guess they want you to work when it is, and i found it hard to have a family life with that type of mentality.  I'll put it to you this way, they were not paying enough to have me flip-flop days.  Just some things to consider.  I was doing VR/straight typing.  I found out really quick that I did not like VR.  To each his own though. 
Did you search the archives? sm
I did see one positive posting about the company. Maybe no news is good news! The post I saw did say it was a smaller company, so it might be that's it's too small for many people to have had experience there. Good luck!
Do a search of the archives. nm
Trying to search archives for
Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but can't seem to get the archives to work at all, about MDI-MD or anything else for that matter. What I want to know about MDI-MD is whether they require a certain amount of hours per week or could I do as low as 10-15 hours. I appreciate any info. Thanks!
all you have to do is search the archives.
Search the archives, not sure if this is the same ...
company or not, but not too long ago there were a few who posted here about how they don't pay and were going to court over it.  Again, check the archives to make sure it is the same.
If you do a search of the archives
you should find them as there has been quite a bit of discussion regarding this company in the past.
Search the archives...

Check archives, lots there.
Lots of stuff in the archives. nm
Lots in archives on TRS, nothing good. Don't know
anything about All-type, but I have seen them mentioned so info is in archives too. 
Read the archives. Lots there, most of it not
good.   Someone else asked about them this week so scroll through the board. 
Lots of stuff about them in the archives, none of it
good.  I don't have your answers, but they offshore big time. 
Found lots in archives. Thanks though!
Lots of information in the archives, but I
think the general concensus is Spheris isn't a good company.
You should do a search for comments about JLG in the archives.
I did a search for eTransplus in the archives and it seemed (sm)
they had a problem with running out of work.  If you go just above where this post is, next to where it says post a new message and put eTransPlus in the search box there are several posts about them...some of them are from mid to late 2005 though so it might be different now.  Good Luck!
Search the archives, nothing good. nm
You must do a search and read OSI archives

You can search the archives here. I just checked
and there are pages and pages of recent info, within the last few months.  I know I had a bad experience, no work, along with many others, though that situation was rather snowed over by the company. I didn't have time to wait around, that's for sure.  I know how hard it is to find the right fit.  I'm going thru similar with the line counts - I have an extremely difficult account, and cannot make enough to cover my needs. I'm hanging in there as well, but its so frightening in this economy to try and break away from one thing and get caught in something worse.  I, too, used to type easily 300 lph, and now am at about 100 lph, and that is cranking it as well.  Like you said, something just doesn't add up right. When you've done this long enough, you get a feel for what you should be doing, right? I either look at my lines every hour, and gasp from shock, or I wait for hours, then look, and nearly faint from shock, and not good shock.  Sort of makes me think the unimaginable - going back -- to that place -- but I haven't reached that point yet, but am close. I just don't have the financial backing since leaving MQ to play around much longer.  Sorry to turn this into me, rather than you, but I'm going thru the same thing. It seems some do great at MDI, and others do not. Its like a crap shoot, literally, if you pardon my French.  It seems that way with most of the companies - you luck out and get a good account and good supe, or you get the opposite.  Sort of sounds like MQ, doesn't it???  Scary.
Check archives again, use top search box. (sm)
The top search box brings up boatloads of responses. You have to read through them. When I did it just now, there are pages and pages of negatives, some recent, some old, which implies they are consistently bad. As I have posted more than once in the past, the pay is crappy, the communication is horrible, and the work load unpredictable. Nothing like not being able to make the quota without having to work all night the last few nights of the payperiod (because there's no work available until late evening). They also expect you to work a set schedule, which isn't a true IC, according to the IRS.
Search archives - there was some in the past. SM
I worked there for a very short time several years ago. Then, I had straight typing. They were kind. Platform was similar to Ext. Trustworthy - not. I was cheated lines as in they were taking my spaces and diving in half so I was only getting paid for half of my spaces even though specifics stated double space after a period. Once I figured that out, left with no notice.
I always search archives before posting a ? but...sm
I found nothing - that's the reason for the question! At any rate, I appreciate the posters who did respond honestly and with kindness. Thanks!
You can search the archives for more information.
I had looked up the platform too and I think it's worth a try.  Again, I've been on platforms like Escription which I averaged $30 an hour on and others have said they were starving. So, again, I think it is also up to the person.
That's strange, my search of the archives only
brought up positive replys from 2006.