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Seeking info from PRESENT employees of Superior Global

Posted By: SM on 2008-10-23
In Reply to:

Please do not reply with 'search the archives'. 

I am seeking info from current employees. 

1. Is pay on time?

2. The escription account...is it bad?  Are you able to earn a decent wage on escription there?

3. Any other CURRENT info is appreciated.

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Superior Global new info please
Superior Global Info

Anyone out there working for Superior Global as an editor? Any information would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Superior Global Solutions...any info? sm

I applied with them and was wondering for you current employees there how you like it?  Since they are located in Texas, is there a lot of ESLs?  Do they have plenty of work?  How is their training period?  Any info appreciated.  Thanks!

Global Transcription IS a nice small service, has a good rep. Superior Global has Indian conn-
Global Transcription Services is not Superior Global.

I would appreciate any input you could give me on working for this company. Thanks

InterPro present or past employees care to share your experiences
I'm to take the test tomorrow.  Thanks in advance
Superior Global
You know - I left there 2 weeks ago.  I know from a past experience - this company holds checks.  You are one of the lucky ones who if you get your check on-time if they do not bounce.  Does anyone know if contractors have any rights?  Are they allowed to hold money even if the equipment has been returned? 
Superior Global
I have been very happy with this company. The checks arrive on time and they leave me alone and let me do what I do best.
Superior Global

Just wondering if anyone knows anything good or bad about Superior Global - thanks

Superior Global

This company is a waste.  First of all - they bounce checks to most of their employees.  They say they do not outsource - but they do.  The owners run and hide at payroll time -- constantly have their phones shut off, and the insurance is constantly canceled as they do not pay the premiums.  Not to mention, they still owe the overseas group greater than 20,000. 


Superior Global
I just heard the same story today. They don't pay!

I have never been in a situation where I broke my back typing for 15 days and had to beg for my money. I couldn't think of anything worse, except of course illness.
Superior Global
I completely agree, worked for them. Pay was not on time, typical excuses. I left there in a hurry. There are other jobs where they do pay on time believe me please.
Superior Global
Somebody asked about Superior Global a few weeks ago............the same things were said about not paying on time. This is not just a rumor. This is true...........Please listen or you will be out on the street waiting to get paid by this company............Unless they have changed.
Superior Global
I know that the small company that I was previously employed with lost all of their HCA accounts to Superior Global and most everyone that had worked with me went to work for them. I chose not to, as I was tired of radiology work. From what I hear, these people are happy. They are working on accounts that they have worked on in the past and have plenty of work. I don't know for a fact that they outsource, I just know that my friends are not hurting for work and like the change to Superior from the company we had worked for previously. They also had no compete contracts, but have not been legally pursued by the other company - probably because they lost all their accounts and can't afford to sue anyone now.
re: superior global
I received an email from this company in response to an email that I'd sent a long time ago. I did some research on a few different sites and found lots of negatives in regards to pay.

I emailed them back and stated that I was not seeking a position. I later thought about it and decided that I wanted to get the info directly from the source. I emailed the individual and stated that I had read that there were problems with MTs being paid in a timely matter and asked if this was true. I never received a response.

I don't want to work for any company who cannot pay me on time.
Superior Global
I heard they don't pay either!
pay at Superior Global
Any idea what Superior Global pays for experienced hospital transcriptionists??
Superior Global
Pay is low and sometimes late. Not very well organized and many accounts are on Meditech that doesn't allow you to work in Word, then cut and paste into Meditech.
Superior Global sm

I don't think I'm going to go with this company.  I found out they don't have direct deposit.   I don't like late paychecks and I don't like my check mailed to me.  About 10 years ago, I worked as an IC and had my check mailed to me.  One time it was mailed to another company instead of to me.  It was cashed.  Luckily, the company returned the money to me.  I don't think I want to do that again.


Thanks for the input.

Superior Global
The VPN there is very slow. You cannot make any money. You have to jump through a ton of different windows before you even begin to type. I did work for them one day and quit -- they never paid me for what I did either.
Superior Global
I previously worked for them and they were great people. Pay was always on time (direct deposit)
Superior Global
Anyone have any new info on Superior Global?  I was thinking of applying, but can't find any recent info.  Thanks!
Superior Global
Anyone working for Superior Global, comments? Steady work?  ESLs?
Superior Global seems to have a 1 up from old
Superior Global
Low, low pay. Combination of VR and traditional transcription. I work there but am getting out. They pay at the poverty level. An insult to an experienced transcriptionist. I have no idea about Alltype.
What does Superior Global pay for VR on eS? nm
VR - Superior global
Cannot remember exactly, but it is somewhere in the 3-4 cent range per line for editing and then if you get anything that requires typing, it is 9 cents a line.  I am a little confused myself as to how this actually works.  I have been thinking about doing this myself part-time, but I just hear nothing positive about VR.  You can email kboudreaux@superiorglobal.com and she can tell you for sure about the money.  Good Luck.
About Superior Global
I was hired and worked there for maybe one month.  They really pressured me to get started and once I got hooked up with everything, as I had to buy a different foot pedal, which was not easy to come by -- well then I was ready to start and they had no work to send me.  This kept on happening for one week and then I quit.  I don't know what happened, but all of a sudden they had no work and would not send me anything.  I would never go with this company and highly advise anyone not to waste their time applying.  They are very disorganized and promise you work, but then turn their back on you.   Thumbs down.  
superior global's different....

Superior Global Solutions does not have direct deposit, BUT my pay checks always arrive at least 2-3 days prior to payday.  So, there are some companies out there that do their employees right even without DD.



If you mean Superior Global
I work for them and really like it a lot. I havent found them short of work at all, we are always busy, and they seem to get new accounts every 3-6 months too.

I think the pay is comparable as well - there are those paying more and those paying less.
Superior Global
Thanks for your reply! Can you tell me if health insurance was affordable? I only need to cover myself. Thanks!
Superior Global
I wouldn't waste your time.  You will most likely QA reports that were transcribed by Sri Lankan or Indian transcriptionists.  The owner bought into an overseas transcription company and is slowly sending all of the accounts overseas to be typed only to have to be completely redone by American QAs.  I just lost my job with Superior Global due to them sending the work overseas even after the doctor's office warned them not to.  It used to be a great company to work for and the account I was on was a dream but if I were you (or anyone else) I'd stay away from them!
Superior Global
All I can tell you is to RUN FROM THIS COMPANY AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. No work since last Thursday, supv continually lie to you about accounts. A REAL NIGHTMARE
I don't know anything about Superior Global, but
there is lot posted on this board regarding SoftScript and ImedX is Indian owned and run.
Superior Global
RUN from Superior Global, they never have work, and pay is very low, and accounts are ALL ESL, and management is disorganized, corrupt!
Superior Global
Quite some time ago I interviewed with them. The interviewer's lack of business manners and poor grammar were enough to make me run. If they are that unpleasant during an interview, what would they be like to work with?
Ask Superior Global...
what service she is offering.  Apparently, they believe she is doing something for them or they wouldn't offer her this opportunity.  If you don't like it, don't have anything to do with her company.
That should be DSG or SUPERIOR GLOBAL....Sorry!!!
Thanks for the info on Global Info Systems, though...I'll keep that in mind!!!

Gave wrong/incomplete company name below (not enough caffeine to fully function yet ).

Is anyone currently working, or has formerly worked, for either of these and, if so, any tips/advice on either of them?


Superior Global
A long while ago I had a phone interview with Superior Global and I was amazed at the interviewer on the phone: Poor grammar, no sense of business manners, etc. I thanked her for her time and did not pursue it. Truly, if first impressions count (and they do) their interview people sank their ship with me.
Superior Global

I had to sue them to get my money which was in the thousands of dollars. This happened only a few months back.  They actually tried to negotiate the dollars down, but ended up paying all I asked for.  Run, run, run...

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superior global any good?
Does anybody know anything about Superior Global - someone recommended them to me but I can't even locate their website - Thanks
Response to Superior Global
Be extremely careful with this company.  Checks are always late.  Checks 90% of the time bounce if they are on-time.  They have lost 2 major accounts due to outsourcing issues.  The owner does not like to pay American MTs/editors as it is cheaper for him to outsource.  They have done 3 major lay-offs without warning to any of the MTs.  Two of the managers have no experience.  I finally quit after 3 paychecks bounced, but know of several MTs who have been hurt really bad because of the company.   They all seem to disappear around payday when they know the checks are going to be late - and sure won't return phone calls.  
Superior Global Solutions

Does anyone have information on superior global solutions...are they a good company to work for?

Superior Global Solutions
Thanks for the info.  I will look at them no further.  I am new to this.  I have been working at the same hospital for 15+ years.  During that time I have also done IC work for a few small MTSOs, but never worked for one of the larger companies and never had to look into benefits, which is what I am anticipating doing at this time.  All your help is greatly appreciated.
Superior Global Solutions
Any idea how much Superior Global Solutions pays?  How are they to work for? TIA
Superior Global Solutions
Does anyone have any information about Superior Global Solutions?  Are they a good company to work for?
Superior Global Solutions
Thanks everybody for the info.  I will keep all of it  in mind!!!
Anyone know of Superior Global Solutions.nm
Superior Global Solutions