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Single is about $45 a PP (not exact) SM

Posted By: THer on 2006-04-20
In Reply to: TransHealth: What is the insurance and premiums - like? nm

and family I can't quote since I don't have it, but I hear it's pretty cheap as national family coverage goes.  The insurance is Blue Cross-I have to say it's good insurance.

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This is not an exact

Unfortunately there is no exact way to figure this out.  Gross lines count everything on a line where it is one word or the whole line.  It really depends on the line length and font you will be typing in, and also on the type of reports, whether they have a lot of short lines or long paragraphs.  From reading past posts, I think as a general rule gross lines should come out to be about 30% more than 65-character lines, so 6 cents a gross line would be approximately 9 cents per 65-character line.  I get paid per gross line right now, but there are a lot of long paragraphs, and the hospital even wants numbered lists in paragraph form, so the gross line count is only about 15-20% more than 65-character, so it's not all that great.

So you might do well at 6 cents a line or you may not.  Unfortunately's there no real way to tell until you try the account for a while.

Hope this helps what.


I had the exact same

thought about that.


Exact same for me! (nm)
That's MDI-MD to be exact!-nm
I don't know their exact formula but

I do know that some national companies only check the reports that are sent to QA once they have cleared an MT to transcribe without every report being checked.  Long ago when I worked in a hospital they selected random reports done through the month and did QA on only those reports.  Someone else could help you out better with that, I'm sure.

I think if I had worked with those MTs and they still weren't thinking for themselves, I'd get rid of them and find someone who will.  Have you considered looking for MTs at this board or another MT board?  That would involve using wav files so long distance MTs could access the dictation over the internet, but when I have to expand beyond my local trusted MTs I plan to look on the MT boards.  There are a lot of good MTs out there, and a lot of not so good ones.  You just gotta find the good ones!

Yep, 9 years to be exact..(nm)
I felt the same exact way
and I did not sleep very well either the night after that meeting. Personally, I do not know what the big deal is about being paid by the keystroke. When I was hired on, I was told what I was being paid per keystroke and what it came out to be if it were a 65-character line just like every other place goes by and it has always been right on.

I look at things this way and the new guy said it himself during the meeting. There is a shortage of qualified MTs here in the US and now, according to him, there is starting to be in India. As far as I see it, who knows, there might be something even better somewhere else if things do not feel that they are working out for me. Do I worry? Yes, I do, but more so in a way that it seems like a possible unnecessary hassle for me and I like simple.
They are exact opposites
Great place to work = TransTech.

Horrible place to work = TTS.

I have worked for both and can advise that the only thing in common is that they both use Dictaphone Extext. You will be lucky to get paid on time if at all at TTS. The pay is very, very low anyway - between 6 and 7 cpl for employees. Administration is a joke. You can always tell when unqualified people are hired for jobs beyond their expertise. Actually quite humorous to observe them, but you really can't make a good living there.

TransTech = good pay, good benefits, good working conditions.
That's the exact setup I use...
Not a problem. You log into the VPN first to get connected and then you're done with that until you are through working and disconnect. Then when you log into Word Client, the Transnet opens up at the same time. It is very simple. You save your job and it pops up a new one. I can see the next 3 jobs queued up for me.
I'm too new to know the exact details, but I too

remember all the negative posts and thinking not such nice things about the owner and thinking that is one company I'll never work for.   The owner posted several times back then, admitted they had issues and were working on them.  I don't know what the specific issues were so I can't say, though they do ask for feedback yearly from each MT and if you have an issue at any time they seem to be very receptive to trying to help resolve it.

What I fear now with the influx of resumes and subsequent hires is that there will again be lots of negative talk.  KS is not perfect.  I came from a company that seemed to be as perfect as you can get until they started offshoring and then got greedy and offshored more.  It came back to bite them in the butt and they lost several accounts and finally went under.  I had been with the company for several years so any move was going to take some adjustment.

I think there will probably be lots of MTs who come on board who will also have adjustment issues, whether it be a different platform, more ESLs than they are used to, etc., but I think overall it will be a possible experience based on all the posts I have seen recently about MQ and OSI.

I personally have some issues with KS, nothing major, but then I'm still in adjustment mode, but other than the company above and a small local MTSO I worked for, KS is next in line for the best company I've worked for. 

They have a great reputation for radiology accounts and accounts actively seek them out, so someone must be doing something right along the way. 



Same exact experience here nm
I got the exact same response from them. sm
They tried to call me once, but I was asleep due to the fact that I work night shift. I called back and left a message, but I have not heard anything back.

It is so annoying to be treated this way. It is just a waste of my time.
That is the exact same for me, need one day for family!
I feel the exact same way.
I don't know whether to be thankful they have a good QA system, so that I know us MTs are producing quality work, or whether to cry because I can't think anymore as I am too afraid to make a mistake. It has gotten a lot worse for me the past couple of weeks too, which really sucks. I am happy that they have ways to help you improve, but seriously, I feel like everything I do is being watched, and if I make 1 mistake, I will be in big trouble.

I love working there, but the stress from everything they expect is really taking a toll.

By the way, I was told < 7% to QA.
Actually it's the exact definition of it.
I felt the exact same way
Was depressed for the past 2 days about it and wondering how I'm going to pay my bills now. Trying to find another job also.
Here's the exact wording
It goes without saying it's not M-F nor is it 9-5. The exact wording for the hours is: You must be able to work for an 8 hour shift (either straight through, with a break for lunch, or in a split shift, wherein the splits are well defined)or a 4 hour shift if part time. This is not a position wherein you can work in a casual fashion. Then we describe the work: ...has a heavy population of ESL dictators, so you must be comfortable with transcribing dictators from different dialects. And the wage: Incentive based program starting at $0.08 per 65/char line with spaces.

All while being called an IC. I wish them a lot of luck filling those positions. If someone wants to type all ESLs with a non-flexible schedule, they might as well go the full employee route and at least get your social security paid and be eligible for benefits.
I had the exact same problem
The work was so wretched and the platform so cumbersome that I really could not make myself sit down and work. It had gotten where I would start work around 10 a.m. and finish up around 1 or 2, and even then I was coming up shy on my line counts. I was doing somewhat better, but after they restructured the tiers and the pay scale, I was a goner. I got a second job hoping to fill in, but that made it even harder to face the crap, so I just finally walked away without looking back. Let them get somebody else to struggle through the crap they've got left on there, put up with the weekly software upgrades that screw the system up even more, and deal with the endless amounts of pay-less research they expect us to put into it.

Jasper had said there was more crap getting ready to roll there. I wonder if this is it or if there's even more joyousness ahead.
Without giving away my exact pay rate....sm
I can tell you it was above 8 cents a line.   I'm sure it also depends on how well you test, how much experience you have, and what account you will be on also.
This was my exact experience so I didn't
Yes!! The exact same thing happened to me when
my family and I first moved to our town. I took my daughter to the dr and he had the same thing. I was absolutely stunned. Even I had to admit how great it was!
The exact same thing happened -
to me.  Please email me.  I wonder if it is the same company.
I'm finding the exact same thing
Pay just keeps getting lower and I am really beginning to think I can't make a decent living anymore. Very scary! I've also tested, found the test to be easy, and then heard nothing. I think companies should at least say the position has been filled, you did lousy on the test, something, because testing is so time consuming. I'm to the point where I want to ask up front what the pay will be, but most companies don't like that. Now, though, I don't even get asked to test, and that is with years of experience. Any recruiters out there care to comment?
not sure of the exact # but there are more Indians than Americans
The exact same thing happened to me
this exact thing happened to me...
but the name of the company was different.  Very inconsistent with pay....then finally no pay and being blasted for too many corrections.  This company also had two people involved.  The name of the company I worked for was GK Transcription and they were in Michigan. 
OMG! The exact thing happened to me!
I've never had a QA score below 98%, have typed radiology for 4 years, and I also got a score of 88% with an email saying I didn't meet their standards. I can tell you, I was HIGHLY offended! I don't think they're grading their test correctly, and I almost sent an email telling them that but then got 2 job offers from other, better companies. Life has a way of working out perfectly!
I left for the same exact reasons!
I asked repeatedly for more flexibility and couldn't get it. So like you, I quit. I am now working for 2 separate companies so that I can work hours that work for me and my family.
Downriver, Wyandotte to be exact you?..nm
I left MQ just a year ago because of the exact (sm)

reasons you stated....I couldn't handle the changes and I lost too much money.  I worked there for 8 years and thought I would be there forever. They were a pretty good company back in the day. I waited too long too, but trust me, you made the right choice! I'm sorry you had to deal with an idiot like NotGood when you were emotional anyway about leaving MQ and just asked a simple question. I'm much happier where I am now and I wish you good luck in your new job!

Anybody know the exact start date of the

It;s the exact opposite where I work
We are flooded with work and are being asked to work extra.
What are the exact hours of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd shifts?

I've never had to work anything other than days.  Is there a specific time range for each shift across all companies, or does it vary by company?  If it varies, a general idea would be helpful.


Don't know the exact issue, but money will be

deposited by end of the day, paper checks are being overnighted via UPS, all who did not receive either $$ or paper check are being compensated and any bank fees will be reimbursed.   Doesn't sound like $$ issues to me. 


Same exact thing happened to me - sm
Lady VERY scattered and very unorganized.  I didn't pursue; I was afraid to!
Good one! I am going to do that exact same thing when I get off.
Perhaps something of this nature would be viable as it is as a letter to the Editor of our local newspapers? 
I have the exact opposite experience
I did have to tell them approximately when I would be working (mornings, afternoons, etc.) so they know who is on when stats come through. I did not have to give them an exact schedule that I am required to stick to.

They do require Messenger, but I have only be IM'd once in the 6 months I have worked for them and that was for request to do a STAT report. I don't feel I am monitored.

I have missed several days of work and been a no show due to my kid being sick, but it has never been an issue. They have never even mentioned the days I have missed.

I guess the lack of work may be an account thing. My account has only ran out of work 2 days out of the 6 months I have worked on it. I have plenty of work and only work on 1 account for them, but I could easily get a secondary if needed as I have received several emails announcing openings on otherr accounts.

I do agree that the Iscriptor can be slow, but it is comparable to other platforms I have worked on. I like it better than Inscribe and Extext. Just personal preference I guess.

I have worked with many companies and Advanced is one of the better ones in my opinion. I feel I am left alone to do my work, but when I need help, someone is only an IM away and is always ready to help.

Just goes to show how people can have completely different experiences with the same company.
I was going say the exact thing. People really
nice, but sound quality was awful.  Paid better than most.  QA fairly strict.  They are a bit disorganized and kept losing my work.   They were/are going to upgrade their system and that might make sound quality better. 
Make sure you get an exact date
Be careful that you get an exact training date. Otherwise, you could be left hanging for quite a while. Every time I asked when my training date was, I was not replied to.

Otherwise, I don't know much about this company because I never made it past that point.
Exact same thing happened to me.
I passed their testing, but the interview made me uncomfortable as well.  They offered 0.075.  I said I would not work for less than 0.09.  She said she would get back to me.  About a week later, I received the same email you did.  At this point, I would not work for them at any price. Their tactics stinks.  If the compensation I asked for was too high, why not just say so?
I had the exact opposite experience!
I was recently contacted by a SoftScript recruiter as a result of my resume posted on this site. She informed me that I seemed perfectly suited for an acute care (Big 4) position, even though my resume makes it clear that my experience and interest lies in clinical transcription and editing, not acute care!

I was thinking the exact same thing.
So what else is new. Sit and wait for a schedule as an IC you were HIRED FOR, but then again, better work nights and weekends, and quit having a life. OR ELSE.
OMG! I could have written that exact paragraph ~ sm
I thought I was the only one with medical problems that got the boot when I had to take off to have surgery! 6 years of my life I have dedicated to this MTSO to be treated this way. What happened to loyality and respect? My company was Tidewater/Imedx - no benefits. Notifying in advance does no good as they ignore it and if asked to ever train someone as your backup - DON'T DO IT!!! That means they are going to give your account to them.......
The same exact thing happened with us
All inhouse and within a 2-3 period VR was spewing forth excellent results, I was amazed, thought I had plenty of time to stay on straight because thought I would fail at this. Now with all that do on this with outsourcing, VR is just a hot mess sometimes.
I was thinking the exact same thing.
It totally sounds like an inside job.  I can only speak for myself, but if I had found out that an employee of mine was shocked after finding out that a resignation letter had been sent and then finding out it wasn't even the employee's correct email, I would want to get to the bottom of it!  It just seems like the VP wanted the poster out of there and was even fighting the proof she offered that it wasn't her email.  Also, even if the poster did actually send a resignation letter (which I highly doubt), as VP I would have looked into the work history of this person and the years at the company and probably would have rescinded the resignation anyway.  VP was just too eager to have her gone.  
You stated the exact reasons....... sm
that VR will never be profitable to MTs in general. Unless it is a small MTSO using the system with few MTs who have banded together in a common force to train VR in a uniform manner, VR will never be anything more than a timewaster for MTs. In larger MTSOs, MTs come and go and there are differences in their style which only confuses the VR. In addition, I have been on a VR account for over 6 months now and have seen no improvement whatsoever in it. VR still drops words, fails to make lists, and puts nonsensical verbiage into the reports. The acount is 95% ESL, so that makes it all the much worse.
Not a single one. nm

I am not a single
mother but I empathize those who are and who are trying to raise a family on their own doing this. If not for my husband's income I wouldn't be able to survive on my own. Thats my point, a woman no matter what should be able to be self-sufficient and chosing this as a career will not give you that security.
Another single mom MT here

Yes, it can be done.  It isn't easy by any means, but it is possible if you are fortunate to be working for a good company.   

I have supported both my child and I solely on my income as a work-at-home MT.  For a little over a year I picked up some typing on the side for a few hours on the weekends for non-MT related businesses.  That at least paid for the phone bill.  I didn't and still don't owe much of anything, so that's a help.  I have one credit card that I use for groceries and gas, it gives cash back rewards and it's paid off in full every month. I almost own my home with the bank owning a mere pittance. There is no fancy car, no yearly vacations where I actually leave the town I live in, and I've had my TV for 8 years, after my grandmother owned it for 6 years.  Criminey, I don't even subscribe to any magazines.  All books come from the library, all newspapers are read online. I have automatic dedcutions taken from every pay check that are directly deposited into accounts for myself and for my son. We don't have much, but at least we have something. I keep an old ice bucket in the closet that all pocket change goes into.  When my son was little and would ask for pizza I'd tell him if there enough money in the ice bucket, we could get pizza. If there wasn't he'd have to wait.  I still use that bucket.  This year it will go towards flowers for the garden. 

My child is no longer a child, he's in his second year of college.  He workd all through his high school years, bought his own car and gives me 75% of his paycheck that go into the account mentioned above for college when he's home working summers.  He works while at college and that is what he lives on while at college.  He has never asked me for money..yet. 

I worked for a national company for almost two years when I first started out as an MT.  The pay was horrible, they were horrible, and I constantly ran out of work. I have worked for two small companies since leaving that national.  I never EVER refuse OT, I do my 8 hours/day 5 days/week and I work my fanny off.  It's not fun, and some days I hit my head against the wall thinking I can't do one more day of the tedium that is my job. 

I was always here when my son was growing up.  I attended every home sporting event, every awards night, drove him where ever he needed to be, and picked him up when it was done.. I was with him when he was sick, here when he had a problem and needed to talk (whine), and the lucky kid got to come home from school to hot choc. chip cookies out of the oven - not because I was June Cleaver, but because the hormones kicked in and I needed a sugar fix.  We both won.  Just don't tell him that. 

Looking back, the sacrifices for this job, mostly my sanity, have been worth it. Though my son grew up without a father, he had me there every single day, whether he liked it or not. We could never, and still can't keep with the Joneses, but I never liked the Joneses anyway.  I love working at home.  My car looks as new as they day it was bought 8 years ago and it has under 50,000 miles on it. Think of the savings of gas, wear and tear on the car, and your sanity if you have to commute.  I was here when my neighbor fell in the boxwood hedges and couldn't get up. I was here to see my dog scare the beheezies out of the two men from the famous door-to-door religious sect who never made it more than 10 feet up the driveway.  Really, can it get any better? 

I know I am fortunate and I try to remember that every time I type a report from the Bozo that dictates from out in the hall. If you want to be an MT, then I guess the key is to finding the right company, working your butt off, pay yourself first, don't spend what you don't have, and pray your fingers and your brain can survive the MT world.

Sorry, but $250 for single is
NOT a great deal!!  I work at KS, and thank goodness thanks to hubby's ins. I don't have to pay that.  I thought MQ was bad at $150 a month.  SHEESH!!!