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Posted By: Dee on 2009-01-21
In Reply to: SmartDoc, Inc. Anyone with info? absolutely nothing - in archives. TIA!!!!

I have firsthand knowledge of this company as an IC.  Very disorganized.  No account specifics provided for most accounts.  You never know if you are doing something wrong on an account until you actually do it, and then you are told you don't provide good quality work.  They have no MT support, and they use no tools to track how you are doing (audit, etc.).  They do everything willy-nilly with very little preparation and professionalism.  They also are attempting to bring all of their transcription stateside presently (or so they say) rather than have all their reports typed by Indian workers and then edited by United States editors.  They do not use AAMT BOS, and their head QA person is very limited in knowledge regarding same.  The pay is very low.  The audio is excellent, though.  It's some of the best audio I have heard in this industry.  The owner seems nice at first, but he will sell you down the river at any given moment.  The operations manager also seems nice at first but will do the same thing and will say negative things to the owner about the quality of an MTs work with nothing to back it up.  She is more about personalities and who she likes than anything else.  I was fibbed to many times while working with this company.  The owner is not a gentleman.

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