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Soap Transcription Service

Posted By: KJB on 2007-03-01
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Does anybody work for this company or know anything about them?  Thank you.

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Need pros and cons of Soap Transcription and US Transcription

I am looking for a new home and have applied and accepted by one of these companies.  Hoping to hear from the other very soon.  Can anyone tell me the good/bad of these 2 companies.  Soap is out of Michigan and US Transcription is out of Iowa. 

Thanks in adance for your help/support. 

SOAP Transcription
Does anyone know anything about SOAP Transcription Company out of Michigan?  If so any comments would be appreciated. Thanks!
Soap Transcription
I hear Soap Transcription is looking for an MT.  They are in MI
SOAP transcription
Does anyone have any information on this company regarding pay, type of work, etc.  Thanks
SOAP transcription
Thank you for your fast reply as I am about to test with them. Is that the highest they will go? I am presently at 10 cpl for the Basic 4.
SOAP transcription
Dont go there unless you like to be raked by their QA staff
SOAP transcription
I sent you an email
Anyone know anything about SOAP transcription? sm

I cannot seem to find anything, good, bad, or otherwise.  Mostly I'm in interested in the usual things -- platformed use, pay on time, difficult dictators, etc.



SOAP Transcription, Inc.
SOAP is a teriffice company. I have been there nearly 3 years full-time. Compassionate caring owners. Very honest. Good communication. Pay is always on time. During the time I have worked for them, there have been plenty of opportunities for overtime. Never any no work periods. Very few low work periods. Happens only occasionally, and they are handled by asking for volunteers to work a few hours less. This seems to work for them.
SOAP Transcription

I've tried to find some information on SOAP Transcription and have not been able to find any.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?  Thanks much, Brenda G, IN

SOAP Transcription ?
Anyone familiar with and have any feedback on this company? 
Soap Transcription Services

Hello everyone

Has anyone ever worked for SOAP Transcription Services. I cannot find anything about them.


SOAP Transcription Services, Inc.
SOAP Transcription Services, Inc.

Any word on this company, good or bad?

Information on Soap Transcription (MI)

Any information on SOAP out of Michigan would be appreciated.  Good/bad, platform, pay on time, etc....  TIA

SOAP Transcription info, please
Any of you work for them and satisfied with the experience?
Anyone currently working for SOAP Transcription out of MI?
Any new info on SOAP transcription?


I thought it was MD-IT joining with SOAP Transcription. Something I saw
SOAP Transcription and Transcend Services? Need to decide.

Got job offers from both.  Pay and benefits look to be about the same.  Anyone work(ed) for either or have worked for both?  Good, bad, or any other comments regarding either company? 

How is the family health plan with each?  Cost? Coverage? 


Can someone tell me about JLG transcription service. Thank you.
R&S transcription service

Hi, has anybody out there heard of R&S transcription service? What was your experience? Do they pay on time and are they friendly and fair?  I am considering a radiology position with them.

Thanks in advance Thalia.

A to Z Transcription Service

Just wondering if anyone has any info to share on this company.  I do not think that I have ever seen anything about them on this site, but I'm hoping someone here is in the know.

Thanks, and Happy Memorial Day everyone!

ANP Transcription Service
Anyone hear of this company?  I have been sending out resumes and today this came up in my bulk mail.  I do not see where I sent them a resume.  This is a mystery to me.  Anyway, they do kinds of audio transcription, not just medical.  I am looking for any information you can give me.  TIA
Cornerstone Transcription Service (sm)
Does anyone work for this company or have any knowledge about them at all? Thanks!
Medical transcription Service Org nm
(I think :)
Just Your Type Transcription Service


Can anyone give me any info on this company such as work or lack thereof, platform or style used to type in, technical assistance, personality, etc.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

This is an Arizona transcription service. nm
PRN Medical Transcription Service out of OH...
Anybody working there or has worked there before that can give me some information as far as how is the workload and is pay on time, platform?
Premire Transcription Service

Does anyone have any feedback on this company?  Thanks! :-)

ACMR transcription service...
Does anyone know anything about these people?  I have been with them for a short while now and I'm not very happy with it.  They use DocShuttle, which I'm new to.  They are not very informative at all.  I have had questions and you get responses like You have the help section to look at and if you are computer literate, it shouldn't be a problem stuff like that.  They give you reports, but don't explain how it may be set up, little quirks, etc.  They say they like their transcriptionists to be well-rounded in all aspects, even outside of the transcription part.  These are some of the rudest people I have found.  Thank God this is not my only account, because I think I'm getting ready to drop them.  Anyone else had experience with this company?
Medical Transcription Service (MTS)???
Does anybody work for this company?  I don't see any past posts about it.  Just wondering about the platform, pay (on time), etc., the basic stuff.  Thanks if you can help out. 
info on TRS transcription service
Heard they were hiring but have not found a website, phone number or advertisement on MTstars - but maybe they do not frequent this website.  Anyone with info - I would appreciate just the info on how to contact them - not the good, the bad and the ugly of it all.  thanks - mucho
Physicians First Transcription Service

Has anyone heard of this company?   I know that they are located in Streetsboro, Ohio but I just wanted some of your feelings on this company before I applied.

Thank you,


Physicians Transcription Service
I worked for them for about 2 years.  Just call and talk with the owner.  She is very upfront and won't sugar coat anything.  She (Cheryl Roudybush) was very good to me.
Welcome to the world of service transcription. sm
Doubt very much the service was thinking of the MTs when acquiring the account. They're after the account first and foremost.

It is the norm for them to ask the existing MTs to sign on to the service. No need to feel paranoid. This is just the way the business goes. You'll need to adjust to production transcription rather than hourly to make any money.

Good luck to you.
Transcription Relief Service...Now I am not sure where they are from...lol
I thought they were from NC....but if anyone has any information, would really appreciate it.
The Advantage Transcription Service
Has anyone done any work for this company out of Los Angeles? If so, were there any issues regarding line/character count. TIA
Tarheel Transcription Service
Anyone work for this company, now or in the past?  Just wondering about them.  Any feedback would be appreciated.  TIA
Allegiant Transcription Service

Please email me.  I have a question



Metro Transcription Service
Any info on this company?  Thanks. 
Central Transcription Service
Anyone have anything good or bad on this company? Thanks!
Central Transcription Service
.... in Michigan has an ad on one of the job boards for an OP MT.  It sounds pretty good. 
Information on DB Transcription Service
Has anybody heard anything about DB Transcription Service out of Philadelphia?  I cannot find website. 
Transcription Outsourcing Service
Transcription Outsourcing Service
They were offering .07 cpl - have they actually upped it to .075?  They sure want a lot of experience for that.  Very rude operations manager also.
Loftin Transcription Service?
Looks like they deal strictly with hospital radiology?  Any info appreciated!
CTS (Central Transcription Service)
Again I was told that our checks that should have been sent on the 15th will not be mailed until this Friday, 24th.  That is 9 days late, plus the 3-4 days it takes for it to arrive, so almost 2 weeks late.  In the 3 months I've worked for them I only had one check on-time.  This is totally unprofessionable. 
CTS (Central Transcription Service)
Again, and thankfully the last time I'll have to deal with this, I was not paid on-time (hopefully I will get paid considering I quit) I am awaiting my final paycheck from CTS which should have been, according to the payroll department, direct deposited on Friday the 31st.  After complaining because my direct deposit was not posted I was told it was becaused I resigned, that they mailed the check yesterday at 12:00 p.m.  Of the 3 months that I worked for them I was paid late all but 2 pay periods.  If you want to be paid definitely do not consider working for them.  Promises are made and not kept, yet they continued to ask for extra help when they were behind.  I guess they don't get that most of us work for income, not because we are philanthropists and are working out of the goodness of our hearts. 
Does anyone know anything about CMC?  I have checked the archives but nothing in particular comes up - I have a job offer but have never heard of them.  Thanks in advance.  Crabby people need not respond.
Medical Transcription Service Owner.
medscript transcription service out of Okauchee, WI

Has anyone worked for this outfit.  Or is anyone currently working WI them?  How about recently?  Has anyone even heard anything about them?  Please respond.