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SoftScript has a separate path division.

Posted By: sm on 2005-12-02
In Reply to: I'm sure it has been asked 100 times but any company have pathology? - nm

But they don't seem to have many openings and when they do, they are offered to the MTs already there.

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That means they do outsource. One division is here and one division overseas,

Hi Onc and Path!

Path, I'll try and come up with some good ideas on getting into radiology today while typing away - altho I just fell into it when I first started at a hospital. I bet with your path experience you could easily transition into rad - I know at MQ they do hire path people - not sure if U want to deal with the Big Q tho, altho MQ is what it is, good and bad.

Onc (sounds like a nasal thingy), actually money had nothing to do with my staying at MQ - they just finally decided to give me days M-F after eight long years of T-Sa 3-11. I couldn't find that schedule anywhere else, so felt it worth staying even with all the chaos....I wanted a LIFE!  I'm TOLD my account (as well as all rad accounts) are moving to Denver, and I tend to believe it as this account is a whopper of a money-maker for them. So I'm knocking on wood!

Take care, Onc and Path!

Off the path a bit...
but I couldn't resist.  Bush is in favor because most of his hired hands on his ranch are from across the border.  LOL
Path pay
It sure wouldn't be for me.
Path transcription.
I have talking with a company about pathology transcription for a certain amount  per report.  Any pathology transcriptionists out there with input ?  Thanks. (gross/micro) No ESLs. Any opinions appreciated.
to each his own way. too scared, then don't, find your own path. sm
every company has a web site, just sent it to them periodically.

Let's stop here before we go down the path of personal attacks. NM

which division? sm
Each one is different.
what division did you work at? nm

Depends on which division..... sm
I currently work for 2 different divisions of MD-IT, and they are both kind of slow right now. I have only worked for them for a few months.
Can I ask which division you work for? sm
I may also be in the process of moving on after the nasty email I and all the other MTs received from the director.
MD-IT Louisville Division
If you currently work for this division, please email me.  I'd like to talk to other MTs about the current situation there.  Thanks!
Ahh, yes, I worked for that division too...
they were not the greatest.
Well, it all depends on the division you work for too. nm

That's true. Sorry you had a bad experience. My division...sm
is in TX and it has been pretty smooth up until this point.
It all depends on which division you work for...
I worked for several during my time there, and there were all different.
So is MDI-MD separate from MDI-FL?
thanks again for this info!
I work with MD-IT Louisville Division, very happy-sm

I started working for MD-IT in October and it has been a fabulous fit for me!  I work in the Louisville Division, there are several others.  The work is steady, sometimes overwhelming, but manageable, at least in my accounts.  They try not to overstaff the accounts.  MD-IT share their transcriptionists across the board and if your primary and secondary run out, they can find you work elsewhere rather quickly.  The people are wonderful to work with and friendly.  Pay is average, but it is fine for me.  There is very little ESL, and what ESL there is is fairly easy to understand.  Your coordinator is just an IM message or a phone call away and very helpful.  I hope this helps.      

To what office/division to you file the report?
If it is, in fact, anonymous, can you tell me how to do this? I'm currently working for a company that has me WAY outside the bounds of IC and I'm about a hair away from completely fed up.

I looked around the IRS website for a bit, but didn't see where to do this.

MDI is a separate company..
In terms of things changing at the whim of Transcend upper management, Liz is part of Transcend upper management. As founder of MDI, she has a major part of the final say in any decisions made.
Two separate companies - nm
So 5 separate MTs have not been paid?
Am I counting these separate posters correctly?

Thanks for starting this thread, 'Fair Warning.' This is definitely something everyone needs to be aware of.

Best wishes and good luck to all of you who were stiffed by Landmark. I hope you're all taking whatever action necessary to collect what is rightfully (and legally) due to you!
Any info about MD-IT Intelligent Transcriptions/Louisville Division?

Any information on this company is greatly appreciated. 

Notify Wage and Hour Division in your state....
There has been a separate board for several days, but sm

you can't see it in the left hand column when you are on the Main Board.  I usually go to the Company Board, then the MQ board is listed underneath the company board to the left hand side of your screen. 

Not really. Podiatry is a separate entity IMO
They're even a DPM instead of an MD most times.
Can you do a C&P of these into a separate folder so they will always be handy for you? nm
I certainly hope they were two separate positions.
Other job board is separate from reg. message
they will remain 2 separate entities

cbay and MQ.  As far as buying them out, Cbay has bought 70% shares from Phillips Electronics who originally had the interest of stocks.  Cbay was only able to do this through 2 huge financial corporations one located in UK and the other in the US.  we will remain under the financial guidance of cbay holdings who is currently going through changes in management. 

I have steady work and see my primary work steadily throughout the day with 2 other accounts. The pay could be better since they reduced the rate when doing ASR work but it is still higher than other companies pay for ASR.  You have to speak up for yourself when you feel you deserve a raise. They won't come to you so make sure you go to them when you feel its time.  I try to stay positive and throughout the major changes which started about 2 years ago I have remained here when I thought I would not last and there were always people doubting they would not last.  I even went to work for another company and decided to go back to MQ.  Maybe it was not the right fit but it takes time finding the right one and I still might explore other opportunities but I have gained so much experience here as far as medical transcription is concerned. 

Hope this helps a lot.  good luck to you. 


separate account for taxes
I actually set up a separate account and deposit 35% of each check into that account to pay for taxes... it's the Feds, 14% for social security, state, and local at least for me in the state of PA.  File quarterly to avoid any penalty....
I wonder if referring to 2 separate post?s
I disagree, if a job is posted there is no reason not to give out the lowest to highest rate offer for the advertised position They know what they will offer FOR THE POSITION.
happens in other posted jobs all the time -- all the time, it is listed on the job opening. This saves both sides time
why not, only to find out some low rate you would not have bothered with, sent in a resume, tested for or interviewed for. I forgot one time -- forgot to PRE- check it out, got to interview and it was 7.5. What a waste (both sides) actually, but more for the MT wasted a lot of time.
Major attitude issue at office payroll division...nm

Dental and vision are separate and extra. sm

I don't know how much, though, because I tossed the info on it as the provider list for the dental was SO LIMITED it wasn't even worth it, I couldn't get any dentist I wanted.

Naaa, can put it on one sheet but you'll have a separate
column(s) for ASR figures.
It's a separate company with different ways of doing things
Transcend is a public company and owned by shareholders, and MDI is a major shareholder.

I have been at MDI for several years and I have not noticed any change in the way it is run.

open separate account, put in 25% to be safe.
Transcription South and TSI are 2 separate companies
ShortHand is a separate program you buy. ESP is what comes within ExText. nm
& send separate checks for OT after MT reminds them
The above poster wasn't me. I'm the LOL from above. Two separate posters - haha
I too love path & can't find it at home & would love to cross-train into rad in the meantime I do
Webmedx has 6 paid holidays a year, separate from PTO, for full time employees.
Monster Jobs and Career Builder usually have a few path jobs. nm
Definitely need the Sted's Derm&Immuno Words and a Path&Lab Words to do derm. Lots of weirdness!
Keystrokes has a radiology division. They used to be radiology only but their sm
customers started referring other departments to them.

I know that they just got a bunch of new accounts!
Okay, pay late CONSTANTLY.  ABSOLUTELY no communication from anyONE.  What the heck is going on.  I am RUNING while I still can,  QA SUCKS.  ANYONE ELSE HAVE THESE PROBLEMS OR JUST ME A NEWBIE?
I also worked for Softscript awhile back but never had a problem with the paychecks, they were maybe a day or two late here and there.  I just got tired of being on different accounts.  I think one should have one account and get fluent on that with the same docs.  It is more productive for both the MT and the company!!   But I am EXTREMELY happy where I am at now, which is Keystrokes!!!!  THAT COMPANY ROCKS!!!  Woooo Hooooo
Softscript did it to.
Twice in 1 year and got away with it SO far.

Unless you have worked for all of the nationals out there, how could you possibly know that SoftScript is the worst?  Perhaps in your experience it was the worst.  How many nationals have you worked for? 

Anytime a company changes the way they count lines, complaints end up on this board regarding that company.  As far as stealing lines....I would imagine they changed the way they count their lines and this is not okay with you.  By all means, you have a right to feel that way.

I have worked for SoftScript and as with every company, there are problems but I have also had a lot of positives come from working with SoftScript.  I have been doing transcription for 25 years and in my own personal experience, they are no where near "the worst" to work for.

Anyone been recruited by SoftScript?  They hounded me to take the test, which I did, saying that they were in dire need of transcriptionists because of all the work generated by Katrina.  I tested, was notified that I passed and then never heard another word from them.  I have been emailing but to no avail.  :-(