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Sorry I don't know about recently. Just what I've

Posted By: gathered over time. nm Wanderer on 2007-09-25
In Reply to: Isn't Phoenix MedCom 600 lpd w/ 12 hour window? - sm


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    Who is the too? I've seen ads recently for JLG. They
    do disappear for a while and then pop up again.  For a while they had recruiters, maybe they hired from the posted resumes, maybe the hired locally. 
    I've recently heard about

    I've recently heard about companies which, when you hire, insert a hidden contract clause preventing an MT from hiring with other companies. 

    Is this a common practice? 

    I've recently seen posts that mention
    salary vanish shortly after they're posted by the moderators. Maybe people think it's not worth the effort to complain about these companies when the moderators remove them.

    To look at this board anymore you would think that everything is rosy. Well, it sure isn't. Depending when you look at this board, you would think no one has commented about the 5 and 6 cents a line that some of these companies are posting. They've commented plenty. But their comments vanish as if they never existed.
    Please search the last 2 pgs. Plenty of neg. posts recently unless they've been deleted. nm
    Please search the last 2 pgs. Plenty of neg. posts recently unless they've been deleted. nm
    What good does it do? They've lied, they've betrayed us.

    They've taken all they are going to take from me.   I am not going to waste any more time being angry.   I hate the way things ended, but I refuse to accept the blame for any part of it because I know that was a lie too, even though they did try to blame the MTs.  I know part of the problem was quality issues, but QA wasn't to blame for that either, although they have been.   

    It is time to pick up and move on.   I think mgmt will reap what they sow.   For those who worked on the main account Webmedx is still hiring, though the best time slots have already been taken.  



    What the heck? I've never heard that in the 8 yrs I've worked here. sm
    Go back to your STM or over his or her head.
    Since you've brought it up, I've stopped SM

    giving the negative info because every time I have in the past I am called a disgruntled ex-employee or told that my experience has no relation to what the company is like today.

    I won't repeat the information I've given in the past, anyone can find it on searches.  I've decided to just let the people have their experience with the company and that experience will validate everything I've ever said about those people.

    The same people own and run that company--they may have new names doing the management, but it still runs the same way.

    You've got it ~ you've hit the nail on the head....

    I can Google until dawn and still not find John Smith in NY - you know the neurologist...  Cut me a break!  I've now learned to ask my online company for a list of referring physicians (since none of the accounts are in my state) and also ask for websites for the hospitals, but I still don't take more than 5 min of my own time to find referring physicians.  I send it right through with a verify cc:... 

    As far as making an educated guess, I would only do that if it was my own account and I know the dictator well.  For the online company, it is their responsibility to make that educated guess as it is their client, not mine.  I leave that up to the company to make assumptions; this way it is on their back, not mine when it comes to the legality of the report.  Ultimately, the physician is responsible when signing that report or there should be clause on those reports that state dictated but not read.  If that clause is not there, then it is the physician's responsibility to know the content, not the MT.  An MT can only transcribe what they hear and really should not be making educated guesses on anyone since we live in a world of sue-happy patients and their malpractice insurance is so high.  If there is a question, it needs to go the dictator to resolve.

    JMO - been doing this for over 20 years.  

    I've been a QA 15 years and I've never heard
    of any company only paying for the actual Keystrokes of the blank. You would literally make less than minimum wage that way. Waaay less.
    Has been down a lot recently, but..
    only for very short periods at a time, not sure if they're doing upgrades or what.  Could also be weather-related with the terrible tornadoes this week in parts of the country.  You just have to be patient and adjust your schedule slightly when it happens. I love the BeyondTxt platform, it's the easiest I've worked on.  IMO, MDI-FL is a very good company, and I can't say that about many out there these days, so was worth it for me.
    recently went to an HSA
    and went IC.
    Actually some of us are ICs. Recently ...
    MDI was only hiring ICs with SE status after so many days or months. So there are some ICs that were with MDI.

    In my meeting CB said that Transcend had IC, SE and employee and the usual case by case. I think she wrongfully mislead the person who asked this question because that was the first I had heard of their being SE status at Transcend.
    I have not had issues until recently and
    with you I would; however, I don't! FYI, I am dealing with my issues and if they are not resolved to my satisfaction, I will leave. Thanks for your concern and have a great day! DVW
    Recently started too
    Flexible schedule but you need to decide what your hours are and commit to them. Benefits granted at 32 hours. Plenty of work. Really good, patient and supportive people. Training with guaranteed pay. Smooth, easy and fast startup. Good, high-tech platform.
    There was recently a big campaign on
    to try to get MLS who were smart enough to quit Transcend before, to come back to Transcend because of all the recent *improvements* the company claimed they made.  I wonder how many of those did come back and how many are happy that they came back did versus how many have quit again or are ready to quit again.
    Hired recently for 0.825 cpl.
    Duh..I until recently was an Ochsner MT and still

    geez... get your facts straight

    I see, yea, happened again recently with someone in QA and
    today with a wonderful coordinator, seems very unstable.  I just don't want to jump from the frying pan into the fire.
    Well, I started recently

    and I'm only getting 8.5 c.  I'm FT, acute care and do the weekend.  And I have 18 years experience with acute care.  That totally sucks. I'm so depressed now. I wish I would have never read this whole thread. 

    Have been postson it recently. I know you have to
    train in house for a week or two - I believe two? Which was totally not part of my game plan anymore! Yuck!
    As recently as 2 months ago, they are SM
    still selling you that foot pedal (that you pay full purchase price for and then in the contract it says you must return WHAT YOU PAID FOR when you leave them) and they have the same pay scale they did 3-4 years ago.  They still tend to prey mostly on new-ish transcriptionists who don't know any better.  Other than the person recruiting, nothing has changed about Medscribe in Jacksonville, FL.
    Yes it has happened recently, and sm
    people have been posting about them paying late & shorting checks for 2 years now. How they are still getting away with this?
    We hav recently answered these
    Look on page 2,3,4,5 etc...
    Try Breitner out of N.Y.- ran ad recently
    Took that test recently
    and it did not require a foot pedal.  The test I took was pretty much multiple choice and spelling corrections.   But yours might be set up differently. 
    There was talk about them recently, but again (sm)
    They are notoriously bad about paying and have been for years. They misrepresent whether they pay for spaces or not, and they pay when they feel like it.  I waited months for payment back when I worked for them a few years ago.
    Started recently

    Lots of work.  Very nice people to work for! Platform is easy to work on.

    I just recently left
    They changed accounts on me all the time - they overhire and then we ended up with no work. 
    What do you mean "until very recently"?
    They haven't done ANYTHING to prevent it!!!!!! In fact, they encourage it!!!!!!!!!
    I do too, and they helped me recently
    when I had a low-virtual memory problem and I wasn't savvy enough to know what to do. Busy as they are, they didn't make me feel stupid for needing help with it.
    I worked there very recently
    I worked for Precyse for 6 months. In the beginning, workflow was great. I don't know what happened between then and now, but I was lucky to get 50 hours for a 2-week pay period. When work is low, you usually can't work on your secondary because their work is low also and they don't want to take away from the primary MTs. That leaves no room open to make up time. Every pay period, I had to use whatever was in my PTO account for the missing money.

    I actually had 4 different accounts I was doing at one time to keep busy, so I should have been considered on the SWAT team as far as that goes...lol.

    It is a very nice company with wonderful people, but my main issue is feeding my kids and helping my husband with the bills, so I took my 10 years' experience elsewhere and am very, very happy.
    Recently purchased . . .
    They were also recently purchased by Nuance/Dictaphone. Strangely enough, while some of the accounts are with eScription, Nuance is the company that created Dragon Naturally Speaking so I wonder if there will be some sort of marriage along those lines in the future as well.
    How long ago was that, recently?NM
    I just recently interviewed with them.
    This was for acute care: Base pay was 8 cpl, 65 character line with spaces, goes up to 8.75 for 1600+ lines a day. There's a $1000 sign on bonus, paid at $100 per paycheck. You have to be there a year before you get any vacation time, which is 2 weeks. No holiday pay.
    If you just did this fairly recently..
    Please be patient. Management is currently moving into a new office and it could be disrupting the phones/e-mails. I would give it a few more days. I work for them typing radiology and absolutely love it!
    Just started recently as an IC (sm)
    I recently took an IC position and needless to say am very, very impressed with the way they operate.  The training was excellent, communication with them has been excellent.  If an IC, you send your availability and it can change from week to week.  Pay is comparable to other companies out there.  They seem to be a very straightforward and honest company.
    I recently started a new job and was getting (sm)
    almost exclusively consults. I do enjoy them, OPs are my first love though. I just asked them if OPs could be included in my pooling and they did. I also get other work types. Only fair that we all share. I wouldn't appreciate you walking into this company and taking all the OPs off the top.

    I know there are some people who don't like OPs or have had so little experience they aren't very quick at them. If that is the case and they want to skip them (with the companies permission) GREAT. More for the rest of us.

    Bottom line is, you type what they need and when they need it or they may not need you anymore. Unless you had an agreement before hiring, this is only fair.
    I just recently accepted...
    A position with them.  Did you interview with them, and ask these questions?  It is supposed to be a good company to work for.  Their QA is supposed to be good; I heard their strict, but you will learn things quick.  There line count is a daily 1200.  As far as the hours worked, they expect you to work your full shift; this is very important to them; they strive on dependability and quality.  You can E-mail if you wish.
    Worked there recently, not know.
    People are very nice, though disorganized.  Frequently having to resend work.  Pay average to maybe a little better than average.  Chartscript platform.  Download work via DVI and then can work off-line so for now dial-up okay.  QA  very tough, not rude, just sticklers.  I felt like I would never get it right and it wasn't so much I was wrong, just wasn't the way they wanted it so some adjustment there. 
    I have only recently heard of them
    A couple of friends started working there and it sounds like a good place. They are on escription platform on an account in Oregon at the moment. They are allowed to cherry pick the reports they want to do. Pay is reasonable for escription.

    If my current job does not pan out, I am leaning heavily to checking out employement at Proveros.
    Recently hired (sm)
    They were slow with me too, but I just kept calling every day and letting them know I had to work - Becky is the best person - She will always answer your emails and get things done. she did for me! They are great but you have to be proactive and it works! Good Luck! I'm completely content.....Hope this helps!!
    Nuance just recently
    purchased Focus Infomatics.  They also purchased Dictaphone a while back.
    Don't know anything, but recently sent them a resume
    I have not heard back yet.  Do you know anything?
    I'm a recently hired IC for MDI
    I just started with them recently
    and can say, this pay information is less than what I was offered.

    So far, I've been extremely pleased with them. They've bent over backwards with compensation and encouragement. MUCH nicer than any other company I've worked with and after 20+ years, I think I have a good point of reference. Try them, you might just be pleasantly surprised.
    I just recently started with DSG
    I have quite a few ESL dictators but assumed this was the norm.
    As recently as 2 days ago I ran out.

    I was recently let go with glee
    when I refused to hop and do an uncle Tom's dance for a company that hired me  as an IC.  I got phone calls, threats, etc, to get on the job. Then, I was let go. Thank goodness because if I took one more day of that job, I would have lost my religion and caught a case.  Glad to be fired and had another job, he-he
    I took the test recently and (sm)
    I didn't use a footpedal, although that would definitely have made it easier. They told me I could download some software that would engage the pedal, but I didn't want to bother.

    They also said there was no time limit, so I did it in stages.

    I did the report using the mouse to stop and start. Then I went back over it listening and filling in the blanks. I did some one day and finished the next. It was kind of fiddly but that was partly my choice in not getting the pedal software.

    BTW, I was able to pass the test.

    BTW2, it was way better than many years ago when I had to travel to take a test or when I had to wait for a tape and try to hunt down a cassette transcriber.

    I worked there recently

    I had a position at Chronicle until the beginning of October, 2008 (about four months ago).

    I actually found the people to quite nice, and had no real complaint about management or QA.  I did have difficulty with line counts on occasion..mainly because the sound quality on the account I worked was sooooooo terrible.  They told me they were working on it, but it never got any better during the time I was there.  It was truly where you were struggling to hear the doctors, and it got pretty frustrating.  The pay scale was fair, and there was work, just the bad sound quality like I mentioned.