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Sten-tel versus ELTS?

Posted By: Pam on 2007-08-16
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I have received 2 jobs offers.  One from Eagle's Landing Transcription and one from Sten-Tel (Massachusetts).  I am a newbie so they are both for internship positions.  The pay is close on both.  Sten-tel only pays once a month and ELTS pays twice a month.  ELTS does have a required line count.  Not sure about Sten-tel.  Does any body have any words of wisdom?  Not sure which way to go???


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Sten-Tel vs ELTS

I started with ELTS as an extern right out of school about 2 years ago. I have been happy there.

MDI versus MedScribe versus SoftScript versus Transsolutions versus TransHealth. SM

I'm getting ready to start applying and these are the companies that I'm looking at.  So give me the low-down.  Good, bad, India?

Here are my criteria:

9 cpl or better

Does NOT send work to India

Good accounts with at least 50/50 of ESL versus American dictators

Consistent work flow - no downtime or time spent waiting for work

Upper management should be professional, positive, and encouraging.

Pay for lines WITH spaces.

Is there such a job out there or am I just dreaming?  If there are other companies other than the ones I listed that would fit the bill, please feel free to let me know. I tested with TransHealth and I felt like I tanked.  It was a hard test and I had to use the mouse to stop and start the dictation as it was online test and you couldn't download the voice files.  So that made it a lot more difficult.  One of the dictators was cutting himself off through the report and I had to leave some blanks.  I'm very frustrated with this whole process of looking and testing.  Are all the tests like that?  Or are there companies that allow you download the test files and transcribe them using your pedal and software?  Ugh!  I am just so frustrated and discouraged.

Thanks for any helpf.

They are located in NE Tennessee and her thing is government programs to hire mountain folks to learn MT.  Of course, you can forget quality .. because some of that will have to slide and you can forget probably being able to live on what they may want to pay you.  To me it is offshoring at home.  Owner is a nurse with a mission ... she is the TN entrepreneur of the year .. go figure!  She moved from VA to become .. rich maybe?
Oh my. If this is ELTS, formerly in
Stockbridge, Georgia, then I would say they are the worst MT company I have EVER worked for, and that's saying a lot. Wacky. Unstable. Flighty business decisions that affect the MTs. That's as much as I can say without getting into specifics or naming names. It's a small company. I would recommend you go virtually anywhere but there.
I work for ELTS. Started right after graduation about 2 years ago. I only work parttime, but I have been happy there.
I wouldn't recommend them. They require you give them a schedule. I don't care for companies that hire you as an IC, but want you to work a schedule.
Does anyone out there work for ELTS?  If so, would you mind emailing me or posting if you wish, their experience with this company.  I am just trying to figure out whether to switch companies and would like to know if the work is steady and if it is possible to get your line count in.  Thanks in advance for any information.
ELTS (Eagle's Landing) sm

Does anyone have any current info on this company?


MQ versus others
Neither do I......
SE versus IC
I thought they were the same, so I guess I am the one with the missing brain cell!
IC versus SE

I know the SS differences between the 2 but can anyone tell me is there any real advantage of being an SE versus an IC?  Why did MQ do away with SE?  Do you think this will be growing trend with companies?

RN versus MT
Take the R.N. course. I wish I had taken it at an earlier age. You will have a job that you can depend on with good salary. Don't make the same mistake I made.

Good luck.
RN versus MT
So true!!!
SE versus IC - sm
If you got 8 cents as an SE, what do you think this would calculate to in line rate as an IC - 9 cents?  By this, I mean SE helps with your taxes but by how much would you estimate?  Anyone know? 
QA versus MT?

I was just offered a QA position.  If I accept the position, it will be my first QA job.  According to my calculations, I would only make about a dollar more an hour on average by staying a production MT than I would as QA with this particular company, who pays their QA staff by the hour.  I am wondering, is being offered QA anything like a promotion in the industry, or is it more of a lateral move/matter of preference?  Would love to hear opinions on pros and cons of QA  Thanks!

BS versus DQS
I have used them both and produce about 150 more lph on Bayscribe.
MDI versus MDI-MD
Would appreciate clarification - Are these the same company, the one located in Gaithersburg, Maryland? Thanks in advance.
MDI versus MDI-MD
Thank you for your response. Do you happen to know if the one in Maryland is the one that people generally refer to as a good company to work for and one that and does not send work out of the US?
sten tel
I love working on the Sten Tel platform.  Very user friendly, a good Work based platform.  I pull off my jobs and put them in a folder and work from that folder.  A bonus is if I lose Internet connection, I can continue to work out of my folder and just u/l when get Internet back. 
I have worked for them for about 6 months now....I do mostly editing with voice recognition...I enjoy it very much, and I have found the company to be extremely flexible and very nice!
sten-tel . com
I've never heard of sten-tel.  is it a stenography company?
As far as I know, tranny is slang for transvestite... What in the world could that mean?? Good luck.
I start training with them next week, so I am afraid I can't be much help info wise, but if you would like I would be happy to tell you how it goes. I, personally, have only heard positive things about this company. In my opinion, if the pay is what you are looking for and you want an IC position, then go for it.

Any one have feedback on this company?  I was hired for a QA/editor position but have heard nothing since.....????

I work for Sten-Tel, and they are THE nicest people.  This is the second time I have worked for them, so I am on a different account than the last time, but I really like working there.


There is no work at Sten-Tel right now for the past 2 to 3 days!! 
I wonder if she is still there at Sten-Tel.
She was more than ignorant with her carelessness.
3.5 cpl at Sten Tel
Hey all, just saw on the job board that Sten-Tel is hiring!!  They're a great company!  So check them out, you might want to send a resume and take their test!!  They're just wonderful!!  I work for them and they're great!  Good accounts and a good bunch of people working there and also a great platform!!!  Check it out!!
Do they offer Radiology positions?
Go to the MTJobs.com board and you'll see that in the Sten-Tel job listing, there are phone numbers and a link to their email! Check them out!
If you go to www.mtjobs.com Sten-tel has 2 ads on there, one for MT one for editor. Hope that helps.
Which Sten-Tel
Can you tell me which Sten-Tel you work for? In doing a search I find a lot of companies with the Sten-Tel name. Also, are you an IC or an employee. Thank you
Sten-tel does
if you go to www.mtjobs.com and look, Sten-tel is hiring MTs and editors. They are all IC positions.
I worked for Sten-Tel for a short time doing QA work PT. I didn't have much experience with the company but what I did have was good. The program was good. The people were great. There always seemed to be tons of work. The pay for QA was a little low compared to others but no complaints about the company. Like I said though, I just worked part time for a while.
Sten-Tel? sm
I got an offer from Sten-Tel and the pay seems pretty good but I've heard some not-so-great things. Any recent info on their MA office?
They are not a very high paying company, even with experienced transcriptionists.
SteN-Tel..... sorry!!
I can't believe I misspelled that?!?!?!  LOL
sten-tel, inc

Hi.  Has anyone worked for sten-tel?  if so, what platform do they use?  How are they to work for?  Are you able to have flexibility with your schedule?  is the pay decent?

Any help would be very much appreciated

I'm confused.  Why is there a company called sten-tel with a website?
the one I am looking into is in MA also. how long ago did you work for them? They told me I could keep a total of the line count myself in the tools box. Do you have to type on various platforms?
I appreciate your help.
I worked for them about two years ago, for about three weeks time. I used their platform, but only for downloading and uploading files. I used Word to type my reports. Yes, I do remember being able to *view* a total of my line count, but they did the counting, not me. I did not have to type into their platform at that time, but as the poster below suggested, *who I don't think is too reliable*, they may have accounts where you do use a different platform to type into. It all depends on the account I suppose. I just hope the male coordinator I had is no longer there. He used IM to keep track of me and even when I was not scheduled to be working, he would ask me why I was not working. He was awful. When I told him I no longer wanted to work for him because he really did not seem to have a handle on the coordinating part of his job, he sent me *copies* of my work stating that words were missing, etc. and that my work was subquality. I don't know why he did not realize that I had copies of my own work that proved that I had no missing words. I threatened to report him to management and he left me alone after that. mind you, I had already quit by that time. I cannot remember his name. Just be careful, okay? I had a bad experience with them, so I am not completely objective, but I would not completely trust them, either. JMO. good luck.

this doesn't sound good.  I finally got a hold of other posts on them.  Do you think you have to be careful when working as a IC as far as getting paid on time?  Do you mind me asking who you work for?  I get many hopeful prospects in then in the end it does not look good.  I hate to jump from the fire to the frying pan.

Thank you for your help. 


anyone have anything good to say about sten-tel.  I saw some postings on here not too good but just wondering if anyone has had a good experience with them. 

Sten-Tel, in MA
I was wondering if anybody has any info on them?  I am supposed to start working with them and just want to opinions/experiences.  Also, I know their pay is low, but do you still make a decent amount of money?

I have worked for them for about a year also.  Checks always on time, pleasant people and no one bugs me.  You would have to see what they offer you and that would depend on your experience and how you test.  They will hire MTs with less than a year and they also offer you work in other specialties if you need more work.  I work when I feel like it:)

There are other companies with better benefits and platforms but this is a decent company that pays on time, and if you need flexibility you will certainly find that with them.

Is sten-tel a franchise like a mcdonalds?  ?  I thought I saw this somewhere on this site but cannot find it now.  So if you get hired for them, who actually are you working for?
R&B Sten-Tel
Anyone have any experience with this company?
I have worked for Sten-Tel for almost a year. I have never not received my pay check on time and have never had it be incorrect. I am on 3 accounts and NEVER run out of work unless it's some sort of holiday and is slow for a day or a half a day. Everyone has been nothing but professional to me, and my experience has been good. Some people hear one person say something negative about a company and assume there's nothing good there. I know a lot of happy people at Sten-Tel. Good luck in your decision. Becky
Please email me if you have any info on Sten-Tel.  Appreciate it! Considering position.