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Posted By: MIMT on 2006-11-27
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Has anyone recently worked for Superscipt?   Just wondering how they are to work for.  Thanks!

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Does anyone have any experience with them?  What was it?

Pay always on time. I had a problem with the pool. If you did not get up at 3:00 in the morning you had no work a lot of the time. The turnaround time was also six hours, even though they say 24 hours. Strange, I know, but somehow that's how it ended up.

Very nice people to work for though.

I worked for them 4 years ago and they are a Mom and Pop Transcription Company.  Two ladies run it, both our overworked, one has no mercy.  If possible, I would try and find another company.
They sent me an e-mail one other time when they were hiring - said they were interested in me and asked if I could do 1,000 lins a day. I respoinded that I could do it and never heard anything from them again.
Sorry, lines
Jane is SUPER to work with. The pay is fair, lines a not hard to get, pay is on time every time. I highly recommend this company!
Last I heard Superscript did. Very good company to work for! Pay is weekly, decent dictators, good communication.
Yes! I used to work for them and they are great, pay on time, pay is average, but Jane is super, super, super!

I left due to health issues that I needed to get taken care of and would go back if I had not fell into a wonderful editing position.
I have been contacted by them once by e-mail and said they would like to use me and never heard anything back.  A few months ago they called me and said they wanted to put me on an account. They called me back a couple days later and said the account wasn't starting yet, but my resume was on the top of the stack and they would call me back, it could be a couple days or a few months.  That was over five months ago and I haven't heard anything yet! 
Superscript sm
MT sees ad,

MT applies,

MT takes test,

MT Passes test,

MTis told that there is full time work

MT gets 2 jobs at a time,

MT gets first check for $10. 

I am sorry that you had a bad experience with any company. I am not sure if there is another Superscript out there or not, but I had a completely opposite experience with them. I worked with Superscript out of MI or WI for a time and loved it. I left due to healt issues that prevented me from working with any kind of consistency (all better now), but would more than be thrilled to go back now! Jane always paid on time every time, pay was weekly, was always enough work, doctors were fairly easy to transcribe,and was always offerd extra but not pressured to take extra. I hope that she is willing to give me a second chance now that I am better:)
Very nice people, they leave you alone when you do your job. All they want is that you work when you say you will. Pay is a little low, but they do say they'll give you a raise after you get off QA, which seems to be an impossible feat. Actually, I think you have to get off QA on all their docs that you type on, not just one at a time. So even with reports that were 98% or better, still couldn't seem to get off QA and went elsewhere, though that may be because they don't have a large staff. Not bad dictators, accounts are easy and no constant changing rules.
I was told two times that they hired me and never got the job. The first time the owner told me an account I was going to work on and never called me back. The second time, the owner again called and told me she wanted me to work on an account, then a couple days later called and said the acccount was slow and she would call me back in a week or two and I would start working. I never heard from her again. If that's the way they do business, I guess it was better not to have worked for them!
Anyone know anything about Superscript out of Michigan?
Any information on Superscript?
Superscript has an ad at another web site.   Can you tell me a little about them?
Any info on SuperScript

Has anyone worked for SuperScript out of Michigan?  I took a job with them under the understanding that I would have my pay bumped up once my errors were down to a minimum; however, I have been working for a little while now with very few blanks and very few to no errors and still no raise in pay.  I've asked about when I might get the higher pay and no straight answer is given.  Anyone else had this happen?  

Information on SuperScript?
Is there any current information on SuperScript?  Do they pay on time?  Good company to work for?  Has anyone been there for longer than 6 months?  Thank you for your help!
question re: SuperScript

I work for them now also, but just got cut due to account's technical issues or something.  Just wondering if you had heard anything specific.  I am really disappointed as I really, really, really like the work and would like to stay with the company.  Thanks.........

Superscript Transcription?

They are out of Michigan and can't find anything too recent on them. You can also e-mail me.


Superscript Transcription

Does anyone have any current information on Superscript Transcription in Michigan?  Everything I have found has been quite old. Thanks.

Superscript questions.....sm
I was just wondering about the pay rate, pay dates, work load, ESL amount, etc. Anyone work there? Thanks!
Superscript Medical
If anyone has any knowledge about Superscript Medical, I would love to hear about it. Thanks in advance!
Superscript Medical
Has anyone been contacted by this company yet?
Superscript pay...see message
Does anybody know how Superscript pays?  weekly, etc.?  I put my resume in...hope to hear something...
Did Superscript merge with MD-IT??
Heard through the grapevine??
Any info on Superscript out of Michigan? Thanks.
nm nm
superscript pays weekly...nm
Superscript pays weekly
Your get your first paycheck 2 weeks from your start date but after that it is every Friday, direct deposit. Honest, and pay is on time every time. Clinic work. I don't know the website but just Google superscript transcription and you should find it.
any info on Superscript Medical Transcription
Anyone know anything about Superscript Medical Transcription out of Michigan?  Thanks.
.07 line pay offerered by Superscript in 2009
I would have liked to have had some part-time work, but the pay offered, with my 13 years' experience and passing their test, was 7 cents per line; way too low. I counteroffered asking for a higher rate, and she said she was unable to agree. So, I told her I could not accept .07 cents or .075 cents per line. That is my experience.