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Posted By: Patty on 2009-07-17
In Reply to: Run FAST - Run FAR

I have an interview with Julie on Monday, 20th. How fast and far should I run?? :-)

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Synernet test? I get Synernet Transcription is not hiring at this time. Anyone else?

Synernet test? I get Synernet Transcription is not hiring at this time. Anyone else?


I looked at their website and this is what they require.  I can do this most days but this is a bit much to expect from the start.  I can understand that for editing but for straight MT'ing 1600 lines?  A lot of MTs can't do this.  Wonder what they pay?

Production requirements (typed) are set at a minimum of 1,600 lines per eight hour day while edited line rates are at a minimum of 2,200 lines per day.


Synernet pay
4 cpl for editing.

If you are looking for a small company with great benefits then Synernet is for you.  Just make sure you have no health problems or ever have to go the ER or be put in the hospital, have earthquakes, or God forbid not have a perfect family and sometimes have problems that arise.  If any of these things happen, then you will be locked out of their system and fired.  Oh and they like to hang up on you when you are explaining your situation, even though you have called in advance. 
Synernet pay
7 cpl for 55 character line and NO spaces for typing
They are all about their inner circle. MTs are just machines to them.
Synernet pay

They pay 7 cpl on a good day.  Depends on who you are and how good you can brown nose. They expect robots.  Its all about the higher ups.  MTs are treated like machines.  God help you if you need a day off or have a crisis. 

They have great benefits, but good luck using them.  PTO is a joke.  You can earn it, but no way are you supposed to use it.

Synernet pay
7 cpl for 54 character line, NO spaces, employee status
Does anyone know anything about this company?  Thanks.
Anyone know what a company called Synernet pays? nm
Synernet Transcription..Did anyone else apply and test for them?
Just wondering if anyone has heard back. It's be nice if I would hear back, whether I passed or failed but sometimes you never do when you apply at these companies and I find that frustrating.  I'd rather know one way or the other so I can keep moving on.