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Synthescribe editors, please!

Posted By: tyask on 2007-11-08
In Reply to:

Are any of you up to 80 reports per 8 hour shift?  If so, how are you doing that?  I am new as an Editor for them, and just wondering how you manage to get the 80 reports.  Any pointers would be great!  Thanks..........

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CBay transcribes all work in India. Has some US editors but also has Indian editors.

Can anyone give positive/negative comments on Synthescribe.

No, Heather works for Synthescribe America in Tennessee. The Synthescribe you are talking about is Synthescribe, Inc. located in the Phillipines that requires a photo ID. Two totally different companies. Look them up on the internet.
I was hired for that company and quit after a week. There is no way I would go back to working for that place. They are embarrassed of their reputation on this board because everybody is telling the TRUTH about them. I hope somebody else starts telling the TRUTH about them on the other board. They probably could not get anybody to come work for them because of all of the negative feedback!!!
The Synthescribe person has the initials of HR who the recruiter is working with....
Synthescribe QA
How many reports are you averaging per day (QA)? Is there a required daily quota? Are the reports of decent quality or are there tons of corrections? Are you being paid on time? Direct deposit?

Synthescribe QA
Any current QA folks care to comment on promptness of payment? Are you being paid accurately and on time with this company?

It's Synthescribe
It's also known as Synthescribe
I have yet to receive my W2 from Synthescribe, and the time is getting late. Has an previous employees received a W2 yet? I am really anxious, as there is no way to contact the now defunct company whose owner's name is or was Tammy Johnson. Can anyone help me? I'm wondering if she is planning to send W2s. I believe they fired all of us in April or Feb 08.
Synthescribe America in TN
The company is located out of Tennessee and not the Phillipines.
Heather at synthescribe
I do not like outsourcing at all - I certainly do not want to work for one either.
I know for a fact, this is SYNTHESCRIBE
AAMT is still Synthescribe nm
AAMT is Synthescribe .....
These 2 companies are 1 in the same.  I know, I worked there for 5 months and when they lost an account they fired all of us.  They transitioned the name All American Medical Transcription back in November.  They do have direct deposit and they did pay me, but they make rules and changes very abruptly.  Personally, I would stay away!
Looking for information on Synthescribe of America out of TN....


This company is Synthescribe of America
Synthescribe has taken to another board to recruit
One of their employees is all over another board recruiting and getting 100 bucks per referral.  Thats just pitiful.
Synthescribe uses "several" names....
Synthescribe, Allusmts, All American Medical Transcription, etc. Who knows how many other names they also have to try and get MTs to apply with them because of their very bad reputation.

I had HORRIBLE experience with them when they hired me back in December of this past year. They had this huge orthopedics account they needed help desperately on, but when they got the work all caught up, they fired or laid off everybody. The QA manager was so mean and nasty. She send the ugliest e-mails. Found out she left or got fired also after being there for 11 years.

The company is very sneaky with their MTs and you cannot trust them at all. I would STAY FAR AWAY from them. They know how to screw the MT and the client!!!
The one recruiting is "friends" with the synthescribe person sm
and has a full time job making good money. i miss your point??
Since it is the same as Synthescribe, dont bother waiting.
You would probably not like it anyway.

Seems unethical to me to change a company name because you got bad feedback about being an Indian company.
All American Medical Transcription/Synthescribe nm
Ad posted by Heather Rigsby for Synthescribe requests
you send a 2 x 2 picture of yourself.  Is this legal?   They have an office in the Phillipines, which would prevent me for applying to start with, but I certainly wouldn't apply to any company that requests a picture of me first. 
Opinions please. We have established that Synthescribe and All American Transcription are ran by the
same CEO/COO..So, previously when I considered applying at Synthescribe, I was put off by the negative feedback left here so I didn't apply. Then, comes a new company, AATS, which we soon figured out was being started by the same person running Synthescribe. I am tempted to apply, but if it's the same CEO/COO, shouldn't I heed the warnings of the MTs who say not to do it. I'm confused. Part of me wonders if I shouldn't give them a try, but I think I'd be more apt to do that had it been a new company with different management. Something about a leopard not changing its spots....What's your opinion? Would you try it? Thanks
Did anyone hear from AAmT aka Synthescribe and proceed on..Just curious
how it's going and if your set up to work with them etc. Considering going forward to check it out but wanted to check with others first. Thanks
If they weren't Synthescribe, they wouldnt have the same phone number.
regardless of what they SAY.
US Editors
How can you say that ALL Indian work is edited by US MTs? Our hospital actually finds the Indian work to be better.

VR editors
Try Transcend.
No, looking for editors for 4 CPL.
Pay for editors.....
I have a small company asking me to recruit editors for them.   They hire newbies to give them a chance.    They are looking to hire editors around $14.00/hour.  Does that sound about right in this day and time?  -- Thanks in advance.
UMMMM.. I do believe that being an MT is an expertise also... and we are wayyyyyy underpaid as MTs.. I don't understand why editors think they are GOD... they never cease to amaze me.
Editors pay

I would like some feedback on what the average editor's pay is. Thanks Sherri

What do you look for in a company that would set it apart from all others out there that would make you choose to go with that employer.   We all know there are many of these positions out there but they all seem to be about the same, very little regard for skills and appropriate compensation and very little caring about the MTs that work so hard.   I see a lot of people complaining here about one company or another, but I want to know what is the main thing you would like to see changed about this industry.  What would make things better?  Is it the money, problems with management, job requirements, etc.... Your input is very important.  Thanks- You may answer here or by email.
For all VR editors out there sm

Well, I am one that edits about 500-600 lines an hour on ES, except for today!  I put in about 10 hours an only achieved a total of 1800 lines.    I had the worst day editing/transcribing VR in 5 years.

So, for all those who were feeling down on themselves or inadequate for not achieving that high line count on ES - for once I know the feeling.   I had the worst of the worst dictators today that need 100% editing on every report, and we are talking 15 minute dictations here, all day long............I now feel your pain....!!!

Just thought I'd share~~ even the supposed fast money-making VR editors have terrible days in the MT industry!  You are not alone.  I think I have finally walked in someone elses shoes today!

On the bright side of things, there is always tomorrow!

Have a great night/day everyone :-)

Do you mean QA editors or ASR editors? sm
QA is hourly; ASR is based on a percentage of your regular line rate.
TT Editors
Does Transtech hire part-time editors? I have never seen them advertise for editors and I was just curious. Thanks!
Even the editors
Basically, we're all editors now.  I suspect that even the editors will be replaced by this super software.
It was at least 30%, some editors got

They are just playing with words.  Lies by omission.  Don't buy it.  The e-mail made it sound as though not everyone was getting a 30% paycut.  That is true, not every employee was cut 30%.  What the e-mail does NOT say is that some editors got more than a 30% paycut, and now the MTs are getting less of a paycut of 10% or 15% or whatever.  They can call it what they want, but less pay is less pay.

This was once a good company that with a little tweaking would have been a fine company.  Instead, things have gone downhill at a rapid pace.  Instead of an American company with an Indian presence, this is an Indian company with an American presence.  Also the person running things in the US seems a little unsteady, not sure exactly what the problem is, maybe too much responsibility, and when things are shaky at the top stuff tends to run downhill and you have a disorganized mess on your hands.  Company does not seem to be professionally run.  Next thing you know they'll be losing customers. 

Transcend editors
Will anyone who works for Transcend continue to transcribe and not edit? Or is it all going to editing?
So, are your editors Indian?
I highly doubt it.
Question for Editors

How many reports (acute care) or minutes should you be able to complete each day?

With respect to (office notes and clinic work), how many notes or minutes should you be able to complete each day?

Thank you for your time.


? for transcend editors
When you switched from straight typing to editing, were you compensated for the time it took to learn the editing skills (with limitations on time required, of course) or was your pay immediately cut in half? I mean, it would only seem fair to be given some time to get used to it before having to take a 50% cut in pay.
How much does Medware pay editors?
I see their ad, and I did a search, and it looks like they pay hourly plus line incentive, and I'm just wondering what the ballpark figure on that is.  Thanks!
They hire U.S. editors - says it all right there.
Probity Editors
...was wondering if they offer benefits for full time editors. Also, do they pay a decent hourly rate. Please feel free to email me if you'd like.
No they aren't. They are looking for editors

Is there a little emoticon for putting a finger down one's throat and retching?

So they mostly hire editors?

exMedware editors (sm)

Any Medware editors who left after the new pay structure, where did you go?  Did you find another QA/editing position or did you go back to transcription?

But there will always be jobs for editors !!
OSi editors and coordinators

I am not a bit surprised at your comment.  There really is nobody at OSi that you can go to for answers.  Management is clueless and lacks experience, the coordinators and editors lack experience.  Very sad little company!! LOL

Editors needed
Hey. I replied to that as well and haven't heard anything back as of yet.
editors wanted
I heard from someone that it was Shapin with the Editor positions. Don't quote me, but that is just what I heard.