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TSI now SoftMed was supposed to be atrocious with their DOS software and cut-and-paste work. Any

Posted By: one know about now? NM on 2006-02-20
In Reply to: Which companies have the ABSOLUTE WORST software? - curious


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In January, their software was SoftMed & you still
Friend said it was atrocious there & you need your own Start-Stop pedal and software. Don't do it
No special software. Just copy and paste the report you typed to Microsoft Word on your
computer. Under the Tools menu, select Word Count. Characters are listed with or without spaces. Take the total of either and divide by 65 to get your line count. Then match that with what your company is giving you for a line count.

If you don't have Microsoft Word, then you can download a free trial of Abacus line counting software from the internet.
Their software isn't supposed to be that good. Does anyone know what it is? nm
They use MT-World software. I was offered 8 cpl for experience. Benefits are supposed to kick in at
They use MedRite software, only offered 7-8 cpl on a 70-char. line w/spaces. Supposed to offer
Wilma reincarnated. Cut and paste same response. Cut and paste. nm
Supposed to be easy work, but you won't ever get more than 8 cpl. How it was, anyway..nm
How are you supposed to know when the work will be in to make up?
We are not privvy to how much work is in the system at any given time.  We only know what is in our queue.  This is just absurd on so many levels.
I'd like to know the bad platform and which accounts run out of work. I'm supposed to have bac
accounts to work on...Please email me.. I cant afford to work on the Mojave Desert LOL
So you are supposed to work until that minute like nothing is wrong? sm
Do they really expect everyone to just say OK and carry on as usual until that time? They're nuts.

the new accts were supposed to already be on board and still no work
Same here. When there is no work, how are you supposed to make the requirement
Why were you supposed to start work at noon?

Duh! You are just as anal as they are. No wonder you love working there.

FOR THE LAST TIME....IF YOU ARE A TRUE IC, YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE A SCHEDULE!!! Whether you emailed them or not is NOT the point. Sheesh!

If you have scheduled hours/a scheduled start and stop time, YOU ARE BEING TREATED LIKE AN EMPLOYEE. GET A CLUE!
I guess our clue is supposed to be when we run out of work all the time?
I did work for them and you were not even supposed to speak about an acct to anyone that worked ther
Everything about SS is atrocious. Worst dictators
I've ever had and sound quality to match. 
Are U new there? Get stuck with an atrocious acct out of NY? nm
how are you supposed to work and watch your mail all the time to play a stupid contest?
Transcend cares only about the big pay for its managers and corporate people, nothing for its MTs. Pay used to be decent, is less than mediocre for that horrible editing platform we are forced to use. ROMs have nothing to do but yell at the MTs and invent first grade games to play. I would rather have had the $1.48 postage and $1.00 it cost for the mouse pad and strip calendar.

Remember the old days when Edix used to give the Drake and Drake drug book for MT week? That was when Edix was a good company, too.
I had an atrocious ESL acct with them. Left after a few weeks. nm
Good & bad posts in the past. Must work 1 Sat. a month. Supposed to be gross line pay. Some days
The pay is way too low and Softmed
Recent Oracle contact said it was atrocious for several reasons, and you pay your own LD. Would
It wasn't my experience when I was there. Atrocious ESL account! And I am experienced. Can't
Buddy of mine said the ESL load at SScript was atrocious
Question about Softmed

I currently work for a hospital from my home as an IC MT. They will be converting to SoftMed in about a month.  They cannot tell me now if this will affect me. Is this is a program that will eventually take my job from me?  I know nothing about this program.  


It isn't SoftMed, it is SmartMed
SoftMed...as in ChartScript??
I despise ChartScript!
Can anyone provide info on Softmed/Chartscript or Softmed/Chartscript.net? I have used Chartscript.net before but do not know if this is the same thing and was told I might have to go to this (Softmed). I'm confused. Are Softmed and Chartscript.net the same thing?

What is Softmed like? Can I use my ShortHand expander? Any info appreciated. Thanks.
Softmed is the name of the company sm
Chartscript (maybe Chartnet) is the software. Only Expander program I know for sure that works with this software is InstantText.
This mama says the same thing about TransTech. My accts just happened to be atrocious. nm
have heard of SoftMed but not MedSoft :(
ChartScript through SoftMed....anyone able to do this with a satellite?

And if you can....are you having any luck with the speed issue?  TX!

Companies that use SoftMed/ChartScript? sm

I am looking to move from an employee position at a hospital into a PT or IC position. We currently use SoftMed/ChartScript. Are there any companies that use this platform that hire for PT employees or IC?

Thanks for your help! 

..this if you currently work there? How is the Apex software to use? nm
Dictaphone Software/VR work
I am finding that I have to work 12 hours when doing VR work to come close to getting 1000 lines. Is anybody else having a hard time getting lines when doing VR work on this platform? I work for Focus and am just curious if it is just me.
I also got put on 2 atrocious ESL accts with them last year. Couldn't make any lines. These dudes
That's what a contact told me about using CareFlow. Don't know about SoftMed or anything else
Not a good company. Their pay is low and software hard to work with sm
although now they say DocQScribe which means they have picked up MQ accounts like other companies.  I would stay away. 
Posts from 2/2006 said they were running out of work. They use MTWorld software. nm
Did anyone ever tell you why no cut/paste? I always want to know why. sm
But I'm not going to be able to continue working for them, since they just don't have enough work during the time I have available, so it won't be a problem. 
I am trying to paste...

My resume in the Transtech application form.  I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to do that? 




Cut & Paste why?
I have been curious about this for a while.  Why do companies need us to cut and paste our resumes into an email rather than attaching them.  9 out of 10 companies on MTjobs request this and go so far as to say they will DELETE emails with attachments.  Anyone know or have a guess?
Was there a short time last year. You work as an employee, not IC. Different software/diff. accts.
Info is obviously a cut and paste.
Anyone could do it. Why would OSi stoop so low?
going to cut and paste your post
because everything you have said is so very, very true.  I don't have 31 years of experience - but I do have 25 years of transcription/secretarial experience and 12 years of MT - so I have a little bit of an idea what I am doing - and you are so right - if you cannot at least bring in $100 a day - why bother?  I am at that point too.  I am doing SR for 4.5 cpl now - but have something else in the works - it is my very last straw.... so not giving up quite yet.  I am so very, very sorry for what you have gone through - know you are not alone - not sure what can be done - but you are not the only one in this boat!!
Copy and Paste....

I have a few of my own standards in MS Word that I will copy and paste into Meditech, but I find the tabs do not translate over to Meditech. Do you have this problem as well? It is aggravating because I have to fix these when I go back to the Meditech screen

I posted a cut and paste of what sm
they sent me and it clearly states that you are hired as an SC and then are offered SE status.  That's pretty clear.  My question is why would they hire you as SC status, tell you when to work and then offer you SE status?  Pretty fishy.  I understand you don't like the comment I made about being pimped out but I don't know what else to call it when folks accept this practice of working as an SC being told what and when, paying double taxes and putting up with this stuff.  your just handing your hard-earned money over!
I use Meditech and don't cut and paste
and it's fine for me.....we use Word inside Meditech so I have all my macros and stuff.
resume cut/paste
This might help you out :)
thanks for the copy and paste--sm
but latest and related are not the same thing. all I am seeing are posts that were placed after mine and nothing in relation to the original post questioning the company. sorry again.