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Posted By: luv2type on 2005-10-10
In Reply to: If their ad is gone, they probably got swamped with resumes & aren't hiring. nm - wondering

Teletype...out of California? I used to work there YEARS ago...if it is the same one...who knows. If it is, I never got paid, and I started out with a lot of work, but then the work gradually dwindled down to nothing. Word had it that the owner was phony..he actually wasn't running a business at all - it was all just a set up to get people's personal information, i.e. SSN, etc. Good luck with that one, and I hope we are not talking about the same place for your sake.

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I'd like to know also. Anyone out there know about Teletype?
Maybe Intellitype out of California? I do know they hire ICs only so no benefits. I am sure others can give you more info though.

re: teletype
There is a company called Intellitype at Intellitype.com
Anybody heard of Teletype, Inc.?

Can't find them listed anywhere on the internet - yet they are supposed to be an 18 year-old company.  TIA.

Info on Teletype, Inc out of CA????
Teletype paying by the page.

Anybody work for them.  Any comments.

Must be TransTech. Teletype doesn't get mentioned too often. nm
Anybody have any recent information on Teletype of California?
I see a lot of old stuff back to 2005 not very good, anything current about them?
I've only heard of Intellitype. Never heard of Teletype.