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Thank you. I DO appreciate it. I do deal with strict QA now...sm

Posted By: qMT on 2008-01-15
In Reply to: They restructure their QA/ sm - MTMT

but at least they don't threaten to deduct your paycheck for it.

It sounds like their (Transolutions) QA is a lot tougher now...hmmmm....maybe it's not worth the extra benes...

Thanks again MTMT.

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Maybe if this deal loses clients, I can work out an at-home deal with one of my current accounts.
Or else get a McJob at McDonald's flipping McBurgers....
Strict TAT
I think there is work. From my experience, the MTSOs just want the work done within minutes, so they overstaff the accounts to make sure there is never a backlog. Good for them, bad for the MT.
Way too strict about scheduling
Very strict. If you have any question SM
as to whether you can make the minimum, don't even apply.  This also goes for when the work is low, they still expect minimum.
As far as I know, in the strict Muslim
countries, to which Saudi Arabia belongs, women are only allowed to work as nurses or teachers.

They want American MTs because they perceive them, rightfully, as the best, and they are ready to pay well for quality.

I see this as compliment. It is not that Muslim men and women regard every foreign women as immoral. They judge and differentiate according to the woman's behavior. If she is decent and virtuous, she is treated with respect.
I can imagine that there are restrictions regarding clothing, food and drinks, and lifestyle in general, but if we decide to live in another continent with a different religion and culture, we have to respect that.
Do you know how strict they are on their required experience? Thanks! nm
When I worked for JLG, it was pretty strict sm
about work schedules. I did not realized they kept track of my time via the ICQ messenger, which I kept turning off because of persistent, numerous, disruptive, and annoying messages from people on the Net I didn't know. I didn't realize this and had to make up for time they claimed I didn't work but actually did. Maybe it's better now.
Are they extremely strict with schedules? nm
They're very strict with their lines sm

You'll get harrassing certified letters and nasty e-mails.  You're required to meet your lines by the 3rd payperiod.  They get really nasty to you too...they were all sugar sweet and helpful until I stood up for myself, and then their true colors came through.

Unless you're a very fast transcriptionist, it's almost impossible to make your lines.  I'm just an average transcriptionist.  I have always been able to make my lines at other places of employment, but never at TH.  They run out of work A LOT (read--nearly every single day) and have a butt-load of foreign doctors.  A really bad combination if you want to make your lines.

Some people love them, but I'm not one 'em!  I'm glad they're ancient history with me.  I work for a much better company now.

Ugh ...recruiter sent me the info .. seems very strict .. thanks nm
Better read the IRS specs first. There are strict....sm
instructions on whether to call a worker an IC or an employee. An employer can be in big trouble for mandating any specifications of a job if he/she is calling a worker an IC. They are starting to crack down on that, too, especially with companies who have several workers. It's about time, in my opinion, that places get in trouble! If you don't put up with it, it will stop happening.
WEBMEDX - how strict are they with their schedules and clocking in and out? TIA nm

I have to work 8-hour strict schedule SM
Platform is either Chartmatrix or Enterprise, average pay, the company is just average all around.  It's not horrible but it also isn't great.  Up until 6 months ago I would have recommended to give them a try, but they have started this downhill slide, feels more like Spheris now.  I have felt this for the last 6 months.  When the job market opens up a bit more I'm going to look around.
Can someone elaborate on the strict conditions of the contract?
The IC contract under which I currently work is very flexible and I've never had a problem with the MTSO except work is a little slow right now so I've got to be VERY flexible to make my lines.

I was considering a few other places to fill in the gap and Fast Chart was one of them.

I'd love more details about how restrictive the contract is and more details about the pay cut you'd be expected to take. Is their salary lower than the other MTSOs?

Thanks for any extra enlightenment you can provide!
While I think it would be difficult to work a very strict schedule at home - sm
I do believe that every MT should have a window in which they are expected to do their work. That benefits everyone involved, the MT, the company, as well as the hospital. I pretty much adhere to the same hours every day, unless something unexpected (emergency situation) comes up. I just think it is easier that way. However, in the summer time, I like to adjust my hours a bit to be able to work in the early a.m. while the kids are still sleeping. I work the same hours over the summer though. Working at home around your family is not easy, so there has to be a little flexibility on both sides. Going to an office to work without your everyday family and life interruptions, I believe, is quite different.
I think the only thing they are strict on is downloading things to the computer. sm
General surfing the web and stuff isn't a problem. I surf the web all the time for medical references, etc... and I haven't ever had a problem. I know that they are strict about not downloading anything to the computer because it may cause a conflict with the software they use.

Hope that helps.
Just curious...how strict is TT about having 5 years' experience before applying? NM
Keystroke radiology - flexible shift or strict?
I have tried searching the archives and found conflicting information.  A few posts say you must work an assigned shift but other posts say work when you want.  Which is it, or is it both depending on the account? 
Strict on the days. It depends on the account as to the flexibility. nm
Does Webmedx has a strict schedule or a window to get work done?
I tried searching boards, but too many entries came up. Thanks
Do any companies allow you to edit the dictation somewhat or are you strict verbatim? First time do
Question about SoftScript. Strict schedule, can you quit when you get your lines? (sm)

I saw a posting before that said you were good to go as long as you signed in on time and did your lines.  Is this accurate? 

Also, I have seen they are offering 7 cents per line regardless of experience.  Is this still true? 

Question about SoftScript. Strict schedule, can you quit when you get your lines? (sm)

I saw a posting before that said you were good to go as long as you signed in on time and did your lines.  Is this accurate? 

Also, I have seen they are offering 7 cents per line regardless of experience.  Is this still true? 

Amphion hires part-time - they're very strict schedule-wise though
Since part time is so hard to find these days your options are limited, so if you don't mind working for a company that is a stickler for strict schedule adherence, I say try Amphion.
Good Company, but yes very strict supervisor or mine was anyway! As long as you meet the deadline
you are safe!  They were strict when I was with them though
Okay, here's the deal...
I am a Transcender myself. I have just put in my notice, but in hindsight, wondered if I was being fair. I was becoming disillusioned about certain things and could not decide if it was just my perception and if I was the only one who noticed or if I was doing something wrong that I wasn't getting the same benefits as some others and wanted to know what others thought.

I think what I've come up with here is that it is a combination of both - that at times, I put all I had into it and didn't get much in return and at times, I could've put in more. Live and learn, I guess.
I was up the next day. It's not that big of a deal.
I don't know where you were going with this post, "In the know," as it's hard to tell if you're commiserating, bashing V, or accusing her of something. Sounds like maybe this is something between the two of you given the tone, but I'm going to post this anyway.

Dunno why. Hope you're both on good terms!
Here is the deal
The work load is down tremendously which in turn is causing the transcriptionists to have lower than normal line counts. I do wish you luck making the 2000 lines per day, but honestly I don't know if that will happen. Be cautious if they "promise" that work will never run out. I think we all have been told that at one time or another. Other than the lack of work right now, Medquist is a really nice company to work for. I just hope the work load situation is temporary!
Oh big deal!
Hey, we got CHAPSTICK for Christmas! ROFL - seriously, congrats on sticking it out - U deserve the best, as do we all in this profession!
What is the big deal
They are asking you to pull a small 30 minutes a weekend, is that so bad? I too am enjoying the slower time after so much work - most companies require everyone to work an 8 hour shift Saturday or Sunday, as does QT for the newer hires, you should be happy it is only 30 minutes you are asked to do!!
Here's the deal.
The first time I ever emailed them for more work, no one got back to me for 12 hours, by which time the point was moot. On subsequent occasions when I have been out of work or low and they are broadcasting for help on other accounts, I help out but then end up getting stuck on that account and NEVER any of the good dictators -- all the crap. So, anyway, now I just flex and hope to hit a run of the dictators I can understand every now and then.
big deal,.....
so, you are one person who LOVED them. I did not have any problem getting their quota, but I did not like the management's snobby and uppity-type treatment day in, and day out. Tech people were good, but the rest absolutely SUCKED.

MQ, now there is something to write home about. I never worked for them, but my friend does, and does not like them, but she stays with them because she is in her 60s.
one raw deal i see here is this
anyone in the world can post and name a company, say anything they want. person could be a teenager just out carrying on, a disgruntled mt, an employee of a competitor ... ANY PERSON say ANYTHING and NAME a company but companies sure don't hvae the right to name problem employees do they?

i think fair is fair: if companies can be named, so should people but no more anonymous situations. gotta name yourself. lol

that would cut a lot of this garbage out.
My deal
With Focus, it seemed to me that they let the subcontracted companies take precedence over actual Focus employees.  They get the work - like today as an example - I have no work to type, because it was given to the subcontractors.  That is my reason for seeking a second company to supplement my income.  On Focus pay right now with no work and the subcontracted companies TAKING WORK OUT OF MY QUEUE WHEN IT IS DOWNLOADED FOR ME TO TYPE...you get the picture.
I believe it is a done deal. (nm)
what's the deal
They acted like they needed help but won't contact anybody
that's the deal..
Yep, it looks like the only choice is to suck it up or switch jobs.  Truth it, there are so many awful surprises at new jobs these days that I'd rather just suck it up than switch jobs.  But, I did want to make an earnest effort to find out the truth if it is out there for the finding.  I'm weird that way; I like to actually KNOW when I'm being lied to..and worse.  It's totally up to me as to whether I let them do it to me. right?
Get this deal......sm
I was just recently hired by a company, sent in all my new-hire paper work, given a start date and then never heard from them again.  It just so happened that I ran my free credit report and noticed the company had checked my credit.  My credit is shot to say the least mostly due to this job and its fluctuations in pay.  I pay the bills when I can pretty much, but I always pay them.  I was shocked at my score, but I still can't believe they didn't have the courtesy to let me know that they decided against giving me the job because of my bad credit.  Just never heard from them again.  Very disappointing, and given the fact that they have all my stuff, SS#, license, W4, signatures, etc., this somehow doesn't even sound legal to me.  But even if it is legal, shouldn't you contact me and let me know you are not giving me the job and have destroyed my paperwork or something!!   Does this sound like a recruiter doing her job properly? 
What is the big deal?
I would go for it...Having no PTO is really not that big of a deal (sm)
although it is nice to have.  Still, you can take time off w/o pay and make it up if you want.  As someone else who is in their 50s I can tell you having the benefits and 401-K is much more important and I think is sounds like a good situation.  Good luck!
I don't see the big deal in the msg - sm
It's giving you the basics so you can decide whether to move forward with the hiring process.  Imagine all the time that would be wasted if a company tests 10 different people while 10 more are waiting and then those first 10 people get to the interview and decide they don't meet the requirements, can't meet the requirements, etc.  What's the big deal?  And that email message most likely came with a privacy disclaimer.  Before you say it, no I don't work for this company. 
Here is the deal (sm)
First of all, it would bother me to no end that they have MTs that have different rules just because they have been there longer (every weekend work versus 1 day a month??). Secondly, do you not think they can block you in Bayscribe and route the work to those MTs that have been there longer to keep them? Therefore, it sounds like you guys are all overflow MTs that they let in the system when work is high and don't care if you don't get work when it is low. I worked there before...I know for a fact they HOUND you to work extra and work extra (everything is a friggin crisis) but when there is no work you will never hear from them. Hmmm, why? They don't care its that plain and simple. I do think also there is something to this pushing the prn at 7.5 cpl thing. That's ridiculous. So, you keep your commitment and they don't have to keep a commitment to you? They want to say you didn't keep your commitment so they can push you to quit or take prn. I know...it happened to me. My best advice...stop idealizing a company that doesn't exist anymore. They used to be good...very good. That has changed and it is not good anymore and hasn't been for quite a while. It is hard to accept when you like your accounts and the system and maybe even the people (some would be hard to believe though ;) but accept what is reality and move on. Don't let them degrade your skills by using you this way. BTW, most of the positive posts I see on here I suspect are written by somebody in the company, a specific somebody actually given the way they write, to defend their reputation and to placate you guys. I know its hard and I'm not trying to be harsh but its the truth and I believe everything you are saying because I know first hand also. So, if you know the truth and its staring you in the face, don't let your wishes of how it could be or used to be mess you up so you can't pay your bills. That was the hard thing I had to accept myself. GOod luck everybody! Believe in yourself and know there is better out there.
What's the deal
I agree. What's the deal with them anyway? Do you think they just don't think or they just don't care?

I keep wanting to ask someone in authority at my company if they have EVER brought these things to the physicians' attention.

All those things are such ridiculous time wasters and risk for errors. I just don't get it.

It would be like if their patients kept getting up and running around, talking over the doctor, making phone calls, etc. while the doctor was trying to examine them or do surgery.

I am quite sure we have the only profession where we are supposed to work around and in spite of this type of thing. It's CRAZY!!

I think someone should say to someone ... are you KIDDING me?!!?

Do you think we could send anonymous letters (or make up a name for our group of MTs) to medical facilities and physicians and get any result? Like, start the letter, Have you ever thought about what it must be like to ... I really think we should try to do something.

Honestly, what year is it?!?
The deal is..
I feel for you, also; however, are coders paid on production? BIG difference,and I think most would agree that is where our main frustration lies. Time is money for us .. literally.

Happy Holidays to all! :)
What is the deal?
I have been recently looking for something part time to supplement what I am currently doing.  It has been about 2 years since I have searched for a job, but in the past, I have always been responded to fairly quickly once I applied.  I have 10 years experience with multiple specialties.  I do not really want to work for any of the BIG companies anymore as I have done that in the past and hated it, and I'm only looking for IC work.  I have never had this problem before so I'm assuming it has something to do with the economy.  Has anyone else been experiencing this as well? 
99% of the company is not on SR -- what;s the deal??
Most of the company is not on speech rec and probably never will be. From my standpoint, SR is better than shipping it to India.

I like that Transcend is very open with all its MLSs.
I think sarcasm is the only way to deal
not Happy OSi'er....but another OSi'er who is happy
I know I am, but what are you? Pleeeeze!!!!! Are we adults here or are middle schoolers doing MT now?!
Not a good deal there! sm
You will be doing all different dictators and jumping back and forth from account to account with different formats. You have to format headers/footers and they are all different for each dictator. I tried it for 2 days and the owner sent me a picture of himself. How weird is that?!!! Kinda out there.........
?? Why the name calling? Deal with it..
Disappointed, but don't know what the deal is
I had an interview set up today by Amphion at 9:00 a.m. - no call. Very strange - she called me Monday morning and asked for my schedule this week to set up an interview - I told her anytime, any day except Friday - she said Wednesday at 9:00 EST. OK, now it's 9:56 and still no call. I'm so disappointed - she said my testing was awesome, etc. - maybe I'll give them a call later and see what happened? Don't know.