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Thank you to all the KS people who posted below - Love this board! NM

Posted By: mt on 2008-02-24
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This is the Company Board. You should have posted on tech board. nm
Posted on wrong board. Plz see Seekers board.
She posted down under the Love Your Job? thread. nm
So was this job ever posted on the job board?
Did anyone see the real job for traveling transcription? I'm just curious because I cannot find it anywhere. Did the administrator remove the original posting for some reason?
One just posted for that on the job board....
Look further down the board, some posted

Some posts were removed??? for some reason, don't know why, nothing offensive or inflammatory.

So 10 reports as they say 2 to 3 hours, that would be 8 to 18 minutes a report, no idea how long reports are,  on unfamiliar dictators, at 2 to 2.5 lines a minute.

These places get out their calculators and think ... HEY!!.

Another job post today, $10-15 an hour they say, $1.10 a page. Really now, 10 to 15 pages an hour.?  It is there on MTStars top of list.  Grab it???  

SO right! People who get paid to bring people on-board -sm
to these companies (few, if any, are 100% honest, it seems), are going to be honest and tell you anything that isn't rosy and sugar-coated. Having a good prospective MT walk because the company isn't so great means less green dollars in their bank account every month. They're not going to tell us anything that DOESN'T make them more money.
I am only stating that she posted on another board. I don't know her
one way or the other, you are right. I am not the basher. I just thought that post would clarify what someone else said. That's all. I am not bashing this woman. I am just giving information that I read while posting a question about Transtech on another board
Does anyone know anything about CardioScribes, posted on the job board? sm

I LOVE cardio, but I have never heard of this company.  I sent them my resume, but was just curious if anyone had any experience with them, good or bad.  I see these posts about people working and not getting paid, and it is rather scary.  I enjoy what I do, but not so much that I want to do it for free.

Thanks for your help.

I posted on the main board also - sm

I've worked with MedQuist, Keystrokes, Lee Perfect, AAA Transcription, You See Solutions, using a multitude of platforms - Scribes, Word, WP, Emdat Inscribe, etc.  I've worked as an IC and employee.  I've used 65 character and gross lines.  I worked in the heyday as did many when you could easily get 12 cpl as an IC and employee, but the facts are the facts.  I know earn 9 to 10 cpl, character line since that seems to be the most prevailant.  I do not like it, but I do it. I've left companies because of crappy platforms (at least in my opinion - others loe them) or issues with being paid.  My time is valuable and I will hunt down and find the place that I can make the most.  It's time consuming but worth it in the end when you find your niche.  It can be frustrating and rewarding in the end.   I've earned anywhere from $25 to $50 an hour depending on account, platform, line counting, etc.  I'm currently making $30 an hour with a 65 character coiunt and 9.5 cpl. 

Just like with every career option there are some who are just better at the job than others.  That does not not mean that those who struggle are bad, but someone else can do better and that is not a bad thing either. 

Maybe some people are not truly cut out for  the job even if they truly want it.  Some have higher expectations than others and will never attain the high hourly average.  Some are happy just making $15 an hour.  Everyone has their own needs and expectations.

I do not see why anyone cannot make close to $25 an hour doing this job.  I've been doing it for 20 years - acute care, clinic work, high ESL, etc.  and I've always managed to make $25 an hour or more.  I do not even like the job anymore, but I'm good at it and I make a really good buck doing it.  When I finish my schooling for my next career choice, something I love to do, I'll leave the field knowing full well I will not make near the money I made at MT for quite sometime. 

If you are doing Acute Care with high ESL, maybe you need to switch to something else.  Regardless, the work is out there - you may have to look for it, but if I cannot average $25 an hour, then I do not want the work and I'll look  elsewhere until I find the right fit.  I've  had to do it before when a company changed platforms, but I eventually found something else and moved on.  My time is precious and I'm greedy. 

I'm sorry. Posted to the wrong board.
I posted this on the main board as well, but --
take note. There is an error in the above mentioned link. There is a space between con and gress. I had to remove that space in order to get to the site. congress should be all one word, not con gress. just saying. thanks
Why is this posted on the Company board?
Before I get screamed at sorry I posted on the wrong board....
my apologies.
He posted comments on the word board
on Jan 25 that there was a lot of misinformation about his company and then made the statement about people going to the source to find out the truth.  I think he and empty pockets may be fast friends.
I posted a response on the main board to you
Please read it! Big difference between identify theft from resumes and PHISHING for info to possibly commit identify theft. If you read the article, it says they take the info from the resumes and send PHISHING emails out to people to get more information to commit the crimes, they cannot just commit the crimes with the general info alone that is in the resumes. Obviously, you should never click a link in an email unless you're completely sure who it is from and should never just give your SS# and bank/cc account information out to someone.
I have no idea. It is posted on the job seekers board.


I posted this on the main board. Though I would post it here as well.

If you want mandatory credentialling, then do something about the pay range for MTs!  8 cpl does not cut it when you consider the knowledge and education required for a qualified MT.

Coders in the midwest (where I live) who have their CCS make $20/hr with little to no experience!  Do not for one minute compare the CMT to the CCS!!  AHIMA is taking care of its coders, making sure coders and records techs are acknowledged for their expertise in the heath information industry and compensated for achieving their credentials.  The ADHI only wants our money.  They have done absolutely nothing for the MT who is credentialed --- 8 cpl or 9 cpl!?!?!!? --- does that sound like we are highly regarded health information professionals to you? 

She posted on the main board as well - ridiculous
Thank you for saying that. Most people here just love to trash people.
It is against board rules though.
They have weekend Radiology jobs that were posted on the job board May 8..(sm)
other than that, you would probably have to call.  Good Luck!
oops..went back 2 far and posted on wrong board
I posted on the wrong board .. sorry. But the bank said since she had my passcode (I stupidly sm
kept it hidden in my billfold) that I am liable.   My concern is that while I am fighting everything, I will end up on the street.  Work had been light and was just trying to turn around, and now this.  Sorry to have whined.  Desperate times, desperate measures, I guess. 
Untrue. You posted a couple times on the Main board.
This looks like exactly the same thing you put there. What, you didn't insult enough people there? Come over to the company board to try to hurt more people who are worried about their incomes? Sick stuff. Get some help.
What people are saying about Keystrokes is not hype like another company posted, this is really how
You cannot go wrong. They are as honest as the day is long.
Read the Sticky post at at the top of the Main board that I posted and that will explain it.


I love this board.
Other people actually ask the questions I'm afraid to ask. Thanks for sharing the answers. I'm math challenged, and the time sheet is a big anxiety producer for me.

I'm part time now, and I hardly worked at all in the last 2 weeks because I can survive without the pay for a while (have to hear DH whining, of course), but I know many of you are single-income families, and needed to work more than me.
Love the MTStars Job board....

No Jobs from MTSOs involved in offshoring, sending good/easy dictators to India, Pakistan, Philippines etc and keeping the ESL garbage for us here.

Love the MTStars Job board....
No Jobs from MTSOs involved in offshoring, sending good/easy dictators to India, Pakistan, Philippines etc and keeping the ESL garbage for us here.
I just love it when management posts on this board.
either since there is no work. LOL too funny.
the more I know people, the more I love my pets
I love it when people are jealous
and post negative remarks because a fellow MT is doing their job!!!! 
Places love people who can do
the lousy accounts. That is one less problem for them. Have you thought about going elsewhere?

I was a CMT once. Big waste of money.
The one in Houston is the one people love
Yep one of two people on this board
Some people just love to stir things up.

Love new job, people, platform etc. but BORED (sm)
The accounts I have are under 200 beds, hardly any ops and those are most Csections, EGD, colonoscopies.  Hardly even a chole or appy.  New enough I don't want to really complain to my supervisor.  Thinking about picking up PT job just to keep my skills up in OP department.  Used to working 500 to 800 bed hospitals with lots of exciting ops.  Should I shut up and be glad I like the comany? 
You people are a joke on this board...
the original poster just asked a simple frigging question! I used to work at OSi and I know who he/she is referring to. JP was a nice lady, and someone I learned a lot from, and maybe she just wondered if she still worked there.
Many people come to this board to find out
have had with MT companies that they may be checking out or applying to. I personally appreciate any information that I gain from this board and from the experiences - good or bad - of anyone who is kind enough to post that information before other people have a terrible experience with a company like not getting paid, like getting ripped off, like being lied to, or otherwise. I've also found a great transcription job as a direct result of the positive comments made about that company on this very board. If you want everyone to post nothing but positive comments, what is the significance of the Company board?

Who died and left you in charge of being the posting police?
And you trust the people on this board?
There are a lot of angry people on this board, but some of us here
are professionals and it is very difficult to read boards with the amount of unprofessionalism we see on these boards. I think we can expect it from some MTs in our field but when the companies come and act totally unprofessional I believe that is where we should take it that that company will be no different if you work for them.
Why must people be so negative on this board?? nm
exactly....all of the people that I know that work for Keystrokes are happy and love their job...
move on if it is not the right fit for you...there are plenty of other companies out there...
Lots of people work for Adept and LOVE us
Would Adept hire you back? It's a two-way street, you know? This is irresponsible.
People don't "choose" who they love. My family is broke s/m
as broke can be, but I would not trade my husband or anything else for all of the money in the world. Your comment was pretty rude. The original poster is obviously just feeling discouraged. Who in the h*ll are you to judge who she picked or to act as if perhaps she just get a better husband? You sound like a spoiled child.

Not to mention your grammar. Are you an MT? You SHOULD OF CHOSE a better husband ?? Nice. You might be more careful the next time you want to insult someone that you don't come off looking incompetent yourself.
There are a lot of people who do and it seems that most love working there. I started 6 months ago
and have no complaints at all. It is refreshing to work for a company that treats employees as individuals, not just a number. I also like that they do not send work offshore and that I only have one main account. I do have 2 back-up accounts, but have never worked on them after training. I am lucky that my main account is very busy, too busy most of the time!

When we get on this board and complain about our line count at SoftScript we get immediately told to go away.  Our lines disappear day by day.  Yet, any post for OSi or MQ seems to stay.  We are people with legitimate gripes too (not to).  Yet, we in turn get told to find a new job while you people continually gripe about your companies stealing from you.  Try getting your lines taken away from you on a retrospective day to day basis and see how you like it.  At least your lines are still there the next days, ours are not.  WE HAVE A RIGHT TO GRIPE TOO. 

This is so true. People on MQ board always complaining, but sm
things do not seem to be that much better elsewhere according to a lot of posts on here. It's always something.
People have asked moderators for VR board, not just this
particular company.
Its why people complain about negativity on this board
Some people want to think that the people posting negative things here are just malcontents.  Sometimes, when a person speaks the truth, half a dozen other folks jump on to say its not the truth and everything is roses and rainbows.  Usually the truth is somewhere in the middle.  But some people would prefer to believe the sunshine being blown you-know-where by recruiters because they want to think they have lucked into a goldmine.  Well, its a crap shoot - maybe you did and maybe you didn't.  Each person's truth is going to hit them only after they are working the account.  So if she only wants to hear about the rainbows, let her have her fantasy.  Reality will come soon enough when she gets no paycheck.  Then she can pay her bills with all the rainbows.
I love it there. Tons of work, great people. I am 100% happy.