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That's no big deal. Flex if you must.

Posted By: Newer TT'r on 2009-03-06
In Reply to: And the first thing Monday morning sm - nm

I, for one, hate to work on a Monday, and find it great if I can flex that day. There is so much I need to do on a Monday, so it falls right into my schedule.

Usually it only happens at the end of the pay period, not every Monday,  but don't complain about it unless you want to change your schedule.Then talk to someone about it. I flex all the time if necessary.

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Maybe if this deal loses clients, I can work out an at-home deal with one of my current accounts.
Or else get a McJob at McDonald's flipping McBurgers....
thanks for your help.  I don't have kids either or another job, but from time to time an emergency has come up but my present job seems to frown on it even though I usually make the time up or use PTO, and plus I like to stretch my legs that might not be on a scheduled break but still very much needed once again.  Thanks!
They do have a flex
You have a 12 hour window to return work, and also for some of the clinic and acute care positions they do offer M-F positions.  They did ask for a preferred schedule because I am interested in employee status and not IC.  I'm looking for a position that has healthcare benefits and the cost at MedScribe is fair.  They also have a bonus plan.  I am testing with them now.
Not all of them. The one that I am on is flex.
You could flex or PT on the IC...SM
job, since as an IC, they cannot hold you to a schedule or line count.  You can see how the IC account, the one you want, holds up until you throw in the first job.  To pass muster, the new job should: A) provide you with enough work, and B) provide you with good, honest communication between yourself and mgmt. The bottom line is, which company will give you the bigger bang for your buck, ie, better decision money-wise.  Good luck on your decision.
Are they willing to flex for you whenever you need it
Or are they one of those who make you stick to a schedule when it's convenient for them?

My company's great about me flexing, which is why I don't mind flexing for them when needed. I understand not everyone has such flexibility, though I wish we all did.
you should consider returning PT flex....
if you get cesspool, sign off. If you get your accounts stay on. It is not too hard to get 2000 lines per week. You could probably manage it on the weekend when work volume is higher.

My work pools have improved over the last month or so. I get my primary, secondary, and then accounts from my PS's BOB. Usually I sign off when my primary and secondary are finished.
Thanks for the info! I'm already PT-Flex
with MQ so probably would do both for a while. My only problem with MDI would be 5 days a week as I do have something else going on. I work four 5-hour days now and it works great for me. I'm going to call MDI today. Good luck to you!
flex time
Sometimes when it is slow in the morning, I e-mail the office and flex my hours to work a few hours in the evening depending on what my plans are. I have found the work ALWAYS picks up later in the afternoon. I know this doesn't work for everybody, but I always manage to get more than my minimum by being flexible when I can be.
Flex e-mail
Well, I actually AM an employee, but I haven't seen any e-mail about flexing.  This is why I was asking.  Maybe it went to the other IDC loop.  Sorry that I asked.
Flex time
Am looking to slow down,  does flex time even exist anymore or per diem ?  Would appreciate any input, looking to do approximately 10 - ? hrs a week to keep up skills. 
Flex time
Flex time as we once knew it no longer exists at the co I work for. The only time flex time comes into play is when you've had OT earlier in the week and on Friday you are asked to flex off your OT hours...sign out early so they don't have to pay you OT. We can sometimes flex our time to get in our 8 hours for power outages, electrical storms, etc. Otherwise, strictly assigned hours.javascript:editor_insertHTML('text','');
Yes, I have to flex but that's my own choice

I draw from a pool of work; sometimes it's heavy.  I also juggle 3 other accts on my own.  I often flex all around due to my life, but if I were an employee, I'd have a big problem with no work available during my set schedule. 

Have you considered an IC position?  I know most require a set schedule these days, but obviously it doesn't work very well when the workflow cannot be controlled.

I've been doing this a long time and not one day for me has been just an even keel... it's the nature of the business I suppose.  We can't control who gets sick when and if or how often they see the doctor or are admitted to the hospital.  It's definitely a profession where you have to say enough is enough and that report can wait a bit until I take care of this or that....  good luck to U! 

Yes they offer flex schedules
You have a 12 hour window to get in your daily scheduled hours.
Is it a given you can flex and make up time or (sm)
do you have to have specific permission from your supervisor? I know when I worked for MQ it was always designated when you could and couldn't make up time.
no PTO for Flex PT. Yes, they provide equip. nm
Need PT Flex with 401K Matching

Does anyone know about any companies out there where I can still work PT and get matching or 1/2 matching contributions to a 401K?  I have 10 years before official SS retirement. 

Thanks for your info. I had considered doing PT flex with MQ (sm)
to sort of cover my bases, but I have such a good feeling about Webmedx and I want to go into the situation open minded and refreshed and free to put all my effort into the new position.

I too will be on the Enterprise side I think, at least I know I am using their computer.

Thanks again. Soon-to-be-coworker.
They are no longer hiring PT flex MTs. nm.
No pay for downtime. You are asked to flex. NM
12-hr flex for me too; definitely depends on your acct. sm
Average pay, nice bonus structure, good benefits. I like the platform and the people.
Flex time? Can you tell me how that works? nm
Do you find you have to flex time too much?
I do sometimes. I picked a set schedule with my company for a reason, and I have a life outside of medical transcription. I don't think companies get that sometimes.
I had to flex yesterday - some of my peaches (sm)
were ready so I made jam with my down time. Well worth it to me yesterday.
If by flex, you mean jumping through hoops,
yes, I flex.  I wouldn't have any work otherwise.  It is all on their terms if I want to get a paycheck. 
Not when you have to flex several times a week
That's not a 2-way street.
Okay. Flex your time. Change your schedule if necessary. sm
If you have been in this business any length of time, you should know how work volumes fluctuate, especially around the holidays. 
By flex your time, do you mean the window they give you (sm)
or something else? I can't even get the hours in during the window for running out of work. Do you just mean make up time during the week? thanks.
A pair of soft flex gloves
Looking forward to using them on days when there's OT.
Does Medquist's part time flex
allow you to work any hours you want or are you tied to a schedule?  I am thinking of applying for extra money.  I am a little leery of the pool, but thought I might try it if need be.  I know many people don't like MQ based on what I read on this board, but think there must still be something decent about them since so many people still do work there.  Thanks you in advance for any information.
Some accts allow flex schedules; ask recruiter. sm
PC provided; you pay 250 deposit, taken out of several pay checks. Refunded when you leave. Overall, I'm a happy camper, have been on board for about 8 years (back when they were Rodeer, then merged with Webmedx). Good benefits (medical, dental, life insurance, PTO and holidays). I like my manager and my accounts. I think it is a great place to work.
if you don't need the benefits, i recommend part-time flex...
Part time flex requires 2,000 lines per week minimum, but you can do more if you like. You need to submit a schedule, but some production supervisors are flexible...mine is very flexible.
They do not provide equipment. Platform is DocQScribe and is great.
I have been with MQ for about 7 years, and they have been very good to me. I have great accounts but low work volume on them. Always seem to be overstaffed on my accounts, but that is why I have a backup with another company.
Good luck.
Questions about Medquist Flex Part-time
if you are flexible part-time and also do they allow any time off with pay or do you just take that time off without pay?  Thank you!
Flex time requires a schedule. Crazy huh?
There is nothing to like about MQ at this point in time. So many people work there because the company needs people but the turnover of people is pretty significant. Be very leery of the pool. It is murky and will not allow you to make money because in that pool are thousands of client profiles you must read to see how to format the report before you can even begin to transcribe and make money. After you read this client profile, you may not see the client again for weeks which was a waste of your time. The speech recognition program is the worst requiring many corrections at a reduced rate of transcribed reports. No one can make real money with the disadvantages MQ gives you to worQ with.
Any bigger companies out there that do 10+ hours flex time?
I'm looking for a job to supplement my income on top of my full-time MT job, but really need one that allows me to log on at any time throughout the week and do, say, 2,000 lines a week or 10 hours a week or something like that.

Are there any companies out there that still offer this or is it too much to hope for? Anyone have a company they would like to recommend? Thanks.
Is Spheris just hiring for flex time positons?
Constant Transtech emails saying they know work is low, but flex . . . .
This is NOT rumor.  Does no good to talk to the company.  They themselves are putting out the NO WORK emails to us.  They are aware of it.  Why talk to them them? 
We are told to flex our schedules to get lines/hours in. (sm)

No one is trying to steal work from other shifts, we are just trying to do our jobs.  Obviously it is not our preference to work outside our hours but we all do what we have to do to make this work for right now.

Hopefully new accounts are in place now and things will level out. 

Have a better day.

I am able to get my lines/hours in as long as I flex a little within my time window. (sm)
Are you hiring on now or just looking? 
Anyone know what full time is at Transtech? Lines or hours? Do they flex schedule? nm
Okay, here's the deal...
I am a Transcender myself. I have just put in my notice, but in hindsight, wondered if I was being fair. I was becoming disillusioned about certain things and could not decide if it was just my perception and if I was the only one who noticed or if I was doing something wrong that I wasn't getting the same benefits as some others and wanted to know what others thought.

I think what I've come up with here is that it is a combination of both - that at times, I put all I had into it and didn't get much in return and at times, I could've put in more. Live and learn, I guess.
I was up the next day. It's not that big of a deal.
I don't know where you were going with this post, "In the know," as it's hard to tell if you're commiserating, bashing V, or accusing her of something. Sounds like maybe this is something between the two of you given the tone, but I'm going to post this anyway.

Dunno why. Hope you're both on good terms!
Here is the deal
The work load is down tremendously which in turn is causing the transcriptionists to have lower than normal line counts. I do wish you luck making the 2000 lines per day, but honestly I don't know if that will happen. Be cautious if they "promise" that work will never run out. I think we all have been told that at one time or another. Other than the lack of work right now, Medquist is a really nice company to work for. I just hope the work load situation is temporary!
Oh big deal!
Hey, we got CHAPSTICK for Christmas! ROFL - seriously, congrats on sticking it out - U deserve the best, as do we all in this profession!
What is the big deal
They are asking you to pull a small 30 minutes a weekend, is that so bad? I too am enjoying the slower time after so much work - most companies require everyone to work an 8 hour shift Saturday or Sunday, as does QT for the newer hires, you should be happy it is only 30 minutes you are asked to do!!
Here's the deal.
The first time I ever emailed them for more work, no one got back to me for 12 hours, by which time the point was moot. On subsequent occasions when I have been out of work or low and they are broadcasting for help on other accounts, I help out but then end up getting stuck on that account and NEVER any of the good dictators -- all the crap. So, anyway, now I just flex and hope to hit a run of the dictators I can understand every now and then.
big deal,.....
so, you are one person who LOVED them. I did not have any problem getting their quota, but I did not like the management's snobby and uppity-type treatment day in, and day out. Tech people were good, but the rest absolutely SUCKED.

MQ, now there is something to write home about. I never worked for them, but my friend does, and does not like them, but she stays with them because she is in her 60s.
one raw deal i see here is this
anyone in the world can post and name a company, say anything they want. person could be a teenager just out carrying on, a disgruntled mt, an employee of a competitor ... ANY PERSON say ANYTHING and NAME a company but companies sure don't hvae the right to name problem employees do they?

i think fair is fair: if companies can be named, so should people but no more anonymous situations. gotta name yourself. lol

that would cut a lot of this garbage out.
My deal
With Focus, it seemed to me that they let the subcontracted companies take precedence over actual Focus employees.  They get the work - like today as an example - I have no work to type, because it was given to the subcontractors.  That is my reason for seeking a second company to supplement my income.  On Focus pay right now with no work and the subcontracted companies TAKING WORK OUT OF MY QUEUE WHEN IT IS DOWNLOADED FOR ME TO TYPE...you get the picture.
I believe it is a done deal. (nm)
what's the deal
They acted like they needed help but won't contact anybody