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That is low. I transcribe faster than that.

Posted By: Wow on 2006-03-31
In Reply to: It was posted that some ME at - Transcend can actually do 300 LPH


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I can transcribe faster than edit
I don't know which VR you are using but the ones I know of and have used require tedious work. I can transcribe faster than I can edit and it puts less stress on me. Maybe it is my experience of 30 years that is the reason and maybe others don't have that much experience but I have seen the end result of those with less experience and it is still a mess when they finish editing because they don't know any difference. Or perhaps you have a vested interest in making VR look good. Not accusing just pondering.
more cpl? or same but faster?
Not really faster....
I have worked on ChartMatrix with the M-modal software and you have to insert these special headings to do this...you press Ctrl + N and then type the heading or pick it from a list and then hit shift to get out of the heading and then start typing again. You also have to do this for each subheading (like for the PE) and to create numbered lists. Much slower than using my Expander and typing a few Keystrokes to get my heading and have it formatted per my account specs instantly. Numbered lists might be considered faster by some, but I already use an AHK script that automatically numbers lists for me. I just don't see where it will be any faster to justify the cut in our line rate.
They'd pay even faster if threatened with
you calling their clients. I doubt very seriously the client wants to be called to court as a witness of work done under your name.
And have you noticed how much faster sm
you need to set the voiceplayer in VR to get the same amount of lines that you got before that upgrade? Unbelievable. Mine is now 50% as opposed to 30%. I barely have time to pee now.
Precyse does, too, if speed is 37K or faster. nm
Okay - we are running low on work now, if we get faster like they think (sm)

will occur with this new improvement, what the heck.  We will just run out of work faster seems to me. 

I know they anticipate more work coming in, but.... so far that hasn't benefited us much.  We have lost about as much as has come in.

I fear even less work at a reduced rate.

One thing I question, doesn't everybody do ISR now?  Sounded like some of the posts insinuated they were going to be forced to START doing it.


Faster, easier, and more reliable than Autocorrect.
They claim "it is so much faster than Spheris".
Takes away my incentive to type faster
Want to work fulltime for benefits, so that requires 8 hour shift, where as previously it was just based on line count in the past, so if one had the ability to type fast and accurate you could get your line count in, in maybe say 6 hours or so and then be done with your shift for the day, thus having a greater incentive to work more efficiently. Now have to sit there 8 hours to make sure I get benefits. I find I tend to type slower, why push myself, etc. (mental thing). I log in first thing, etc. so I don't miss any minutes, etc. I find that I spend at least 30 minutes per day downloading, checking/responding to work e-mails, etc, (not to mention having any type of problems with the computer or logging in like I did this morning, took almost half an hour just to get up and running) and feel that this should also be included in work time as it would be if I was in an office transcribing, etc. Basically, when my foot hits the door to my office, I consider myself at work. Even with logging in first thing, I'm still missing minutes here and there, which add up over the weeks time period. I understand how this program can help the company out with work flow issues etc, but feel that the real purpose in the end is to just monitor the MT, which is why it will eventually be tied to payroll automatically. If you don't get those hours in, even with more than adequate line count, well then we are back to part-time with no benefits, thus saving the company $$$ in the long run. What's your opinion?
Supposedly, editing would be faster than straight typing
and the VR would be ONLY for those doing editing. Not everyone will be doing editing (at Transcend).
Forgive the typos above, I was thinking faster than I was typing...
That's what happens when you drink too much coffee.LOL
I have no real headaches. Sometimes they want a faster turnaround time...
or they want things a certain way, but no biggie..I'd be willing to deal with that for up to 5 cpl than what MTSOs want to pay.
I do over 10K a pay period. The point is this only hurts the faster people.
And that's not you. I came here from MQ and these folks are moving in that same direction. You have a lovely Easter too.
I love working on Meditech. I find it faster than other programs. It really does sm
depend on the account, the version, your connection, etc. There is not a lot of donated time in my opinion. I type upwards of 3000 lines per day (65 character count, not gross) and only work 8 hours. The spellcheck is medical on the account I am on. I use my Expanders for everything. Most of us on the account I am on do over 1500 lines a day, so maybe different accounts are set up different at the actual hospital. I have never lost a report in the middle, although I read that a lot here. I have been working on it for over 3 years.
Spheris, SoftScript, and Precyse (if speed 37K or faster) use dial up
ps: Please excuse typos! "Hands-working-faster-than-brain syndrome!" haha (nm)
I do 25-30, but I also transcribe 25-30. nm

But if you know how to transcribe very well,
Transcribe It
Saw a job post on here from Vicky Fageola (?) from Transcribe It.  Anyone worked for them or know anything about them?  I really need to settle and don't want to waste any more time.  Thanks for any info.
Transcribe It
So did you say you DID work there?  Have you left?  Why did you leave?  How was the work?  Any info at all would be appreciated. 
That's how we transcribe now sm
You don't get to determine what you will and will not type.  Ask for the account specifics and follow them--then you get to keep working.

Hi out there!  Anyone familiar with Transcribe+ platform?   MT-friendly?



Does she transcribe? That is like...
stealing lollipops from babies' mouths. Wassup over there? Do recruiters/sups really take your work. So glad i didn't bite, i thought they were overhiring.
Any info on Transcribe It? nm
I only transcribe about 800-900 lines/day.

As you can see, I'm not fast but my quality is fine. 

Any thoughts?

transcribe 800-900 lines
Do you have a lot of normals and/or are your reports long? Plus do your doctors dictate clearly? I can't get that many lines a day and I can type fast. But it takes a lot of time to proof, look things up, etc. Honestly, how DO you get that many lines a day? I work as fast as I can, but it's hard when the reports are short, no normals, proofing, etc. What am I doing wrong?
what platform do you transcribe in?
You consistently do 350-400 lph?  That is GREAT!
Transcribe it Quick
I was wondering if anyone had heard back from Transcribe It Quick or has worked for them before.  They posted on the job board on 05/09 for per diem transcriptionists.  I received a phone call from a very nice woman who was the owner of the company.  She told me she wanted to hire me, told me all the specifics, welcomed me to the company, etc. and she even had me register with the site and download their player.  She was supposed to call me back that night, and I haven't heard word one back from her.  It sounded like a great job opportunity with great pay.  I called and left a message on her answering machine and I still haven't heard anything.  I thought it was really strange, and I was wondering if anyone had received a phone call back from her and was offered a job. 
No way. It sux. Still transcribe from scratch sm
just get paid less for doing the same work.  We are paying for their faulty software.  Do NOT believe the recruiter.
I appears you don't transcribe

From your post, I gather that you are either QA or QA/recruiting (and maybe hourly?).  I agree that there are some inflated resumes floating around and many MTs do not put out quality work.  Neither of these issues is exclusive to American MTs, though.  I also agree that many MTs quit a job quickly - I'm guilty of this, as well.  There may be a problem with the platform, the interface, the Internet connection, the sound quality, discrepancies in the schedule agreed upon compared to days/hours actually worked, promised percentage of ESL, ability to utilize templates or playouts, workflow, and pay.  These are all issues that can't be foreseen until you actually go to work for a company.  Experienced MTs discuss as many issues as possible with the recruiter prior to hire and hope that the recruiter is honest/informed enough to provide the information necessary, but often that is not the case.  I'm patient with technical problems, as I know they'll be resolved eventually.  But, when you encounter ongoing roadblocks to making a decent living and voicing your concerns to your supervisor/their supervisor/the recruiter gets you nowhere, it's time to move on.  In my opinion, at that point the company has voided the contract, not me.  Your recruiter friend who generally hires twice as many MTs as she needs and ends up holding onto a fourth of them - she's either misstating the conditions of the job or overhiring and starving out the ones who can't afford to sit and wait for something to show up in their queue.  Either way, the MT is the one who loses out.

Transcribe It - any info? (nm)
Audioworx with Transcribe It
Anyone heard of this program?  Sounds similar to WinScribe the way it was described to me, but I wonder if anyone is familiar with this software and/or this company, Transcribe It.  Not sure where they are located.  Woman's name is Vicky Fageol.  Any info. is appreciated!!
if you transcribe around 1 hr of dictation per day are you pt or ft?
Anything else is our gift to the MTSOs and their stockholders.  Sure, they try to BS us and tell us its part of the job.  It's part of the job only because they make it part of our job...gratis.  Our only responsibility, as far as demographics are concerned, is checking that it is the right patient, a number will usually suffice.  The visit number, which causes so much confusion and an unfair burden to the MT, should be the responsibility of the hospital or facility clerical department, but of course, it's easier to pass it on to us.
time to transcribe a note
when I had a transcription service, not MT, the standards we used (put out by a national body) was 4:1, or 4 minutes per 1 minute of dictation (no technical language, 1 voice, no accent). If there was an accent --when isn't there in MT work??? or technical language--also lots in MT work, the time required went up. Of course, if you worked faster, you could do more, but if you charge for straight time you penalize yourself for your skills. I think 1.5-2 minutes as average is not a fair estimate. 4:1 is closer for experience. 16 cents per dictated minute seems pretty low to me.

You need to reach an agreement with her on how she is calculating your pay so that you're both on the same page. Truthfully, what she charges the client is not your business, but you deserve fair pay for your work. If they won't pay you fairly, then move on.

Bottom line--you sell someone your time. You deserve to be paid fairly for it.
Just curious as to what some MTs think the best specialties are to transcribe... Thanks! nm

Does anyone transcribe radiology for Transolutions?

I've never been paid per procedure before, I don't know how to compare it to per line.


Their job is to supply the work, my job is to transcribe it!
Supply me with work and let me do my job! I am keeping up my end of the deal.
I can. I transcribe for a hospital and statistics
When When I am asked to transcribe wav. files (sm)
I say sure -- as long as they are from the dictator/s who transcribe for the account they are considering hiring me for.
Who can transcribe 5000 lines/day?

I have read on here that some of you can transcribe 300 or more lines per hour, which means it would take you around 16 hours a day!! I do not think there is anyone out there that can transcribe 5000 lines a day. He either means 500/day or 5000/week I assume.

Has anyone ever heard of this company or know who this Timothy Olyphant is? What do you think of this job offer? It says transcription project.

I would appreciate any info and your opinions. Thanks


I like to transcribe, but I HATE being poor.

anyone transcribe for cmls california?
I am wondering if anyone has transcribed for CMLS doing QMAs.  I know some people have had somewhat negative experiences with late payment, running line count audits on every bill, and not paying.  Odd behavior given the fact they keep sending loads of work but just not paying. Thanks for any info.  
Anything you transcribe in a header/footer is paid.
Transcribe It out of California..owner Vickie
I have known two people who used the steno machine to transcribe as an MT....sm

Over 10 years ago the one MT was doing 400 lines an hour.  Not sure about the other one.  I know about the software expense to put it into a computer document but since we can only work 40 hours a week now at MQ because we are all employees instead of ICs, I am going to have a lot of time on my hands and thought I could learn it.  I at least want to try and if it doesn't work out, then I won't take it any further.  I also had an email from someone who knows about it and said it can be self taught with good materials.  The most I could do with fine tuning my word Expander is 300 lines an hour and they took that account away from us and gave it to another supervisor.  Now I get crap and it slows me way down.  Can't live on 200 lines an hour.  I need more.


Maybe I am way off base, but I still would like to try.

You didn't by chance transcribe TomKat's
They expect you to transcribe 10 files for a test and
the test.  Then, she contacted me and said I failed, but I'd say probably 8/10 of the files were ESL.  Very unprofessional e-mail contact.  The recruiter was not the actual owner, but the co-owner, and boy did it show.  She made me retake the test stating Okay, now let's try this again, but with no explanation.  I had to wait days in between communications, so I told her she was unprofessional, and she got real snippy and high on her horse.  If I was looking for a change, I certainly would not consider TSSC, as I found them to be very unprofessional. 
Companies who transcribe wave files?
Hi.  I am looking for a good company who will transcribe medical wave files and return them completed in 24 hours via the internet.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?   Thanks.
So if you transcribe 100 lines, you dont get paid for