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That is so odd to me. I have never had an issue

Posted By: MDI-er on 2006-06-24
In Reply to: MDI-Maryland website? - BrokeMama

making the line count and there has always been an overabundance of work since I've been there and they even ask regularly for us to work more if possible because there's so much work, and I don't work on C-phone accounts at all.

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she had an issue with ...sm
anyone who had a brain because she was intimidated by truth and intelligence.  She is driving that company into the ground.  I feel bad for the blind eyes of the owner.  That was a great company in its day, now all I see is a company that is going to sell or go belly up. 
Do you have some issue?
Or do you just like to jab at anybody who has something positive to say?

I don't get it.
If I may, what is the issue
with the pay?  Are they not standard paydays?
I think the issue is
that what started as a simple inquiry as to whether or not other people were also out of work quickly turned to bashing the company and personal bashing of management personnel. From what I gathered, half of the people doing the bashing were never employees. I honestly feel for the OP as I went 4 months making $25 a week if I was lucky at the end of my time with MQ (that was the longest holiday slow down in history). However, I have not had the same experience at MDI and actually am lucky enough to have an abundance of work at the moment. I don't know how Carlotta found out about the comments on here, nor do I care. I would imagine that since it is a public forum she may have run across it herself without an MT blabbing. I believe Carlotta's response was generally saying the issues/slamming in the subsequent posts were things that should be discussed with her, the liasons, and/or Dorothy.
QA issue

I went full through full QA and was released with above 99%. Additionally, I asked my QA for help regularly for help on some difficult dictators (for the future) and she always commented how throrough I was.

That was before the company changed hands, however, and all QA personnel changed.


pay issue
My pay has actually went up, not because of the VR necessarily, but because of DH getting laid off, and the need to work harder, not just meet line requirements (which was my goal prior to lay off).  That is the reason I worked so hard at learning VR. I didn't want to starve (starvation is great motivator)
Well, I'm sure you'll get over your issue with me

and you should stop adding the fuel, I think you are enjoying yourself

don't fret over the OT issue yet
You may find that OT is offered (and sometimes begged for) more often than you think. If you keep a good line of open communication going with your PS, then I really don't think you'll be as bad off as you are projecting.

Something else, too, is that it's always good if you need >40 hours to have a part time company to supplement.
This is not an EXText issue (SM)
It is a company issue. Not all companies that use EXText deduct 30% of your line count. There are several companies that use EXText. Don't get in a panic! Find out what the company's policy is on headers and footers, what they pay for, what they don't etc.
Yes, I contacted HR, this is not an issue
with my paperwork. It is that they have not sent my contributions to MetLife - not one cent all year, and I am having 10% withheld. That is a lot of money the company has been using. Almost seems like stealing, doesn't it?
I don't think the comma is the issue.
Looking at other people's work is a violation and perhaps, just perhaps, the attitude is more the problem that was being brought up.  I QA all day as well and I am appalled at the lack of care taken with records and have to agree with the MTSO above.  To do this dance properly, you have to understand the steps.  I live in fear of becoming ill and ever having the opportunity to see my chart and read what it contains.  I will take 1,000 lines of good clean work over 2,00 lines per day of typing for dollars transcription any day.  I do not think that you should be made to feel like you do not know anything .. but I do think that there is a responsibility to point out errors and expect compliance.
The quality only became an issue when

the offshoring began.   I don't understand why they wouldn't QA 100% of the work knowing there were quality issues.

I know we're not the only MTs to go through this, but many of us have a long history with QT and unless you've been on the inside you don't truly understand all the emotions we're going through.    I feel like my best friend has just stabbed me in the back. 

Your attitude is exactly what I have an issue with...
Healthcare should be about humanity, in my opinion. It should not be a business.

The only thing QA is for, is a place to go in between management for MTs to make more money.

You are making the salaries MTs used to make.

If I am burned out, it is from your kind of attitude that it is happening everywhere and we just have to deal with it.

I know better, I know I am a worthwhile human being and not just a grunt for some corporation who makes millions off my hard work, and then expects me (as you echo) to just shut up and type, and be ever so thankful I have a job.

You sound burned out to me. You sound like you do not care a bit about humanity or people. You are only interested in yourself, and you found a way to make more money rather than just do MT.

Some day the trend will change, and people will matter again. Your little digs to me do not bother me. It only shows your character.
Speed is a big issue

10 cpl is more than I make, but I'm pretty fast.  My base rate is 7.5 to 8 cpl depending on which of my 2 accounts I'm on, but since I do enough lines daily to qualify for bonus, I acutally make  9 to 9.5 cpl per line.  I average about 1500 lines per day.  Production is what drives pay, so that's why I'm making what I do.    I think it's unfortunate that years of experience isn't really compensated in this business, but years of experience doesn't always equal what the employer wants, which is speed and low error rate.  Everyone brings a different set of skills to the job.   In the end it's what you produce and not how many years you have behind you that the employer cares about.   Fair or not, that's the nature of this business.   

What do you mean by a spacing issue? (sm)
Why would you use the ShortHand for your normals?  It is so very slow playing out, wouldn't you be better off to use the built-in ESP?  I have Shorthand in my computer, but am gradually changing everything over to ESP and it has helped my count greatly.  You can put your normals in the ESP (at least on my account you can) and it is so much faster than the SH. 
and I'm not saying this is your issue, but I know personally

my company will make things not so nice for an MT hoping they'll quit rather than firing them.  If quality continues to be poor, not meeting TAT, etc., then there may not be enough work, only the horrible dictators, etc.   If things are slow and you are a new hire maybe the old-timers are getting the work.   If a new account went VR that might also explain the work load too.   If you are otherwise happy at KS I'd call and be firm in that you need more work. 

I feel like companies should offer some explanation if work is low.  I know they can't give you what they don't have, but if you are a FT MT, there is a reason you are and you have obligations to meet and it isn't fair that they can't provide the work you need and not give you some feedback.    

lol It's a punctuation issue!
MTs ... plural ...more than one

MT's ... possessive ... something belonging to one MT

MTs' ... plural possessive ... something belonging to more than one MT

You're too funny with your holier than thou crap! LOL

They really need to address this issue because
they will find all the good MTs bailing out. This has gone on long enough, they enabled ctrl I, but that is not the real issue. If they want to keep us, they better come straight. I think many are on the verge of leaving, I know that goes for me and I've been with them well before they signed on all these new accounts.
About this demographics issue...
I don't understand...there's one number we must fill in on the DI, unless the MRN doesn't pull up the patient name, which is rare. It takes all of 2 seconds to put in the visit number, so to complain about that is just ridiculous. AND, we are VERY lucky to have so much work,while other companies can't even provide enough to keep their MTs making the minimum required lines...I, for one, Love Amphion...going on 2 years with them and am very happy. But hey, if there is a mass exodus, just means more work for me...and I only work 7 hours a day, make well above the minimum requirements...maybe you all just can't handle the perfection that it takes to be an Amphion employee...
I just put in my 0.002 cents in on this issue myself.

I think companies that say stuff like this are, well, I can't say the word but it's a banned one for sure.  HELLO out there...We are paid on PRODUCTION.  No one knows more than us that if we don't make lines, we don't get paid well...of course we all know that they will remind us if for some reason we fall below their predetermined robotic production requirement.

This whole 1/2 hour unpaid for lunch is absolutely infurating to me for some reason which I have yet to figure out.  I can feel my neck veins throbbing even now just thinking about it because the joint where I work pulls the same crapola, and yes it is crapola. 

Man, I so do feel a career change looming.

I was able to help someone I know with the Meditech issue because
their manager did not answer the question. I knew how because I worked with KS briefly. I really loved the idea of the work I was assigned, the docs were good and I was about to learn another hospital, even my schedule was really awesome. But, nobody would get back to me on questions, even how to get line counts, etc. and I felt left out. I did not come on here, but I figured stuff out myself, which by the way cost my line count, but once I learned I could do the work. In the end I gave up and left because I did not feel valued. I thought of trying again when they are not so busy, and I have seen other people have wanted to or tried to go back; but in the end I guess I learned my lesson. If proper training up front is not given and e mails are neglected it is not the kind of place I personally feel comfortable working. How hard is it to set up check points in a training system and giving the basic information before someone goes on line. All it takes is some organization and TLC and the MT is on their way happy for the duration. And that is the job of management, to make sure these things take place. Oh well just MHO.
Slowness issue still there for me

Some accounts must be affected differently than others, because its as slow or a little worse for me lately.  I guess as long as someone is willing to say the problem is fixed they'll never really fix it.

Issue resolved here, too!!

Issue resolved here, too as of 2:30 p.m.  I really never had any doubts to begin with as pay has never been late. 

They are the most professional group of people I have ever worked with in 20+ years. 

It really irritates me that people have to come to a public forum and tell ALL to people who really have nothing to do with the issue.  If you have issues, go to management.  Maybe it's the people who have to run their mouths (fingers) to every MT in the country that haven't gotten their checks yet. 

Boy, things sure do come back to bite sometimes, don't they?

Does anyone else have the same issue as my friend?
I have a friend, also an MT, who is a supervisor. There is one MT who, every time you turn around, is playing the kids card to get out of working her share. My kids are sick, I have to take my kids to soccer practice, I'm taking off a day to be with my kids, I'm going Christmas shopping with my kids, etc. The list goes on and on, at least 20 days this past year. She keeps on asking me Should I terminate this MT? I would have done that long ago, but she's too nice for her own good. What do you all think? Have any of you had a co-worker who played the Kids Card all the time?
Platform or other issue
Wondering, too, if it would really be the platform or maybe RAM or connection issue. It's hard to believe a software company would test and not fix a software that was so slow. Plus you would think the MTSO would test it out and not buy something that would be such a problem.
Get used to it. Communication has always been an issue. Also....
be forewarned that one of the bigwig frequents this board. Not that you care, but they will figure out who is saying what. Overall, when I worked there, I liked it but hated the communication issue.
I always force the issue and ask what their pay is....
although I don't apply to IC-only companies - I never like their offer, and know the IRS rules to the nth degree. However, I do think one should have an idea of the range of pay before proceeding with any further testing - saves me and the recruiter time, IMO!
hughesnet issue

I know your problem. I just moved from the Oregon Coast and had Hughesnet. The only company that I know of is Oracle Transcription, Inc.  I am not sure if they are hiring though; work has been slow.  Good luck!

That is NOT the issue at Webmedx. NOT AT ALL.
You must not work there.
Here's how I see IC issue with Transcend

Here is my opinion.  I feel that we will all have to become employees in Jan. From what I remember in meeting, Jan 1 date was mentioned, and it seemed to me evasive when asked if we could stay IC.  I do remember them saying if you wanted to be employee now you could do that now. Well, I wonder then if we are going to have a choice, and if we could do it now, why then would there be a Jan 1 date at all? Do you see what I mean? Jan 1 for what? Wouldn't you think that if one wanted to be employee, they'd do it now. So, that's why I think we will not be offered IC. 

MDI merge issue
Has anyone from MDI quit without giving any notice, since the merge announcement?  I'm not sure if I should give notice or just quit right away and start new job.  Thanks
Overhiring is the other issue

Many of us have no work NOW, and can't pay our bills NOW.  What will it be like when we're all even faster and getting paid even less?  We've been losing accounts as fast as we can recruit new ones.

The sound quality issue...

There is one account that the voice is uploaded from another system and it's only the voice files dictated on 2 specific ports there, not all of their dictation.  The company is working to get the problem resolved with the client presently.  I'm holding out because overall I don't think the company is bad. 

Transcendite MT

Not so, and really don't feel the need to debate the issue with
I was referring to you being wrong about the software bundle, and what Medware furnishes. I could care less about your opinion of Medware. We all have opinions and you are most welcome to voice yours.

I think you are the one who started this with the wrong information about the software and references, and then you got upset because I am happy with my employer.

Maybe you are the one who doesn't like to be called out. Once again, sorry bout ya!

Lots of work - I have NEVER had this issue
Not to be gloomy, but the LD is a HUGE issue.
Did you not see the posts on the main board over recent weeks on how the LD companies are cracking down on MTs who use LD for work? They can tell and the MTs are getting hit with HUGE bills and penalties. You absolutely have to sign on for business LD account, and that is MAJOR BUCKS. LD was the #1 reason why I turned down my offer from MDI-MD. It is a major issue and could really cost you in the long run. Of course, they down-play it, but times are changing and the LD companies are NOT putting up with MTs anymore using normal LD plans. I certainly did not have $500 to $700 a month as quoted to me for business LD.
Check on that downtime issue
They are a wonderful company; however, they may not have updated the manual, because they have dc'd paying for no work downtime only recently, I would say within the last few months. They do pay for technical downtime but not for no work any longer. Check with your lead or personnel.
Line count issue, again!

Maybe I'm just in a grouchy mood but I'm finding it hard to work for a company that cannot keep the line count program up and running.  It has been down for the last 2 days (Thursday and Friday) and I'm just so frustrated with this.  It's not like it only happens once in a great while, oh no, this is a weekly problem.  Maybe I'm just miffed because the entire line count program seems shifty to me in the first place.

Would you have issues with this or should I just keep plugging along in the dark?

It is a long standing issue at

Davis Transcription including bounced checks (notice I did not say check).  I gave up.  My work is worth some respect and that is measured by when the company pays.  She has excuse after excuse and the office staff just floats along with her.  Soooo glad I left! 

Good luck

The pay issue was not a one time occurance.
TTS talked a good game but couldn't hold up to what they promised.

I had my line count switched with someone else once, but other than that my line counts were correct with TTS. Getting the correct pay for that screw up was another matter.

Pay was, for me, an ongoing issue for several months. I called the owner late one night and while she was pleasant on the phone, I got a not so pleasant email the next day.

I heard the whining about how mean this board is and how it hurts her..and then I got paid late again. Can't say I care if it hurts her feelings. I'll never recommend her company. There were some MTs that never had an issue. Good for them.

There are companies out there, like the one I work for now, that REALLY does respect their MTs and treats us well. My line counts are correct. My pay is on time every time.

I agree to take what is on here with a grain of salt, but becareful who you work for.

Not a foot pedal issue - I used my own.

Actually, it's more like $165+ but who's counting when it ain't gonna be paid!  This isn't bashing.  It's trying to call them out--some of these outfits deserve a bad rap if they do this to an MT trying to make a living.  My work was never criticized, QA was good.  It's MTs treating sister (term loosely used) MTs badly.  That's all I will ever say about them again.  They cheated me out pay for work  I performed for the, without the slightest apology or explaination.  I quit working for them, not the other way around.  Why should I continue working in good faith when one pay period went by, then another...  I'm done.  Thanks for the forum.  Good luck to all current happy folks there.   

But he does address the MT weight issue...
The only thing I have an issue with at TransTech
Is that it sometimes takes a while to get an email response. They will eventually get around to it but are obviously very busy. No other problems whatsoever, and I'm happier here than any other place I've worked. Particularly slow at the beginning, but they will answer you. They recently had their email server crash, but that has been fixed.
So many twists and turns on this issue
The post here states very confusing- well maybe for some but I love and have been a Transcriptionist for much longer, almost 35 years now, doing VR for about 6 years and ours is tremendously good, can put on auto and really easy money for me. I think it all gets down to WHAT VR you use. Some are lots better than others. I do not find difficult in the least. I really look forward to working each and every day. Piece of cake!
A little clarification on the binders issue
at least from my perspective. My account binder has maybe a handful of pages regarding account specifics and then admittedly more samples than I needed. It's definitely not 5 inches of rules and specifics. QA is picky because we have a reputation for good quality.
Please read below, where I clarify this issue.

Look, you can say I am bashing them as much as you want, but that doesn't make it so.  I'm glad you are happily employed there.  I'm glad for anyone who is happily employed there or anywhere, whether it is a good company by reputation or not.  We all work hard and we all deserve to be treated well.  I just wanted to make sure that whoever she is - and I don't know her and she doesn't know me and I don't know you and you don't know me - actually worked for the company she was plugging as the best.  Now we all know that she does work there, even though she cannot spell it, which you must admit is odd. 

If there is anybody who thinks it is quite normal for a person not to be able to spell the name of the company she works for, please raise your hand. 

I hear you. Unfortunately, I don't buy the quicker TAT issue, but...
feel the outsourcing overseas is taking place because the companies can pay the Indian MTs much cheaper than the U.S. MT. Just my opinion of course, but common sense to believe this is the reason. More profit for the company. In my years of experience (and I may be wrong)very few doctors or hospitals expect overnight turnaround on their transcriptions. Furthermore, if many of these docs knew they were getting overnight TAT by sending the work to India, I think they would be agreeable to the old 24-48 hour TAT.
doesn't resolve the issue. She wants
to know her rights in acting to get her money. Quitting is a rash reaction furthest from the goal. Might make her feel good for a moment, until she realizes she still has to go after her money.

Call someone in your state, there is a lot of free legal advice out there.

After you get your check and find everything you can about what happened, then weigh the odds if you should stay or not. Get some facts.
Don't know the exact issue, but money will be

deposited by end of the day, paper checks are being overnighted via UPS, all who did not receive either $$ or paper check are being compensated and any bank fees will be reimbursed.   Doesn't sound like $$ issues to me. 


I wasn't trying to stir the pot and say there is an issue per se. sm

This is just the first place I have worked where I do not have a specific pay day.  I feel kind of foolish sometimes when people ask me when I will be paid, and I say I'm not sure.  Plus, I am spoiled because when I first started, the line counts were automatic and we were paid within a couple of days.  Then, they apparently discovered some flaw in the program, so the line counts are done by hand now and it takes several days.   I never quite know how much I have done until I get the final line count that is sent to me, so that is something new for me as well.

Still, they are great people who care about the MTs, and the accounts are easy.  I would recommend them to anyone.  If I was in a better place financially, the pay day thing would not be of concern either.  I have always gotten paid ... never any question of that.  They are people of integrity. 

For anyone who has done acute care as long as I have, working for various teaching hospitals with literally hundreds of different dictators and tons of ESLs, working for CardioScribes is a breath of fresh air. 


Sounds like it's and issue with your web browser...sm
and not with ChartMatrix.  ChartMatrix works like a charm for me.  Popup blockers can come from lots of different sources including Internet Explorer, antispyware software, antivirus software etc.  Webmedx tech support should be able to help you.  Call the office directly and ask for IT.