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The job is on a different job site. Google the company name + Virginia, and hopefully

Posted By: it will come up for you. nm on 2007-06-29
In Reply to: Is there an ad for MT positions somewhere? sm - Wantingtoknow


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Google site search (nm)
Use the Google search bar towards the top of the MT Stars site
Make sure that -mt stars- has a dot beside it. Type in the company name and do a search.
HELPFUL SEARCH TIP: in Google window type exactly: "MD-IT" site:www.mtstars.com...
someone i know is a super hacker for websites and knows how to search for info. it will pull up all statements that have ever been posted about MD-IT but you must type it just as i have posted.
You are still wrong to thank your company on an MT site, appropriate is your site.
Did find a Wright Watson Sten-Tel in Austin if their site isn't old. Find 'em with Google. nm
Google the name and the company name
name the company; too many to Google.
Thanks can I google the company and get their website?
Personally, I'd just google the company.
And then apply directly through their website. I wouldn't want my resume going through a middleman. But YMMV.
Company Board, search not in Google box, but box below it
did you try Search For box (not Google) on Company Board
Company Board, go down to Mtstar Search Box (not Google)
At the top of the company board page, do a google search for MTStars.
Start reading. This is an Indian based company. There were recent posts over the past few days about this company.
Why Google web? Compile a Stars company-specific list.
Immediately above the first post about 'Dictation 9 cents' whatever, and next to the 'Post New Message' button is a Search box. Use that one and get what you are looking at - only company specific. Why go outside the source? this is much easier.
I don't think this is the name of the web site's company.....
D&L site is medicalreport.com small company
pay is real low
Hmm. Transcend has a forum on its company MLS site....
I've never participated in it myself, but it's there, and it appears to be pretty active.

Just FYI.
If you live in Virginia, then take the job because then you
could go directly to his office and DEMAND your paycheck (I am being sarcastic). This man is notorious for not paying his employees.
MedScribe LLC in Virginia
Thinking about applying with them.  Does anyone know anything about them?  Platform, reliability of pay and how often paid, IC or employee?
Anyone have info on LTS, Inc. out of Virginia
Looking for anyone who has had experience with this company to provide information. Thinking about applying, but would like to hear opinions first. Thanks!
Please, I need info on MTA in Virginia
MTA = Medical Transcription Associates in Virginia. Does anybody have experience dealing with this company? Good or bad ? Which platform do they use? How much do they pay? Any other info? I sure hope someone out there knows something. You can also send me an email. Thank you!!
I live in Virginia and have never heard of them ..
What city are they in?
Company Board, MTStar Search Box, (located below Google Search Box)
Medical Transcription Associates of Virginia anyone?
I have not been successful in finding out any info on this company.  Can anyone help?  TIA!!!
Anyone ever heard of Smith Venture and Co out of Virginia?? (sm)
would appreciate any info on here or you can e-mail me.  Thanks.
Virginia Professional Transcription Services

Has anyone hear of this company?  If so, could you please share info on them?  TIA.

Anyone have any information about or experience with Virginia Professional sm

Transcription Services?  Pay on time, plenty of work, etc ... anything appreciated.


escribe solutions virginia beach - NOT THE INDIA ONE

I have an in-house interview tomorrow - anyone heard of or worked for this company?  I have been an in-house Transcriptionist making an hourly wage - so this work at home thing is new to me - I don't know anything about what I should accept if I get offered the job - can anyone school me?  ha ha  I don't want to get screwed, but I don't know what the average is for pay, lines per day/week, etc.  It's like a foreign language.  Also I don't want to take the job to work at home and spend a lot of time doing it and make no money.

Any with MDI that work on the Northern Virginia hospital accounts?
I work for one of the other services and received some disturbing news this week.  Just want to verify what I was told is true.  Please email. 
Company Board Search For box (not Google search box)
search on Company Board Search For box (not Google).
Anyone have recent info on Cymed in Virginia? Oldest posts are from 09/2005- TIA

I am apparently being stiffed by a woman in Virginia for vacation coverage work I did. sm

I am not sure where I go from from here.  She told me that she would pay me for invoices from 06/26 and 07/11 on 07/22 (yesterday).  When I emailed her and asked her to verify that she had indeed paid me, she read the email (you can check on AOL) and did not respond.  It is only $338, but in my world right now, that is a lot of money to lose.  I blame myself because I broke one of my rules by working for someone who did not have direct deposit, and also by waiting for over a month to get my first check.  She did pay that one, but I am thinking now it was only because she still needed me to continue working to finish out her vacation coverage. 

I suppose I can file a small claims suit, although I thought someone told me that you have to go to that state to file.  She's in Virginia and I am in Colorado.  I have a friend in that area, so perhaps he could do the preliminary leg work for me for that.  I was also going to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.  I thought of contacting her clients to let them know that although she is paid for her services, she does not pay others, but I am not sure if that is legal or not. 

I am a bit frustrated -- mad at myself for trusting her -- and scared too because I was counting on the money.  Any ideas? 


Can you say google
Use google
If you google, there are, but only 1 for MT.
YES, it is. It's in the BOS. Google it.
It is in the BOS 2nd edition on page 66 that it is customary to use single space after sentence. It also says it's determined by department, and it's basically optional otherwise as long as you are consistent.

I didn't just make it up. lol
You can google it
Did you google?
I did. Pops right up.
Yes, actually did google
Yes, you are correct.
Google it...

That'd be a good place to start, x.

Go and Google it!
I wanted to find out more information about this company before I decided to send in my resume. I could not find anything by typing in the company name on Google, so I typed in the email address that was listed in the job posting. I found some interesting websites associated with this email account.....go and look!!!!!!!!
Use the google box just above your
post. It does the more recent stuff.
Can't find anything on Google, but

Did they post somewhere? Can you glean a potential site address off of their email, if they did post something?

Hopefully it's a tiny company that pays wonderfully, has clear docs, and turns out to be the perfect job.

Good luck!

Google keylogger (sm)
My first day I was so frustrated, during my break I went to check MT Jobs, I immediately got 2 IM's and a phone call.......and a raise! Imagine that, how would they know otherwise?
Do a Google search for
Cbay India Maryland transcription

and see what comes up. Nearly 1,000 hits. Honestly, you can do better than that.
There is a Google box right under the words
type in what you want to search and then click the circle beside 'mtstars' located right below the Google box, then search. This will bring up archives on your topic, if there are any.
Do a Google search here. You don't want
Sure there is. Use the Google box on this page, not your
Some posts down below and use Google box
Google didn't help me:(
Found at least 2 MT companies for OSI.  Which OSi is getting the bad rap?