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The way I meant my post is.......... sm

Posted By: m on 2008-10-22
In Reply to: No the driving force if the MT in transcription. Without the MT the technology couldnt survive. - waterbaby

The MT is a cog in the wheel....and a very important cog....of the MT industry. The industry could not function without the MT and the MT will always have a job. BUT technology is the driving force in the sense that it determines what our jobs will be and how our jobs will be performed. ASR will never be perfected to the point that an MT is not needed to clean it up. Not every doctor or nurse practitioner, etc., will go along with the Chinese restaurant type of EMR that is coming into the industry either.

My whole point is MTs will always have a job, BUT if they insist on stagnating and not keeping up with the ever-changing industry, they will become a dinosaur, obsolete and unemployable.

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I think this was meant to go under post above.
TYPO for above post; meant MDI-MD


Sorry, meant for *not true* post (nm)
My post was calm as well and meant to
are looking at the big picture and trying to be proactive in all arenas of life.  I will handle my hatred/anger in my own way and at least am healthy enough to recognize that I feel it. Hatred is a valid emotion - it's what you do with the hatred that makes it ugly versus productive.  To date, I have not honestly met an Indian phone rep who has been able to help me efficiently.  Some have seemed to grasp my needs, only for me to hang up and find out later they were clueless to my situation.  Yes, Indians do understand and are quite accepting when I explain that I wish to speak to a US worker.The US workers always ALWAYS thank me for asking for them, as it does help them with job security. Again, I said I do it in a friendly and kind manner - if the truth hurts the Indian worker, that is not my fault. And yes, if all of us did that every day, you would quickly see the Indian call service centers crumble.  That will happen a lot faster than trying to lobby politically or contact my congressman! That's a waste of time - been there, done that. You choose your plan of action and I choose mine. So far, mine is working for me.  I found a great job with a great company and I can sleep a bit better at night knowing that I am taking a stand, albeit a friendly one, for our country and our workers, our families.  You pointed out something, as did I.
reaching post was meant to go under OP.
I meant post as just a little lighthearted humor.
sorry, meant to post on main board....nm
Oops, meant to post under credit check

That really irks me that a company thinks they can run someone's credit without authorization - business like them need to pay through the pocketbook - maybe they will learn a lesson.

I don't mind undergoing credit check if I'm told in advance and I authorize it - but I would DEFINITELY go after a company for the maximum penalties allowed  if it ran one without my consent.

From above post. Oops, meant my MTSO support
I meant nothing wrong. I meant a friend who can vouch for
Sorry Wendy I meant to post another Wendy


It was not meant to be nasty. I meant that you should take every job seriously. Just because someo
is their focus does not mean that patients should suffer. 96% accuracy could mean the difference to someone who is on the receiving end of that report. I am NOT QA or management but I am an experienced Transcriptionist who believes that the reports we transcribe need to be accurate for the patient's sake.
That is not what I meant at all! Meant broaden to

Broaden to think leave to other profession if that is what is wanted, dont limit yourself to thinking only can leave to another MTSO.  Geeesh.

My post should say the post above not the post below, Sheryl's post to be specific. nm
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It's a "fishing" post. Same post a few days ago with numerous errors
You are not allowed to post their link on this site. Post
will be removed. It was up last night and post got removed.
Read Spherson's post below, who admits, in the post, they do pay it.
Peachy, your post is interesting, but my post now is irrelevent but
A few weeks ago I went to my clinic where they had recently implemented EHR or EMR, whichever you call it, and the doctor's back was to me the whole time he and I conversed because his nose was stuck in his laptop. To me, it felt a little more impersonal, but I understand he was doing what he had to do, but it seems like the bedside manner may go to the wayside if the doctors can't even look at you when they are asking you questions or you are speaking to him/her. I know this is relevant to your original post, but just an interesting fact that I had not anticipated. Anyone else experience this?
Sorry I meant
just like sm and not dj. I
did not see who correctly who posted first.
Oh, NO!!! That's not what I meant.
I'm sorry it came across that way.  I got duped into applying with them by all the rave reviews on the boards, too.  Plus, they make no mention of it on their website.  I refuse to work for a company that offshores.  As for the people who are happy there, more power to them.  That's their decision and I'm glad they've got great jobs.  I just need something else from a company.
SORRY - meant DRC not DSC
As I said, if it meant that much to me I WOULD
figured it was their loss.  No biggie to me.  All I was doing was giving MY experience with the company, which consisted of being told I would be called back, and then not being called.
14,000 - that's what I meant to say! nm
Sorry, I meant see msg
I meant even that isn't much FOR QA...
Sorry, I think I meant DSG. nm
I am sure that is what was meant.
Would you tell your child that determination is not enough? I felt that it was not appropriate to tell a future grad that she cannot do something when there is not one of us who knows her well enough to make such a judgement.
sorry meant WILL NOT
get that rate at Deventure
what I meant was...
that I had information and if you would email me, I would share that information in a private email.
Sorry I meant to say just . . . .
Sorry I meant to say just my opinion.
That's not the "M" that I meant.
Remember the MTSO/hospital has the ability to change the way lines are counted and not allow you to check your lines...run like the wind from a company who will not allow you to have access to line counts!
You KNOW what she meant. - QA
She probabloy is in a dither.
he/she may have meant
that people who get paid weekly no matter what (I suppose that could be management, tech staff, office staff, whatever) do not understand the importance of consistency in line counts for someone paid by the line.  Do not stay in the twilight zone too long.  GEEEEEEEEEEEESH.
I think what Rad MT meant
Was that typing on an MT board and performance at work were two different things. You can't get fired for posting a message with bad grammar, spelling or punctuation. However you can get fired for making mistakes in reports on the job.

However everyone including RadMT needs to calm down.
Sorry....... I meant to say those at FN....
I meant..
something not someone.
I meant that is sad
Spheris has sucked out my last brain cell, LOL.
meant doing one now.
I meant the OP :-) nm
Sorry...meant MDI, not MDS
I meant......
I have nothing to do with 'India'.
In your mind if I say that Indians are intelligent, this makes me in your eyes an Indian?

I know that a lot of people read these comments, but still they cannot detect my 'dialect'. I think you mean 'accent'.

Can people who read what I write hear my accent?

Not such a good 'Sherlock Holmes, aren't you? I can tell 100% this and that...and I can tell, you can tell nothing.

I meant to say yes, yes, yes - keep looking/ not yes, yes, yes take the job! nm
I meant to say 7.5 cpl when off QA
I meant thank you to sm NM
I think the OP meant

Working a required number of hours vs. being paid an hourly wage.

I meant to say, So, I appreciate that I am the only one
me straight. Just looking for a little direction since you seem to know where the work is. My family would appreciate this help, as if I could earn more, we could eat more. Thanks in advance.
Sorry, this was meant to go under
That is what I meant - sorry
even if you are not scheduled to work that day. TT is the only company I know of that pays 1.5 for lines typed on holidays if you are not scheduled to work.