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There's cherry picking going on

Posted By: An MT on 2005-12-08
In Reply to: Be careful - Line count at Transtech

The ops aren't divided fairly, so if you get ops, you make the line count.  If you don't get ops, you're out of luck.  

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Oh, you mean CHERRY PICKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WHAT cherry picking?
You can't reject a job without management knowing about it.
How are they cherry picking?
Dont you have to give a reason for sending a job back?
TT cherry picking
I don't see how cherry picking would even be a possibility at TT, at least the account I work on, which is done on ExText platform, we only get 2 jobs at a time and and there is no way to bypass them.

Cherry picking
I know my company ignores the cherry picking as long as some dope like me comes along and cleans it up. I have total respect for the companies that are on top of that, and if TT is one of them they will be first on my list of companies to check out after the first of the year.

how is this cherry picking.....
maybe when I log off, i am logging off on your primary. Aren't you glad I am not typing your primary?

My PS tells me that everyone HATES my account. It is too hard for most MT's. I love it, and type it when it is available.
cherry picking at my last job too!!
It got so out of hand that one second a good job would be up, but when I tried to download it, it would go away. The company's name start with a C and it is listed further down on this page. If you are at this company, cherry picking is like an every day occurence, and you will never make a good living.
Cherry picking
All you have to do when you are in the report is Alt G, click history and it will indeed show you if somebody has cancelled out of the job.
Yes, I know how to see the history - that's how I know it is going on.  Like the post below says, there are days I feel I have the luck of the damned and others are good, but it's those days that I seem to get all that everybody else spits out that makes me crazy and I would think we should all have to do them - how else will you ever learn to do the harder docs?
cherry picking
An e-mail came around about cherry picking several months ago.  You are not allowed to do this unless its around the end of your shift and you know you can't finish it. Like the other MT said, get job# and send it to your supervisor. They are supposed to be watching who is doing this if it is a pattern with an MT.
cherry picking
You'd better believe it. Those so-called MTs should be ashamed of themselves. By the way, no matter what the frequency and/or percentage of any ESLs we encounter, the exposure and experience of them renders us more well-rounded, skilled MTs, and we can enjoy the days of good, clear dictators.

Some people are simply born without any integrity and respect for others. To me, it's like somewhat stealing in an office setting, so to speak, as the cherry pickers set up their own scenario.

Bottom line - Cherry pickers are NOT true MTs.
cherry picking...sm
either nobody does it or everybody does it.

Or the ones who do it should be reported to put a stop to it.
Cherry Picking
The cherry picking thread is completely out of control.  I didn't read where anyone was defending it.  No one likes it, but some choose not to worry about it.   Throwing a fit because an MT would rather do their job and not worry if someone cherry picks does not call for accusing them of being a defender.   That is very childish.  Then some of you are going on about calling them a cherry picker too?  Then a troll?  Are we still in grade school?  Can we ever have a mature conversation about anything on here?    Please don't even respond if you are going to try and give another example of how ignoring means defending.  That is pointless and wrong.  
Cherry picking at its best today!

What do they do about cherry picking at Amphion

No cherry picking allowed

Axolotl's Transcriptionist software (ARTI) is designed specifically to prevent cherry picking. Jobs are assigned within a work pool strictly on the basis of when they are due back to the customer. There is no way for an MT to send a particular job back to the pool. A user can sign off and all of her jobs go back to the pool, but then she will have to wait at least 15 minutes before she can sign on again and get new jobs assigned. If someone has figured out a way to beat the system please let me know so we can fix it; we want to make it fair for all of our employees.

As for difficult ESL dictators, well you're going to get some of those at any MTSO. It probably varies depending on the accounts you're assigned to.

YES! I have been there 3 years. I do not see a lot of cherry picking but sm
the account that I am on really does not need it. It is a great account!
The level of cherry picking that goes on

at Phoenix is outrageous.  They 'ask' that you do certain amount of the easy docs and your share of the others but do not enforce it.  Some get on the system at 4 am just to snatch all the easy ones.  And they 'ask' that you proof read your work but in talking to others who report doing 200-300-400 lines an hour...now you tell me..how much proof reading is really happening?  There are different platforms involved and some pay spaces but at a lower rate.  Yep, they are nice and they pay on time but work there only if you enjoy the daily irritation of being left with hard/crap dictators.

No Cherry picking-who are you kidding?

Obviously you don't know about all the accounts for Keystrokes. You can't possibly know about all accounts unless an insider. Yes, there is cherry-picking going on and don't let anyone fool you. Some of us have seen it with our own eyes and it continues with the response, We can't do anything about it or it is out of our control.  You see, there are hospital in-house girls on some accounts too and they get by with that and more. They assign themselves work when in-house girls think they will run out and the list goes on. You'd think there would be something in the contract that would say differently.  Live and learn! There are lessons here for someone. Some of us are not as stupid as some would think. 

Keystrokes qx cherry picking?
Does anyone out there know if the leads assign out work?   As soon as my  line count starts to pick up I start getting really short dictations or impossible dictators that eat up my line count.  Was not like that when I first started out with them.  Im really getting fed up with this. 
cherry picking/Keystrokes
I currently work for Keystrokes and on my account, I use a C-phone, no cherrypicking is allowed and I was told that it is reason for termination. The hospital picks up on cherry picking. Talk to your lead right away about it. My lead is great and is always there for us. No, I am not management, just love my account and happy where I am in my job finally after years of searching for a good job. Everyone needs a good count, and have a stable paycheck.
Yes, it is cherry-picking proof
MTs are forced to work on jobs in the order they are due back to the customers. There is no way to send a particular job back to the pool.
Cherry picking is the reason for this, I think.
? for Webbers Re Cherry-picking
I have only been with Webmedx a short time, but am starting to see a pattern of reports being skipped; it is typically the more difficult ESL docs.  I don't see any documentation in my paperwork regarding skipping jobs or cherry-picking and wonder if there is a company policy on same?  It's making me nuts as I feel it is unfair and is adversely affecting my lines on days when it happens often during my shift.  I don't mind doing my share, but when it stars pulling from my $$, I have a problem with it.  Is this the norm???  Thanks in advance.
What's wrong with cherry picking?
When I was a kid I used to pick cherries as well as strawberries. I refuse to apologize for that!
i think if someone were fired over cherry picking
at hand. Considering the time and energy it takes to fire and rehire someone, I don't know why anyone would actually get fired when they were filling their quota.
No cherry picking here. I always hated that and love that about
TransTech. Their feeling is that you have to take the good with the bad.
Is their platform cherry-picking proof? TIA NM


Transcend may not tolerate cherry picking

but it still goes on a lot. I complained to my TL then ROM and then ***. My TL and ROM said they were aware of the problem and were working on stopping it. After it still going on I finally complained to ***. She said she would work on it but it still to this day goes on with the account I am on andwill continue to go on.

The TL on my account mistakenly told me over the phone while we were having another argument about the cherry pickers that some MTs on the account I was on were not able to do the harder dictators so they kept them out of their pool. These MTs didn't even try and type the report, just kept sending reports that looked like swiss cheese. Everyone on the account should have the same doctors, regardless of how hard they are. If they cannot do the **** of this world they need to get their own accounts because it is not fair to the other MTs.


***edited by moderator to remove names***  No names please. 

I turn in the job #s to my STM and say, Ahem, is this cherry-picking? nm
Don't know about cherry picking, but time of day makes all the difference (sm)
If I worked day shift, got a fair mix of work. The days I worked early evening, seems like I had to work through 8-10 pieces of rejected poop to get to the regular mix. I thought perhaps a lot of people ended their shift when a crappy one came up and therefore the next shift had to wade themselves out of the doo-doo.
I've heard of cherry picking before, but how can someone "pad lines"?
Re: cherry picking. I checked history on a couple of reports (sm)

today and guess what -- other people had been there first and closed out of it.  Do you just bite the bullet and hope they will get caught up with?  I have writtendown the names of the couple I found today and if it continues to be the same names I will assume they didn't just have an emergency come up that didn't allow them to finish the reports.  By the way - these 2 were HORRIBLE sound quality. 

What does "team lead" mean? And can you stop the rampant cherry-picking?
Is that what a Level 5 MT is? I'm a high-level? 4. Thanks.
Just do your work and quit being a cherry picking busy body.
Maybe some people cannot understand the dictator. If you understand the dictator, then just do the report and quit whining on this board.

My account is so good, I feel as if I'm cherry-picking with every report....
Sorry, but I actually started today and my account is FABULOUS. Every report I've had today has been so easy to edit, I feel like I'm cherry picking, although this account obviously just has fabulous dictators as they are randomly falling into my cue.

I knew someone would try to rain on my TT parade.

Glad I've got a HUGE umbrella :-)
The excessive cherry picking that's tolerated is killing my line count..nm
My company rocks. Got an E-mail today from our manager about cherry picking (sm)

stating they noticed jobs were getting cancelled  once and sometimes twice by same person and that the more difficult dictators were getting picked over.  They stated it would not be tolerated and cherry pickers would  be addressed and possibly terminated. 

I know this is a huge undertaking and may not always get 100% done, but at least they are aware and taking a stand.  Perhaps the guilty people will grow up and take the time to learn those dictators now.  We all know that some of those horrible ESL say virtually the same thing over and over. 

I am just happy that they, once again, prove they are trying to look out for the MTs and MEs and see that we are all treated fairly and equally.  I have been very happy with Webmedx up to this point and now even more so.

All the years I worked for MQ, they knew it happened and I don't think made any attempt to address it.  At WMX at least they must be monitoring it or they wouldn't know the same person kicked the same job back more than once.  



lol, I know, I know. I'm just picking anyhow.

If you would see how they do the QA and the nit picking stuff they take off for anyone would know
that they are going to do everything they can to make sure you dont meet that 98%.
VR is not picking up yet but other accounts are.
You may want to contact them. I know they need help on accounts that require a DVI, but they VR accounts are still low and the hours of working are restricted.
Work is picking up for me.

I don't know why you would try to anger everyone again. As soon as the work is a little low, you and a couple others gripe about it. Cool it and don't be impaitient.

It was slow for a couple months, but is picking up now. I've gotten my lines every day for the past 2 weeks. I knew it would and I just hung in there. It happens every summer after Memorial Day..

I guess some MTs just expect doctors to work every day like us and not take vaccation. Well, it's a reality. Docs take vacations. Live with it or find a better job if there is such a thing.. I've worked for other companies and it isn't greener on the other side of the fence.


Is the workload picking up at MDI yet? nm
I Didn't Mean 'Cherry Picking'
I was just wondering if you would actually get more than one work type in a row. For example, is it solely based on TAT or can the system give you, for instance, 3 H&Ps and then 3 discharge summaries, and then 3 op notes, etc. I don't know if ANYBODY does this, but I think it would be a great way to increase productivity, rather than having to go from one report type to the next with each report transcribed, since each work type has its own set of formatting rules.

It was a pretty random question, I know...but I'm basically just wondering if I have any control whatsoever over what type of work I get or if it's all up to the countdown...
nope, things are picking up.
Had heard they were picking up 2, not losing 2. Are you sure? (sm)
Since you also stated QA positions eliminated, I assume you have some inside information. Please share. I have all my eggs in this one basket. E-mail if you prefer.
Softscript is picking up a lot of new people in management. sm
I heard that a certain someone who used to be with Medware and active with AHDI in quality just went there, and that they have 2 new salespeople from MQ. Is this a recruiter or some other position? Who? Can you give initials or a 1st name?
what about reverse "cherry-picking" - when you are specifically
assigned extremely difficult work - that can be just as bad. Think about that - because anybody would need a break once in a while from that...and if someone signs off here and there in between, so what...

On my very first job the supervisor and I started on good terms, and she would specifically give me the 'good' reports...(I never complained of about 'that' - obviously)...but later when the relationship got a bit strained because I started getting good...she started giving me all the worst stuff on the entire system, hahaha. It was a small office and all those things were out in the open then...nothing could be done, absolutely nothing.

Little did she know it actually made me stronger and probably has gotten me through these difficult times in MT world where the work that is not ASR can be literally hideous...sometimes I thank her out loud.
Was slow for months - now picking up but not hiring

Cherry pickers. sm
Does anyone work for a company who will not overlook cherry picking?  Thanks.
Cherry pickers
And if it goes to someone more familiar, how will you ever become familiar with it? That familiar person may leave and you get half a dozen reports you cannot do and you make zilch because you didn't take the time to become familiar.