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There seems to be name confusion. Does TTS

Posted By: Me on 2007-02-05
In Reply to: No I just know for a fact that - EX TTS

stand for something?

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Sorry for the confusion
I don't work for FN.  Just thought they were asking about what rad MTs make in general.  I work for a hospital, and no we are never out of work, but if that were to ever be the case, we would make our downtime rate.
Name confusion
There is definitely some name confusion going on here. TT and TTS are two different companies. I think a lot of people are getting the two confused. TT as far as I have heard is a great company to work for. TTS is the one to run far far away from.
There seems to be a lot of confusion there. SM
At least, more so than usual and many of us have a sick feeling that something is going to happen and it will not be good.

I would not encourage anyone to join the company, at this point. This uneasiness may be going on at other companies, it may be sign of the times concerning MT, but it is very strong at Spheris.
In the next few months, when I move, I may switch from working in hospital setting to working at home. I have been doing Radiology, Radiation therapy, EEG's for 16 years. Questions: what are the acute care four basics, and could radiology be one of them? Also, at hospitals we go by minutes. Unsure of how much I type that would be judged by lines.  Any people here, or companies, strictly Radiology?
SPI confusion
How do they announce these things to employees? I've been with them 1-1/2 years and the branch I work for never seems to be affected by all the turmoil I hear about. I know there was a managers' conference in Nashville a couple of weeks ago but my supervisor has not sent out any layoff announcements or other bad news thus far. If you get laid off officially, can you qualify for unemployment? Thanks.
SPI confusion
The only email I got last week was one advising that we'd all be paid on the same Fridays, instead of some MTs being paid on the alternate Fridays, and how to make the switch regarding our production sheets. SPI is also running 2 ads in Advance magazine for new MTs. The hiring versus layoffs issue is confusing to me!
The tech left me 2 messages as well, but I was not here. I was going to take the job, but I could not touch base. Then, the new recruiter (they just changed their HR department) contacted me and we worked things out. She e mailed me all the forms, which maybe you need now. If you want the job, just go ahead and call and ask for the new recruiter.. I am sure they will put you through. Good Luck, it will all work out!
No - it was not yours. Sorry for the confusion.
Must have been deleted. Sorry for the confusion, it does look like I was talking to you, but I wasn't ;-)
Sorry for confusion!
I worked for KS at home on Son's XP because the account (acute care not radiology) required it as Vista was not compatible. It was a Clinic in Ohio. Since I'm in the office at a major hospital I cannot work FT for KS.
MQ packet confusion
I also live in NE and I have not received my PACKET let alone the pre-packet phone call. What is going on here?
Now it seems there are a lot of good postings regarding TT..but what is this about the deduction for headers/footers? Is that a TT thing. I have applied to TT (not heard back yet) but I have never seen a co. deduct for head/footers....this seems quite unreasonable...it should either be included in the count or not...now I'm scared. Please clear this up if you can.
Sorry bout the confusion -- DSG-- nm
My bad - not Allstate - sorry for confusion.
I'm breaking my fingers now, lol.
Correction - sorry for confusion
I apologize for not checking this before -- I just found a problem with my suggestion, so here's the deal:

You are better off forcing the format - as you did to h:mm:ss (or hh:mm:ss), to ensure that all cells display consistently. This does force you to have to enter more digits for hours though.

There is a shortcut for entering data -- for 00:05:12 (5 minutes, 12 seconds), you can type: 0:5:12

For 00:05:01 you can type 0:5:1

This may be more foreign than just adding the extra leading zero, but if you're hyper about cutting every keystroke, you can....

Then when you add down a column, there's nothing special to do in the sum.

Sorry for any confusion.
Not confusion to me - I like the variety

No confusion to those of us that actually read the post!
Thanks for clarification :-)
New to Transcend, holiday confusion. sm
Am I expected to either work Thanksgiving or Christmas and do not automatically get these holidays off?  I am not able to get the lines to qualify for PTO, and so do not care about not getting holiday pay, but I am now wondering whether I even get these 2 holidays off.  TIA! 
I would leave MQ off, there has been a big change in the last few months. Too much confusion. nm
Oh for sure employees, but not too often for statutory employees. Sorry for confusion.