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There was a press release and phone conference. nm

Posted By: Their aim was the end of the year. on 2006-04-21
In Reply to: Where do you get your information? - Precyse MT


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Where did you read that press release?
I would like to read it too. 
We just had a press release emailed to us. nm
Found link to press release

Well, I already had one company I worked with earlier this year bought by an Indian company and basically left them. Now, we have OSi backed by this family who invests in US and INDIA, of course. I'm going to wait until after my next big vacation and then bye bye OSi.
here is the release sm
ATLANTA – Atlanta-based medical documentation services provider Webmedx announced
today that it has acquired Medical Transcription Education Center, Inc. (M-TEC), the leading provider
of distance learning and education programs for the medical transcription market. In 2005, M-Tec was
the first program approved by the Approval Committee for Certificate Programs (ACCP), a joint
committee established by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) and the
American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). The acquired company will operate
as a wholly-owned subsidiary and remain located in Fairlawn, Ohio.
M-TEC’s executive team of Susan Francis, President and Kathy Kropko, Chief Operating
Officer will continue to run the business. “M-TEC has an industry-best reputation for a reason. We plan
to build on this and assist the management team and their accomplished staff in meeting the expanding
needs of the clinical documentation market,” says Sean Carroll, Webmedx CEO.
“It has been proven that a solid education is the catalyst for a productive and effective workforce.
M-TEC’s history of successfully training medical transcriptionists, matched with the Webmedx standard
of excellence, will promote an even greater job-ready learning environment. We are excited about the
opportunity to work together to offer the highest quality training and support for the medical
documentation industry as a whole. We believe this joint effort will benefit students, graduates, and
employers for years to come.” Susan Francis, CMT, AHDI-F
Carroll stated M-TEC will continue to work closely with trade and professional associations in
the sector to develop innovative educational and training programs that are relevant. He further
committed that the company will continue to produce the highest quality graduate possible and promote
employment opportunities broadly across all employers.
“Our strong belief is that new roles and related skills must emerge in today’s workforce to
augment the obvious progression of technology,” Carroll states. “M-TEC has the talent and experience
to lead this charge within our sector. It’s a natural business combination. Both companies share a
dedication to providing top-shelf products and services and have genuine interest in the industry’s
future,” he said. “Aligning quality with quality always makes sense.”
5901-C Peachtree Dunwoody Rd NE | Suite 450 | Atlanta GA 30328 | T: 678.443.7240 | F: 678.443.7241
About Webmedx
Webmedx, Inc. is the premier supplier of medical documentation services for hospitals and
clinics nationally. The company designs and implements customer-centric documentation solutions
using the most credentialed domestic workforce in the industry and its own enterprise-class, intelligent
speech recognition and content management technology platforms to deliver the highest-quality clinical
documentation possible supporting patient care and safety.
About M-TEC
Founded in 1996, M-TEC has raised the bar on education for the medical transcription industry,
offering a solid distance education program that incorporates and surpasses the AHDI Model
Curriculum requirements for training. The first ACCP-approved (AHDI/AHIMA) school, M-TEC
believes that a solid education will help open doors for better jobs for students and a better workforce
environment for the industry. Graduates of this program are sought after by employers and are moving
on to become service owners, association leaders, and educators within the MT community. Recipient
of the MTIA 2008 Industry Support Award for excellence, M-TEC was recognized for their support for
the medical transcription industry. M-TEC is approved by the State Of Ohio Board Of Career Colleges
& Schools #97-04-1463T.
# #
You don't need to a sign a release for them

They release you from QA early because they
to review the reports correctly. It is sad. You get what you pay for. Plus you can type all you want from the first day with no regard to quality and I wonder how many slip through without going through QA first?
Waiver/release is unenforceable
Regarding that waiver, have your attorney look at California's Civil Code Section 1668.

California Civil Code Section 1668 reads: All contracts which have for their object, directly or indirectly, to exempt any one from responsibility for his own fraud, or willful injury to the person or property of another, or violation of law, whether willful or negligent, are against the policy of the law.

Meaning...the law says...such a waiver/release CANNOT even be enforced against the California MTs/employees even if they signed it. There are quite a few Federal cases under Title VII, as well as California cases, that your attorney can look up.

Good luck!
what is scary is when they threaten to release
confidential information, basically extortion. I guess what I meant in regard to offshoring the work is when they have depleted their staff, what other option will they have?
could lawyers have gotten a court release? NM
Really? Give me a link to this "press release". Bet you can't.

sign a release saying she wouldn't take Transcend to court ?
What is that all about?  Is that true? Why?
I guess my bank is different. If they release the funds on Friday, they are sm

in my account on Monday morning, usually by 4 a.m. when I check my balance.  I appreciate you understanding.  I too live paycheck to paycheck, unfortunately, and some times a day or two make a HUGE difference.  I guess I was spoiled because they used to pay a couple of days after the end of the pay period, then they went to this manual line counting stuff, and you never know when it will be done. 

Fortunately, I did get my line count last night, so I'm crossing my fingers for Monday, but probably not Tuesday ... sigh.  I will get a paycheck from my new job soon, which has set pay days where it is promised to be IN my account, so that will help a lot. 

As I said before, it was not an attack on the company.  Mostly I was venting because as much as I have enjoyed the work, when I have it, I hate living in limbo.

Worked on C-phone for 10 years with 1 phone line
C-phone - I purchased a c-phone from someone in Oklahoma but never got it. *sm*
First she told me her grandmother died. Then she told me she mailed it. Then she told me her daughter was having chemotherapy. Call me naive, but I thought she was sincere and cannot imagine anyone using their daughter as an excuse. If this is the same person from Oklahoma, I sure would like to know about it because now I want my money back.
I don't have a second phone line ... cable modem for the internet, regular line for my C-phone.

If anyone wanst to get through to me while I'm working, they have my cell phone number.

And, as I said, some accounts are using wav files -- no doubt soon all of the accounts will convert.  Hope so ... would make it easier (less expensive) to work when traveling.  :-)

Lots of good companies out there -- hope you find one that fits :)



you will be hired eventually, then wait at least 3 months if lucky to be put to work. When and if run out of work they will immediately give you a secondary account because they have so many and that might happen within another 3 months....so, if you need a job and $$ income....might want something more dependable. Unbelievable, and not a disgundled person, just stating the facts. They always hire it seems. Just getting to work is not for one really looking for a job right away.

Thank you.  Radiology only sounds like what I need.  Your time and info is appreciated.



Need information on X-Press. I found some archived comments about them, but would like something more recent. Anyone work there? Used to work there?  Hate it? Love it? Pay, etc. Thanks for your help.


Always weigh the information you receive from MTStars.  If you hear bad reviews, make sure they can back it up, as well as the good ones.  Best of luck!
??? X-PRESS???

Anyone working for this company?  I checked out their website but wanted to hear from present or past employees. Anybody? If you have info good or bad would appreciate it. TIA. 

Thank you all!!! You saved me a lot of time and effort. THANKS!!

MQ pays per report.  How does x-press per line rate compare with MQ per report rate?

Worked a while with X-Press. Some say the testing is tough. That is because main account is tough, which is why they pay more, too. So many dictators (all students) you cannot macro or shortcut much of anything, hence a slow account and not exactly a money maker.

As for Mr. David, with every volume slam came 2- to 3-page emails of screaming and fuming over the account falling behind and how 'bad' and 'inconsiderate' we were professionally; threats of overhiring with 'girls who will work and appreciate it,'...yawn. Stange is right, the next morning - a long apology with praise. The man cannot handle stress and he's working in transcription! You learned to blow the behavior off because it was abusive and, well, hurtful. Added up to both he and the account not worth the effort it took to get through the day.

My experience, a pressure cooker.
How big is X-Press? No one seems to know. nm
Just heard through the grapevine that X-press? is hiring radiology MTs.  Does anyone have a link or contact for them?  Is anyone hiring for rad MTs now?  Thanks. 
I worked for them for 12 years - be very careful!!
What was the OSi conference call about?
a week or so ago - the one that was nasty
conference calls

I hate them, hate them, hate them. 

I have worked a few places where conference calls were utilized and INVARIABLY they covered things that could easily have been covered in a memo, in a couple of paragraphs even, only the call would last half an hour to an hour.  They were always a COMPLETE waste of time.   Paid or not, they were just unbearable. 

Conference calls
This just goes to show that not all things suit all people. As for me just give me the work and LEAVE ME ALONE! If there is something I'm doing wrong by all means tell me. One of my new accounts I WAS doing something wrong because I didn't understand how to attach a deficiency. I received a very nice e-mail telling me how it was done and I sent back one saying to let me know if I was still doing it wrong. Got back a very nice e-mail (from Q.A.) telling me to do #1, #2, #3. I got it. Nothing more needed. As for conference calls, I MIGHT tolerate one once a year, IMHO a total waste of my valuable time. I'm happy for you that you went back to your former employer, by all means BE HAPPY, whatever it takes.
Conference Call...
Don't you remember the part where he said they want everyone to strive to achieve 40% above straight typing rate on ISR? It was when he was talking about this year's goals. Don't you know what that means? It sounded to me like we can expect a 10% cut in the ISR rate soon, as it is now a 30% cut from straight typing.
MDI Conference Call

We’re so glad that you joined in this afternoon’s conference call announcing the merger between MDI and Transcend Services.  This is an exciting time for all of us, but I know that even good changes can bring about anxiety and I want to assure everyone that we are here to answer your questions to the best of our ability.   

All MDI team members are encouraged to send any questions or concerns you may have that are not addressed in the FAQ sheet you’ve received to TeamMDI@mditrans.com so that we can address these in team conference calls which have been scheduled for Thursday morning (your team lead will provide you with the details).   

Dorothy, Don, and myself, will continue to be available via email to everyone and will respond as quickly as possible to your questions and concerns.  We urge you to utilize the TeamMDI@mditrans.com email address for all your questions so that you can be assured of receiving the most accurate information as soon as possible. 

We look forward to continuing to work with each one of you as we move to the future.    


Carlotta M. Buckley

MDI – Director of Transcription Services

MDI conference call

Interesting quote from that press release:

...including the conversion of some of MDI's business to Transcend's speech recognition-enabled BeyondTXT platform,...

conference call
They can see you? or just your name? 
X-Press Transcription

Just wanting to get in touch with anyone who works for this company. 

X-Press transcription
Anyone out there work for this company?  Looking for some feedback.
X-press Transcription, Inc.
Have you checked into X-press? They are a strictly radiology only service.
X-press Transcription, Inc.

I think you contacted the wrong company.  The X-press I'm talking about is based out of Long Beach, CA and Virginia Beach, VA.  Here's their website:  http://www.x-presstranscription.com/home.html

x-press trans

Can anyone tell me of any experience they have had with this co?? Thx

X-press - be careful
Pay well, but many problems. Be careful with them.
X-press Transcription
x-press transcription...
in a post last year, a lot of us stated that we didnt pass their test. they send you an email asking what kind of tape you would like to test on (standard or micro). you receive instructions and sample formats with this tape.

most of us received our results between a few days and 3 weeks. a lot of us failed the test (in the instructions, it is stated that they purposely picked dictations that were undesireable). sure enough, a lot of us failed, but you are able to test again after 6 months.

someone did post that if you do get hired, you are required to purchase expensive equipment, and work is always low.

sorry, i dont know anything about the pay.

I've worked for X-press Transcription for 10 years now...  They are awesome!  I've been on only one account for the entire 10 years.  They pay by the line, they ALWAYS pay on time and we have direct deposit.  I have nothing but great things to say about X-press.  But they do wan't very experienced Radiology Transcriptionists only. 

RE: X-Press Transcription
I was wondering if you could give me any information on how they test potential employees to see if they qualify to work for them? I have been in medical transcription for 10 years of which approximately 6 or more years of that has been in radiology. I am very confident in my abilities but get very nervous when it comes to interviews and testing for a new company. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I work for X-press

I have worked for them for a little over two years now.  They only hire the best of the best.  The downside is no benefits whatsoever.  I work part-time.  I made just shy of $30,000 in 2005.  They have a good reputation as far as their workers go.  I thought the test was easy.  I was contacted shortly after I sent my test back in and was hired on the spot.

X-press Transcription, Inc.
X-press Transcription, Inc. does only radiology transcription, but I don't know anything about the company itself.  They do have a web site though.  
X-Press Transcription
Does anybody know if they hire for part-time?  Any current info would be appreciated.  TIA. 
I work for them, they get a lot of bad press
here, not too sure why. I have been there about 2 years, pay on time, no micromanaging, no problems that I have had.
Fired via conference call? A new low, to be sure.
TT 401K conference call
Someone went yesterday and it lasted approximately 50 minutes. I'll probably go today.
Yes we got paid for conference calls