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They have a problem paying their MTs, don't

Posted By: check the archives on 2007-02-08
In Reply to: Ascend - nn

know anything else, though that is enough to keep me away. 

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When I am renting, I am PAYING; when I'm working, THEY are paying ME. sm
Seems I should be running a credit check on the potential employer to see if THEY are responsible with their money, not the other way around.
Yes they are only paying me 8 cpl. sm

They will pay an incentive but I am on too many accounts to get the line count I need to get that.  All the patient censuses make for a lot of clerical work that I don't get paid for and I am so outta here as soon as I can get out!

If we don't know how they are paying us...
when we transcribe, how the heck will we found out how they pay us for ASR? Do you have a clue how they are paying you? Or will you be THE ONLY ONE asking. This is almost funny but not-when I got trained on DEP one girl had the courage to ask questions about how they would be paying us, why everyone is complaining that their line counts go down, etc. The trainer kept repeating "7000 MTs are using it and LOVING it". I wish I was 1 of them.
Still not paying?
My understanding from posts on this site is that only MTs on a certain account were out of work and not paid etc due to losing account? You mean MTs on remaining accounts are now quitting and not getting paid either? Is this the case? Wow.
She also tries to get out of paying you
when I called her on it she told me I was not mature enough to work for her! Whatever homer! If wanting to get paid makes me immature - sobeit!
they cannot get away with not paying OT

if they asked someone to work OT.  Geez, c'mon sense.   BTW, anyways is not a word. 

not paying
Please tell your friend to get in touch with the attorney general's office/state where this MTSO is based, Better Business Bureau of her state and MTSO state and the labor board, and for her not to work any more for this person.  Labor Board will tell her the same.
DIT is not paying

My last three paychecks have bounced. I have been given excuses and promises and nothing has been done yet. I do not work for fun. My family needs this money I make. After the third check bounced on Friday, I told them I would not type another case until I have a check that is not rubber. Anyone else having this problem?

DIT not paying
I don't know who DIT is, but I am having the same problem with NU Transcription in Maine. They have not paid me anything and I started working for them 10/31/2008!
DIT is not paying
Are you still typing cases for them? I did for a while because I was foolish enough to believe they were going to fix it. I've been with them for almost two years and enjoyed it a lot. Since that third check bounced, I just cannot work for free anymore.
Is it just for KS not paying for OT, or does it
include shorting on line counts?
Then I'd go with the better-paying job.

Are these companies that are paying less for
reports done by VR and paying 50% or so to the MT also reducing their charges to the hospitals by 50%?  I don't think so.  I think you all bought lemons and are trying to recoop your losses at our expense.  
Me too. I'm still paying LD and they are hiring
What's up with that? 
The MT paying for it is not a bad idea.

Only the MTs who are really good and really competent would consider it worthwhile to pay to have the test on file.   So it would weed out the MTs with skills that are not so good and the employers would not have so many to weed through.

I actually think it should include the whole kit and caboodle - test, resume, all pertinent information that ane employer would need to make a decision on whether to extend a job offer.  That way the MT just does all that once (a year) and then can just sit back and see if they receive any offers.

I too think it would be a good idea to have the tests proctored.  I hadn't thought of an MT having someone else take the test for them, but you have a point there.

I also think that an MT could list on their file that they will not consider offers from certain companies they do not wish to work for, or from offshore companies, or offers for under so many cpl, etc.  I certainly wouldn't want to be bothered with a bunch of offers there is no way I'd even consider so best not to waste anyone's time on either side.

Ever think about paying incentive to
high producers who are accurate and send very little to QA? That would be a very fair way to handle that situation. It would probably cut down the need for part-timers (not completely, but some) and also reduce the cost of QA.
They have a history of not paying MTs sm
I would not recommend them to my worst enemy.  Stay far away.  Very unprofessional, late/bounced checks, excuses, excuses, excuses.  Look elsewhere unless you like this kind of thing.
Obviously, you were not paying attention...
I corrected myself before you could. BUT, you're the type that likes to rub things in another one's face. I REST MY CASE LOL HAHA
Would you say that the company is paying
attention to what each Transcriptionist is typing, paying her according to what works out best for her, by the line or by the exam?
That would be a switch!
I am posting as a follow up from earlier about PJ's transcription out of Iowa CIty, Iowa.  I am one who never recieved pay for my work for her.  My check was in the mail, then must of gotten lost according to the owner.  Then I recieved a 1099 showing that I had recieved pay from her.  After reporting to IRS and contacting her to have a new one by February 15, I did receive a corrected one today which is 2 days late, after recontacting IRS because she missed her deadline.  However, it is funny that my pay got lost in the mail, but this did not, as I still have never seen money for my work.  Oh well, at least she can not claim the money as a payout on her taxes!!!!!!!!!! 
Where are these companies paying .10 cpl??
I just quit my job about 10 minutes ago...woohoo!! I'm going to enjoy what's left of the summer with my only child and then I'll polish up the resume. In the meantime, I have a few things I can sell on ebay. lol
AND 5+ years ago they were paying 10 cpl.
More for CMT. What's wrong with this picture???? In another five years will it be 5 cpl? Time to get out of this field for sure.
I was paying $400 per month
when I was on-site supposedly catching that large hospital network break.  His insurance will go down, but he just went full-time from part-time.  Pre-tax and his salary far outweighs that deduction for health benefits.  I supposedly had great insurance , but it only covered clinic type settings.  I couldn't even have blood drawn where I worked.  I had to go the ghetto.  What a joke!  He works for a smaller company, but I'll gladly pay to go to the better doctors.  Also should mention we're on the East Coast.  Maybe health care is cheaper in other states.  I think the salaries are higher here than other areas as well.  More things to consider, I guess.    
Issues with OSI paying


I also had issues with getting paid what was owed to me.  I kept their equipment and then they threatened me with a civil suit.  When it came almost time to go, I called Sherry Ponder, the OSi HR Manager, and she gave me what I was owed.  Then, I sent their equipment back.

No, I said I didn't know what they were paying currently
Not what I made, which to be precise was 7 cents a line....I didn't want to post the exact amount because things could have changed. I'm only trying to provide information to the person who asked.
Paying bills have nothing to do with it...
If you disagreed with what the poster was saying about productivity versus quality, and, at the same time claim 100%, you should show it. How can you state a strong opinion like yours, but still do what others do, like, gee, I don't know, make mistakes?
There is a company out there paying .10 per
Not sure how to correctly translate this, but does not seem quite right to me. Especially when I make .095 per 65 character line now.

Can somebody tell me how this translates??? Just wondering.
I was concerned about paying my
own taxes - but just had them done yesterday and wow!! i came out smelling like a rose by being an SE and having enough to deduct. I think that is where most people go wrong, not keeping good records and not claiming enough when they do their deductions. As an employee i paid probably an average of 250 out of each paycheck (twice a month) and now paid only a few hundred for the whole blinking year!!
Paying for spaces?
Run from a company that does not pay for spaces. Your thumb gets a workout just like the rest of the fingers. My thumb is worth compensation! lol
Companies paying more than 4 for VR
Yes, a cent or 2 more. Still nowhere near enough for the amount of work involved.
Something a while ago about a company not paying

I won't re-state the name but someone was not getting paid.  There was someone who then wrote that this was a good company but the CLIENT didn't pay.

Please note, I have no knowledge of this particular company.  HOWEVER, it is my feeling that a good company ALWAYS pays and does not have themselves so strapped that they cannot pay their contractors whether or not they get paid.  If nonpayment by the client occurs, all work should cease for that client but the contractors should still be paid for the work completed, and the MTSO should fight about the nonpayment, not pass that onto their contractors by not paying them because they weren't paid.  That is a bad business practice whether or not you are a good company or not. 

My opinion as to how I would run things as an MTSO. 

are they paying you for the normals?
Transcend is only paying 60% and you have to
clean up everything. My pay has been cut in half and the editing platform is horrible. You have to format and retype about 80% of the report. Any company is looking better than this.
Any Co. paying at least 9cpl for
I have over 10 years of experience and would love to find a company that pays at least 9 cpl.  Are there any out there?  Thanks
Did I mention that they are paying 50% too? nm
The doctors are paying 12-20 cpl, but

and never an interruption in service.  Can you as an IC promise that?  I have my own accounts, and I can't promise that.  hello?  I need a vacation once in a while.  I don't have back-up because I just don't, plus it's tapes.  Now I get 12 cpl and it's easy work, but I have to pick up and deliver or else hire someone to do that for me, hence, loss of money even though I can write it off. 

The companies are hiring at 7-8 cpl to cover their QA and also to make some money.  No company is going to pay us what they charge, but 7-8 cpl is the going rate for ICs working for MTSOs. 

Now, you can offer what you'd like for what rate you'd like, but be ready when you need a vacation or just want a break because they'll get their panties in a bunch wanting you to find coverage, and then who do you trust to work for you and not try to take your account?  Believe me, it happens. 

Doctors paying about 11-12 cpl here, no more. 20 cpl?
Maybe in bigger cities, but I don't live in the smallest town and the doctors around here pay 11-12 cents tops. Making even 12 cpl, it's hardly worth it when you factor in all the crap you have to do for them plus find time to transcribe, or pay someone else to do it for you and either QA all reports yourself or hire someone to do that, taking phone calls and meetings, etc. Now if I found one paying 20 cpl, that makes it tolerable at least. But let's face it, if an MT or MTSO has clients paying 20 cpl or anywhere close to that, they sure as heck aren't going to be letting them go anytime soon, so it'd be real hard to get your foot in that door. It's kinda like the saying, all the good ones are taken.

To that end, there are also MTSOs that pay better than 7-8 cpl, but they aren't going to be the ones always advertising for help and the MTs working there are likely going to stay put, so you might have to be patient and look a little harder for the diamonds in the rough. ;)
Paying to work

Hi Jodie:  I am so sorry you were subjected to such treatment.  Unfortunately, this business has become so dog eat dog.  You can check my post below yours.  So sick of being treated like a dispostabale commodity.  There should be an oversight committee to review these companies, and they should be fined for unfair practices.  As Christians, we have to forgive them, but we can be honest and tell others what they have done to us.  Maybe we can protect others from falling into the pit.  It hurts to be used like that.  God Bless, and good luck with your next endeavor.



I don't think there is a highest paying sm
speciality any more.  Radiology used to be pretty decent.  Wages have gone down across the board.
That excuse is why they get away with paying us

Are you saying KS is paying OT now? I never got any and I work a lot! nm
Where did you see they were paying hourly?
Sounds low paying s/m

You need to ask if Keystrokes include Expanders or not, as most of us use expanders to up our productivity and that would really hurt. 

Next, I think you mean 0.055 per 1000 words (5 keystrokes being a word). 

1000 words x 5 = 5,000 keystrokes

5,000/65 = 76.92 65 character line

76.92*0.055 = $4.23

It sounds like to me that they are trying to confuse you that they pay EXTREMELY low, unless of course I am missing something.

They are only paying 7-7.5 cpl for IC status...
Way too low in my opinion. If that was employee status I could live with it b/c the benefits would help make up for the low line rate.
paying by the minute

I recently applied for a company that pays by the minute.  How do you determine what is fair pay for by the minute and if anyone out there gets paid by the minute, is it worth it?  What is an average wage?  Any help would be helpful.


Not paying employees
Here is fair warning to anyone who works for Landmark.  If you work and don't get paid, don't believe the emails you may or may not get sent in answer to your requests for your pay, that the check is in the mail or the direct deposit will be there tomorrow.  If the owner has something to do like take her child to ballet, go out of town or run to the bathroom, you won't get paid because these are things that take precident over doing your payroll.  I have numerous emails saying that I will be paid and yet it was over a week later when a check (that I was told would be a direct deposit) finally arrived.  Now after a second paycheck is owed, once again, no pay.  I don't work there anymore and this is a good reason why.  This is not the first time they have done this and it won't be the last.  I guess I should have known when I found out that the owners both worked for Medquist.  These people simply hire to get rid of their backlog and then figure you will do it for free.
Bet they are only paying for the lines...sm
you actually edit, not the whole report.
Take the higher paying job! sm
These companies don't care about us anymore, so why should we care about them?  At the end of the day, we all need money to pay our bills.
Saw a company paying $10/hr as an IC to QA.
That's equivalent, to what, $7 or $8 as an employee with benes?! For experienced QAs! What an insult! We can make that much at Walmart or CVS with no experience, no training, no skills, no medical knowledge, no stress... Geez.
Lartech--not paying

I've transcribed for 6 years.  I worked Lartech for two months and never saw any pay.  The owner keeps saying he didn't receive his pay.  Now no communication at all about it.  I quit since I can't afford to work for free.  He owes me at least $1000.  Nice people, but no pay.  Do hospitals really not pay?  Any way I can find out?

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How many hospitals are paying the same for VR
I've heard this same thing from a few different people now.  Either some hospitals realize that quality is important and will pay for it...or MTSOs are really ripping off the MTs.