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They suck.

Posted By: Period on 2009-02-06
In Reply to: Webmedx? - mt


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you must really suck at your job

They suck
They are VERY unprofessional.
they suck.
true enough
And they still suck
Indian QA must be an oxymoron.  I've seen work coming from India and it's terrible.
SUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trying to move up in the company? LOL!
Maybe that's why they suck.
Suck it up.
You know what?

I don't really care if you believe me or not. In fact, it's more fun for me if you believe the hype that MTs are relegated to making minimum wage. It's your pity party. Go ahead and wallow in it.

If you are actually interested in knowing how I managed to reach that level, see my post below. Or don't. No skin off my nose.

they are HORRIBLE to work for now, they outsource overseas and expect us to work for the amount they do there. I just left there and would recommend everyone STAY CLEAR. there is only ONE good manager there, the rest lie to you and are horrible. add to that, there is never enough work to go around, as they let the HOURLY people do all they want while the production pay ppl have to struggle to get enough $$ to make bills. at the end I was making like $5 to $7/hour there. NO FREAKIN WAY.
I think we all just need to suck it up and get used to it. It is the way things are now. sm
The world is shrinking and MT is far from the only industry where some jobs are going overseas.  Unless it changes in all industry it will not be changing for us either.  I don't see it stopping any time soon.  Best we can do as American MTs is prove that we are worth keeping and paying.
Those threats suck IMO
And whether or not they are actually considering offshoring, I think they know it's a red button for many MTs, and in the worst case scenario it sounds like a deliberate manipulation of their MTs feelings toward offshoring to get their desired result.

Either way, threats and manipulation is a terrible a way to extract more work from people.
Yeah, the pay does suck....
Took a pay cut, and so far, the majority of the dictators suck. Ran out of work on one account already, put me on a few other backup accounts.  NOT enjoying my experience so far. Gonna give it some more time.
Doesn't suck at all to be me

The difference may be that our employers actually have a choice whether to keep us around or not.  They make this choice every time they give us work to do, and then pay us for that work.  They never promised to love or even appreciate us, only to pay what they owe us and (we hope) treat us with fairness. 

Cards given by children to parents are more about teaching the child to think of others than rewarding the parent.  I'm quite happy I am no longer required to display ''refrigerator art.''

I never really got the card thing.  Monumental waste of paper and postage.  What counts is how you are actually treated day-by-day, not whether somebody shells out a few bucks to give you a Hallmark moment. 

Wow. So, your philosophy is, suck it up.
I certainly would not want to work with you. I have been in this business close to 30 years and when I managed nor as an MT would I ever put up with an attitude like yours. I am not cyber-bullying just IMHO you don't have to suck it up and stay anywhere, especially where death in the family is concerned. There are always other jobs, many fish in the sea, and people who treat people with respect. And now you can just suck that up.
True, plus the suck rats always
seemed to love the conference calls and tried to jump in with all kinds of stupid questions, I guess to try and make themselves look like enthusiastic eager beavers.  All they did was prolong the agony of the call.  I really like working independently. 
Benefits suck? Can you elaborate..
High insurance premiums? not enough PTO or vacation time?? What's the pay? I was told it was 9 cpl..and that doesn't sound too bad these days. 
no idiot, been there and they suck haha
Let me know when you wanna play with the big people. On one job, I make $23/h plus incentive. Full benes. 20 weeks PTO/yr. Second job REAL IC pays 11 cpl including headers/spaces. Now, who is jealous? Not that you would admit it. LOL. Now, go make your hard earned sucky money LOL
Not the OP! The poster who told her to suck it up
Suck it up and work the extra or move on!! sm
I am one of those MTs who had gotten sick. I hate to call of sick, but believe me, I could not work and then, once I was well, I stepped up and tried my best to work extra! Yes, it is the holidays and we all have a lot to do, but if the account gets behind and they get ticked, they can pull it and take their business elsewhere and where will any of us be? WITHOUT A JOB, that's where. If you don't want to do your part and step up to the plate for a company that is by FAR one of the best out there, well then you don't deserve to work for such an awesome company. Take it from someone who knows first hand, the grass is definitely NOT greener elsewhere. Look at all the MTs out there complaining that they don't have any work. I would much rather be in our situation than in theirs. I, personally, plan to work my tail off this week to help get things back in TAT! I wholeheartedly cannot imagine that QT is doing any kind of outsourcing! They have said all along that they do not support this! I hate coming on and reading things that are not backed up with FACTS. If you can't give solid evidence about the accusations you are making, then just zip it! Sorry for the long post, but it gets me fired up to see this company getting bashed when it does not deserve it!
I work for them...benefits this year suck
God help us if we get sick. They deductible is sky high and no meds coverage. I can't believe they boinked us that way. I'm checking into other companies.
Benefits suck, pay sucks, they will bug the crap out of you!
Beth, you need to grab an extra six-pack and suck um down.
Yep, they're definitely up there pretty high on the SUCK list
another evil company
and before anyone asks, I am not a suck up and I am not mgmt. I am an MT who needs insurance becaus
my husband losing his job last year and his new company having an outrageously high plan.
Early on in the thread, a poster told the OP she should just suck it up and do the job.
Sounds like this is the suck it up poster trying to back out of what she said.
Not true - Amphion may suck in some ways but they always paid on time.
So telling someone to suck it up has nothing to do with lack of spiritual grace or insulting a perso
I am not the poster you originally addressed this to, but I will from now on suck it up and consider myself under your advice and control. Feel better now? For some reason, I don't... I think I need to check to see why...
ooops. I mean that individual plans suck..not stick as I stated in previous post...NM