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This is the only board I've been able to post on and

Posted By: Backwards typist on 2008-12-20
In Reply to:

I've been a member for years here. I have a validated email address and have been using the same moniker for at least a year.

Something is not right.

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    That's the best post I've seen on this board
    Love it, love it, love it, love it, love it love it!!!
    Didn't you post this on 03/04/06 on both the Company Board and the Hospital/Clinic MT Board?


    If you see a post that needs deletion, please post the link on the Monitor board and we'll

    review it.  This way, requests for post deletions won't appear in the newsletter.



    Whoa! Where've you been? This board was
    positively crackling with anger over all of Acusis' MT's getting a 10-15% wage cut. We all got a phone call last Friday. Maybe they just couldn't get to everybody in one day. And she conveniently didn't mention it this morning in the meeting. Since they do a pretty good job of keeping us from getting in touch with each other (unless you want to do it on their totally monitored company email), you should check in with this thread on MT Stars DAILY. It's the only way we all have of comparing notes.
    Although I've seen many negatives on this board, I'm very
    happy at JLG. Not having DD is the only negative I can think of.
    That is the nicest thing I've seen on this board!
    kk, you are one sweet person to offer a newbie a start like that! If you believe in karma, this good deed should come back to you two- or three-fold. Good luck to you both!!!
    butt out. LOL. It's a PUBLIC board that you've
    I must've gotten lost--thought this is an adult board
    Go back to your friends at MySpace...you'll fit in better there.
    Bye Bye Birdie. Could you email me too. I've been watching the board and interested in your findi
    since I also have been on the job search from you know where. I would be interested in any information you would want to share.
    See my post on the MQ board about this. nm
    They use to post on the job board here
     - but they got so many replies that were ridiculous that they post at another website.  Goes to show what they think of us !  There is no communication at that place.
    When you say post on job board...

    do you mean the resume bank?  I am also looking for work as an IC and wondering if there might be any other place to post one's resume on this site.  TX!

    Post on job board...
    Anybody know what company is posting the transcription manager and QA coordinator jobs...posted by Samantha Lescalleet?
    Well there's a post on the new MT board
    Maybe he/she took the bait...  they won't even have to pay him/her...
    did you mean to post this on another board? NM
    This is the best post I've seen on here.
    I hadn't heard of Futurenet, but you must be good if you respond as you and remind people of loyalty. I was fortunate someone took time with me, as I had been away from this for a few years and needed to reintegrate. I'm barely making a crust, because it is the slow period of the year ~ it was always that way for me. I appreciate what goes into training on both sides. For me it's like trying to build a business again. I really appreciate the interaction and correction, as I'd like to be the best I can be and many little things have changed. Truthfully, I had burned out in this field and I didn't know if I wanted to get back into it, but I love it and I'm glad I was given the opportunity.

    I guess I've been reading a lot of these posts, as I used to work for Medquist, but when I wsa there they were fine ~ but things have changed all throughout this world in the past few years.

    Sometimes, we need to vent though, and perhaps it's better to do it in here where it's a bit more private.

    Ok .. back to lurking ~ :o)
    Your post on GL is on the job seekers board. nm
    Only jobs post on Job board!! nm
    only jobs post on job board
    I was asking a question about a company on the company board and it completely disappeared. It's not on the job board or man board...I just replied to my own post to ask the question again though.
    I saw your post on the forum board.

    And to you and anyone else who read it, did you go back and try to read it again, only to find that it was GONE?  Um... yeah.

    Every single thing you have said is true.  Every word of it. 

    Time to jump ship or drown.

    there was a post on them on this board, but all of a sudden ....
    it has disappeared .... I have to choose my words carefully, but I think the Administrator took it off the board because they were posting a job on the company board. The administrator does not let companies that offshore post for jobs - AND I PRAISE THEM FOR THAT!!!!
    I won't even post on the MQ board anymore...
    Its gone far beyond even MQ bashing to MT bashing! Not my cup of tea.

    PS: Nice 2 have another GUY on the boards LOL - keep posting! :)
    You post on a offshore board.
    Please post MQ topics on MQ board only. NM
    Yes. There is a post on the Main board regarding this. (SM)
    If your post is removed, it is likely because you did not post on
    [ Post a Reply ] [ View Follow Ups ] [ Main Board ]
    Posted By: Administrator sm on 2006-04-25

    the right board. We only have 9 boards now, so if your post fits in one of those categories, do not post on the Main board or your post will be deleted with no explanation.


    We can post whatever we want. This is a public board
    I too will put your post on my bulletin board
    Everything you say is true along with some other comments on this thread about having to work for it. I have been an MT for 22 years. I average about 35,000 a year. I do work full-time, but have a TV in my office to keep boredom at bay. I turned it off 2 weeks ago. The economy stinks, and thinks are getting tougher, so I figured I better start trying to make more money. It is amazing what you can do when you really apply yourself. I went from 1200-1300 lines a day to 1800. That will make a huge difference in my paycheck. It can be done if you work at it.
    Avenir post on job board...sm
    I am REALLY confused now, they want In-house MTs....where? in their US office or in India? jeez.
    Now I realize why I never post on this board
    Things get blown way up. It was just a question and only a couple just answered the question without judging me and getting into things they have no knowledge of. WOW I think you folks really need to get out more. !!!!!!
    this is for post further down, yes company board,
    'have you ever worked out of the home'...sorry for confusion.
    I think this is the 3rd post you've made sm
    about this.  If you only had 8 days into this job, just let it go and move on.  You sound hysterical.
    you've got some cajones to post that
    I think it's great to help your fellow MTs, but I do wonder how long the post will last since the ad was posted on another site and this website isn't getting paid to run it...
    Yes, so that those who didn't see the post on the Company board may see it on the
    Main board.  What's wrong with that?  Isn't that ok to do? 
    OSI is not allowed to post on the board any longer. (SM)

    If you cannot control your emotions when discussing OSi topics, you will be banned.

    I have deleted an entire thread about OSI pay because of the vicious personal attacks.  If you cannot respect others opinions or state yours without being so vindictive, don't post here.


    You post on an offshore board so pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    Post on Main Board now about her company. nm
    You are not supposed to post jobs on the job board
    Again...you are not to post jobs on the job board unless you work in the capacity to recruit.
    New cardiology job post on job seeker's board....
    anybody know what company this is?
    Answered your post on the main board.nm
    I posted this on the main board. Though I would post it here as well.

    If you want mandatory credentialling, then do something about the pay range for MTs!  8 cpl does not cut it when you consider the knowledge and education required for a qualified MT.

    Coders in the midwest (where I live) who have their CCS make $20/hr with little to no experience!  Do not for one minute compare the CMT to the CCS!!  AHIMA is taking care of its coders, making sure coders and records techs are acknowledged for their expertise in the heath information industry and compensated for achieving their credentials.  The ADHI only wants our money.  They have done absolutely nothing for the MT who is credentialed --- 8 cpl or 9 cpl!?!?!!? --- does that sound like we are highly regarded health information professionals to you? 

    post on this at the bottom of this board with flame
    Did Shannon have a job to post on the job seekers' board
    or did she just want MTs to apply with no details given???  Any info on this one? 
    sorry, meant to post on main board....nm
    I moved this post to the Company board. NM

    To answer your last post, i've been at MQ 10 years
    The supervisors are downright cold compared to the ones I actually knew and accommodated me instead of jerking me around.  I still do what i'm supposed to, it just goes unnoticed.  Its scary to think, even in spite of doing a job well done, it could just be taken away like that with no regard.  I just find myself panicked with the type of work i'm getting now, lack of communication, and these posts saying its only going to get worse.  If I had a backup plan, I wouldn't be so frazzled all the time.  But this is it for now. 
    I'm not sure...I've never voted to have anyone's post removed
    But I'll try to figure it out so we can get your real name off of the board. I'm not sure if there's a link to email the moderators directly or not, but if there is, email them and explain the situation to them and ask that your post be taken down.

    Maybe other posts will read this and vote the post down as well and we can get it off one way or the other.
    Search the Job Seeker board and post your resume. (SM)
    Then evaluate the results for yourself.
    Testing, wasn't able to post on Main Board. nm
    See Hayseed's post with video on Main Board - nm
    If you post on a public board, must expect replies
    Public board. I am free to respond to any post.