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This packet we just received is merely

Posted By: type-it on 2008-02-26
In Reply to: Nice to hear. Can you give some details on the coverage? - Is it like a PPO or HMO? nm

supplemental ins.  That is what AFLAC is; it is not a primary insurance coverage.  They do have other insurance, from what I hear, and if full coverage is needed, you do need to talk to Vicki in the office!!! I hear it is kinda pricy, though...

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I just finished reading my packet information. Seems they will only have employees once the new year arrives. I just switched from employee to statutory! LOL! New info reveals I'm being given a raise, employee status (if I choose it) and benefits.

It only took them 30 years, but they've finally become MT-centered????
I don't have the packet but I think I can
I can't imagine you can't do more than 150 lines per hour, that is like them telling me to 'SLOW DOWN" because I average 300 lines per hour. I think they are just putting that 100 and 150 lph out there as a guideline to not go below!
What SPI packet?
Arbitration about what?  I'm current employee.  Is this just for former employees.  When did you get this?  Not in my mail today.  Thanks.
Has anyone gotten the new pay plan packet yet?

I haven't gotten any information at all regarding a new pay plan. Was the first of this sent out to ME's only. It seems that only MQ ME's have mentioned anything about their pay.

I have a hard time believing that MQ HR would call EACH and EVERY MT. Do you know how many phone calls and how much time that would take to accomplish. They probably hired temporary employees again to do this calling, as they did when the new benefits package was rolling out to work on the benefits hotline!

If ANY of you receive any letter/packet/phone call about a new pay plan, PLEASE post for us. TIA

The dreaded packet
The imail actually said to call them at the number given if you didn't RECEIVE the packet by 10/7.
So, you got your packet today?
I didn't get mine yet! Does it say the requirements for part-time versus full-time?
Did you read in the MQ packet where it said...
Based on 39 hour 7 day work week? Or 24 hour 7 day work week? But doesn't explain what that means in detail. Also the part about OT being only after 40 hour scheduled work week? And how about if the HOLIDAY falls on your SCHEDULED WORK DAY you will now be REQUIRED TO WORK IT, but we'll give you 1.5 times holiday pay. and you have to have 150 per hour over 8 hours on a regular work day for employee status, or 100 for the new status. My God, a little more money but much more restriction,big brothering, too much you have to do this and you have to do that. I want it back to the way it was. I don't want holiday pay and I'll be damned if I am gonna work 8 hours on Christmas for it. Some things you can't pay enough for. This is exactly why I left my old company 5 years ago to go home to Medquist. I will be looking around now ASAP.
packet info
They are eliminating the SE category. A wise move if you ask me.

Part time is anything less than 39 hours.

Full time was an expected 150 lines per hour.
Has anyone been informed of a pay cut in their MQ packet? nm
it says and i quote from the packet
in front of me" if you experience unscheduled downtime you will be paid at the hourly downtime rate". for more info go toQnet. Why would I make it up?? But what does "unscheduled" mean??? I know now that my CSC archives on a certain day and I can't transmit for an hour. Maybe they will have scheduled downtime that we have to work around?? Don't know and too tired to look at Qnet todayso don't ask me.
MQ packet confusion
I also live in NE and I have not received my PACKET let alone the pre-packet phone call. What is going on here?
packet arrival
Quote: I was told by Q-News the packets are coming out Oct. 7th.

No, you were told by Q-News that if you did NOT receive a packet by 10/7 to contact them. One would deduce that means you will receive them in the first week of October. I live on the east coast, not far from the corporate headquarters and got mine on Saturday. I'm guessing the mailing likely went out in mass, so it will depend on the USPS as to when yours arrives.
you will get a schedule with your packet.


Former Cymeders, did you get your SPi packet?
What are your thoughts?  That whole arbitration agreement has me a little concerned.  I am taking the whole packet to my attorney before I do anything.
I got ANOTHER packet today!
This is getting ridiculous! The thing took up my whole mailbox! I haven't worked for them in 7 months! I was so annoyed that I e-mailed HR once again and demanded that they remove me from their list of employees and stop all contact with me immediately.
no mail packet here
I thought so, too, but only got email attachments. Had major problems opening some of them. Finally able to print and mail via snail mail. I didn't bother to send express/overnight so hope 5 days were enough to get them there on time. I'm PT and get no benefits but had to sign to decline insurance, etc, anyway. I'm just glad to get it done.
MQ Phone call/Packet
Got the call and yes the packet is suppose to be in the mail in OCT--never gave it a thought that each packet might be different--as stated before none of my questions were answered. Read that the Houston office is closing, are they merging with Dallas??? Is there anyone out there still working for the Foxboro office and will they be one of the offices that will be closing in the future???
Attention MQ packet receivers

Is there ANY mention at all about what is happening with SEs?  If so, please elaborate.  Also, could you give us the new guidelines for part-time versus full-time employee status (# of hours that need to be worked and/or line quotas per pay)?

that horse fromthe packet and
the Qnet rules. tellher to go lookit up.
could you give me a breakdown of the incentives?  If I type 2400 lines a day, what will my incentive be cpl?
If you are talking about the new packet with the Employee
handbook or IC Handbook, I was told they are being sent this week with the W2s and 1099s.
Packet?? Sounds ominous to me.

I got mine in my new hire packet
Love it, very cute and comfy.
Any info in MQ packet about shift differentials?
What is the general opinion about the packet? Good or Bad
Did receive mine yet?
I know that when I answered the questionnaire that came out some time before the packet...

Apparently they didn't really consider that as one of our biggest priorities, though? 

I haven't got my packet yet, but I've found out enough here already about how this new plan is going to impact my needs.  So anybody know companies that still really believe in SE status/FLEXIBILITY?

I haven't gotten my packet yet, but my days with them may be numbered....SM
I'm an SE because of the flexibility, like a lot of other people. If I'm required to work a set schedule/lines with someone breathing down my neck, I'm outta there.

I've been on the same account for 3 years and have it down pat...all the silly rules, most of the MANY docs' names, etc. etc. and have had excellent QAs (but no raise, of course). You'd think MQ would value that kind of experience and knowledge...but you'd be wrong!!

No packet or phone call..maybe I'm TOAST!
I dont' care to read the packet anymore.t
I was all a twitter when the letter first came, email, whatever,nervous that I was gonna lose my bennies, worked myself into a lather...now I don't give a ****. Let the chips fall, I'll survive it. I even forgot it was October, thanks for reminding me. 6 days until D day. Whatever..
Are they doing away with SE status altogether now. I didnt get my packet yet. What do they plan
to do with the SE people.
This whole page is about that stupid MQ packet, 3 other topics max. unreal

I received one of those once-sm
I read through the whole thing before realizing what the heck this applicant was doing. At first, I thought she accidentally sent me some patient's report!
Yup, you definitely should have received it. It's on 2/29 at 2 PM CST
I would contact Vicky in the office if you never received the e-mail because it is a mandatory conference.
I received from
the old payroll company but not the new.
Any MDI-MD MTs received W2's?
I had mine by this time last year, just wondering if anyone else has rec'd theirs yet, and if I should check into it...
I didnt get the packet, do we have to take their insurance if we dont need it. I dont want it. Wish
I would have gotten the stupid thing to read.
No. The only letter I have received is the
September 2nd letter announcing the upcoming Rewards Plan.

Yes, if ASR pay is being reduced that is a pay cut. It is A pay cut. The above post made implication that there was a pay cut across the board, "... the pay cut ...".

I just don't see a need to be careless with that kind of assumption.

I have received nothing about the ASR reduction. However, I do not do ASR and it may have only gone to those MTs.

At least you received a reply! SM
I tested almost two weeks ago and still no word.  I find a lot of the companies just don't ever get in touch anymore.  That's just rude! 
You already received 3 answers below .. maybe that's all there is? nm
received the email, nm
received the email
I received the e-cards as well - sm
I'll bet we have the same liason! I really like her and thought it was very thoughtful of her to take the time to do this.
I have never really received more money for it BUT if you want to do
it for yourself, do it! I have been able to get other jobs other than MT just by having it because whether or not it means anything to other MTs, it always looks good to have a professional credential after your name if you are in any kind of mentoring position, QA, or management. I wanted it because I wanted to expand what I did and even though it might not have been required, it looks credible. Nothing wrong with doing it for yourself for no reason at all. It is a difficult test and to take it and pass it makes you feel good inside. Some companies do pay a differential per line or for doing QA can reap you more per hour. Again it is a personal choice and no it does not make you a better MT but it certainly makes you feel like you have accomplished something. We need things like feelings of accomplishment in what we do for a living. It's the only credential our field offers and I see nothing wrong with wanting to get it. Go for it and good luck.
I also received a computer

today and will be starting soon. I am really looking forward to it.  So far, everyone has been very professional and kind.  I like the fact that they take the time and go through the expense of mailing a professionally done packet of new hire paperwork and then providing the means for you to send it back to them via fed ex.  Most companies email you tons of attachments that you have to use up a ton of ink to print out...then they expect you to fax it all back...which if you don't own a fax, you have to pay lots to fax 10-20 pages.  The company seems very organized.  They even sent FedEx labels for me to keep just in case I have to return the equipment for any reason.  I hope that things continue to go well and hopefully, I have found my home.

I know that Spheris offshores however, I feel that US MTs will always be in high demand, because there will always be hospitals/docs who refuse to have their work done by overseas MTs. 

Has anyone who received the mass
emailing from Keystrokes received the promised phone call yet?  I have not and am just wondering
I am one of a # of people who received SM

a check equal to about 4 months' pay from them for avoiding overtime pay.  That is no rumor.  That FACT was investigated by the Pennsylvania Dept of Labor and Diskriter was forced to pay out rightfully owed overtime pay because they repeatedly, verbally and in writing, demanded mandatory overtime and made statements that we were to only write in 40 hours for that week or face disciplinary action.

FACT.  Not rumor.

Received the Same Offer
Do you mind if I ask who you work for?
Pay? Yeah right - you never received your pay.
Don't even go there - they cannot even pay on time or even let you know that it is going to be late - even when it is Christmas time of all times.  They are very bad, disorganized and the rudest people ever.  Stay far away.
I received a gift as well. s/m
I really appreciated it as I have only been working for this company for a few months.  It's nice to be remembered at all.
I haven't received it. Please try again.
I received one this week

It had some interesting comments about hospitals and costs of transcription as well as pay for MTs not rising since 1998, which is what I had noticed more or less.

I also see one of their top people mentioned is a former supervisor of mine at MQ.  She was very nice.  Perhaps I'll apply there!

I havent received anything. nm