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This post looks like it was written by

Posted By: sm on 2009-09-01
In Reply to: Transcend Services - KW

an offshore MT.

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I could have written your post ! sm
The only difference is my hubby is in the oil business. Other than that, everything you say rings true for me too!

Would not change a thing!
I could have written your post
but not said it nearly so well - agree 100%!!
Thank you, I appreciate that. I could have written your post as well s/m
We got an email from my STM today saying that one MT got the No Studies Available message 110 times in one day and still got their 8 hours in and typed 1500 lines, and we should be so dedicated. That really made me feel sad. I mean, I WISH I could do that. I really do. My personal and family situation just does not permit me to sit waiting for 10-12 hours a day to get the work in when it is not there. Sad, but true. I will hope the best for you as well...
I could have written this post., sm
If per chance a company is having issues with a client starting up, a little give/take goes a looong way. You have to remember there are often times issues that are out of the MTSOs control.

As far as them hiring someone to type 10 reports and then not pay them. Seriously!? They could type those 10-20 reports much faster than the time it takes to hire someone, i.e. computer/software setup, paperwork, training, QA of those reports, etc. JMO.

Everyone I have dealt with at Landmark has been more than accomodating to my needs as well. I'd recommend them to a friend without a second thought.
Your post could have been written by me

Although there are a few differences in the rules between MT and VR, I've noticed that some don't even follow the basic rules in the account specifications.

Although it hurts me in the wallet, I, too, take my time; although some days I wonder why I do that and sometimes just want to forgetaboutit.

I could have written this post...
bet we're on the same account. Got hired there a few months ago on the same shift, same days, same problem with running out of work most of my Sunday nights, BUT I made it very clear up front I'd only do that mandatory OT (which is basically 5 hours every week on this account)on my Fridays off. In other words, they effectively have me on Sundays and Fridays but again, no way will I work more than 8 hours a shift, I do have a somewhat of a life beyond keyboarding. I've adapted but wow, weird way to have to manage an account, if you ask me, run out of work Sunday nights and the sky is falling with too much work by Tuesday. I, too, find this work atmosphere stressful and tiresome, but I gotta say it's a relief to make a decent paycheck again, and the account itself ain't all that bad compared to many I've worked on elsewhere in my 32 years of doing transcription. MT TOO LONG, this particular account is no VR, Dolbey Fusion, can be a pain in the you-know-what but I believe very doable.
Your post is so well written and so true...
I realized that saying something really will not make any difference and venting my frustration has made me feel better. I really can understand where you have been and know that everything happens for a reason and the way you handle each and every situation in life defines you as a person. I am going to stick it out for now, but have an offer from another company I am really contemplating, as I will be back doing my specialty of reports and maybe can finally get some decent lines again, as I really like to be able to eat out once in a while. ;oD
I could have written your post. A few months

ago my company, where I had been for more than 5 years began having issues.  I started looking around, sent in resumes, posted my resume on the job boards.  I got at least a dozen job offers.  Most I eliminated due to too low of a cpl or was being offered clinic when I wanted acute care.  I narrowed it down to 2 companies.  I accepted a position with one of them, but then the next day I changed my mind because I had been with the same company for so long.  I was familiar with my doctors, my platform, I was left alone to do my work, had all the work I could handle, etc.   The fear of having to start all over again terrified me, so despite the issues I decided to stay and ride it out.  The company went belly up a few months after that and I didn't have a choice but to make a change then. 

There is no guarantee company #1 will still be in business five years from now.  There is no guarantee company #2 will be in business five years from now.  If you are very happy at job #1 you wouldn't be considering job #2.  For me the money itself wouldn't be enough to make be change. 

You could try both for a short time to give you a feel of whether changing companies would be a good more or whether the extra money just isn't worth it to leave your comfort zone. 

Maybe going to job #2 will be the best thing you ever did or maybe you'll regret it for a long time to come.  Unfortunately you are the only one who can make the decision.  If you don't take job #2 you may always have regrets or the what ifs.  If you take job #2 you might be kicking yourself for months wondering why in the world did you even consider changing because you really had it pretty good at job #1.

I know I haven't helped you decide, which wasn't my purpose.  I just wanted to give my view point, which is most likely different than yours because it doesn't personally involve me.  It is always easier to tell someone else what they should/should not do than it is to make the same decisions for yourself. 

Good luck in whatever you decide. 

I think this post was written by frelvis.
At first I thought I had written your post
The same thing happened to me.  Yet I continue to try and I ask myself WHY???  I am retired so I've got mine, why should I care about anyone else?  I guess cuz that's just the way I am.
I also could have written your post.. Does your company start with a .....
T...??? It just sounds way too familiar and I have cut back on working for them because I'm sick of getting the garage that they won't send to the Indians
This post is written like a medical report

Someone has been MTing way too long....

I think we got it the first time you said we don't care.  So, now we know what Data-Med expects.  Now, I wonder how many MTs feel degraded that you even posted this because it comes across condescending.  It really does. 

I could have written your post a year ago. I actually do not hate my job anymore - it's great!
Wow! That was well written!!!
You're a valuable asset to your company!
Serious. I said that it was well written and
that I thought they were a valuable employee for their company. ????
Again, could have written this also
My first 2 pay periods were on great accounts, made the minimum line count with rave reviews from QA. Then, BAM, started running out of work and put on back up accounts. No more work on primary account and only the hard work on the back up accounts. Harder to get line counts and more job stress.

I can't work for just one company anymore as this has happened to me more than once now. I think the better an MT you are, the more likely this is to happen to you.
Wow, very well written.
I, too, went through same thing. I took job #2. Have been making myself nuts, do I stay? do I go back? I have finally decided that I left #1 for good reasons. If #2 doesn't work out in the long run, I'll go elsewhere.
OMG, I could have written that! nm
Some of what has been written.....
here is not pretty, nor should we be proud of it, BUT I think it does reflect alot of frustration and that frustration can be seen in what has been written. It is frustrating as h#@# to have a career that was respected, paid you a good wage and that people looked upon as something the average person could not do without specalized training. Then slowly before your eyes you watch it start to disappear and then all of the sudden WHAM, almost every group of MT's you talk to anywhere, their jobs are gone, or their wages/hours are not enough to live on. I think that is what is showing through the most in these posts is the absolute helplessness one feels to be able to do anything about it. It is like a tsunami, you are warned it is coming, and you try your best to prepare for it and when that wave hits, it destroys nearly everything that was in place and then it starts sucking everything back out to sea. I think alot of us feel like we are being sucked out to sea and we are trying desperately to grab onto something that will keep us from going under. Pretty NO, truthful PRETTY MUCH. Scary, YES. Make you mad, SURE AS H#$$ DOES.
I could have written this........sm
I was very open minded about the VR and found that there was far too much editing and could not make money on it. They give you the razzamatazz that you have to use the short cut keys and ya ya ya......that is no good when every line has a few wrong words on it. The punctuation is off. Everything is off. It's garbage. I would certainly edit it and make it perfect but not for what these crooks want to pay me so I'm back to typing and yes, there are typing jobs out there. Just say NO to VR unless they pay 6 cents per line minimum.
Yes, so well-written, and now what?
When I take a step back what I see is that I should quit doing this work. When Pakistan/India/Afh really heat up and there is some technological glitch we'll have a few fun days in America when doctors are hand writing their reports. Big picture, that's what I see happening.
Most definitely NOT written by an MT.
Well written
I enjoyed reading your perspective. I am a recent graduate from a good program. I did not have much problem finding a job that has started me with above-average pay and good benefits. I am very happy with my choice. I would share that on the new MT board, but I will certainly be called a liar and other delightful names.
I have not written any of this stuff
The secret to becoming a favorite at OSi will never be made publicly known, as there are plenty of people who consistently get at least 98%, 99%, or even 100% on audits, and are they rewarded for it? No. They aren't even told what they get because apparently their superiors would feel obligated to reward them. They just keep plugging away making the people "who hear it from the physician" look good while some of the QA team needs to be replaced for their holier-than-thou attitudes and their capacity to make crucial mistakes as well. The only way to grow and succeed with this company is not by being a model employee by being reliable and doing near perfect work without complaining - it is all in the hands of the powers that be, and what they look for, I sure as heck don't know, nor does anyone else not in the inner circle, 98% accurate or not. Why anyone would want to run a company this way is beyond me. Why not take the best assets you have - your employees - and use them to help your company grow, instead of playing these stupid games and giving people promotions simply because they have found a way to nudge into your circle? That is how companies succeed.
Anyone written Frank?
I was contemplating an email to Frank to express my opinion regarding his capability to make intelligent decisions and was wondering if anyone else had expressed their opinion to him yet. 
To all those slamming TH from below. Not one of you has written me

and asked my opinion or asked questions.  I have been with them for 4 months and I really like them.  I know their strong points and weak points yet you would rather knock them down than get the opinion of an actual employee who is still there.  You just want to complain and knock them down.  If you want an opinion who knows the good and the bad about them, email me.  If you want to just knock a good company down, then keep it up..





Flo COULDN'T have written this!
Well said, well written. Please do more of this "out there." nm
It is all written out now. Much more constinency. There is no nm
cherry picking on my account, so I do not go through what you did. Pay days have been the same for the entire 3 years I have been there, so you must have been there a long time ago. They are the 1st and 15th and always have been.
I could have written this myself. I'm looking into a new field. nm
wow, could have been written by the supe!
TH has a bad habit of getting their employees to voluntarily do beta tests on CM which can slow you down, but since you volunteered, you aren't compensated for it...or for anything else they ask you to volunteer to them. CM goes down a significant amount of time so as to cause your production to suffer and they really love to take it down for maintenance the evening of the last day of the pay period. Sometimes when it goes down unexpectedly, it might stay down for 1-2 days and only alert some employees it is back up, not everyone.

Good luck with the TransHealth gig thingy.
I think it was written by OSi management
Took the written test...
and passed, did the transcription test and I must not have done that well because I have not heard back from then. I took it Monday.
This was obviously written by someone in management!
I think I am going to vomit.
To those who have written me privately
I seldom answer e-mails generated from here because I'm never really sure where/who they are coming from. I will tell you that the hospital is a local one and you must live within a certain radius to work from home for them. Check out the hospitals within 100 miles of you, though. MTs working from home directly for hospitals is growing and in my area becoming the norm.

I could have written that. It is exactly what happened to me. sm
I also know who you are talking about being a cheerleader for the company. Amazing, huh?

I kept warning everyone this would happen. I sincerely hope you can recover from this financially. It will not get better if you stay.
Not much written because they're a - sm
mostly nice bunch of people. The pay is ALWAYS on time. They use a platform called Word Script. It works pretty well; I have no major complaints about it.

Acusis actually started with only India-based workers (but main office is in Pennsylvania). Then they bought DRC, a CA-based MT company, in order to have US-based workers too.

Techs and supervisors seem pretty approachable, plus they have lots of online and teleconferences, bulletins, etc. They pay by the line. Also, they have good accounts (at least I think mine is good!) They have very high quality standards, which is probably why they have high quality accounts.
This could have been written about my company,
the one that sounds like a sneeze.
I have written articles. Where do you submit?
I am just getting started in following a lifelong desire to write.  Would like to submit to magazines, and journals.  Thanks!
Transhealth, they do written and verbal,
You mean you received a written offer?
From that written offer you turned them down? Does not sound like you would have received an offer if you said it was ridiculously hard.

Very well written. I agree. I would emphasize that
the premium pay (and financial incentives) should be just that - premium.

Once employed, if an MT continually makes the production standard and the quality standard, an annual raise to top out levels and then an annual bonus.

BOS not written by God. Just some rules decided
OMG! I could have written that exact paragraph ~ sm
I thought I was the only one with medical problems that got the boot when I had to take off to have surgery! 6 years of my life I have dedicated to this MTSO to be treated this way. What happened to loyality and respect? My company was Tidewater/Imedx - no benefits. Notifying in advance does no good as they ignore it and if asked to ever train someone as your backup - DON'T DO IT!!! That means they are going to give your account to them.......
This book was written well before Vista came out. sm
So to say no may not be correct. I would email Cheryl and just ask her. HTH!
Judging by what's written in those paragraphs,
and my observations when my company merged with another, chances are very good that many of the people on those 'lists' are MDI management.

Find out what they pay the majority of their MTs. Chances are, if you make more than that now, eventually you won't.
Im not the original poster, but I miss being able to see the last msg written SM
like when it was displayed on top. That way if someone had a question on a word or a question in a report it would be viewed by more people. Like me right now stuck on a word. LOL>
Unless you cash the checks on the bank they are written on, you
have to cash them against funds in your own account. That's how the banks cover their behinds on NSF checks.
Do they have both a written and verbal testing process? Thank you. nm
Get everything about schedule written in stone before you start.
and my manager was the most uncaring person I have ever worked for.
You are not obligated to give them a written explaination...but...
Some companies won't allow you to test again for at least a 6 month period after testing. If you are interested in applying with them then I would email them back stating that you are definitely interested in proceeding with your interveiw/testnig, however unfortunately since receiving their last email that you suffered an injury to your hand/and wrist. I would state that it is not a permant injury, however you would like to see if you could get an extension of about a week or so to allow the hand to fully heal. If they want you bad enough they will wait. Don't burn any unnecessary bridges.