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This site USED to post in house hospital jobs - sm

Posted By: 2sense on 2008-01-06
In Reply to: Does anyone using these boards work inhouse? - sm - the job-hunt continues -----

And this is just MY opinion, but I think what probably happened is that the hospitals were probably getting bombarded with every MTSO service contacting them, and individuals contacting them about outsourcing their work, and it probably became too much for them. An acquaitance mentioned one time that she had advertised on this board for on site and specified that it was on site, along with very specific job specifications, and apparently it didn't matter - everybody and their brother applied for the job, including waitresses and nannies who had never even had one iota of medical terminology, let alone job experience.

That's just my 2 cents

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why is OSI allowed to post jobs on this site??? SM
It is on their website that they have an offshore office in the Phillipines. 
Don't think any do except for those in-house jobs. Some QA jobs are paid hourly. nm
I was hospital in-house for 13 yrs
and only did radiology. There were gals who did basic 4 called the MR people.

Pathology, orthopedics, cardiology and the morgue, among others, had their own transcriptionists. NONE of us did everything.

Fair question.
Try in-house at a hospital.
same here, i use it for my in-house hospital job. love it
I think she means in-house at the hospital. nm
I work in-house at a local hospital...
And it's been pretty much famine conditions there, too. We're having to use our VH hours when we're called off for lack of work. I don't know where you're located, but I'm in central California. Perhaps it's a nationwide phenomenon for some reason.

Hang in there. The powers-that-be where I work keep telling us it's just temporary (although I'm preparing for the worst).

Actually some in-house jobs at hospitals (Kaiser,
I think it's something along the lines of United Healthcare Workers, or ?
Jewish Hospital & St. Mary's in Kentucky has an In-House, days MT spot
I heard a year or so ago that Chestnut Hill Hospital in Phila. was hiring in-house MT's
You all have a point. I forget how this at-home thing works. I used to work in-house at a hospital.
and... we got paid extra for working holidays and even weekends and evenings. I am new to this at-home thing and it's pretty disappointing. I think I'm back to the hospital..
I have spoken with different companies from the MT Jobs web site and all
have said they are giving priority to the Heartland employees that have been displaced over someone just window shopping.

They could apply with any of these companies and just put HEARTLAND EMPLOYEE in the subject line and get considered before anyone and they really do not need AAMT's help or a matchmaker company. They can do it themselves. AAMT is one of the reason why they don't have jobs.
Not OP, but lots of other places to search aside from here & the other site. Most of those jobs are
You are not allowed to post their link on this site. Post
will be removed. It was up last night and post got removed.
At-home hospital jobs
Does anyone know of any hospitals that let you work remotely as a full-time employee with benefits?  Thanks!!
At-home hospital jobs
I have 12+ years of experience in most medical fields.  I am in the Fort Collins area. 
Same here, but hospital jobs are growing fewer SM
and it seems most people are getting into this to be home with their kids and believe me, old as I am, I completely understand.
The post on the other site is by the owner. It is there signed
by her for anyone to read which shows that much of what that poster said is true and she has also posted before about the time they had to cut pay. I believe she genuinely wants things to change and is trying but she did post this on a public board about the pay problems, the plans, as well as whatever else was on her mind and it is there to be read by all so when you say what you just said, the owner posted all of the information that shows that poster was right on with what they said.
Do you work in-house here? I applied last August & was told in-house only and they weren't
Do not post the hospital name. SM
The ad was taken down and the Ms. Reed requested the hospital name not be posted.

Only jobs post on Job board!! nm
only jobs post on job board
I was asking a question about a company on the company board and it completely disappeared. It's not on the job board or man board...I just replied to my own post to ask the question again though.
MTSOs must post their own jobs
not all companies post jobs here -

why bother being so rude.

Hardly any jobs out there post the salary.

I don't think it matters if it's transcription or what.  I can't imagine testing for a company before calling them and flat out asking what the pay rate is for the position being offered.  What a total waste of time for both the company and the applicant. 

...and I personally do not think it is inappropriate to laugh at a ridiculous rate and slam down the phone either.  I think the asshats out there who are offering a nickel a line need to get laughed at and rudely hung up on to boot.  None of this PC politeness garbage of thanking them for their time either if they pull a number like that out of their hineys.  A man sure as heck wouldn't stand for that kind of pud pullin'...why should we?!  

Wonder why these companies post jobs

with low line rates but requiring years of experience.  Who out there is desperate enough to fall for this?  Maybe they should try an overseas job board somewhere.

Maybe it's because they post jobs and never respond to people.
Has anyone actually had them respond to a resume?
You are not supposed to post jobs on the job board
Again...you are not to post jobs on the job board unless you work in the capacity to recruit.
Don't know who this is but they only post jobs to stay legal..

I know exactly how it works, don't bother applying you will be wasting your time.

Did you read XO post? She said 23 jobs posted in 1
You missed my point in jobs knockin post and the
you want.  If you like MTSO you are with now, get more work from there.  If not go after what you want with different MTSO, different job, whatever.  Whats the big deal with askin for more work with MTSO you are with, if you like them.  No different that asking to work for (by applying to) any other MTSO. A real pro knows to get proactive and steer you life in the direction you want it to go.
To Moderator: Is Seroesh Saleem Akhtar allowed to post on the jobs board?

You are still wrong to thank your company on an MT site, appropriate is your site.
Didn't you post this on 03/04/06 on both the Company Board and the Hospital/Clinic MT Board?


Cherrypicking is when you work from a pool of jobs and being able to reject the worst jobs to those
Diskriter off off offshores - and on some hospital accounts - they have not informed the hospital
Jewish is the main hospital, St. Mary's is another hospital under their management. (nm)
Monster Jobs and Career Builder usually have a few path jobs. nm
They didn't take our jobs, QT gave them our jobs. The account is now
back in the hands of US MTs, or will be in just a couple of weeks.  
First for hospital, then outsourced still on same hospital work
and believe it or not, the hospital was so much easier. Had worked at the hospital for 11 years before they outsourced and then worked another 3+ years for the company they outsourced to. What a difference! The company had so many rules and regulations you could hardly keep up with them all, thousands of them, on the same account, mind you. The higher ups would not leave you alone, constant IMs about any and all. I have gotten to the age where I do not need all that and walked the other week. Have scheduled testing with another hospital for this month. Hope I make the cut, love the hospital work 1000 times more than a company.
Are MTs that are looking for jobs finding good jobs right now with everyone looking or is it
getting more difficult to find a good job.  I am most interested in jobs for experienced MTs with more than 10 years service.  I wonder if it is better to put a resume on or just keeping applying or what is the best way to go about this.
Look at all the jobs on the jobs boards.
You can find a job and won't have to apply for unemployment. You would be surprised how many companies need qualified MTs! Go get 'em and get 'em now!

Don't wait until the 11th hour. Too many needs to put your hat in the unemployment slot.

What they lost is our gain.

My post should say the post above not the post below, Sheryl's post to be specific. nm
Then get an in-house job so there are no
your current position.
In house?

Just curious if that had at-home transcriptionists.  Sorry, I dont know about their testing, but I had thought about applying there before also, so will watch this thread.

Never thought I'd hear myself say this, but I would love to get back into a hospital.
In-house only. sm
They listed the opening on MTjobs.com. Check there for info.
Yesss...and that is one of the reasons hospitals began outsourcing..
That's in-house only. Tried that already... nm
If you are in house, and they are (sm)
having trouble with the home people now, chances are excellent they will continue to have the problems when you go home until they get someone out to fix it.  If all the home MT's are having trouble, then the clinic needs to get someone in to fix it.  Maybe you might have more to say about that while you're there.  Once you go home, you're stuck like everyone else.
im a in-house MT, BUT
I might sound sneaky and dishonest, but I really think that whether you're an IC or employee, they have no say. Unless it's in the contract. But then again, I really don't think they can find out. I also work for a private office consisting of 4 docs who also dictate for the hospital. That friend whom I mentioned who used to work for a vendor AND our hospitals--she now has her own business and I work under her also as an IC in the clinic setting. Our boss doesn't know this because the 4 docs I type for also dictate for 1 of our hospitals. I fear the conflict interest issue. I make $22 by the actual hour plus incentive for the hospital, but as a single parent, I need more than that. I really don't know if I could get in trouble because during my IC shift, I'm not typing for the hospital.

Good luck, I know where you're coming from as far as really wanting just 1 job but needing to live, pay bills, and eat.