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To the MQ MT who posted above re state of the art technology... sm

Posted By: deejay on 2005-07-24
In Reply to: MQ technology has always been #1. Platform is state of the art - MQer

I tried to email you through your post above; but got a message that email address was incorrect.  Need to ask a question about your post.  Thanks.

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MQ technology has always been #1. Platform is state of the art
and others pale in comparison. DocQScribe is their newest platform, and its great. Really fast, really efficient for us regarding demos, etc.
Unless something has changed, health insurance rates vary state by state, so we may not have the
info you need.  I'm an IC so I don't have benefits.
You are correct. The state that rules is the state the employee lives in.
My state laws has is spelled out in their Code. If another state does not withhold, they are fined heavily and if they don't withhold for years, their fines are pretty bad. I worked for a Florida co that did not withhold income tax for my state even after I brought it to their attention in the state code. They kept saying that they would eventually and never did. After two plus years and when I left, I made it known to my state all the conversations, the state refunded me all late fees they charged me and then said they were going after the company in Florida because they had many employees in our state. They deserved it. They knew better.
The state you live in or the state where the MTSO is located? nm
If company is in state that has no state taxes
they are not required to take out state taxes.  It's enough to keep up with your own state tax law code, could you imagine having to stay abreast of 49 other state tax codes?  The cost would be huge and ultimately passed on to us by lower line rates.  Regardless of who owes the tax, someone has to pay it.  Just a matter of convenience I guess. 
Not state by state, federal labor law - sm
and you don't have to be asked. If you work it, asked or not, they have to pay time and a half OT rate for hours worked over 40 in a week.

Taken right from U.S. Dept of Labor -
An employer who requires or PERMITS an employee to work overtime is generally required to pay the employee premium pay for such overtime work. Employees covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)MUST receive overtime pay for hours worked in excess of 40 in a workweek of at least one and one-half times their regular rates of pay. The FLSA does not require overtime pay for work on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, or regular days of rest.

Extra pay for working weekends or nights is a matter of agreement between the employer and the employee (or the employee's representative). The FLSA does not require extra pay for weekend or night work or double time pay.

Different state to state. You would be surprised to find

IC can be defined differently state to state.  Even the IRS cannot come up with a definitive set of rules.  You would be surprised how many ICs actually get unemployment in some states.  If the unemployment claim form asks specifically if you are an independent contractor, do not lie, but if it does not, do not volunteer it.  Let the company prove you are a true IC according to the rules of your state.  All you lose is a few minutes filling out the claim form.  I would only do it as a last resort.  If you can find work fast, by all means go for it, but the way things are now with all the VR and off-shoring, it is a backup if you cannot find work.  No one should go hungry because they are afraid to file for Unemployment as an IC. 


They should take out state taxes for the state
It varies from state to state
Varies from state to state
My own state recognizes partial unemployment, too, when your work gets cut down to half of your regular workload/income.
You can thank technology!
With all the available options with the internet now, overseas, voice recognition, etc., it has become the ruination of MTing as we knew it. Not to mention other things. Customer service jobs going overseas. Small businesses folding due to the internet shopping competition, like Ebay. And look at the children of the new mod-world, they don't even go outside to play anymore, they chat on the internet and hang out on MySpace.com. It's a very scary world.
CPR Technology
  That line about we take care of our people is laughable. They might take care of some favorites. 
CPR Technology

Email me if you wish. 

Not just technology
But the corporate mentality behind it. Now there are exceptions, but in general, once the suits saw $$ in Transcription, that was all she wrote. The hospital corporations may think they are saving $ but all they are doing is redistributing who gets the real $ and the quality of the medical report suffers in the process.
With technology progressing the way it is,
there's no reason the hospitals can't hire people in other states to do their transcription for them over the Internet or a toll-free phone line. I live in a very rural state, and that's what it's boiling down to. The hospitals can't find people willing to work inhouse, so they're setting up dial-in or Internet access for off-site transcriptionists. I worked for the local hospital for a while at home. We got sick leave, vacation pay, insurance benefits, and bonuses. I left them for a different job, but I wish I had stayed with them.
what has modern technology got to sm
do with my post about folks working from home and not taking this job seriously while raising kids? Obviously you want to argue the book versus internet thing again and its not going to happen.

Go back to India.
That "other technology...." sm
is already on the scene. It is EMR using POS terminals. Yep, we will just become generic patients with point-and-click illnesses, just as we will become unemployed persons with a huge fund of knowledge. That and a dollar will get you a cup of coffee, but you'd better have a dollar!
I think this just fabulous technology!........nm
MultiModal Technology
Just wondering if anyone is currently working for a company that uses MultiModal Speech Technology and if the platform is MT friendly?  I have a job offer and this is what the company uses and it sounds like an easy platform.  Thanks!
Transcription, Technology & Support (TTS), NH?
Any information on this company out of Chichester, NH?
Transcription, Technology and Support
I was thinking of applying to this company.  Could I please get some feedback as to the pay, work types, platforms and work flow?  Thank you!
Transcription Technology Support nm
Transcription, Technology and Support
My pay was wrong several times. I was paid someone elses lines and my line rates were reversed and it was paid late often.
Transcription Technology Support
Transcription, Technology and Support. nm
Transcription Technology &Support, LLC
Anybody with any more input on this company? Thanks!

Does anyone have any information/experience with this company? 

Anyone know anything about TTS (Transcription Technology & Support LLC)

Anyone know anything about TTS (Transcription Technology & Support LLC)

Transcription Technology and Support
Transcription, Technology & Support sm
Does anyone know anything about this company?
Transcription technology Systems

Does anyone know about this company?  They claim to be flexible and pay for spaces on 65-character line.  Sounds pretty good so far.  Any employees of TTS out there.  Thanks for any information. 

Suzy Q

Transcription, Technology & Support
I was just offered a job through TTS and even though I searched past posts, I am so scared !!! I have been with the same co. for 14 years, so this is a big deal to me. Any feedback would be SO appreciated. Any present or past info?
TTS or Transcription, Technology and Support
Any info on this company. Have searched under TTS and Transcription, Technology and Support, both those terms pop up in so many posts that I can't locate something about this specific company. Would appreciate any good, bad, ugly and/or help finding past posts. Thank you.
TTS (Transcription, technology, support)
**** The former owner of mtstars, works for TTS. Need I say more?
TTS (Transcription, Technology & Support)

I'm looking for feedback on this company.  There are some threads but only as recent as this past fall and those aren't very informative.  I'm also unable to tell if TTS (Transcription, Technology & Support) is the same as TransTech.  I'd love to hear about current experience with this company.  If you have specifics, please e-mail me. 


TTS or Transcription, Technology & Support

I'm looking for feedback on this company.  There are some threads but only as recent as this past fall and those aren't very informative.  I'm also unable to tell if TTS (Transcription, Technology & Support) is the same as TransTech.  I'd love to hear about current experience with this company.  If you have specifics, please e-mail me. 


Buy why bother to learn all that new technology
Its like, whats the point even? I wonder if the leaders of this country have any idea how HUGE the homeless and indigent problem is going to be here in just a few years. And they won't have the middle class to fall back on and bail them out, because the entire middle class will be gone. They'll either be living in their cars and begging on street-corners, or incarcerated for stealing in order to survive, or else they'll be dead. This whole business of putting Americans out of work, so the rich can become richer, is gonna eventually leave them with some big bills to pay.
They must deduct FEDERAL taxes.. NOT STATE taxes.. if they took out state taxes.. it would be FLORID
which would only have to be refunded to you for you to pay YOUR state what you owe them which is nothing but a pain... be glad they weren't handling your state tax.. and I think in this case.. if someone at the IRS told you they have to deduct YOUR states taxes.. it is that person who is uneducated... they only have to deduce federal income tax

Medical Voice Technology Services, Inc.

Can anyone give me info regarding this company that is based in the southeast?  Possibly your experience with them if you have one? 

Thank you very much!

medical voice technology services
Anyone familiar with this company?  Any and all feedback welcome!!
Anyone hear of TTS? (Transcription, Technology, and Support
I have been offered a job with TTS and can't find any info on them. They are located in New Hampshire. They had  a job posting on the job seekers board here so I was hoping somebody had some information. Thank you!
Does TTS (Transcription, Technology & Support) still have issues sm
regarding pay?  I checked the archives, and I found posts saying they didn't get paid on time, pay was not correct, etc., which is a bit scary.  I was only going to work for them part-time, but I still would like to get paid.  Any input would be appreciated.  Thanks.
Is TransTech the same co as Transcription, Technology and Support? nm
Transcription, Technology, and Support of New Hampshire. nm
Any info on Transcription technology and support, llc?
Transcription, Technology, and Support in New Hampshire. nm
Anyone with information on Transcription, Technology, and Support (TTS)?
It sounds like they have a lot of good benefits but it always appears that way in ads to sell themselves and then you find out it isn't what it appears. I am curious about their medical insurance, if it is affordable and what their accounts are like i.e. high ESLs etc. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Any info on TTS? Transcription, Technology & Support
Proof positive that the evolution of technology
Manual Typewriters: At least they work during a power outage. And having to leave the keyboard to return the carriage by hand can help prevent some computer injuries. Downside - you had to hit the keys really hard, and they were slow.

Electric Typewriter: You could actually do things like make the document LOOK GOOD, and easy-to-read, not like the wrap-around cr@p our final product turns into at the receiving end. Downside - Power failures, and the memory writers never had enough memory for me.

Mag Cards: (You forgot these!) Even though they were older than the IBM memory typewriters, I really love my Mag-Card, because you could just keep feeding cards into it, so the memory was limitless. Easy to do normals on them, too. Downside - they were HUGE!

Straight Transcription: Produces a better, more-accurate record. I've done enough 'normals' and templates in my day to see some truly incredible mistakes because the doc didn't bother to pull the right template, or even read what it said. Straight transcription is also a lot more interesting to do. Downside - docs get tired of talking, and tend to go a mile-a-minute through the physical exams.

VR: It has its limited uses, but having seen the trash it produces, I think it has no place in medical or legal documentation. Upside - it makes for a lot of uproarious laughter when you're watching the Evening News with VR-produced, closed-captioning.

EMR: Again, it has its uses, for example, making it possible to immediately look up, or send, a patient's entire medical record, or to use the computer to find a specific part of a long, complicated record. But point-and-click yes-and-no sounds tedious to ME, and I work with words and tedium for a living. Imagine a busy, impatient doctor trying to do it. I think it would drive most of them nuts, and probably leaves them wide-open for major mistakes that could impact patient safety.
You said it. Technology is taking over, and we are going down the memory lane...nm