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Toth Transcription-DO NOT WORK FOR THEM

Posted By: MT Advocate on 2008-10-06
In Reply to:

It has been a week or so since anybody has posted anything, questions or otherwise, about Toth Transcription.  I wanted to get the message out there to anybody considering even contacting this husband and wife team, DO NOT CONTACT THEM.  If you do, you are entering at your own risk.  If you do, you better "scour" over the contract.  I am genuinely concerned and feel extremly bad for anybody that has or will fall prey to Toth Transcription. 

FACTS:  These people don't pay their MTs.  They will charge you about $100 to get set up on their system.  If they want to load PC Anwywhere or similar program on your computer, DON'T TAKE THE JOB.  You will have to constantly TRY to contact them whether it be by phone or e-mail just to get your paycheck.  Their excuses are "it must have gotten lost in the mail", "I mailed it yesterday, or I mailed it 2 days ago so you should get it any day now".  If you threaten to not turn in your work until you get paid, the husband will rip you a new %!# over the phone, and send threatening e-mails.  But, whether or not you turn in your work, you still won't get paid.  He tries his darndest to intimidate people.  I have known these people for a long time, and probably longer than most of you.  There is no communication between the husband and wife, and there will be none between them and you.

The husband files bankruptcy and uses it as an excuse not to pay his people.  He will only pay 5 cpl.  It is insane that they actually expect somebody to work for this amount of money, but then they won't pay you anyway. 

I can't stress enough that you are just asking for trouble if you go to work for them.  I have posted other messages, but have only gotten 2 reponses in my e-mail. 

Some posters said that their lawyers told them it would be a waste of time to sue them, as the legal fees would outweigh what Toth owes you.  The Toths know this, so that is why they don't care. I would pursue lawsuits anyway, just for the satisfaction of getting this so-called business shut down and preventing them from hurting other people.  They take advantage of anyone, especially newbies who are just trying to get their foot in the door. 

The husband cannot hold down a job of his own.  This is why he took control of what used to be his wife's business.  They live high on the hog, but they barely make their bills.  You are paying their bills for them.

NEWBIES: There are legitimate companies out there that hire newbies.  You have to look hard, but don't jump in with both feet without doing your research.  

If anybody has any questions about this, just post here.  I do check through the day.  If you do pursue any type of legal action, try to get as many people together as possible to do the same.  If you would rather e-mail me, just go to kahluasfight@yahoo.com. 







You will be verbally abused, e-mail or otherwise, by the husband.  


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Anyone work for Toth Transcription?
Toth Transcription?
 I've searched the archives, not much there...can anyone tell me ANYTHING about this company? I
Toth transcription
do not work for them......seriously. Just Do Not
Toth transcription
Has anyone ever heard of or have anything good to say about Toth Transcription? I have never worked from home as a MT as an IC...have always worked in an office so I am very new to this scene....any advice would be appreciated!!
Toth Transcription??
Anyone heard of this company??

Please read my prior posts, and lots of other MT's posts about this husband and wife team that are scamming MTs out of their hard-earned money.  If you are considering working for Toth, DON'T.  If you already to, GET OUT NOW.  There is a large number of MTs that have been waiting months, and some even years for the money that is owed to them. 

I am in the process now of taking e-mails and putting the MTs in contact with each other that have been scammed and are trying desperatelyl to get what is owed to them.  The Toths have been taken to court once that I know of, but from what I understand, the husband does a "poor me" routine, files bankruptcy, and gets off the hook.  This has been going on for some time now, and they have to be put out of business, and maybe even behind bars.  Legal costs will likely exceed what is owed to the MTs, but the Toths are counting on this as a scare tactic to prevent anymore law suits. 

Feel free to e-mail me if you prefer not to answer posts on this forum.

Toth Transcription
No, not out of Illinois, out of Pennsylvania. Husband is Art, wife is Pam.
toth transcription
I have worked for them for a little over a month and am very concerned regarding all of the negative things I have seen.  I really, really work hard.  My son says this is consuming my life.  Have I made a mistake?????
Toth Transcription
Can anyone provide me with information on this Pennsylvania-based company, either here or via email. (thanks in advance)
Toth Transcription

Most of you have read the negative comments regarding Toth Transcription in Wexford, PA.  Beware...they have now changed their name to AP Medical, Inc.  When you call up their company on google, it jumps to the AP Medical website.  Just wonder how they can keep operating. 

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MTStars Team

TOTH Transcription- Stay away from them
I'm glad you read my post. Give everybody you know that is looking for a job as a MT the heads up on this husband and wife team.
For everyone's info - This is probably Toth Transcription. sm
I was offered the same thing. I have 20+ years experience. This has to be the most ridiculous pay I have come across to date. What is the world coming to!?
***Beware of Toth Transcription*** Update

One of the MTs who was scammed by Toth Transcription went to her attorney this week.  PLEASE READ

Hello, I talked to my attorney, he said where there is smoke there is fire.  WE ALL need to file complaints with the attorney general in each of our states as well in PA, also the department of labor and wages.  WE ALL need to do this.  There are a few loop holes in the contract,  The attoney general will help us, it will just take time, but if will go faster if EVERYONE files complaints. SO PLEASE pass this information along when you post, that it is imperative that we all file complaints, it can be done all online and when they contact us to fill out the information, do so quickly and we can win this. even though it has been alot of years for you, you to need to file a complaint, that will help us.  Thanks alot!!!

I know that the husband is verbally abusive to a lot of the MTs.  He does this because he knows how threatening he sounds. He does this because he knows he gets away with it, and he doesn't believe that any of us will actually do something about it.  

Don't be willing to let him get away with this any longer.  He only knows how to make you work, work, work, and keep your money rather than pay you.  He thinks he has it nailed down to a science, but as it is mentioned in the above paragraph, there are loopholes in his contract that he makes you sign. 

Please, if you work for them now or if you know somebody who does, or you used to work for them and they owe you money, don't waste time - e-mail me at *****.  We need to get as many MTs as possible that were unfairly treated by this husband and wife business.  They need to pay.  You need your money that you worked so hard for.  Our goal is to get them shut down.  So let's do it.

I tried your E-mail and it bounced back. I used to work for them -- had the exact same experience. So glad you posted! Has anyone ever recovered the money owed? He owes me over $1,000.00 plus late fees and interest for four years now!
I fell for this company's crap too, I am more than willing to go in with other to get these people for doing this to us. This is not an easy career to get started in and for these people to get away with ripping us off is not right, I'm P.O'd and ready to go to court, it may only be $2200.00 but that is a lot of food missing off my kids table. If anyone wants to contact me and go together let me know.
I am trying to help anyone out there who has considered working for TOTH.  I have had friends working there and none of them have been paid.  They apparently are using people to do the work but are not paying them.  This has been confirmed through many.  We are not sure if it is some type of scam they are running or what, but the best solution is to stay away from them and report to the BBB or anyone you think that can help.
Hello, I worked for Toth last summer and was scammed, they owe me quite a bit of money and I turned them into the Attorney General, labor board, IRS, FBI, Federal trade commission, and several other federal agencies. To make this long story short, I got a response from the Labor board and have a hearing scheduled for July, I am needing everyone who is willing to help me, if anyone would please write me their story and let me use it as more evidence against these criminals, I will do the same for you. They have gotten away with way to long and I am hoping that if I mail in to the Judge several other complaints she will see that they intentionally do not pay us. I just think that if we all can band together we can stop them.
Thank you to everyone who is willing and Good luck to you all.
I was on the WAHM website and there was a link to the FBI to file a complaint against people who were intentionally scamming people. So I filed my complaint. I would have been more than willing to tell Oprah, just to get this out there, so no more people who think they are set for life working at home and taking care of the kids and contributing to the family finances, only to live at the computer and be talked to like your crap and ripped off.
What is Toth please?
You must be Toth or someone from

It doesn't matter the mindset, what matters is the pay never came in the mail, and I'm not the OP.

If you don't agree, then don't report the company but why undermind the fact that the OP didn't get paid. 

Do you like to work for free?  If you do, then go work for them.

As far as being tied to the computer, a lof of these MTSOs are requiring set schedules and if no work, then make it up, and as an IC at that.  Do you think that is fair?  

Just look through the archives and you will find many negative complaints about this very thing.... NO PAY!

I have seen complaints for a couple of years at least! I would personally e-mail those in the archives that have had the same thing happen and ask them to write their story and send to you.

Good luck!!
Toth what a joke!!!
Just checked my email and got one from the owner asking me to sign in to get work  --NEVER worked for them although was approached but realized with a gut feeling that something wasn't right.  What a bunch of horse pockey!!!!
MTs wronged by Toth

If you are going to fight for what is owed you, make sure you save any and all e-mail correspondence, that is if you ever hear from the Toths again.  Any proof you have, whether it be e-mails, documents, even phone messages, save everything. 

If you're not going to fight for your own rights, please warn any MTs that you know who have been put through the wringer by these people. 

I'll keep posting to make sure enough MTs are aware of the consequences of working, for these people.  The reality is, you are working for nothing. 

Further, don't count on them to give you a good job reference.  They absolutely will not pay you, so you'll complain and ask where your paycheck is, but you'll never be able to tell that to an actual person, as you'll have no choice but to leave it on their voice mail, or in an e-mail, both of which they will ignore and then erase.  One thing is for sure, if you are not being paid, they are not paying taxes. 


MTs wronged by Toth

If you are going to fight for what is owed you, make sure you save any and all e-mail correspondence, that is if you ever hear from the Toths again.  Any proof you have, whether it be e-mails, documents, even phone messages, save everything. 

If you're not going to fight for your own rights, please warn any MTs that you know who have been put through the wringer by these people. 

I'll keep posting to make sure enough MTs are aware of the consequences of working, for these people.  The reality is, you are working for nothing. 

Further, don't count on them to give you a good job reference.  They absolutely will not pay you, so you'll complain and ask where your paycheck is, but you'll never be able to tell that to an actual person, as you'll have no choice but to leave it on their voice mail, or in an e-mail, both of which they will ignore and then erase.  One thing is for sure, if you are not being paid, they are not paying taxes. 


Art Toth has this to say about you guys (and me)
This is from an email exchange I had with Toth himself, after I read some of the posts and talked with a few who have been victims of his scam.

He was dying to know where I'd read about the company and seemed to assume I was one of his MTs. Kind of telling that he has cheesed off so many people that he still had no idea who it could be.

Here's what he says about people who post about Toth:

Of course you are afraid to tell me exactly who you are and what site/board this is on. You people stick together because you have nothing else better to do but to console each other when they cannot comprehend what they sign, and NEED for others to feel for them. I am sure you are good... and why your employer is not keeping you busy so you have so much time to waste researching and posting about companies you could not work for! The laugh is on you and all those posters that do not comprehend your postings will cause you more monetary harm. Ask a lawyer, before you lose what you worked so hard to have. Keep working for others seeing you do not have the capability to work for yourself!

We have GOT to stick together. AHDI has nothing on their site about scams like this, not in the visitor section or in the Advocacy section. We're on our own if we don't back each other up.
If I were working for the Toth people
I might just make a friendly little stop by my local IRS office for a chat.
I'm wondering why anyone applies there when it's well known Toth
I'm with you MTadvocate. Toth must be related to the TSI people

I understand where MTadvocate is coming from.  If you don't keep this information up for everyone to see, then some unsuspecting soul will go to work for Jayne Mattingly (TSI, Transcription Management Systems - whoever she decides to call herself this year), type her heart out and not receive her check.  It's sad that these losers would take advantage of hard workers at a time when the economy is sinking and we all struggle to feed our families.  Instead of paying the attorney 100+ bucks an hour, how about sending us the checks we EARNED.  Seriously, how DO they SLEEP at night??????

Anyone work for Oak Transcription or Nicholas Transcription- please e-mail me nm
anyone work for US Transcription
Does anyone have any pros or cons about a MT company called US Transcription out of Wisconsin, Iowa or North Dakota?
Anyone work for J&M Transcription?

Is J&M Transcription a good company to work for?  Do they run out of work often?  Tell me all about them please.   Thanks

Anyone work for TC Transcription
Does anyone work for TC Transcription out of Florida?  If so, i would love to visit with you and i have tested with them.  Thanks.
Does anyone work for CNC Transcription or know if they are still around?
Do you work for U.S. Transcription?

This company is based in the midwest and I was just wondering if they are a good company to work for.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Thanks :)

Anyone work for p.r.n. transcription
past or present?  Can't find anything in the archives on them.  Just wondering about the good, bad or the ugly on this company.
Anyone work or know anything about TurnAround Transcription in CA? sm

The pay is gross line; however, a line is 72 characters.  Not sure if this is a good deal - I don't think so, but would like your input. 

I am used to a gross line no longer than 65 characters.

They use MedRite - how is that platform?

looking for ophthalmic transcription work

I am a soon to be graduate of Career Step and prior to this worked 11 years for an ophthalmologist. I am looking to do ophthalmic transcription. Is there a company that specializes in ophthalmic transcription?

I don't work in a transcription office but I
certainly don't work in my living room or bedroom. I have a dedictated office in my home. You insult all home workes with such broad statements.
Anyone work for Hippocrates Transcription in NJ.
I used to work for this company, at the time they were in NJ, but I've also seen a FL address, so not sure if they moved or opened another branch.   Just wondering if the MTSO is as hot tempered as she used to be. 
anyone work for RX Transcription? Emai me nm
Anyone work for DIT Transcription - any information? nm
Anyone work for Davis Transcription?
If so, are they reliable?  TIA.
Anyone work for Northeast Transcription?
Positives?  Negatives?  Flexible with schedules?  Decent pay?  Someone else posted asking similar question on 09/24/2007, but it doesn't look like anyone responded. 
Transcription work is not a sure thing.

Physicians take vacations.  Physicians leave the practice.  Clients switch companies.  You cannot expect an MTSO to always have work when this is not the sort of business that you can promise anything. 

This profession is sort of like take it when you get it and not when it's convenient.  Whether you have your own accounts or work for a company, this still holds true. 

There are times when I see no end, and then there are times when I can take a deep breath and a break.  It's just the nature of the business. 

Anyone work for Breitner Transcription?
If so, do you know what the compensation rate is for PTO? Also, were you affected by the overpayment for lack of work time?  Other comments?
Anyone know anything about or work for Advanced Transcription, Inc? (nm)
Anybody work for transcription, etc out of Wash. DC?
If anyone out there works for this company, please comment.

Anyone work for Allstate Transcription?
If so, I have a question for you guys if you don't mind getting a PM.  I need some help.
Anyone work for Alpha Transcription?
Just wondering what type of company they are to work for?
Freelance transcription work
Has anyone every used Contract Medical Transcriptionist and Freelance Transcriptionists Services website for IC work? I was wondering how legit they were.  Tired of working for large compaines and thought about using this venue for employment.     

Contract Transcriptionists & Freelance Transcription Services

Landmark Transcription/no work
This company really has nerve. They've posted a job ad, but they have not had work for their current MTs for weeks now. They lost a bunch of accounts, tried to shuffle their MTs to the accounts that were left, but there just is not enough work to go around. So, why post an ad when there are MTs without enough work every day of the week?