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Transcription Doctors? OK to work for? (see message)

Posted By: thx on 2009-01-22
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Do they hire IC or employee? Decent work flow? Reasonable expectations? Is management/QA reasonably nice?

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TransTech / Transcription, Technology, and Support / The Transcription Doctors nm
Transcription Doctors, Inc.
Has anyone heard of Transcription Doctors, Inc. nm
Transcription Doctors
They have an ad on MT Stars, but I cannot find their website and I was just wondering if anyone knew if they are a good company to work for and if they pay on time. nm
The Transcription Doctors, Inc.
The owner of TTD, Inc. is extremely nice and very easygoing.  I worked for them for a year as an IC and was very happy.  I only left because I wanted to become a W2 employee with PTO and benefits.  Feel free to email me if you have more questions
Transcription Doctors
I worked as an IC for a year w/TTD, Inc. and had a very positive experience. Small company, very nice owner. Email me if you have any specific questions. :)
The Transcription Doctors, Inc
I was just wondering if anyone has worked for The Transcription Doctors, Inc. on the escription platform and how it was.   TIA
Transcription Doctors
Didn't work on eScription but worked for TTD, Inc. as an IC a little over a year ago and had a good experience. Email me for details if you'd like.
ARe TTD Inc & Transcription Doctors the same co. or 2 different..
companies? Any info on TTD? I couldn't find much in the archives. Thanks!
They are the same. The Transcription Doctors


There platform is easy to work for and easy accounts BUT you are considered an IC and have to adhere to a STRICT schedule, doesn't sound like a IC, huh? 

QA is OK, but again, you have to have to stick to a strict schedule, or else.

TTD is The Transcription Doctors
TMInc is TransMedical Inc.
TTD INC/The Transcription Doctors, Inc

Hey All ~

Yes, same company.  I'm the owner  Not trying to pull a fast one...just quicker to type TTD INC instead of The Transcription Doctors, Inc. LOL!  Nothing to hide here! 


The Transcription Doctors
Transcription Doctors
Did anyone get information on Transcription Doctors?  I've been offered a position also and am wondering if they are ok to work for or not.
Transcription Doctors....sm
She pays, but never on time you are right, the dates are NEVER the same, but I found out from an inside source, she pays herself FIRST!!!!
The Transcription Doctors, Inc?
Does anyone know anything about this company?
The Transcription Doctors
Any info on this company would be greatly appreciated.  I really want to make sure I am not working for free.  Thanks!!
Transcription Doctors...

I started working for this company (if you want to call it working).  I am only  allowed to do 10 reports a day until off QA and their QA is so back and forth- verbatum wait no add words wait no why did you add words AAAH. Nice people, but its driving me crazy.  Then there are these constant emails about backlog, but like I said I am only allowed 10 a day and I can only work on the one account.  I am a little frustrated.  I have been in this business for 10 years and left for awhile, but stepping back in.  Any suggestions?  Anyone who works for them and got over this hump and all was okay?



Transcription Doctors, Inc.
Any info on this company?  TIA.
How is SGS connected to TTD (Transcription Doctors)?
Did SGS buy TTD?
TTD is The Transcription Doctors. TRX is a different company.

The Transcription Doctors?? I received an email about a job. Anyone know who they are?
Just checking them out.
Sending a resume to The Transcription Doctors
Their email address is an AOL email address, so if you are not using AOL, did you put @aol.com on the end of the email address? If you use AOL, of course you do not need to put the @aol.com extension on. As previously mentioned, I sent her my resume and heard back from them about a half hour later.
Anyone know a company that works with small pool of doctors? Tired of so many doctors nm
The coverage is perfect for me as all my doctors and my kids doctors are sm
in network. With WebMedx none of them were. The coverage is much better for me. My husband's company wanted to charge us $1470 per month for family coverage. There are three of us, so that would be $490 per month per person, which is insane.
Do you work for local doctors?
If you do, how many do you work for to make that kind of money?  Do you charge $.15/line?  Thanks.
I work for a group of doctors ...
that make up 5, and average 6 tapes a month ... that makes up about $800/month. The rest of my work is on word of mouth, and I do not charge by the line nor the hour, but rather by the length of time. I have never advertised, but I do get calls from practically all over the country to do medical transcription. As I said, none of these are for nationals. I have tried that route many many times, but to keep running out of work and constantly being switched from one account to another to another was nonproductive.
I get a bonus from the doctors where I work
And last year I just gave a box of candy (it's a small office).
I work for Keystrokes and have assigned doctors. I'm very happy. sm
I believe you can get overflow work if your doctor does not dictate on any given day, if there is any overflow work on that day.  My pay has always been on time.  I highly recommend them.
H. told me the work was going back in house for some of the doctors. nm
PDC Transcription (pls see message)

Hi everyone. Does anyone know about PDC Transcription? Any feedback will be appreciated. 


It's been pretty consistent for me, but I work for two companies and type several doctors
and even with that, sometimes it gets slow, and then when it picks up, it is really hectic.  It's so hard with this type of work to get it just right :)
i work there currently - see message for details.....
pay has been on time. they pay twice a month. pay period runs from 1-15 and 15-30th. never a set day or set amt of days between pay periods so know idea how they figure it but we get a calendar with pay dates. direct deposit is offered. the company itself seems like a great company, very nice people that i have had contact with, communication good, benefits good; cons - still no set acct, i am in a pool and every report i get is in a different state so i can't learn the acct, the other con is we get paid for 65-character line with spaces, specifics says two spaces after period, yet the system changes all the two spaces to one space and just realized recently myself i only get paid for every one space i type and not both, thus, i am getting cheated out of lines and currently searching for a new job. email me if you wish.
Anyone work/ed for Archivus? Opinion Please? NM No message

haha, exactly the same for me...no work, no one cared..(no message)
I really must work on my schmoozing skills, ya know? no message inside.
How can a message be confidential if it posted on a public message board? nm

Anyone work for Oak Transcription or Nicholas Transcription- please e-mail me nm
sm small message or see message...geesh..nm
please don't put nm or call yourself nm if you have a message - nm means no message -sm

nm means no message.   sm means see message.   if you call yourself nm, then people might not click to read the rest of your post. 

just trying to help.

ps. if the money is there, why does that particular person's balance say zero?

I can't give you the name of the message board, but it is not a free message board (HINT). There
Monitor, I hope this post is okay.
doctors are way more $$ than MTs and
get a grip
Many of the doctors do this.
It wouldn't be a problem if it was just one doc. Sorry I didn't make that clear in my first post. There are several docs who dictate 'my normal' and it takes lots of time to do this on each report.
That took my doctors. I say KEEP IT IN THE US
ESL doctors
It might be because most of the doctors that work in the hospitals in MI are ESL.
You get 400+ new doctors and you

can't possibly start producing high lines right away, especially when the account is at least 40% ESL if not higher.  

It doesn't matter what company you go to you're going to have a period of adjustment, no matter how simple the platform may be. 

Where are the doctors? (sm)

So I've been a Transcriptionist for many, many years, working as an employee and as an IC for my own account.  I've been recruited lately by several places who want to pay 7-8 cpl for ICs.  Now I'm an educated adult, I know darn well that no MTSO in the world would charge a client 7-8 cpl so there have to be doctors willing to pay more than that wouldn't you think?  Why are they so hard to find?

Can someone tell me where I can find a nice doctor that is willing to pay 12-14 cpl and give me the same no benefits I'm being recruited for? 

Am I in an alternate universe?  I just don't see how MTSOs can command and get 14-20 cpl but the rest of us who offer just as much can't seem to get our feet in the door.

doctors may think they don't need us but
I have a client who does work comp evaluations and when he does a record review, there are at least 2 or 3 records that are unreadable because they are handwritten. Sometimes 20 or so pages. So he just says unreadable. That does not help him in his evaluation and it won't help the patient either.
ESL Doctors
I read and SAW on television just a couple of weeks ago a report that said the U.S. now has 55% ESL doctors. Doesn't surprise me one bit. So no, transcription companies do not take accounts with a bunch of ESL doctors, that is just about all there is anymore.
My GYN and GP doctors were using
this technology LONG before Obama even was nominated to run for office -- cant blame him for everything
Yep, that;'s what our doctors are doing - NM