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Posted By: questions on 2009-04-02
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Anything new on Transolutions? Everything I looked up in archives is old. Happy or unhappy? Decent pay? PT or FT? Any and all information would be appreciated. TIA

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Meridian and Transolutions.. ESPECIALLY Transolutions
I have been with Transolutions for over 2-1/2 years and cannot speak highly enough about them. They have stuck with me thru thick and thin due to personal health issues; I am averaging $18-$20 an hour; the medical insurance is the best I've ever had; they spend time and money helping MTs get proficient and productive and grow in their careers, etc. They are offering a referral bonus through September 21 for anyone I refer and is hired. If you are considering this company, please drop me a line, and I'll answer all your questions. I would appreciate the opportunity for the referral. Thanks! Donna The website is www.transolutions.net

Well, my dear, MQ has thousands of MTs, some of whom have been there over 10 years - but it doesn't sound like they do anything right!!!!!!! 

If that company is a good fit for you, more power to you.  But, just because someone else didn't like them doesn't mean it was a "personality conflict" or "Degree of professionalism" issue. 

If you really want referrals, you might try being a little less condescending. 

If anyone is working for this company, please email me and tell me what it is like to connect with them, etc.  thanks
Been there almost 2 years - very happy. I am former MQ'r, always astounded when MQ/Spheris types say they think there is no better place to work than those 2 crap companies. Transolutions has paid time off, (I'm part-time and accrue hours). They have paid holidays off -- you will be required to work holidays and alternate, i.e. you work July 4, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day one year, then the next you work New Year's Day, Labor Day, Christmas -- I may have mixed them up, but in any event, you get paid holiday/bonus for working holidays, they PROVIDE your equipment even if you're part time, they reimburse your phone line, they have you set it up with a specific phone company -- I forget its name. But they do pay it. If you are FT, they have health, dental, I believe life ins. They will reimburse for AAMT CMT exam after you pass it (Full time). Also, referral bonus if you recommend someone and they get hired. Discounts on all reference books/materials you buy through them (I think 40%), you have mandatory 1 weekend day with weekend shift differential, and that's just off top of my head. Oh, cash bonuses on your anniversary every year you are with them, which go up each year. Their standards are higher than anyplace I've ever worked, but that is a good thing. I think quality should count for more than it does with previously mentioned MTSOs. I think you would like them. Oh, and PAID training for 1 week before you actually start first official paid day with them. A guaranteed line rate during probationary period. Also, plenty of work. Also, you are considered FT at 32 hrs/wk which means you are eligible for full complement of bennies. Let folks say Spheris, MQ are as good as it gets -- that just means more GOOD MT/MLS jobs for the enlightened among us! Go for it!
Transolutions QA


I just left the company for various reasons, but I did take umbrage with the recent QA changes.  I have been an MT for less than a year.  The lowest QA score I received was a 95, and I was horrified at that.  It does make me feel a bit better to know a person with 20 years experience was having a tough time, too.


Transolutions..Thank you..sm
In spite of the fact that I quit them after 3 weeks, they did pay me the signon bonus. I appreciate that!

Does anyone have any information on Transolutions?  I remember a while back hearing that the platform was a little outdated.  Has that changed at all?  Any other opinions?


The platform is not a little outdated, it is a lot outdated! The office staff treat you like you are in kindergarten. Also, the benefits are good but are very expensive. Save yourself the trouble and look elsewhere.

Is anyone working for Transolutions who has been affected by the recent change to QA guidelines, on-hold percentages, and possible resultant lower pay?

Transolutions QA
Yes, I have been affected. It is scaring me. I have been a 98%, 99% employee for 5 years and now I feel like I am under the gun. Also, have you been having a problem with no work? The place has not been the same since Cynthia Jones left.
Transolutions QA
Yes, I am being affected by lower pay. It is very demoralizing. I am thinking of going back to school, because transcription has become a dead end job.
same here for Transolutions
I am experiencing the same thing. In all of their mailed info about this they said the AAMT standard calls for a higher percentage of documentation to be reviewed for more accuracy for QA. My last QA (93%) was TWO reports. That sure isn't a higher percentage. With the higher standards, of course your QA would go down. Plus, don't they use that current QA score for more than one pay period? Accurate and fair tracking of all of this seems impossible to me. There are other companies out there. I know that loss of 3 weeks paid vacation is lousy. You would be starting over, but maybe it would be worth it to work for a company with an established history of consistency in their guidelines, etc. My pay was way down from what it was also. Does not seem fair to me. Have you emailed, written and called? Does it do any good??
The thing that worries me is the changes in personnel. I have had 3 or 4 different QA people in the last couple of months. People seem to be coming and going. This last time I had a great QA, the time before that it was 96%. I was QA'd on a secondary account I am not all that familiar with. The response from the personnel who answer the phones is not very nice sometimes, either.
I agree. Nice people, but not worth it.
Transolutions does
Some of their accounts require DSL now.  I think most are in the process of switching over to that as a matter of fact.  May be some old-timers on old accounts still on the old system though.
Does anyone have info on Transolutions, especially doing Radiology reports?  Do they calculate pay for Radiology reports with lines or per report?  Also, is it difficult to meet QA standards?  TIA
Does Transolutions? (nm)
don't plan on making a fortune. I know there are those who will say they do but you'd better be prepared to put in a lot of time and effort into it to do that.
Nerve-wracking experience to me. Had 11 yrs experience when I started with them,now working for another much less stressful MTSO (16 yrs).In addition to binders described, they mandate you read their bi-weekly, lengthy and -- sorry, can you say B-O-R-I-N-G -- medical newsletter in your downtime (JMHO. Way more info than most MTs need or want re: MT bios (who cares how **Jane** who lives in Indiana got into MT work or who her role models are), but more pertinently there was medical info that went way beyond what is relevant to MT'g -- which I know some may find interesting. I found keeping up with mounds of acct. specifics to pore over, company style guidelines, newsletter in downtime, and reviewing corrected reports also in your downtime could be stressful, time-consuming and,in the end, up to you if it's worth it. Very rigid chain-of-command. Don't mistakenly ask wrong person a question, you will be referred to the RIGHT person -- if you can keep track of who they are -- with the admonishment not to ask wrong person again (Let lightning flash and thunder clap here. You may thrive on it. If you have a life outside of MTing, look elsewhere. If you love MTing so much that doing it in off-hours is a privilege for you, go for it. This was case when I worked there -- so can't say what it's like now. Sorry, know post is long -- you wanted detailed experience -- here you are!
My thread was deleted.  I guess it was because it was on the Main Board instead of the Company Board, so I'm trying again.  I was inquiring about how things are currently at Transolutions.  Yes, I did a search on prior threads.  I had heard that they discontinued providing equipment and paying for downtime.  That is a biggie for me as having no work is no excuse for not paying my bills.  Anyone know? Thanks! 
Transolutions sm
Hard to meet line count.
TRANSOLUTIONS!!!! Any info, please!
Anyone know if they've updated their platform?  I always read that it was pretty outdated?  Also wondering about starting rate of pay, benefits, etc.  Sounds like they offer good time off.  Thanks!
Transolutions, Inc.
So many positives to being employed with Transolutions, I cannot begin to tell you. Would strongly encourage experienced, quality-focused MLSs to apply.
I know you were asking about another company, but if you haven't found one yet, I'd like to recommend Transolutions. This company has more to offer than any I have worked for in the past. Also, they pay very, very well. You get PTO, one week of sick time, 3 days of personal time. Their benefits are the cheapest of the companies I've worked for in the past. Training is very thorough. The President of the company himself of the company has bimonthly conference calls with the MTs. They're very friendly and professional. I HIGHLY recommend this company. They want you to make a lot of money at this company and will recognize your quality and expertise.
Try Transolutions
I'm very happy with Transolutions-plenty of work, good benefits, responsive management, good tech support. The company does have high standards with regard to the quality of the work being done and they don't send garbage back to the client. They actually respect what we do and that's a very nice feeling. I will have been with them 2 years in November. I finally dumped Spheris after wasting 7 years with them. In the last two years there were entirely too many supervisor changes (6 supervisors in 2 years), account changes (would sometimes be assigned more than 9 different accounts in 1 night. Try to build any production with that, minimal lines on each report (20 to 30 jobs with 20 to 30 lines each on 10 different accounts! Loss of accounts, taking on more work than they can handle and impossible to earn a living any more with them. Suspect a good portion of the work now being outsourced. Leaving them was the best decision I ever made. Have no qualms about recommending Transolutions.

Does anyone know if Transolutions pays for spaces? FT = 32 hours with benefits. I like that. What internet platform do they use?

Looks like I'm going with Transolutions.
hope I'm making the right choice.  :(
Wow, I applied there, and they sent me their platform to test on my computer. what a wonderful group of people, really fair (above average) line rates, great price on insurance. hope that helps.
I see Transolutions is hiring, and their ad says their pay structure has changed.  Does anyone know how it has changed?  My guess is that it has something to do with the Apex format, but judging by past posts I've read, you still only make peanuts per report on that system.
They recently restructured their payscale and took a lot of things away to be able to bump the pay up to look more appealing to new employees, and in the process left a lot of their current employees with a substantial pay cut.

In order to make that kind of line rate, you have to jump through a lot of hoops, such as working on their worst accounts, working 3rd shift, 100% QA (which is impossible when they knock off points for EVERYTHING), etc.

They're also in the process of switching accounts over to a new platform which has not been a smooth process.

They have had a lot of key people in the office leave, so things are changing every day.

Transolutions used to be a decent company but not sure what they're thinking right now!

Unfortunately, I think MTs are quite often under-valued, and a lot of MT companies take advantage of people because they work from home and are kept in the dark on a lot of things. I also think they prefer to hire people who have no choice because they're single moms, live in small towns and have limited employment choices, etc. It appears that they feel that they have these people over a barrel and people put up with whatever they dish out because the employees don't have a lot of choices. Granted, there are a lot of MT openings out there, but it's stressful AND costly to keep looking for a new MT position when you're trying to pay the bills. On the other hand, it has to be costly and time consuming for these companies to have constant turnover, so it seems like they would try harder to keep their employees happy by treating them fairly and paying them a fair wage without raising the stress level to a point where they can't be productive and pay their bills!

I personally think the integrity of a company is the most important factor when chosing a company to work for, especially when working remotely. Transcription is a tough job, and people should be rewarded adequately. There aren't a lot of people willing to sit at a desk for 8 hours straight with no contact with other people, while being told to work harder and faster if you want to make a few cents more in your paycheck.

Good luck with your search; it's getting tougher every day out there in ALL occupations. The economy is tough for the working class, and we're just being expected to work harder and harder for the same or less wages while big business reaps the profits. I know a lot of people who barely make minimum wage in this profession, and that is just NOT right. It's hard, greuling work and a necessary profession.

I'm not saying Transolutions is a terrible company, but each person has to weigh the pros and cons of what an employer has to offer, and it's hard to do in a profession where we are working remotely and are not always presented with the whole picture.

Anyway, sorry so long...just had to put in my 2 cents.


I have applied for a job at Transolutions.  Before I go any further in the process I was wondering if you here could supply me some personal experience information, good and bad.  When I tried the archives I couldn't get anything newer than 2004.  Feel free to apply directly to me by email if you prefer.

I am a 20-plus year MT making 11 cpl with Medquist but the changes at Medquist lately, specifically the work pooling issues, are causing me to consider other options.


Well, probably only someone from their office can answer your first question for sure, but based on my personal experience, I would think they would let you have that time off, especially if you let them know up front. They don't have IC status. I would think if you're a competent MT, you could easily make over 150 lines an hour once you get used to the software and your account specifics. I hope that helps somewhat.
can anyone tell me about Transolutions?

I got some info from the recruiter but the bonus plan only seems to extend to 200 lph, does this mean it's a hard platform to make over 200 lph with?  How's the work, i.e. is there consistently work available.  Also she said something but mandatory OT then said you didn't have to to do it .. is it mandatory or not?

Any info would be appreciated!


Ooops!  Posted this on the NewMT board by mistake.   Anyway, anyone work there?
There's a lot about Transolutions here


You receive HUGE, I do mean HUGE, binders with all of your samples, addresses, etc., for your account.  If you get lucky, you will get an account on windows and not DOS but a while back, there were very few even on Windows!!   Oh and if you do get the DOS system, be prepared to spend a lot of YOUR TIME, WITHOUT PAY, updating the crap.

Transolutions only hires QA from within. You have to start off as an MT and work your way up.
I have been an MT for over 14 years.  This is the worst place I have worked in my life.  It was also the worst decision I have ever made.  System is archaic.  The new system has tons of bugs and QA is UNREAL. 
What is the scoop on Transolutions.  I have heard negative things about the platform.  What can you tell me about the managers, QA, pay, etc.?  Is it easy to get lines in? 
No, it definitely is not easy to get lines in, mostly very, very strict verbatim accounts. DOS platform is not very good. Never worked on Apex. QA is absolutely terrible.
Transolutions does
along with differentials for 2nd and 3rd shift as well as difficult accounts.
RE: Transolutions QA

I have never not received a QA bonus in 3 years and have not found it difficult at all to maintain this status.  While I know others gripe about QA, I have found all QA deductions on my reports very valid and definitely my fault.  On the couple of occasions where I questioned it my supervisor explained the rule to me and referred me to where I could find it.  If you know your site specifics, Style Guide, and BOS well you should have no problems.

Transolutions does
They are moving some accounts to the new internet platform, but there are still many accounts that can use dial up. Check out their ad here. They still have a hiring bonus and I believe have extended it.
Transolutions, Inc
Anyone know anything about Transolutions, Inc. out of Illinois.  Good to work for??  competitive pay??  periodic raises??  flexible with scheduling??  What software do they use??  Any information would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Does Transolutions keep their employees busy or do they tend to overhire and leave you waiting for work to come in?  I like to stay busy. Thanks for any info.