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Typing on the account first would

Posted By: make sense to adjust. I'd prefer to do that. on 2008-09-11
In Reply to: MTSO bait and switch when hiring QA staff - sm


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Will you be typing Rad on a new account
Are you on straight typing or VR/typing?
That account in Texas was not a MQ account. They did not use DQS on that account until KS started.
They are moving 3 other accounts to DQS between now and January 1st. I asked. The MQ accounts they have gotten in the past did not go to DQS. I followed my old account, which is how I know, and it was Meditech. The account is still run by KS and is a big account too.
Repeatedly told another new account would come soon, but it never did. In fact, our slow account is.
everyone else's backup account. What a disorganized mess.
Then when we MT's are **thrown on** an account because of lack of work on our account

What is so hard to understand about that? 

Then we have that account info filed away in a folder in our Outlook Express by name of account and can look at past emails sent out regarding that account.  Not fun to be tossed on an account that you have never seen NOR ever received an email on.  Sounds like business to me. 

You are wrong about the account. KS dumped the account for several reasons. sm
It happened quickly and was unexpected but it was really for the best. Keystrokes does not string people along or lie to you. After being with MQ for too long, I am happy there, although it is not for everyone.

I really would give them a call as the other poster suggested. That whole situation was a nightmare for everyone including management but the account pulled a fast one on them.

I have the facts on this because I have a good friend at the hospital and what she told me matched what my manager did.

I know that they are trying to give more when so many companies are giving less and taking away more.
My account has lots of work..ask for another account/nm
The account I am on only requires 1200 lpd. Maybe it is that particular account. Ask them if they
have a lower one. Doesn't hurt to ask. I do anywhere between 1200 and 1800 lpd. Sometimes it feels impossible to do 1200, sometimes the 1800 is quick. Depends on the doctors and the day for me. I do average 15,000 per pay period though, which is 1500 a day. Not impossible by any means, and I never go over 40 hours a week. Most weeks, I am closer to 35 hours with lunch breaks and life.
I think it depends on the account. I have one account that pays sm
$2.25 for specials and one that pays $3.50. I was on one previously that did not pay them different at all, but they were all short and mostly PICC line placements.

I worked for a hospital that went to KS and they were not charging extra for the specials. I know what they charged per report, and there was no way they were getting rich on the difference after taxes and all that. I was suprised. I was in on the bid review and the average to charge was between $1.75 and $2.75 per report or 0.13 and 0.15 per line. There were 15 companies that bid on the account, and all were within those ranges.

I went to KS about 6 months after the hospital outsourced to them. When we were displaced, I accepted a different job in the hospital and hated it.
That is not true. It varies from account to account. I have
several internet accounts and on some you do have to input the patient information.
I know the account. It is "hybrid" account that is a version of sm
Meditech that is a cross between Meditech Magic and Client, more like Client than Magic. I have been on it since October now do 1500 lines a day; it took me a week to get up to speed but they really helped me. I only know which one because my lead told me that they are adding 10 people to it because KS is getting the whole thing now, only doing 1/2 before this. I love working for Keystrokes :)
Account wen to speech from almost the beginning of the account --
Don't like ExSpeech at all.  Very bulky and cumbersome.  Much better editing programs.  I prefer to straight transcribe on ExText.  Pay drops horrendously.  But wave of the future for MT's.
The account I am on is internet only. I think it depends on the account. nm
My main account must have been an overflow account. We would
go several many days of the month where we could not pull work, so we all had to go to secondary accounts and there are very few accounts that could absorb the extra people. 
Our account is an acute care account
We are low on work too and have been for almost 2 months.  We know what is happening to our work though as our supervisor admitted that the work is going overseas.  Even though we have 24-hour TAT and we are transcribing reports as they are dictated, they still insist that the work dictated after 7 p.m. has to be sent to the offshore service.  It makes no sense to me as we have coverage starting from 6 a.m. and throughout the day.  I think it all comes down to bottom line and it doesn't matter if we have work or not because it's cheaper to send it overseas. 
Keep typing, my a__.
Good company to work for.  Been here 10 years and not birthing out babies.  Thank you very much.
D&L Typing
Does anyone have any info about D&L Typing?  They have offered me some work, but I have never heard of them before.  TIA
D&L Typing
I just started with them about a 2 weeks ago.  Yes, they have tons of work--I have turned away several different things from them.  As far as the pay, it depends on what acct you are doing, but it is rather low.
D&L Typing
I am not sure if they have accts that pay 9 or 10 cpl--that is something you will have to ask them.  As far as the direct deposit, I don't believe they do, their website says that checks get mailed to you twice a month.  Hope this helps :)
Does anyone know anything about D&L Typing?


D&L Typing

They do have lots of work, they hire IC's only, and for themost part the people there are great.

They have issues, can't get into it here, but if you want steady work, they do have it.

Just keep your eyes and hears open, as with any company.

Any D&L Typing MTs out there get their
If they send out the checks on Tuesday, shouldn't you get it Wednesday or will it be Thursday?
d&l typing
I tried archives - but search keeps setting to main board and can't get company board. Anyway - I have had problems and wanted to see if anyone out there has too. - I will keep trying the search
What are you talking about?
D&L Typing

Web site for them is medicalreport.com.  They hire often, some say they don't pay on time, some say they pay low, some say the staff is bad.  Others say the opposite.  I would say search but with the initials, nothing comes up. I say beware of any potential new client' as an IC.  Hard to tell with this one because no one comments frequently like they do the other companies here - maybe they aren't known like I know them.  I can tell you they like to fish, so you may get other responses here - all part of a fishing expedition. Like many of the other posts regarding them.  They try to catch their ICs talking about them - like they could ever be confirmed.

I have nothing nice to say about them, to any question you may ask. so to be fair, you should wait for other comments for both sides.

Med Typing
Anybody know anything about Med Typing Service out of New York?  Thanks for any info!
Don't you have typing to do?

You must just be an unemployer loser as someone down below stated .

you know how when you are typing sm
the keys sound different? The only way I know how to describe it is like way back when I was learning to type, you can just hear the difference when you hit a wrong key. Now that is coming from someone who learned to type in the 60s! haha.

I don't know how to explain it. Maybe somebody else can, but when you are typing, don't you kind of hear the flow and know when you have a typo?

Somebody help me explain!
I saw one ad that was 5 cpl TYPING
I was completely flabbergasted!

I hope, hope, hope they got ZERO responses, but I have the feeling a SAHM or some other newb applied.

I need to stop coming to this board. It is depressing.
Did you see that they have a typing...sm
speed test on their site? I was tempted to take it but they asked for too much identifying information.
actually, the typing speed...
is not as important as learning to use an expander to do the work for you.  This is the REAL key.  I type perhaps 300+ words a minute using mine.
And like I said, if you weren't typing SM

the stuff, they'd have nothing to come back to you with.  And how did they get angry with you anyway?  Did you respond to their feedback with negativity and not take responsibility for knowing your account or the basics of transcription?

From knowing many people with your type of attitude over the years, 9 times out of 10 they are people who have the same problems at every job, don't take feedback well, think they are right all of the time and just generally cause problems.  Instead of taking responsibility for your part in doing a job, you lay blame on your supervisors, other employees, etc. 

copy typing
What exactly is copy typing? Just curious. Thanks
What's wrong with typing something right
the first time? My informal posts are indicative of my work quality, which is nearly error-free. I find it very hard to believe that some of these people who claim to have 99-100% QA and a nack for MT are being honest with themselves when they can't even spell simple English words. An occasional typo is one thing, but rampant grammar and spelling errors gives the impression that the person is either a lousy MT or a bored nonMT trying to start a flame war. If someone has to go back and proof every report to that extent, I don't see how they're making any money at all. Maybe that's the real reason behind wanting a higher line rate. The focus needs to be on quality, not quantity.

Excuse me for being honest. I don't nitpick at simple typos, but I'm tired of amateurs who think they have the nack ranting about deserving as much money as those of us who can do any report or ESL. How were any of you helping the original poster by telling her to demand more money and quit one MT company for another when she's obviously not ready yet?
try D&L typing service
I worked for them and they are closed on weekends so what they send you on Friday gives you all weekend to toggle it. Some of their work is also 48 hour turnaround time but depends on account. They pay on time also but no direct deposit.
I have D&L typing info

I worked for them for 3 years but part time.  The good thing is you are set up with your own doctors so you have the same dictators constantly.  They do pay on time but the cpl is not real high and depends on each doctor so you can be paid a different rate for each.  Need anymore info let me know.  What did they offer you for work?

D&L typing comment
I saw this post and was concerned for you.  I worked for them from 2000 to 2003 and never had a problem with paychecks, however the owner was controlling it all at that time and every other thurs or fri she would send the paychecks out snail mail.  They would get all data together on tues and wed to my knowledge then they would promptly go out and I never had a problem.  She owner told me she would always welcome me back if I wanted to and even provide my accounts back to me but I have since learned I was ignored by the staff and not rehired.  I believe she never found out I was available.  I see a problem now that you mention this as I think there are many new turn over of employees in that office since I have worked there so they just don't care.  I bet the owner would not like to hear that.  I would call and ask for Donna - the owner or John her husband.  They should be aware of this.  I think her help is not doing her a favor.  Maybe I am lucky for that staff to have ignored my request for rehire back in December.  I would appreciate feedback on your situation in the future as I still was considering calling. 
Expert Typing
Does anyone have any info about Expert Typing?
Expert Typing
Any information on this company Expert Typing (Idaho)?  All information is appreciated.  I never want to be burned again.  Thank you!
Straight typing
You could try MDI-FL, they have alot of straight typing. I think they are hiring now too.  I personally love VR, I seem to make alot more money with it and cannot seem find enough companies who offer it. 
QED typing test

Has anyone taken the typing test for QED Transcription?  It said begin typing to start test, but there was no cursor to let me know where I was typing.  Do you type the paragraph above, and if so, where?

I'm new at this, so any help is much appreciated.

Question for D&L Typing ICs
I have been working as an IC for D&L since last year and really like the accounts I have but the pay is just soooo low.  Are there any other MTs working for them that are experiencing this?  I don't want to say anything to them about this because I really like what I am doing there.  Do they go up on your line rate after you have worked for them for a while?  Any info would be appreciated.
QED typing test
Took it 2 weeks ago and just got hired.  Just start typing, copying the text above it.  There is an automatic timer in it that will stop you after 3 minutes.  If you try to get back into it and can't, call the company and they will reset the test for you.  The whole thing is very easy!  Good people and good company.  Go for it!
D&L Typing Servcies?

Does anyone have any information about D&L Typing Services?  I did not find anything when I searched.  Thank you very much.

QED typing test
I've been working for them for about six weeks and find they are some of the nicest people in the world!!!  Pay is average, accounts are good, and they always pay on time.  Yes you use their computers so that the 24/7 help line knows exactly how to fix the problem instead of having to guess what's in your computer tha might be a problem they don't know about.  Excellent company!!!
transcription and typing
I am working as an IC now myself and love it.  I was a inhouse management for this company and the abuse was astounding.  I had to leave when I realized that they did not get the fact the without the MT's they could not survive, adn with the inhouse personnell they would fall.  i look forward to them having to close up shop.  I am pursuing legal action  against them for money that was stolen from my IRA, and will do all I can to see that they are truly seen for what they are. They not only give MTs a bad name, they give the industry a bad name.  In cases like this it is not only the MTs who suffer but the people who work the office who have families and responsibilities, that this company shows no mercy for.  They expect you to be available 24/7 and you are not allowed to associate with any past employee or their families or you will be fired.  Meanwhile they can steal from you.  They have bounced so many checks but the MTs never press charges, who can blame them, they want their money.  But by not charging them, it makes it easier for them to do it to others.
transcription and typing

I believe that all MTs need to ask those questions to the business they are associated with, it really does not matter what the name is or where they are.  Read the bulletins, everybody has a situation similar and eventually they get burned.

 If you are working for a company and are worried about your future it does not matter what someone else may say, it is your experience and the answers you get to questions you ask that you find important.  Good luck. and good try.

trans and typing
Back up plans are good. A smart employer and as IC we are our own employer, you must always have a backup. I understand your intentions fully, and hope you contiue to do well with whomever you contract with presently or in the future. Those questions should be asked, in one way or another to know who you work for. keep in mind you are not in the office so you only know what you are told or what you ask. maybe others here have other questions that could be asked too - If they have nothing to hide, the answers should come easily. You could always search for complaints to the Employee benefits division of the US Dept. Of labor, watch the news - I am sure there will be something eventually and read the papers, online or otherwise to find out some information on the company you work for. Even the Better Business Bureau could be helpful. Many other trans forums are out there to review. Even some myspace locations to review for some interesting information. again good luck, hope your company is a good one. There are several in PA as in any other state as well.
transcription and typing
No ask to grind, axe either. This forum is for the open opinions, comments etc of MTs. Maybe you are just one of those that do not wish to hear about others concerns. Good for you. I stated those questions should be asked in one way or another and investigated. It would be highly unprofessional to walk into any situation without knowing your turf. Only those with a problem would have difficulties answering them. Only problem I have is the ESL I am working on at this moment.
D&L Typing Service
Looks like they are having problems again keeping their staff - they also have ads on other sites for recruiters - they just hired one a couple of months ago and they left - I here their tech staff is dwindling down too.  Makes you wonder why they have the high TAT - I heard they had problems paying, hope all is well with MTs still there. We all know when a company is having problems it is our bottom line that hurts.
Typing pool
Has anybody out there been in a typing pool and always running out of work?  I find it very frustrating when there is work in the pool and all of a sudden every MT is on line.  By the time you finish a report almost all of the work is gone and you are screwed and not making hardly anything.  Has anybody experienced this?  This month has been so slow it's ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!